CoinLedger Affiliate Program

CoinLedger stands as a premier cryptocurrency tax software dedicated to simplifying tax-related tasks for crypto investors globally.

Following in-depth research, we’ve gathered and summarized key insights into the functionality and benefits of the CoinLedger platform.

With a track record of aiding over 100,000 crypto investors worldwide in filing their taxes, CoinLedger is a trusted solution in the industry.

Clients appreciate the time saved on tax-related activities through the platform’s efficient processes.

CoinLedger not only streamlines the tax filing journey but also presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliates.

By joining the CoinLedger affiliate program, individuals can earn 25% recurring commissions, ensuring a rewarding experience for both affiliates and users alike.

CoinLedger Website Information

CoinLedger Organic Traffic

The CoinLedger website, established in 2014, stands as a well-established platform in the cryptocurrency space.
Its longevity is indicative of stability and reliability in the industry.

With a domain authority of 69, as per Ahrefs, CoinLedger demonstrates a strong online presence and credibility.

Notably, the website attracts almost 70,000 monthly visits, showcasing a robust and consistent level of user engagement.

These metrics collectively suggest a reputable and well-established online platform.

For potential affiliates, these indicators are valuable benchmarks.

The combination of a long-standing presence, high domain authority, and substantial monthly traffic makes joining the CoinLedger Affiliate Program a promising opportunity.

Affiliates can leverage these insights to gauge the program’s credibility and potential for lucrative returns.

CoinLedger Affiliate Program Overview

CoinLedger Affiliate Program Overview

CoinLedger’s Affiliate Program is crafted to provide affiliates with a professional platform for promoting their esteemed cryptocurrency tax software.

Affiliates receive marketing materials, including optimal social media posts, emails, and precise collateral, ensuring a compelling representation of CoinLedger’s value.

Affiliates enjoy a competitive 25% commission on each generated report.

CoinLedger ensures a streamlined payment process, allowing affiliates to request payments every 30 days.

Payments are facilitated directly to the affiliate’s designated PayPal account, ensuring a secure and efficient transaction process.

How do You Get Approved For The CoinLedger Affiliate Program?

How To Sign Up for  The CoinLedger Affiliate Program

To become part of the CoinLedger Affiliate Program, interested individuals can begin the affiliation process by signing up and providing their email.

Having successfully navigated the affiliation process myself, I can affirm that once approved, affiliates gain access to a unique referral link.

This link serves as a vital tracking mechanism for those who choose to sign up through the affiliate’s outreach efforts.

Affiliates are encouraged to strategically share this link with friends, followers, and clients.

In return, affiliates earn a 25% recurring commission for every individual referred to CoinLedger for their annual crypto tax requirements.

This commission is ongoing for as long as the referred users continue to utilize CoinLedger’s services.

The CoinLedger Affiliate Program is designed to be accessible and mutually beneficial, offering affiliates a clear and professional pathway to share and profit from CoinLedger’s comprehensive cryptocurrency tax solutions.

CoinLedger Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts

CoinLedger Commission And Payouts

Affiliates in the CoinLedger program enjoy a lucrative commission structure, earning a significant 25% recurring commission for each year their referrals use CoinLedger for their crypto tax needs.


Payments to affiliates are conducted exclusively through PayPal, ensuring a secure and widely accepted method.

To initiate a payout, affiliates can make a request once their account balance reaches $30 or more.
This threshold ensures that payouts are processed efficiently while allowing affiliates to accumulate a meaningful commission before withdrawal.

To initiate a payout, affiliates may simply email the CoinLedger team at

The CoinLedger Affiliate Program not only provides an attractive commission rate but also ensures a seamless and transparent payout process, further enhancing the overall experience for affiliates.

Alternate Payment Methods

In the CoinLedger Affiliate Program, alternative payment solutions are available for affiliates without a PayPal account.

To explore these options, individuals are encouraged to contact the CoinLedger team at

The team is dedicated to assisting affiliates in setting up a suitable payment method tailored to their convenience.
This personalized approach ensures a seamless and accommodating payment experience for all affiliates.

Affiliate Cookie Duration in the CoinLedger Affiliate Program

In the CoinLedger Affiliate Program, the referral cookie duration plays a crucial role in tracking conversions.

Here’s an insight into this aspect:

Referral Cookie Life

The referral cookie life within the CoinLedger Affiliate Program is set at 30 days.

This means that if a user purchases within 30 days from their first visit through the referral link, the conversion will be accurately tracked.

However, if a purchase occurs after these 30 days, the conversion won’t be tracked, ensuring transparency and alignment with the designated referral timeframe.

CoinLedger Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie duration30 Days
Accepted countriesWorldwide
Commission rate25%
Commission structurePercentage
Payout frequencyEvery 30 days
Payout methodsPayPal
Minimum payout$30
Website needed
Not Really
(But it is recommended)

How Much Do CoinLedger Affiliates Make?

How much can CoinLedger affiliate make - Pricing

CoinLedger rewards its affiliates generously for referring new customers, offering a 25% recurring commission for each referred customer.

The potential earnings can be estimated by examining the CoinLedger Crypto Tax Report Pricing.

CoinLedger offers four bundles, including a free option with no credit card required.

This user-friendly approach makes it easy for affiliates to promote, as anyone interested in crypto tax reporting can explore the platform for free.

Once a customer decides to opt for a paid bundle, the affiliate earns a commission.

The pricing tiers are as follows:

  1. Hobbyist:
    • Price: $49
  2. Investor:
    • Price: $99
  3. Pro:
    • Price: $199

CoinLedger Potential Commission Breakdown

PricingAffiliate Commission (25%)Affiliate Commission (10 Sales)Affiliate Commission (20 Sales)
$49 (Hobbyist)$12.25$122.50$245.00
$99 (Investor)$24.75$247.50$495.00
$199 (Pro)$49.75$497.50$995.00

The table illustrates potential affiliate commissions for various pricing tiers offered by CoinLedger.

The second column represents the standard 25% commission for each sale.

The third and fourth columns show the potential earnings when an affiliate makes 10 and 20 sales, respectively.

This breakdown allows readers to easily grasp the escalating commission structure based on the number of sales achieved, providing a clear understanding of potential earnings for CoinLedger affiliates.

Notably, the table also highlights the cumulative impact of sales, showing how many sales are needed to approach four-figure earnings.

This insight offers affiliates a tangible perspective on the achievable income levels based on their sales performance within the CoinLedger Affiliate Program.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The CoinLedger Affiliate Program?

CoinLedger Affiliate Program Pros

  • Lucrative Commission Structure:
    Affiliates earn a competitive 25% recurring commission for each referred customer, providing a substantial incentive.
  • Transparent Payout Process:
    The straightforward payout process, exclusively through PayPal, ensures transparency and reliability for affiliate earnings.
  • Accessible Onboarding:
    The affiliate onboarding process is user-friendly, requiring only a simple sign-up and email submission.
  • Free Trial Option:
    The availability of a free trial option without the need for credit card information makes it easier for affiliates to promote, allowing potential users to explore the platform risk-free.

CoinLedger Affiliate Program Cons

  • 30-Day Referral Cookie Life:
    The 30-day referral cookie life might limit tracking for conversions occurring beyond this period, potentially impacting affiliate earnings.
  • Effort Required for Four-Figure Earnings:
    To achieve four-figure earnings, affiliates may need to invest a considerable effort, as indicated by the table showcasing sales required for reaching specific commission thresholds.


CoinLedger’s Affiliate Program offers a lucrative 25% recurring commission and ensures reliable payments via PayPal (with other options available upon contacting their support).

Despite limitations like a 30-day referral cookie life and exclusive PayPal use, it remains an appealing choice for those aligned with a stable platform.

This program is an attractive proposition, combining competitive earnings with reliable support, making it a noteworthy choice for those entering the cryptocurrency tax software affiliate space.

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