Coinbase Affiliate Program

The Coinbase Affiliate Program provides a distinctive opportunity for affiliates in the business-to-business (B2B) sector to connect with one of the most trusted cryptocurrency platforms.

Having delved into extensive research, we’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of the Cryptohopper Affiliate Program, presenting a summarized collection of valuable insights for those keen on exploring this lucrative venture.

While it may be less popular than Binance (See, the Binance Affiliate Program Review), Coinbase’s established reputation and user-friendly interface make it an enticing choice for those seeking to participate in crypto affiliate.

Interest by Region - Coinbase vs. Binance

Coinbase Website Information

Registered On: July 2, 2011

With a domain authority of 91, Coinbase is one of the most authoritative platforms in the cryptocurrency niche.
This impressive domain authority reflects the platform’s credibility and reliability.

Coinbase Organic Traffic

Boasting 11 million organic visits per month, Coinbase’s website draws significant traffic, a testament to its popularity and trustworthiness in the cryptocurrency community.

Notably, a substantial portion of this traffic comes directly, underlining the platform’s strong brand recognition and user loyalty.

Coinbase Affiliate Program Overview

Coinbase Affiliate Program Overview

The Coinbase Affiliate Program extends eligibility to anyone with a website or blog, fostering inclusivity for potential partners.

Offering a competitive commission structure, affiliates earn 50% of their referees’ trading fees.

The program boasts a 30-day cookie duration, providing a month-long window for potential earnings.

Payments are conveniently facilitated through electronic channels such as PayPal or direct bank transfers.


Notably, the program is temporarily closed to new applications from UK affiliates, with updates on its status anticipated in the future.
Stay tuned for deeper insights into commissions and cookies in subsequent sections.

How do You Get Approved For The Coinbase Affiliate Program?

How To Get Approved For The Coinbase Affiliate Program

Having undertaken thorough research, we guide you through the straightforward form-filling procedure to kickstart your journey with this lucrative program.

Let’s navigate the steps together.

To initiate your participation in the Coinbase Affiliate Program, the sign-up process is initiated by filling out a straightforward form.

This form includes essential details such as your website, telephone number, country, and preferred currency.
Notably, for optimal compatibility, some users have reported successful sign-ups using browsers like Firefox when encountering issues with Chrome.

Upon completing the initial form, the next step involves email address verification.
After confirming your email, revisit the platform to finalize your application.

Acceleration Partners Integration

Acceleration Partners - Coinbase Affiliate Program

Future affiliates are required to complete an additional form through Acceleration Partners, an agency managing and supporting Coinbase’s affiliate marketing program.

This step ensures a streamlined and professional application process.

Requirements for Approval

  • Specify the audience size range, including social media followers or unique monthly visitors to your site.
  • Coinbase sets a standard of 10,000 followers for all social media channels and 45,000 unique monthly visits for websites to be eligible for approval.
  • Provide additional information outlining your planned promotional activities for Coinbase.

Once your application is approved, you gain access to valuable tracking tools and promotional assets, enhancing your effectiveness as a Coinbase affiliate.

Possible Reasons for Coinbase Decline and Re-Application

Possible Reasons for Coinbase Decline and Re-Application

Let me share with you the reasons that can cause the decline.
Here is the message I received, and here is a brief summarization.

  • Form Submission Issue:
    • Re-application is necessary if the corresponding form emailed during the application was not submitted.
  • Mismatched Website:
    • An email to explaining the intended promotion site is required if the website listed as the main URL in the Impact application does not match the affiliate’s promotional intentions.
  • Inactive Website or Low Traffic:
    • Application may be declined if the website is not live or has traffic levels below the necessary threshold for program success.
  • Geographical Restrictions:
    • If the website caters to users in regions where Coinbase is not currently operational, the application may be declined.
  • Unclear Promotion Strategy:
    • Difficulty understanding how Coinbase brands will be promoted on the website or how the website aligns with the target demographic may lead to application decline.
  • Lack of Original Content or Differentiation:
    • Websites that are primarily coupon-oriented or mall/template sites lacking original content or differentiation may not be accepted.
  • Inappropriate Material on Site:
    • Websites with inappropriate material may be declined during the application process.

Re-Application Process

  • Affiliates can re-apply if their application is declined.
  • To address specific issues (such as website mismatch), affiliates can email, explaining where they plan to promote Coinbase.
  • Re-application feedback may take up to 2 weeks.

Affiliates are encouraged to address the specific reasons for decline before re-applying to enhance the chances of approval.

Coinbase Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts

For a comprehensive understanding of the Coinbase Affiliate Program’s financial aspects, let’s delve into the specifics.

Commission Structure

Affiliates stand to earn an impressive 50% commission on the trading fees generated by their referred users, a lucrative incentive for the first three months these users spend on the platform.


The minimum payout threshold is set at $10, ensuring that affiliates can access their earnings promptly.

Coinbase offers flexibility in payment methods, allowing affiliates to choose between:

  • Direct bank account deposits and
  • PayPal transactions.

Payouts are processed on the 17th of the month, aligning with a systematic invoicing process.

Payout Scheduling

Approved transactions undergo a payment schedule, with funds released 15 days after the end of the day they are invoiced.

This structure provides affiliates with a clear timeline for the receipt of their earnings, contributing to a transparent and efficient payment process.

Affiliate Cookie Duration in the Coinbase Affiliate Program

For affiliates in the Coinbase program, the 30-day cookie duration is crucial.

This means that after people click on your referral link, you’ll earn a commission on any trades they make on Coinbase for a whole month.

This commission lasts for the next three months, providing affiliates with an extended window of earning potential, especially for those who successfully attract and refer new users to the platform.

Coinbase Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie duration30 Days
Accepted countriesWorldwide (Except the UK)
Commission rate50%
Commission structurePercentage
Payout frequencyMonthly
Payout methodsDirect Deposit or PayPal
Minimum payout$10 (Or  your currency equivalent)
Website neededYes

How Much Do Coinbase Affiliates Make?

The earnings of Coinbase affiliates are contingent on the fees incurred by users, with distinctions between takers and makers.

  • Taker Fees: When placing an order at the market price, and promptly filled, you’re a taker, subject to a fee ranging from 0.05% to 0.60%.
  • Maker Fees: If your order goes on the order book and is not immediately matched, you’re a maker, facing a fee between 0.00% and 0.40%.

Affiliate commissions amount to 50% of these fees.
The earning potential for affiliates varies from zero to four figures or even five figures monthly, depending on the traffic volume, be it from a blog, YouTube, or social media.

The relevance of content directly correlates with the potential for higher earnings.

A crucial note:
Coinbase’s recurring commission payments extend only for three months.
Consequently, affiliate earnings may not persist beyond this initial period.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Coinbase Affiliate Program

Coinbase Affiliate Program Pros

  • Highly Trusted Platform: Coinbase is recognized as one of the most trusted cryptocurrency platforms globally.
  • Inclusive Eligibility: Open to anyone with a website or blog, providing accessibility for a broad range of potential affiliates.
  • Lucrative Commission: Affiliates earn a competitive 50% commission on the trading fees of referred users for the first three months.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: Affiliates can choose between direct bank account deposits and PayPal for convenient and flexible payouts.
  • Transparent Payouts: Minimum payout threshold set at $10, ensuring prompt access to earnings.
  • Valuable Tracking Tools: Approved affiliates gain access to tracking tools and promotional assets to enhance their marketing efforts.

Coinbase Affiliate Program Cons

  • Temporary UK Program Closure: The UK affiliate program is currently closed until further notice, limiting opportunities for affiliates in the UK.
  • Three-Month Commission Window: Recurring commission payments last for only three months, potentially limiting the duration of affiliate earnings.
  • Competitive Niche: The cryptocurrency affiliate space is highly competitive, requiring effective marketing strategies to stand out.
  • Traffic Requirements: Specific audience size requirements, such as 10,000 social media followers and 45,000 unique monthly visits, may pose a challenge for some affiliates.


The Coinbase Affiliate Program presents a promising opportunity for affiliates in the cryptocurrency space.

With a trusted platform, competitive commission rates, and accessible eligibility, it offers a pathway to potential earnings.

However, applicants should be mindful of specific criteria to enhance their chances of approval.

Understanding the reasons for potential declines, such as mismatched websites or unclear promotion strategies, allows affiliates to navigate the application process more effectively.

Aspiring affiliates should leverage this insight, ensuring alignment with program requirements and optimizing their strategies for successful participation in the Coinbase Affiliate Program.

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