Online Plagiarism Checker Free and Accurate

There are hundreds of plagiarism scanning tools on the web and it can be very difficult for you to find the most accurate and free utility. This is why we have listed some of the top-notch options in this article.

Plagiarism checking has become religiously important for a writer or student and this is because once their reputation and credibility are affected because of plagiarism, one can do nothing to bring it back. There is nothing more bizarre than the accusation of plagiarism for a writer.

The worst part is that today you have to look out for plagiarism in your content even though you haven’t copied a single word from any other source.

Most of the plagiarism issues and cases today are based on unintentional plagiarism and so if you want to eradicate the chances of getting accused of plagiarism then we would suggest you to simply choose the most accurate plagiarism checker tool from the detailed list below!

Most Accurate Plagiarism Checker tools for everyone!

Not all of us can afford paid plagiarism checker tools but we surely do need the ones that can promise 100% accurate scanning and reliable results. After some thorough research and testing, we have shortlisted the most accurate free plagiarism checker tools for our readers in the section below!


If you want to check blog or website content for plagiarism then this is the perfect plagiarism checker website for you.
One should know that with the help of this tool you can scan up to 800 words in one go which is the most ideal word count limit for a blog or guest post.

This online plagiarism checker is ranked among the top utilities and this is only because of its 100% accurate results. uses AI and advanced algorithms to screen out all sorts of intentional as well as unintentional plagiarism from your work.

You can not only check plagiarism but also grammatical mistakes with this platform. It is very easy to utilize on any device having a browser on it so don’t worry about any restrictions or limits!

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is famous for being the best grammar checker tool on the internet but what you don’t know is that it also offers its very own plagiarism detector service. You can use both the free or paid version of the tool according to your requirements.
You can use Grammarly online or you can also get it for your MS word software. It can work as an ad-on in word and so it can help you scan and remove errors from your work while you are writing it. Here we would like you to know Grammarly’s plagiarism detector is not only going to tell you about the percentage of plagiarism but it would also tell you about the matched sources.

You can easily rephrase the plagiarized content which is highlighted in red by the tool. Checking and removing plagiarism with this tool is quite straightforward so don’t worry about its use!

  • Pro Writing Aid

This is another versatile platform that can help you check plagiarism and other human mistakes in content.
There are many options and features of the tool which can assist you in checking all sorts of textual content may it be related to academics or websites.

The plagiarism scanner tool by pro writing aid would tell you not only about the percentage of plagiarism but also the links with which the content matches. You can enter the text as it is or you can also upload complete files in the tool.
Here you should know that pro writing aid would offer you both free and paid versions and you can utilize the version which is most suited for your needs. It can also suggest improvements for your content.


This is a relatively new website that can assist not only writers but also complete teams for checking plagiarism.
If you want to get instant as well as accurate results related to plagiarism then you should hook up with this utility.

The plagiarism tool is going to tell you about the percentage of duplication along with highlighting the duplicate text. You can try out the plagiarism checker for free but you must know that there are some restrictions in the free version.
The website is known to be best for catering to the needs of small businesses/writing services.

  • UniCheck

This is another plagiarism detection tool that can authenticate original content. You can use UniCheck only if you have registered an account with it.

After signing in with your account you can easily drop passages as well as complete files in the tool in order to check plagiarism in them.

This plagiarism checker also uses AI and advanced checking algorithms to check the originality of your text.
It has the capability of checking not only deliberate but also accidental traces of plagiarism. If you want to find out badly paraphrased content and its original source then this is the most accurate tool for you!

We would suggest you try these plagiarism checker tools because they have a good reputation in the digital market!

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