Canva Affiliate Program

After conducting thorough research on Canva, a widely-used graphic design platform that I’ve personally used for over 5 years, I’ve gathered valuable insights into its multifaceted offerings.

Simplifying the creation of presentations, social media graphics, videos, and more, Canva provides a free and accessible platform, complemented by professional plans for advanced features.

Here, I provide a comprehensive overview of the Canva Affiliate Program based on mine research;

The Evolution of Canva Affiliate Program into Empower Canvassador

Empower Canvassador Program

Canva transformed its affiliate program into the Empower Canvassador program.

This shift reflects Canva’s commitment to supporting content creators, emphasizing a more community-driven approach.

Launched in September 2023, the Empower Canvassador program invites creators to join Canva’s innovative journey.

Canva Affiliate Program (Empower Canvassador Program) Overview

The Empower Canvassador Program, formerly Canva Affiliate, operates in the software industry, specializing in digital products.

It follows a Cost Per Sale (CPS) model, aiming to empower content creators globally, especially within the Canva community.

Empower Canvassadors simplify Canva tasks through tutorials and workshops, making design skills accessible.

Program members enjoy exclusive resources to enhance their content creation efforts, collectively working towards a more creative world.

How Do You Get Approved for the Empower Canvassador Program

Becoming an Empower Canvassador involves meeting certain criteria that align with Canva’s values and mission.

To be considered, individuals should embody Canva’s values, operate as independent creators (not brands or agencies), and maintain an active and engaged audience.

The commitment includes creating at least one Canva-related piece of content per month, be it a social media tutorial, workshop, webinar, course, or podcast.

Adhering to Canva’s branding and NDA guidelines is essential.

How to Join?

To join, provide comprehensive details to assist in our decision-making process.

After submission, please allow 4-6 weeks for a response.

Who is the program for?

The program is tailored for community members who consistently craft compelling content about Canva’s products and features.

This includes individuals in roles such as social media content creators, workshop facilitators, podcasters, and course developers.

Collaboration extends to community members active on various social platforms, including:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Facebook, and
  • LinkedIn

Stay tuned as more channels are considered for future collaboration.

Local Leader Canvassadors

Local Leader Canvassadors

Canva is seeking diverse Canvassadors, each with specific roles.

Some are Moderator Canvassadors, contributing to online communities.

Others are Local Leader Canvassadors, leading fan-made Canva communities or advocating for Canva in various ways.

The approval process involves showcasing a commitment to Canva’s values, active community involvement, and a willingness to contribute positively to the Canva ecosystem.

Canva Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts (Empower Canvassador Program)

Being an Empower Canvassador brings awesome perks.

You get a special Canvassador badge for exclusive recognition.
Try out new features early with beta test opportunities.

Boost your skills with educational workshops and webinars. Collaborate directly with Canva to shape its future.

As an affiliate, enjoy special perks like earning commissions on Canva Pro conversions. And, don some cool Canva swag to show your pride.
These benefits aren’t just rewards; they’re a simple and creative journey with Canva.

The Affiliate Program operates on a single-tier commission structure, meaning affiliates earn commissions solely on the sales they generate.

With a fixed commission rate of up to $36 and no minimum payout requirement, Canva ensures a straightforward and rewarding experience for its affiliates.

Payouts are facilitated through PayPal and other convenient methods, making it seamless for Canvassadors to enjoy the fruits of their creative efforts.

Canva Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie duration30 days
Accepted countriesWorldwide
Commission rateUp to $36
Commission structurePercentage commission
Payout frequencyMonthly
Payout methodsPayPal (Others)
Minimum payoutNo minimum payout
Website neededRecommended

How to Make 4 Figures as a Canva Affiliate

Earning $1000 a month as a Canva affiliate is within reach but presents a challenge.

With Canva’s Pro Plan offering up to $36.00 per sale, achieving a four-figure income requires a strategic approach

Conversion RateVisitorsSalesEarnings per SaleTotal Earnings

The table shows how many visitors you’d need and how many of them would need to buy something to make $1000.

For instance, with a 1% conversion rate, you’d need 2,800 visitors to achieve the goal.

Tips to Boost Visitors

Diversify Traffic Sources

Don’t rely on one source like Google. Explore various channels such as social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Utilize YouTube

Create videos showcasing how Canva is useful and easy to use. YouTube can attract more visitors, boosting your conversion rate.

By diversifying your traffic sources, you can reach a broader audience and increase the chances of people discovering and purchasing through your online store.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Canva Affiliate Program?

Empower Canvassador Program Pros

  • Worldwide accessibility for a diverse community.
  • A competitive commission rate of up to $36.
  • Monthly payouts through convenient methods like PayPal.
  • No minimum payout threshold.
  • A recommended website enhances affiliate effectiveness.

Empower Canvassador Program Cons

  • The affiliate cookie duration is limited to 30 days.
  • The commission structure, while competitive, is not specified in detail.
  • Requires affiliates to be well-established, potentially limiting opportunities for those starting in affiliate marketing.


Canva’s affiliate program may not be a breeze due to its limited product range, but it has a unique perk – earning residual income when your referrals renew their Pro plans annually.

As a well-known and respected self-design brand, Canva offers desirable features, making it a top player in the market.

If you’re already in the design game with a solid online following, jumping on the Canva affiliate bandwagon could be a savvy move for that extra cash injection.

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