Bitsgap Affiliate Program

Bitsgap, a cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in Estonia, stands out for its unified interface designed for trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

My research shows that Bitsgap is less popular than some counterparts, such as Eightcap.
The Bitsgap Affiliate Program proves to be one of the most lucrative opportunities for earning extra money online.

(See the Eightcap Affiliate Program Review).

Interest by region - Bitsgap vs. Eightcap

Let’s delve into the details of this program and explore the exciting possibilities it offers.

Bitsgap Website Information

Bitsgap has been a well-established player in the cryptocurrency trading scene since its registration on January 23, 2017.

With a domain authority of 68 out of 100, as per Ahrefs, the platform commands a respectable online presence.

Despite a slight dip in organic traffic during the summer of 2023, the platform experienced a rebound in the autumn, currently boasting around 30,000 monthly visits.

Bitsgap Organic Traffic

Notably, a significant portion of visitors access the site directly, indicating a strong brand presence.
This direct traffic suggests that Bitsgap has successfully carved out a niche and built a recognizable brand within the cryptocurrency trading community.

Bitsgap Affiliate Program Overview

Bitsgap Affiliate Program Overview

Ideal for beginners, the Bitsgap Affiliate Program provides a straightforward way to kickstart your journey in the cryptocurrency space.

Whether you’re running a crypto-related blog or website, or have a social media following, Bitsgap welcomes affiliates to share their trading experiences and attract traffic from various sources.

The program is designed to be inclusive; having a blog, website, social media subscribers, or utilizing other traffic sources is sufficient.

Bitsgap takes a flexible approach, allowing affiliates to choose the sources that align with their preferences and audience.

As a lucrative incentive, Bitsgap offers a competitive 30% commission to affiliates.
This means that for every package purchased by users referred through your affiliate efforts, you earn a commission.

Bitsgap Affiliate Program Approval and Guidelines

After conducting thorough research and successfully navigating the sign-up process, here’s a guide on how to get approved for the Bitsgap Affiliate Program.

How to Get Approved for the Bitsgap Affiliate Program?

How to get started with the Bitsgap Affiliate Program

Getting started with the Bitsgap Affiliate Program is a streamlined process:

Sign Up with Ease

Conveniently join the Bitsgap Affiliate Program using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account, streamlining the registration process for a quick start.

Onboarding Optional

Bitsgap offers an optional onboarding process, providing flexibility for those who prefer to skip it and dive straight into the affiliate program.

Explore the Demo

Test the platform by exploring the demo. Familiarize yourself with Bitsgap’s features to better understand what you’ll be endorsing as an affiliate.

Access the Affiliate Dashboard

Bitsgap Affiliate Program Dashboard

Inside the platform, head to the right-hand side to locate the affiliate program section.

Easily access the affiliate dashboard for the tools and resources needed to kickstart your affiliate journey.

What is not allowed?

Avoid Misleading Tactics

Do not mislead potential users with false information or deceptive links aimed at tricking customers.

Self-Referral and Exploitation

Referring yourself to earn commissions, taking advantage of discounts, or exploiting benefits is strictly prohibited.

Restrictions on Affiliated Accounts

Commission earnings are not allowed from accounts sharing the same IP, using the same device, or belonging to the same household.

Relatives can use the platform, but no commissions will be granted for their payments.

Inappropriate Use of Keywords and Trademarks

Purchasing a domain, search engine keyword, or pay-per-click advertisement using Bitsgap-related terms, trademarks, variations, or misspellings is not allowed.

Anti-Spam Policy

Sending spam through bulk emails, social networks, chats, messengers, or any other form of communication will result in account cancellation.

Illegal Activities

Any engagement in illegal activities, including fraud, using stolen credentials, or other criminal actions, is strictly prohibited.

No Cheating or Abuse

Any attempts to cheat or abuse the referral program will not be tolerated.

Account Termination for Breach

Violating these rules may lead to affiliate account termination, and commissions earned through illegal, fraudulent, or questionable marketing methods will be disqualified.

Bitsgap Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts

Affiliates participating in the Bitsgap Affiliate Program are eligible for a 30% commission on every new user who registers through their referral link and becomes a paying customer.

This commission is calculated based on the net amount received from each purchase, excluding applicable VAT.

To qualify for a payout, affiliates must meet the following criteria:

  • The referred user must purchase a new subscription plan and pay in full.
  • The user’s account must remain active and in good standing.
  • The user’s account should not have experienced refunds, chargebacks, or other payment reversals.

The minimum payout amount is €25, and eligible commissions are typically processed within 5 days, and deposited directly into the affiliate’s wallet.

It’s important to note that any increase in the affiliate’s account percentage will not result in retroactive payments.

For added convenience, the program operates with payouts in Tether.
Understanding these details ensures clarity on when and how affiliates will receive their earned commissions.

Affiliate Cookie Duration in the Bitsgap Affiliate Program

In the Bitsgap Affiliate Program, the affiliate cookie duration is set at 30 days.

This means that for the entire 30-day period after a potential user clicks on your referral link, you are eligible to earn a 30% commission on all subscription fees from any friends they invite who continue to use Bitsgap.

This extended cookie lifetime enhances the chances of affiliates earning commissions on a variety of subscription plans, providing a rewarding opportunity for those who bring in new users.

Bitsgap Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie duration30 Days
Accepted countriesWorldwide
Commission rate30%
Commission structurepercentage
Payout frequencyMonthly
Payout methodstether
Minimum payout25
Website needednot really

How Much Do Bitsgap Affiliates Make?

Bitsgap Pricing - Subscription plans

With a commission rate of 30%, Bitsgap affiliates have the potential to earn a significant income based on the subscription plans offered:

  • Basic Plan: $29 per month
  • Advanced Plan: $69 per month
  • PRO Plan: $149 per month

Notably, if a referral chooses a 12-month subscription, they receive a 20% discount. Additionally, the availability of a free 7-day PRO trial with no credit card required makes it easier for affiliates to attract potential clients.

This trial period allows users to test the platform, potentially increasing the likelihood of successful sign-ups and, consequently, higher earnings for affiliates

Bitsgap Affiliate Earnings Table

This table outlines the potential earnings for Bitsgap affiliates based on different sales scenarios across the various subscription plans.

SalesBasic Plan ($29/mo)Advanced Plan ($69/mo)PRO Plan ($149/mo)

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Bitsgap Affiliate Program

Bitsgap Affiliate Program Pros

  • Lucrative Commission: Earn a competitive 30% commission on every sale, providing a substantial income potential.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: The affiliate program is open to participants worldwide, expanding the reach of potential referrals.
  • Free 7-Day PRO Trial: The availability of a free trial, requiring no credit card, makes it easier to attract potential clients.
  • Transparent Commission Structure: Clear and straightforward commission structure with a 20% discount for 12-month subscriptions.

Bitsgap Affiliate Program Cons

  • Initial Withdrawal Processing Time: The processing time for the first withdrawal may vary and is determined by Bitsgap’s discretion.
  • Effort to Reach High Earnings: Achieving four-figure earnings may require significant effort and a substantial number of successful referrals.


Bitsgap Affiliate Program offers a lucrative opportunity for individuals looking to earn through cryptocurrency trading referrals.

With a generous 30% commission, worldwide acceptance, and a 30-day cookie duration, the program provides a solid foundation for potential earnings.

The initial withdrawal processing time may vary.
Despite this, the program’s transparency and flexibility make it accessible to a broad audience.

Affiliates should be aware that achieving substantial earnings may require dedicated effort.

However, the program’s features, including a free trial and a clear commission structure, enhance its appeal.

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