Binance Affiliate Program Review

In my extensive research within the dynamic realm of finance, Binance stands out as a leading player.

Personally conducted, this research delves into Binance’s significant establishment in 2017, swiftly earning acclaim as one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchange platforms globally.

Recognized as “The world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and digital asset exchange,” Binance facilitates the buying, selling, and trading of various digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Given its popularity and established reputation, joining the Binance Affiliate Program emerges as a strategic move for those looking to align with success in the cryptocurrency space.

As one of the largest and most popular exchanges, Binance offers affiliates the opportunity to earn rewards by introducing new users to its comprehensive suite of services, ranging from spot and futures trading to staking and savings.

Binance Website Information

Binance - Organic Trafic

The domain was registered on April 1, 2017, making it relatively new compared to other crypto affiliate platforms like Coinmama (you can check the Coinmama affiliate program, as well)

However, despite its recent establishment, Binance has become one of the most popular platforms.

Judging by the substantial organic traffic their website receives, it’s clear that Binance’s popularity is not diminishing.

With a global rating exceeding 90, it remains a lucrative partner for future affiliates, despite facing a few challenges, as discussed towards the end of this article.

Binance Affiliate Program Overview

Binance Affiliate Program - Sign Up

The Binance Affiliate Program is designed for a diverse audience, including individuals, crypto communities, businesses, and organizations.

Affiliates play a crucial role in expanding the reach of Binance’s services, such as spot trading, futures trading, staking, savings, and more.

The program offers a competitive commission structure, allowing affiliates to earn up to 50% in referral commission on every qualified trade made by users who sign up through their unique referral link.

This transparent approach ensures that affiliates are duly rewarded for their contribution to the growth of the Binance ecosystem.

In addition to the primary commission structure, the Binance Affiliate Program provides opportunities for specialization.
Affiliates can choose to focus on Spot, Futures, or both.

The program also offers monthly bonuses, a dedicated account manager, free Binance merchandise, and priority access to new features.

These additional benefits enhance the earning potential for affiliates, making the Binance Affiliate Program a comprehensive platform for those seeking diversified avenues.

How To Join The Binance Affiliate Program?

Join the Binance Affiliate Program

In my personal exploration of joining the Binance Affiliate Program, I uncovered straightforward steps to become part of this lucrative opportunity.

To join the Binance Affiliate Program, aspiring affiliates need to complete a straightforward application process.

Binance evaluates applications to ensure they meet specific criteria, which may include factors such as the individual’s or entity’s reach on social media, community size, user base, and relevance to the crypto industry.

Once the application is submitted, Binance’s team reviews it, aiming to ensure that applicants align with the program’s standards.

Successful applicants gain access to the program’s benefits, allowing them to start earning commissions by introducing new users to Binance’s diverse range of services.

What are the requirements to start as a Binance affiliate?

To be considered as a Binance Affiliate, individuals and entities must meet specific criteria, demonstrating a significant online presence and influence in the cryptocurrency space:

  • Individuals:
    • Possess a social media account with a minimum of 5,000 followers or subscribers on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Crypto Communities:
    • Eligibility extends to financial leaders or opinion leaders with a community of 500 or more members on community platforms such as Telegram, Facebook, WeChat, Reddit, QQ, VK, etc.
  • Businesses/Organizations:
    • Maintain a user base of at least 2,000.
  • Market Analysis Platform:
    • Operate a market analysis platform with a daily visit count of 5,000 or more.
  • Industry Media Platform:
    • Alternatively, be recognized as an industry media platform.
  • Crypto Fund or Aggregate Trading Platform:
    • Qualify as a crypto fund or an aggregate trading platform.

These stringent requirements are in place to ensure that Binance Affiliates have the necessary influence and reach, contributing significantly to the promotion and growth of Binance’s services.

Binance Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts

The Binance Affiliate Program offers competitive commission rates based on the trading activities of referred users.

Affiliates can earn up to 50% commission, making it a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on the growing interest in cryptocurrency trading.

Payouts are made monthly, exclusively in digital currency, providing affiliates with flexibility.

The program imposes no minimum payout requirement, allowing affiliates to accumulate and withdraw earnings at their convenience.

This straightforward commission and payout structure makes the Binance Affiliate Program an enticing avenue for individuals and entities seeking to benefit from the cryptocurrency market’s momentum.

Affiliate Cookie Duration in the Binance Affiliate Program

In the Binance Affiliate Program, the affiliate cookie duration is set at 30 days.

This signifies the period during which the referral link’s cookie, or tracking mechanism, remains active after a potential user clicks on it.

During this 30-day window, if the referred user completes a registration and subsequent trades on Binance, the affiliate is credited with the referral and earns commissions based on the user’s trading activities.

The 30-day duration ensures that affiliates have a reasonable timeframe for users to convert into active traders after clicking on their referral links.

Binance Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie duration30 Days
Accepted countriesWorldwide
Commission rate40% – 50%
Commission structurePercentage Commission
Payout frequencyHourly
Payout methodsDigital Currency
Minimum payoutNo minimum payout
Website neededNo, But See Requirements

How Much Do Binance Affiliates Make?

The income potential for Binance Affiliates is substantial and depends on various factors, including the affiliate’s ability to attract and engage users.

Spot Affiliates

  • Affiliates can earn up to 50% commission on the trading activities of their referred users.
  • Those with a larger user base, specifically 500 or more referred traders, can enjoy an elevated commission rate with the added benefit of waived BNB holding requirements.

Futures Affiliates

  • A base referral bonus of 40% allows affiliates to receive 30% of the trading fees from referred users.
  • Referred users also benefit from a 10% fee discount for the initial 30 days from Futures account activation.

Additional Monthly Bonus

  • Binance Futures Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a bonus of up to $72,000 based on the trading fees generated by their referrals in a calendar month.

The earning potential is not capped, providing affiliates with a lucrative opportunity to generate significant income by promoting Binance’s diverse range of services.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Binance Affiliate Program

Binance Affiliate Program Pros

  • Competitive commission rates: Affiliates can earn up to 50% commission on qualified trades.
  • Bonus opportunities: The program offers the potential to earn up to $72,000 in bonuses per month.
  • No minimum payout requirement: Affiliates have flexibility with no minimum threshold for payouts.
  • Real-time commission calculation: Commissions are calculated in real-time and transferred hourly.

Binance Affiliate Program Cons

  • Stringent eligibility criteria: Affiliates need to meet specific requirements related to online presence and community influence.
  • Limited referral commission duration: Referral commissions for Futures trading are limited to 12 months.
  • Changes in commission rates: Rates are subject to quarterly reviews, and affiliates need to meet certain criteria to maintain rates.
  • Geographic restrictions: Binance products are restricted in certain countries, impacting eligibility.

Binance’s Recent Challenges: A Closer Look

In a significant development, Binance and its CEO, Changpeng Zhao, pleaded guilty to money laundering on November 21, 2023.

This led to a $4.3 billion settlement, with Zhao stepping down and contributing $50 million.

The legal issues followed Binance’s suspension of U.S. dollar transactions on October 17, 2023, in response to a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit filed on June 5, 2023.

The SEC charged Binance Holdings Ltd., BAM Trading Services Inc., and Zhao with securities law violations, citing misrepresentation, unregistered exchanges, and involvement in the unregistered sale of securities to U.S.-based investors.

While Binance remains the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, recent investigations and widespread service limitations signal potential concerns.

Additionally, the platform’s complexity may pose challenges for new investors, but it could still be an ideal choice for experienced global traders seeking diverse token options.


The Binance Affiliate Program provides an accessible gateway to capitalize on the robust cryptocurrency exchange platform that Binance has become since its establishment in 2017.

Recognized for its leading role in the blockchain ecosystem and digital asset exchange, Binance offers affiliates the opportunity to earn competitive commissions, with the potential to reach up to 50% based on the trading activities of referred users.

While the program presents an attractive opportunity for those keen on leveraging the growing interest in cryptocurrency trading, it’s crucial to acknowledge recent challenges.

Legal issues, service limitations, and the platform’s complexity may raise concerns, particularly for new investors.

Nevertheless, for experienced global traders seeking diverse token options, Binance and its Affiliate Program remain key players in the dynamic world of digital assets.

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