Plus500 Affiliate Program

Plus500 is a widely used platform offering online trading services for a range of financial instruments, including stocks, commodities, forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies through Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

Renowned for its user-friendly interface, Plus500 is accessible to traders globally.

In addition to its trading services, Plus500 features an affiliate program enabling individuals to earn commissions by referring new traders through personalized referral links.

The platform’s popularity surpasses that of the Coinmama affiliate program, with regional variations indicated by the accompanying map.

Plus500 vs Coinmama by Region

Plus500 Website Information

The Plus500 website, registered on May 8, 2008, stands as a well-established platform in the online trading domain.

With a domain authority of 79, as per Ahrefs, it reflects a strong and authoritative online presence.

In terms of traffic, the website receives approximately 600,000 organic visits per month. Notably, a significant portion of the visits is direct, indicating a considerable user base familiar with the platform.

Plus500 Organic Traffic

For those interested in becoming affiliates, it’s essential to visit their dedicated affiliate platform at

This basic analysis focuses on the primary website, offering insights into its registration date, domain authority, and traffic patterns.

Plus500 Affiliate Program Overview

Plus500 Affiliate Program overview

The Plus500 Affiliate Program distinguishes itself with a focus on Great Support and Powerful Marketing Tools.

Integrating Plus500 into websites is easy and user-friendly, offering various promotional options like referral links or dynamic live graphs for exchange prices.

What sets this program apart is its exceptional support, providing affiliates with a dedicated manager accessible even through WhatsApp.

This personalized support remains consistent, creating a reliable and enduring partnership.

Operating on a transparent Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model, the program ensures affiliates are rewarded for successfully bringing in new traders, making it a straightforward, accessible, and rewarding experience.

How do You Get Approved For The Plus500 Affiliate Program?

How to Joing the Plus500 Affiliate Program

To join the Plus500 Affiliate Program, potential affiliates can follow a straightforward process:

  1. Registration:
    • The first step is to fill out the registration form available on the Plus500 website.
    • Submit the form to initiate the application process.
  2. Confirmation Email:
    • After submitting the registration, affiliates will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.
    • This email will contain instructions on the next steps to proceed.
  3. Account Manager:
    • Upon confirmation, affiliates gain access to their unique account.
    • Additionally, they establish contact with their dedicated affiliate account manager.

Also, you will be asked to verify your phone number, so you obtain a PIN code via SMS.

It’s essential to note that affiliates are only allowed to promote Plus500 on websites that have been approved by the compliance team.

Promotion through search engines, social media networks, ad networks, marketing emails, cold calling, or similar channels is strictly prohibited to maintain program integrity and compliance.

Plus500 Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts

Commission Structure

The Plus500 Affiliate Program operates on a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model, where affiliates earn a one-time fixed amount for each Qualified Trader.

An “Acquisition” occurs when a potential Trader accesses the sites through a Tracking URL, opens a new account, and becomes a Qualified Trader.

Affiliates have the potential to earn between $200 and $800 per Qualified Trader, making it one of the most lucrative payment plans in the financial industry. For example:

  • United Kingdom: $800
  • Norway: $700
  • Austria: $500

Here the table below provides a clear overview of the CPA rates associated with specific countries in the Plus500 Affiliate Program.

CPA RateCountries
$800Australia, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand
$700Italy, Norway, South Africa, Sweden
$500Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Luxembourg, Poland
$300Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Romania, Slovakia
$200Hungary and other countries

Payout Information

Affiliate fees are payable within fifteen (15) days after the end of each calendar month.

However, it’s important to note the following conditions:

  • The Company will not pay an affiliate less than US$150 in any given month.
  • If an affiliate’s balance at the end of a month is less than US$150, the balance carries over to the next month.
  • If the carried-over balance does not reach US$150 within six (6) consecutive calendar months, the amount due will be voided and canceled.
  • The Company reserves the right to terminate the agreement with no liability to the Affiliate in such cases.

Affiliate Cookie Duration in the Plus500 Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, there is no available information on the Plus500 website regarding the duration of affiliate cookies.

For specific details on the cookie duration in the Plus500 Affiliate Program, it is recommended to contact Plus500 directly or consult with their support team.

I have already reached out to them and am currently awaiting their feedback

Plus500 Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie durationN/A
Accepted countriesWorldwide
Commission rate$200 to $800
Commission structureFixed commission
Payout frequencyMonthly
Payout methodsWire Transfers
Minimum payout$150
Website neededYes

How Much Do Plus500 Affiliates Make?

Plus500 affiliates earn by attracting new traders. Earnings depend on the trader’s value and their country. Check the CPA rates table for specifics.

Successful income hinges on website traffic quality and volume. More traffic means more potential earnings.

The activity summary in your account shows new registrations and real traders. Remember, affiliates only get paid for qualified traders.

A trader qualifies by generating a minimum $40 spread for Plus500. Target serious investors for better results.

While earnings vary, consistent promotion to qualified traders can lead to four figures per month.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Plus500 Affiliate Program?

Plus500 Affiliate Program Pros

  • Lucrative CPA Rates:
    • The program offers competitive CPA rates, with affiliates having the potential to earn significant commissions for each qualified trader referred.
  • Diverse Geographic Earning Potential:
    • The tiered CPA rates based on countries provide affiliates with the opportunity to earn varying amounts, catering to a diverse global audience.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support:
    • Affiliates benefit from a dedicated account manager, ensuring personalized support throughout their affiliation with Plus500. The manager’s availability on WhatsApp adds an extra layer of accessibility.
  • Transparent Commission Payouts:
    • The transparent CPA model and regular payouts within fifteen days of the end of each calendar month provide affiliates with a clear and predictable commission structure.

Plus500 Affiliate Program Cons

  • Qualification Criteria Stringency:
    • The program’s qualification criteria, including a minimum $40 spread generated by the referred trader, may limit the affiliate’s earnings potential, as it targets more serious traders.
  • Minimum Payout Requirement:
    • The minimum payout requirement of US$150 might pose a challenge for affiliates with lower earnings, as balances below this threshold are carried over to subsequent months.
  • Potential Geographic Limitations:
    • While the tiered CPA rates offer earning potential, the program’s effectiveness may vary depending on the geographical location of the affiliate’s audience, potentially limiting income in certain regions.


The Plus500 Affiliate Program stands out for its emphasis on Great Support and Powerful Marketing Tools.

Operating on a CPA model, affiliates can earn substantial amounts ranging from $200 to $800 per Qualified Trader.

While the qualification criteria may seem stringent, the program is a well-established and rewarding platform for affiliates.

Considered together, the Plus500 Affiliate Program offers a promising opportunity for those seeking robust support, effective marketing tools, and competitive earnings.

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