SimpleSwap Affiliate Program

SimpleSwap distinguishes itself as a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, delivering instant and user-friendly services with a diverse selection of over 1500 assets.

Although not as widely recognized as the Changelly cryptocurrency exchange, likely attributed to its registration four years later, SimpleSwap presents a compelling opportunity for influencers and webmasters through its affiliate program.

Notably, the SimpleSwap affiliate program surpasses the offerings of the Changelly Affiliate Program by introducing a more lucrative two-tier structure, enhancing its appeal for participants seeking increased earning potential.

SimpleSwap Website Information

SimpleSwap Organic Traffic

SimpleSwap, a well-established platform since 2018, shows promising potential for future affiliates in the cryptocurrency space.

With stable traffic exceeding 15,000 monthly visits and a robust domain authority of 69 (according to Ahrefs website authority checker) , it is evident that SimpleSwap is a credible and reputable environment.

This information provides potential affiliates with a foundational understanding of the platform’s legitimacy, making it an appealing choice for those considering partnership opportunities.

SimpleSwap Affiliate Program Overview

SimpleSwap  Affiliate Program Overview

The SimpleSwap Affiliate Program equips affiliates with a range of tools, including referral links, banners, widgets, and an API for seamless integration into their platform.

Affiliates earn a default 0.4% commission on completed exchanges, with the option to increase profits to 2% upon request.

The program offers a generous 30-day cookie lifespan, ensuring accurate referral tracking.

Efficient management of the affiliate journey is facilitated through the Statistics section, providing detailed insights into all exchanges.

This feature allows affiliates to track their exchange history with ease, enhancing the overall experience and effectiveness of their participation in the program.

How do You Get Approved For The SimpleSwap Affiliate Program?

How to Start SimpleSwap  Affiliate Program Overview

Signing up for the SimpleSwap Affiliate Program is a breeze. Users can easily register using their existing email or Facebook account.

Let’s break it down;

SimpleSwap Affiliate Account Setup

Getting Started

To embark on your affiliate journey with SimpleSwap, initiate the process by signing up.

Click the designated button located in the upper right corner of the screen to seamlessly join the Affiliate Program.

Explore Your Account

Upon swift registration, explore your personalized Affiliate account.

Revel in the user-friendly design and discover a comprehensive dashboard providing real-time insights into your balance, completed exchanges, total volume, and profits.

Select Your Web Tool

Browse through a variety of affiliate web tools to find the one that best aligns with your preferences and audience.

Choose the tool that holds the potential to maximize your profit within the program.

Integrate the Chosen Tool

Once you’ve selected your preferred tool, seamlessly integrate it into your website. Whether it’s the SimpleSwap API, Widget, Referral Link, or Banner, implement your choice to start earning rewards for completed exchanges.

Monitor Your Statistics

Stay informed about your earnings through the Statistics section. Customize your view by selecting a specific period, allowing you to calculate source efficiency and optimize your affiliate strategy.

Withdraw Your Profits

Add your BTC address to your account and request a payout simply and conveniently. SimpleSwap ensures a hassle-free withdrawal process for your accumulated profits.

SimpleSwap Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts

SimpleSwap  Affiliate Program Benefits

The SimpleSwap Affiliate Program prioritizes flexibility and transparency in its commissions and payout structure, offering a seamless experience for affiliates.

One-Tier Affiliate Programme

The default reward rate stands at 0.4% for each completed transaction facilitated by referred users.

Two-Tier Affiliate Programme

The Two-Tier Affiliate Programme mirrors the base rates of the One-Tier Programme.

Affiliates leveraging SimpleSwap’s API and Widget enjoy the autonomy to adjust their reward rate.

This adjustment can range from an increase to a maximum of 2% or a decrease to a minimum of 0.4% for each completed transaction by referred users.

Changes to the reward rate are permissible once every 24 hours, with a fixed rate set at the inception of a transaction.


All rewards within the program are exclusively disbursed in BTC.

Affiliates can initiate a withdrawal request when their accumulated reward reaches the minimum threshold of 0.008 BTC.

A payment request button becomes accessible within their account at this juncture.

While rewards are processed within a maximum 90-day period following an affiliate’s request, the majority of applications are typically resolved within a prompt 3-day timeframe, ensuring the timely distribution of owed rewards.

Affiliate Cookie Duration in the SimpleSwap Affiliate Program

In the SimpleSwap Affiliate Program, the affiliate cookie has a lifetime of 30 days.

This means that once a user clicks on an affiliate link, the affiliate will receive credit for any resulting transactions made by that user within the 30-day timeframe.

SimpleSwap Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie duration30 Days
Accepted countriesWorldwide
Commission rate0.4%
Commission structurePercentage
Payout frequencyMonthly
Payout methodsBTC 
Minimum payout0.008 BTC
Website neededNot Really

How Much Do SimpleSwap Affiliates Make?

SimpleSwap Affiliates earn a 0.4% reward on each completed transaction by their referred users in the One-Tier Affiliate Programme.

Completed transactions are those not canceled or refunded, directed through affiliate tools.

The program has two tiers:

  1. First-Tier Affiliates: Direct promoters earn rewards on transactions made by their referrals. They can also recruit new affiliates (Second-Tier) to join.
  2. Two-Tier Programme: First-Tier Affiliates earn from their direct referrals and additionally from transactions by affiliates they’ve recruited (Second-Tier). Second-tier affiliates promote the platform, earning rewards on generated transactions.
    The First-Tier Affiliate is entitled to rewards from transactions by their recruited Second-Tier Affiliates for the initial 180 days.

Example of Two-Tier Programme in Action

Meet Ben, an active First-Tier Affiliate in the SimpleSwap program.

With the sum of exchanges by his Referrals surpassing 1 BTC, Ben becomes eligible for the Two-Tier Programme.

Now, let’s see how this works:

  1. Recruitment of Jerry:
    • Ben recruits Jerry by sharing his unique Two-Tier Programme link.
    • Jerry, upon registration, becomes a Second-Tier Affiliate under Ben.
  2. Jerry’s Activity:
    • Jerry starts promoting SimpleSwap services on his own website, successfully bringing in Referrals.
  3. Reward Structure:
    • Jerry earns rewards for transactions made by his Referrals.
    • Ben, as the First-Tier Affiliate (recruiter), is entitled to 0.08% of the exchange amount of Jerry’s Referrals, constituting 20% of Jerry’s Reward.
    • This arrangement persists for 180 days after Jerry registers with the program.
  4. Cost Coverage:
    • Importantly, SimpleSwap covers the cost of Ben’s Reward. Jerry retains his full Reward, and Ben does not share in Jerry’s Reward.
  5. Commission Rate Impact:
    • Even if Jerry sets the commission rate above 0.4%, Ben still receives 0.08% of the exchange amount of Jerry’s Referrals.

In essence, the Two-Tier Programme empowers First-Tier Affiliates like Ben to not only earn directly from their Referrals but also benefit from the transactions generated by Affiliates they’ve recruited, such as Jerry.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The SimpleSwap Affiliate Program?

SimpleSwap Affiliate Program Pros

  • Generous Commission Rates: Affiliates earn a competitive 0.4% reward on each completed transaction, with the potential to increase to 2% in the Two-Tier Programme.
  • Two-Tier Programme: The program offers a multi-tier structure, allowing First-Tier Affiliates to earn not only from their direct referrals but also from transactions generated by affiliates they recruit (Second-Tier).
  • Long Cookie Duration: The 30-day cookie lifetime provides a reasonable timeframe for affiliates to earn credit for transactions made by their referred users.

SimpleSwap Affiliate Program Cons

  • Less Popular Than Competitors: Being registered four years later than some competitors, SimpleSwap may not be as widely recognized, potentially impacting the program’s popularity.
  • Initial Recognition Challenges: Affiliates may face initial challenges in promoting SimpleSwap due to its lower overall recognition compared to more established platforms.


The SimpleSwap Affiliate Program provides tools for seamless integration and promotion. Affiliates earn a default 0.4% commission, extendable to 2%, with a 30-day cookie lifespan for precise referral tracking.

In the One-Tier Affiliate Programme, affiliates earn a 0.4% reward on each completed transaction.
The Two-Tier Programme broadens earning potential, enabling First-Tier Affiliates to earn from direct referrals and transactions by recruited affiliates (Second-Tier) for the initial 180 days.

With a well-established platform, SimpleSwap offers a credible and reputable opportunity for affiliates in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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