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Snipfeed Review

In this Snipfeed review, I will delve into the innovative platform that streamlines social media links into a single bio link.

With its customization options and revenue generation features, Snipfeed offers content creators a comprehensive solution.

Through an in-depth analysis of its functionality and user experience, this review aims to assist you in determining if Snipfeed is the ideal marketing tool for your social media needs.

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What Is Snipfeed? – Quick Overview

Snipfeed is a link-in-bio platform designed for content creators aiming to expand their business.

With its wide range of monetization options, it provides creators with an easier way to monetize their fans, clients, and followers.
What makes it truly remarkable is that followers and clients can make purchases or send tips without having to leave their preferred social app.

Many members are already achieving five-figure monthly earnings thanks to Snipfeed’s simplicity and practicality.

Snipfeed Review

Maybe you are still not convinced about Snipfeed and have a few more questions.

It is understandable, so let’s dig deeper.

What is Snipfeed Used For?

snipfeed review

Snipfeed is a monetization platform (also called a link-in-bio) with a customizable bio link that can help you as a creator grow your business and make the process of monetization simpler and faster.

It can combine all social links into one link.

What is Link In Bio?

Link-in-Bio is like valuable real estate in the online world.

It’s a clickable URL that acts as a hub for all your content, driving traffic from social media to your desired destinations, such as your website, product page, or YouTube channel.

Think of it as a one-stop shop where you can showcase and monetize your content. Some popular Link-in-Bio platforms include:

  • Feedlink
  • LinkTree
  • eLink
  • Direct. Me

Snipfeed vs Linktree

I have not conducted thorough research on Linktree yet. However, Linktree is widely regarded as the most popular platform of its kind, offering users the ability to consolidate their social media links and enhance their online presence.

I can provide a brief comparison based on popularity and website traffic.

Over the past two years, the website snipfeed.co has received the following traffic (about 16K visitors per month)


In comparison, Linktr.ee, one of Snipfeed’s major competitors, has been around since 2016 and is more popular (with a couple of million visitors per month):


To make a brief comparison here are the 3 points that I find interesting:

  • Snipfeed offers a free plan with extensive customization and monetization options, making it suitable for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of current link-in-bio tools and business growth.
  • Linktree provides more design options and customization, including unlimited links, allowing brands to stand out visually.
  • Snipfeed excels in terms of monetization tools, offering stronger capabilities compared to Linktree, particularly as businesses expand and scale.

Is Snipfeed Real?

Yes, Snipfeed is a real app, that works and there are real people behind it.

And you can take my word for it since I have reviewed a lot of scams and misleading products, so I know how to check whether some platform is real and legit and which one is not.

Let’s take a look at some facts.

The website snipfeed.co was registered in May 2018.

snipfeed review

4 years after the launch the traffic to the website has been pretty high.

To support the fact that Snipfeed is real, according to TechCrunch.com companies like CRV, abstract Ventures, and others have invested in Snipfeed for more than $5.5 million

So now you know that this is a real and legit platform, let’s explore it a bit further.

Who Is Behind Snipfeed?

There are 3 co-founders behind Snipfeed, who met at the University of California, Berkely;

Snipfeed Review
  • Rédouane Ramdani (in the middle)
  • Anas Bouassami (on your left)
  • Pierre Habté Nouvellon (on the right)

Let’s have a quick look at their background.

Rédouane Ramdani

Rédouane was born and raised in France.

During his studies in Paris, he created a digital magazine that was very popular. He was also teaching philosophy for 2 years at Lille Univesity.

At 23 he moved to California for graduate school at UC Berkeley and as mentioned, where he met other 2 co-founders, Anas and Pierre-Habté.

He is a digital entrepreneur and CEO of Snipfeed.
Rédouane was always praising creators (born between the late 1990s and early 2010s – also known as Generation Zer) and passionate about exploring new platforms.

The most exciting thing for Rédouane is to witness how the creators change the work’s future and culture.

Anas Bouassami

He grew up in Rabat Morocco. Later he was living in Geneva, Switzerland where he was studying Mechanical Engineering at the Swiss Institute of Technology and also at Universite Paris.

Afterward, he also moved to California where these 3 co-founders met.

Currently, Anas is a Chief Product Officer at Snipfeed.

Pierre Habté

Pierre was born in France and used to move between Congo and Brazil.

He decided to study Space Engineering in France at ISAE Supaero. At 22 years old moved to California where studied AI (Artificial Intelligence) and UC Berkeley.

Pierre’s passion was always an intersection between AI and Social media.

Besides Snipfeed, he is also interested in AI-generated art.

As of this writing, there are 27 people behind Snipfeed, working from France, Morroco, and the USA.

How Did Snipfeed Start?

snipfeed review

In the beginning, the platform had “only” 44,000 weekly active users, that used Snipfeed as a content discovery tool.

Less than 2 years after the website registration, the company steered to the link-in-bio business, with some features that the competition did not have.

That included a monetization tool.

As a result, the number of registered users exploded, and you have seen the recent number of monthly visits, above.

The company is based in two locations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, in LA, California, and in Paris, France where is the technical office.

Is Snipfeed.co Safe?

I know there might be a big concern about whether this is a safe website.

And being skeptical myself, this is a legit question.
But I have spent several hours researching (as a doubtful person) and did not find any major red flags.

According to several sources, Snipfeed.co is a pretty safe website.

Let’s use 3rd party platform to double-check the snipfeed.

Is Snipfeed co safe

Scamadviser was registered back in 2011, so it is already a well-established and trustworthy website.

That said, Snipfeed is not a scam and offers a legitimate service that doesn’t require you to pay any fee.

How Do You Set Up a Snipfeed?

snipfeed review

It is effortless and it takes only a few minutes (maybe even seconds).

Also, It is free to sign up and you only need (to):

  • Pick your user name (or domain name)
  • Name
  • Email
  • (Phone is optional)
  • And password

Then select 3 categories to describe your content:

snipfeed review

Then you need to verify your email address.

For Gmail users, it might be in Promotion Tab (at least that was my case).

After verifying the account you can log in and this is the dashboard:

snipfeed review

How Does Snipfeed Work?

Inside the dashboard, you find a menu on your left-hand side which is self-explanatory.:

snipfeed review

My Page

This is the first thing you want to do meaning you can add the page header (with your image or a different image).

Add here a custom link, text…

…You can add whatever block you want and on the right-hand side of the monitor, you see what it looks like on your mobile phone.

You can add even monetizable blocks, which I am going to mention in a bit.

Monetize Options

Snipfeed offers several options for monetization, which is great.

But first of all, don’t forget to add your favorite payment method.

  • Stripe
  • PayPal

After clicking on connecting you are redirected to the respective website (Paypal or Stripe).
Or it makes you log in to an existing account.

snipfeed review

Once connected, this is the message you get.

Let’s go briefly over the Snipfeed monetization methods:

1) Exclusive Content

Post your content and start monetizing right away.

Exclusive content could be your Digital products or e-book that you want to sell.
Whether it is an article from your personal blog or any guidance, just upload the content into Snipfeed.

In fact, Caroline shows in more detail how to set it up:

2) 1:1 Consultations

If you are an expert in a certain niche and you know that there is a demand for specific information, you can set 1 on 1 meeting with your client and provide consultation.

You can be a:

  • teacher
  • account advisor
  • chef
  • fiduciary
  • ..whatever

Set up a meeting via Zoom or Google Meet and offer your expertise.

3) Q&A 

According to Snipfeeds, you can add a shoutout feature by uploading a video with a description.

Inside the description, you inform your followers about the upcoming topics, so they know what to ask.

Specify how you are going to respond,

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Or it’ll be in written form

You can add an image that represents the specific topics and the price. Hit publish and that’s it:

snipfeed review

4) LiveStreams

Do you like to do live streams?

This is a perfect way where you can sell tickets to such events.

5) Tipping

Your fans can support you directly by sending payments to you.

So you can encourage your devoted followers to sign up for a tipping subscription and they can automatically send you tips.
This can be an on-time payment on a monthly basis.

The followers that can send you tips can also send you a personalized message.

This is the last option, but you shouldn’t be worried about setting this up as your first opportunity.

In the worst case, you won’t get tipped, right?

Please note that payments can take up to a week (5 to 7 days) to transfer to your account.

What Is Snipfeed Used For? Or Who?

We have touched on this already, so you know that Snipfeed is a tool that helps content creators.

To be more specific it helps for example:

  • Teachers
  • Comedians
  • Internet marketers selling their own product
  • Artists
  • Writers (if someone wants to sell e-books, and/or wants to leverage the power of affiliate marketing).

So they can connect with their fans and followers directly.
They also have the opportunity to monetize their audience effortlessly by offering on-demand content, facilitating direct interactions, receiving tips, and engaging in commerce.

But there is (will be) more.

SnipFeed Future?

People behind Snipfeed working on other tools to make it attractive for more people.

We can expect that there will be e-commerce tools implemented within the platform, where creators can sell physical products using their link-in-bio.

Another plan is to implement educational tools.

As this tool evolves I will be keeping an eye on it to provide you with fresh info.

Is Snipfeed Free?

They offer two bundles, one is for free, and the other one called Pro costs $29 per month.

Snipfeed Pricing


Snipfeed’s Basic plan is a free and feature-rich option for content creators.

With unlimited links, customizable page design, and 15 pre-made templates, you have the tools to showcase your content in style.
You can take advantage of in-depth analytics, add multiple monetization tools, and start monetizing your audience effortlessly.


The Pro plan offered by Snipfeed provides an enhanced experience for users seeking additional customization options and benefits.

Priced at $29 per month, this plan builds upon the capabilities of the free version, offering benefits such as a complimentary custom domain, and a significant reduction in transaction fees from 20% to 2%.

It also offers advanced analytics and insights, one-on-one coaching with a designated Creator Success Expert for an hour each month.

Snipfeed offers a free Basic plan with generous features, while the Pro plan at $29 per month provides users with advanced customization options

Snipfeed Referral program

snipfeed review

They do have a referral program as well (it is not MLM or any sort of pyramid).

If a creator refers a person and this new member makes a sale, the creator gets 5%.
This is a recurring commission that lasts 18 months.


Snipfeed is an all-in-one monetization platform, that helps creators to reach a bigger audience and monetize their followers with several options.

It also serves as your personal business assistant, empowering you to engage with your fanbase and create new avenues for generating revenue, such as selling digital products.

Setting it apart from other tools, Snipfeed offers free access to advanced customizations and innovative methods to showcase, advertise, and monetize your presence on social media.

All of this is conveniently managed through a user-friendly interface.

Have you already used a link-in-bio tool?
If yes, which one?

Please let me know in the comment section below.

Also if there is something unclear, that you want to know more about, let me know.

Thank you for reading,


Is Snipfeed worth it?

Snipfeed is a platform that offers various monetization options for creators, and it provides more customization options than Linktree.
Snipfeed could be worth trying for creators who are looking for a comprehensive link-in-bio tool with a range of monetization options.

However, it’s important to evaluate whether Snipfeed aligns with your specific needs and goals as a creator before making a decision.

Is Snipfeed legit?

Yes, Snipfeed is a legitimate platform that helps content creators manage their social media links and improve their online presence through various features and customization options.

What is Snipfeed used for?

Snipfeed is a platform that enables creators to host and monetize their content, including videos, podcasts, and articles, through various means such as subscriptions, bundles, stream events, and personalized shoutouts.

By using Snipfeed, creators can distribute their content and earn income from it in a variety of ways.

Does Snipfeed have an app?

Snipfeed does not have a dedicated mobile application, but it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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