Phemex Affiliate Program Review

Phemex, a major cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2018, is known for its global presence in derivatives trading.

It’s a user-friendly platform, slightly more popular than Changelly.
(See, how much you can make with Changelly Affiliate Program).

One of its standout features is the Phemex Collaborator Program, an affiliate initiative.

Since its inception, this program has paid out over $100 million in rewards, showcasing its success.
As a Phemex Collaborator, you can earn up to 60% in commissions on all trading fees generated by members in your network.

It’s a great opportunity for crypto enthusiasts looking to benefit from the booming cryptocurrency market.

Phemex Website Information

Phemex Organic Traffic

Phemex boasts a well-established website, although it’s relatively new when compared to similar platforms.

The website’s impressive authority score of 73 is a positive indicator of its credibility and trustworthiness.

Registered in 2016, the website gained significant traction starting in late 2019, reaching a peak in the summer of 2022.

As of the beginning of 2023, Phemex’s website receives a substantial monthly organic traffic of about 70K to 80K visits.

Notably, this organic traffic accounts for approximately 13% of the overall traffic.

Phemex Traffic - Overall

Over three-fourths of the website’s traffic comes directly, indicating a strong and loyal user base.

The remaining percentage is a mix of visitors from referrals, paid searches, and social platforms like YouTube and Twitter (X).

This well-rounded traffic distribution underscores the platform’s popularity and reaches across various channels.

Phemex Affiliate Program Overview

Phemex Affiliate Program Overview

Anyone, from content creators to influencers and organizations, can join Phemex’s Collaborator Program.

This program offers top-notch commissions, going up to 60% on all trading fees from their network.

Collaborators also get the chance to earn extra through sub-affiliates.

With over 3,000 collaborators in more than 200 countries, it’s a diverse and global opportunity.

Each collaborator has a commission dashboard to easily track campaigns, earnings, and progress.
It’s a straightforward way for individuals and organizations to benefit from Phemex’s success.

How do You Get Approved For The Phemex Affiliate Program?


Simply take a minute to fill out the application.
After approval, you’ll receive an exclusive affiliate link.

How to Sign up for Phemex Affiliate Program

Application Details

  • Sign up using your Gmail or preferred email.
  • Provide essential information: your name, country, and social media link.
  • While a website is not mandatory, including more details can enhance your chances of acceptance.

Confirmation and Review

  • Submit your application.
  • Upon receipt, you’ll receive a confirmation message.
  • The review process may take several days.

Contact Information

If you have any questions during this period, feel free to reach out to online customer support or contact via email at

Phemex Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts

Phemex Affiliate Program - Commissions

In the Phemex Collaborator Program, expect regular payouts ranging from 30% to 60%, with additional incentives for inviting others and referring sub-affiliates.

Collaborators earn commissions within this competitive 30% to 60% range.

Moreover, there’s an added perk – a 10% commission for Sub-Affiliates.
As a collaborator, you not only benefit from your direct referrals but also earn a percentage from those your sub-affiliates bring into the program.

With the seamless integration of the Phemex affiliate account into your personal trading account, your funds are swiftly transferred, ensuring you see your earnings promptly in your Phemex trading account.

vePT AmountCommission Rate
≥ 700 vePT30%
≥ 4,000 vePT35%
≥ 13,500 vePT40%
≥ 50,000 vePT45%
≥ 165,000 vePT50%
≥ 480,000 vePT55%
≥ 1,000,000 vePT60%

This table provides a clear overview of how the commission rates increase as the vePT amounts go up in the Phemex Collaborator Program.

Phemex vePT Explained

Imagine you’re a member of a club, and to have a say in club decisions, you get special tokens. In Phemex, these tokens are called vePT, which stands for “Voting Power Tokens.”

Now, to earn these special tokens, you need to do something called “staking.” Staking is like putting your regular membership tokens (called PT) in a special place for some time.

When you decide to stake your regular tokens (PT), you get the special tokens (vePT) as a reward.
The more regular tokens you stake and the longer you keep them staked, the more special tokens you get.

Here’s a twist: every day, a tiny bit of your special tokens goes away. We call this “decaying.” It’s like your special voting power slowly fades if you don’t use it.

Now, why would you want these special tokens (vePT)?
Well, they’re like a golden ticket that lets you join important discussions and decisions about the club.

You get to have a voice in what happens!

So, having vePT is a way for the club to say thanks for being a dedicated member.

It’s like getting rewards for sticking around and being a part of important decisions.

Affiliate Cookie Duration in the Phemex Affiliate Program

In the Phemex Affiliate Program, the referral link comes with a permanent cookie duration.

This means that once someone clicks on your referral link, the tracking cookie remains active indefinitely.

This information is directly confirmed by Phemex support.

Phemex Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie durationPermanent
Accepted countriesWorldwide
Commission rate30% to 60%
Commission structurePercentage
Payout frequencyInstant
Payout methodsDigital Currency
Minimum payoutNo Minimum Payout
Website neededNo

How Much Do Phemex Affiliates Make?

Phemex affiliates have the potential to earn commissions ranging from 30% to 60%, and these commissions are derived from the trading fees generated by their referred users.

The trading fees are calculated based on whether the user acts as a Market Maker or a Market Taker.

Market Taker:

  • Definition: Someone who takes liquidity from the order book.
  • Fee: 0.06% per transaction.

Market Maker:

  • Definition: Someone who adds liquidity to the order book.
  • Fee: 0.01% per transaction.

Formulas for Calculating Trading Fees

BTC/USD (Inverse Contract):

  • Example:
    • Buy 60,000 BTCUSD Contracts at 30,000 USD (as a Maker).
    • Sell the same contracts at 40,000 USD (as a Taker).
  • Formula:
    • Trading Fee = (Open Value X Maker Fee Rate) + (Close Value X Taker Fee Rate)
    • Result: 0.00092 BTC

ETH/USD Contract (Linear Contract):

  • Example:
    • Sell 500 ETHUSD contracts at 3,000 USD (as a Taker).
    • Buy the same contracts at 2,000 USD (as a Maker).
  • Formula:
    • Trading Fee = (Open Value X Taker Fee Rate) + (Close Value X Maker Fee Rate)
    • Result: 5.00 USD

Commission and Affiliate Earnings Table

Contract TypeQuantityExecuted PriceRoleResultAffiliate Commission (45%)
BTC/USD (Inverse)60,00030,000 USDMaker0.00092 BTC[0.000414 BTC]
BTC/USD (Inverse)60,00040,000 USDTaker
ETH/USD (Linear)5003,000 USDTaker5.00 USD[2.25 USD]
ETH/USD (Linear)5002,000 USDMaker
BTC/USD (Inverse)100,00035,000 USDMaker[0.00128571 BTC][0.00057807 BTC]

For real-time BTC to USD conversion rates, refer to Coinbase’s Converter.

This table illustrates potential affiliate earnings based on different trading scenarios, highlighting the affiliate commission (45%) for each transaction.

Please note that the actual earnings may vary based on market conditions and user activities.

Phemex Sub-Affiliate Commissions

Phemex Sub-Affiliate Commissions

One standout feature of the Phemex affiliate program is the sub-affiliate capability. Sub-affiliates are individuals invited by your direct referrals.

In simple terms, if you bring in a new user to Phemex, and that user becomes an affiliate, you’ll earn an additional 10% on all the commissions they generate.

This unique feature makes Phemex an ideal affiliate program for expanding networks.

If you have connections with other affiliate marketers, encourage them to register using your affiliate link.

By doing so, you not only earn commissions from your direct referrals but also receive a 10% bonus on the earnings generated by the affiliates they bring in.

In essence, Phemex offers a scalable opportunity for affiliate marketers to maximize their earnings by building and expanding a network of affiliates.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Phemex Affiliate Program?

Phemex Affiliate Program Pros

  • Lucrative Commissions: Affiliates can earn commissions ranging from 30% to 60% on trading fees generated by their referred users.
  • Global Reach: With 3,000+ collaborators in 200+ countries, the program offers a broad and diverse network.
  • Transparent Tracking: Collaborators have access to a commission dashboard to track campaigns, earnings, and progress.
  • Extra Earnings: Opportunity to earn additional commissions from sub-affiliates.
  • Established Platform: Phemex is a well-established cryptocurrency exchange platform, adding credibility to the affiliate program.

Phemex Affiliate Program Cons

  • Approval Process: While the application process is straightforward, approval may take several days.
  • Variable Commissions: The range of commissions (30% to 60%) might be seen as a potential drawback for those who prefer fixed rates.
  • Subject to Market Fluctuations: Affiliate earnings are tied to trading fees, making them dependent on market conditions and user activities.


The Phemex Collaborator Program presents a lucrative opportunity in the world of cryptocurrency affiliate marketing.

Established in 2018, Phemex has become a global player in derivatives trading, evident from its substantial payout of over $100 million in rewards.

As a Phemex Collaborator, you stand to benefit from earning up to 60% in commissions on all trading fees generated by your network.

With permanent affiliate cookie duration and instant payout frequency, this program not only showcases its success but also offers a seamless and rewarding experience for affiliates.

consider joining the Phemex Collaborator Program for a chance to thrive in the dynamic landscape of crypto trading.

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