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Moneybuildrr Review

Moneybuildrr is a new software launched in June 2021.

Is it going to help you to make some money online?
How much does it cost?

In the following Moneybuildrr Review, we are going to go through the system to check how it works, if there are some red flags and in about 5 minutes you will learn everything you need to know about the Moneybuildrr.

Let me tell you right off the bat, that Moneybuildrr is not what it looks like.
Therefore I will also mention a different method that is proven and it has been working for me for a couple of years, already.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Moneybuildrr. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Moneybuildrr – Quick Review

Name: Moneybuildrr
Website: www.grabmoneybuildrr.com/vip – The domain doesn’t work anymore
Price to Join:
$17 + Upsells
Recommended: Not really

Moneybuildrr used to be a done-for-you software designed for constructing sales funnels and offering the allure of free buyer traffic.

At an initial glance, its low price might make it appear as a favorable alternative compared to ClickFunnels.

However, it’s important to note that Moneybuildrr no longer functions effectively. The domain associated with it is now inactive.

In reality, Moneybuildrr doesn’t generate functional funnels anymore. Instead, it enables the creation of pages that hold no value and are unlikely to ever be seen by anyone.

What Is Moneybuildrr?

Moneybuildrr is supposed to be a done-for-you sales funnels.
And not just that. Allegedly it also has complete buyer traffic.

Moneybuildrr Review

Really impressed.

I am sorry for being sarcastic at the very beginning, but recently I have seen many products just like Moneybuildrr.

First of all, this is not a sales funnel creator.
Moneybuildrr is just a simple tool where you can create a simple webpage.

In the sales videos, it says, how you can make a lot of money by driving free traffic to this webpage.

In principle, this might work, but in reality, it does not. Let’s take a closer look.
First of all who runs such a system?

Founder of Moneybuildrr

Moneybuildrr Review

According to the Moneybuildrr sales page, these 2 persons called Al Cheeseman and David Kirby are behind the tool.

There is not a lot of information, about them, but Al created his own website where he described what he does and how he began.

Both guys are pretty active and they keep creating such products and launch them on WarriorPlus.

Well, the good news is that they both are real persons.
The not-so-good news is that they keep creating this software on a monthly basis and they are all the same.

They only change the name, put a new look on it, and sell them as new.

Who Is Moneybuildrr For?

According to the owners, this is perfect for beginners.

That is true actually.
The reason I am saying this is that only a person that does not have any experience with internet marketing might believe the stuff they say on their sales page.

It might be a harsh statement for some people, but the fact that they keep coming up with such products only proves that there are still some people that believe that nonsense.

I believe you understand that in order to make money online it requires a bit more than just a “done-for-you” pre-built webpage.

If it would be that easy, everybody would be using the Moneybuildrr.
And why they have to keep coming up with a new tool every month then?

The previous ones were also “perfect”, so why change that?

How Does Moneybuildrr Work?

And here is how it works, according to the sales page.

All it takes, are 3 simple clicks and you are on your way to starting making hundreds of dollars per day.

Click #1

Login to the MoneyBuildrr Web-based software

Click #2

Select a “Ready-Made Done-For-You” Funnel.

Just a note:

The number of so-called “done-for-you” funnel is limited and imagine hundreds of other people have the same funnel.

But the bigger problem is that this software doesn’t to creates funnels.
It created only simple web pages.

So it is either the mistake on the Moneybuildrr sales page, or it is just a very misleading product.

And Finally, Click #3

After the 3rd click, you are supposed to get “Free-Buyer Traffic that flows to your funnel in less than 30 seconds”

Does it mean, that suddenly, out of nowhere there will be thousands upon thousands of people visiting my website?
Please let me know in the comment section below, whether you believe this or not.

Let’s check the Moneybuildrr  Dashboard and see how it really works.

Moneybuildrr DashBoard

This is a dashboard and you see there are several functions.

Moneybuildrr Review

Let’s briefly check what these functions do.

Page Builder

This is a very basic page builder that includes templates.

You pick a theme, give it a name and you can do modifications to it.
In principle, the very same thing as you choose a WordPress site, pick a free theme and customize it as you want.

But now it becomes interesting.

You are going to link it to a domain that should be unique.
This really looks like you are going to get your own domain (and not just subdomain):

Moneybuildrr Review

But it is extremely misleading since this is what you really get:

Moneybuildrr Review

So it is just a domain that links back to the Moneybuildrr page.

What does it mean?
That every page created within the Moneybuildrr just directs people to the Moneybuildrr system.

To me, this is a rip-off.

In case you really want to create your own page, the best is to choose the hosting and create a WordPress site.
In the following article I briefly describe how to start making money by blogging:

You are going to learn more in the article above, than in the entire Moneybuildrr system.


You can also have an autoresponder, but for that, you don’t need the Moneybuildrr either.

First of all, there are many Autoresponders that offer their service for free.
Even Aweber has this option, I believe up to 500 subscribers.

Not mentioning that the Autoresponder within the Moneybuildrr does not follow the latest standards, like GDPR in the EU.


This feature allows you to post on social media like FB Twitter and Instagram.

Sure you can post it here, but the question is how many followers do you have?

And how many of them are interested in what you are about to post?

Believe me, if you have at least 100 followers that are interested in the money-making online niche, you don’t need the Moneybuildrr.

Moneybuildrr will not create any followers for you.
Another reason why you don’t need this tool.


Just briefly there is no point in using this within the Moneybuildrr. Another useless feature.

Go to Canva – I have been using it for years, and it offers me inspiration, I can edit images, and so on.

Let’s check the price for Moneybuildrr.

How Much Does Moneybuildrr Cost?

Moneybuildrr Review

The front-end price is not so bad.
It costs less than $20, but we have seen what we get for it.

Useless software that creates some web pages, that no one will ever see.

You as a potential customer have the possibility to upgrade, or in other words, there are several upsells.

Let’s go over them;

  • The 1st Upsell

This is called “Unlimited” and it means that you get unlimited account forms, leads, autoresponders, and some more stuff.
In reality, it is just an additional bunch of useless material.

The price is $37.

  • The 2nd Upsell

This is “Automation”.
It should be possible to set the campaigns on schedule.

The price is $37

  • The 3rd Upsell

Done-For-You (DFY) personal set up by Moneybuildrr team.

The price is $197.

  • The 4th Upsell

Again Done For you – but this time it is some kind of Software that you can sell as it is your own.

The price $47

  • The 5th Upsell

Facebook and Google pixels on their “top-selling” sales page.

  • The 6th Upsell

This is called Whitelabel and it should allow you to have full installation and branding of the ProfitMailr software + developer support.

The price?

  • The 7th Upsell

This is a reseller license where you get 100% commissions.
This would cost you an additional $47.

  • The 8th Upsell

8th upsell is something like “traffic save pack”.

You get some more products with a monthly membership.
The price $27

  • The 9th Upsell

And finally, the last one is a “Goldmine 1K” Club for “only” $37.

I can’t imagine paying over $1,000 for this kind of software that has no value and literally doesn’t work.

This Is Interesting

Have you already seen other Moneybuildrr reviews?
I am sure you know that many people write reviews like this one.

Not all of them are objective and let me share with you some thoughts.

I don’t know about you, but I do have problems trusting reviews where the author doesn’t mention any cons.

Moneybuildrr Review

This is a screenshot from a different website and just wanted to show you how such a biased review might look like.

Does it mean that it is a perfect system?
Well, I am sure you know that there is no such thing as a perfect system, program, or software.

Even the educational platform I am a member of has its cons (as described in this article) but you know what?
They also have great training material that teaches what really works.

So be careful when you read other reviews, as they might be associated with the products they write about.

To me, this is not the right way how to do affiliate marketing.
What’s the point of promoting a low-quality product?

Any Red Flags?

Before we wrap up, I wanted to mention a few red flags within the Moneybuildrr.


Moneybuildrr Review

Shortly, it doesn’t work

If you want to support you only get an email.

And here is also an interesting thing.

Founders seem like gurus that have developed this “tremendous” software.
And why the heck the support email goes like:


Moneybuildrr Review

This is at least very unprofessional to have an email on Gmail.
They don’t know how to create the email on their own domain?

Tutorial videos

These videos that are within the dashboard are the very same videos repeated over and over again in other products.

The creators only take the old product, give it to a new name, color and sell it as new.

Fake Scarcity

Hurry – you must act fast.

This is one of many marketing techniques that drives sales for the creators.

They want you to think that this is your last chance to become successful and you are lucky to have access to their product.
But you must purchase it now.

What I like about Moneybuildrr?

  • Money-Back Guarantee

What I don’t like about Moneybuildrr?

  • Useless Page builder
  • You don’t own your webpage
  • There is no such a thing as a “Free Buyer Traffic”, offered by Moneybuildrr
  • A lot of Upsells

Is Moneybuildrr a Scam?

Moneybuildrr is not an outright scam, even though I understand that someone would call it a scam.

But there is a money-back guarantee, so basically you would waste only your time.
(That is valuable as well,)

Considering their sales page and what Moneybuildrr actually does, it is very misleading and it has no value to the end customer.

The only people making money are the owners, and probably the affiliate who promote this tool.
But it is not the right way how to make money online.

If you have questions regarding the Moneybuildrr or you want to know more about affiliate marketing, let me know in the comment section below.
I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading

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