Farfetch Affiliate Program Review

In the realm of luxury fashion, the Farfetch Affiliate Program stands as a gateway to an unparalleled selection.

As a British-Portuguese online fashion retailer, Farfetch boasts a diverse network of over 700 boutiques and brands spanning the globe.

Picture a meticulously curated collection, sourced from over 190 countries.

Farfetch exclusively collaborates with the best, ensuring a range of pieces from established luxury brands to emerging designers.

Farfetch Affiliate Program Overview

Farfetch Affiliate Program

In the bustling world of retail trade, the Farfetch Affiliate Program shines.

This online luxury fashion retailer navigates digital services, physical products, and services globally.

Affiliates thrive on a 13% commission rate using the PS model (Pay Per Sale), earning with every successful sale.

The 30-day cookie duration ensures affiliates reap rewards for a month after the initial click, boosting earning potential.

Empowered to promote globally, affiliates leverage link and banner ads, along with social media.
Farfetch beckons affiliates to a world where luxury meets opportunity—rewarding partnerships that span the fashion-forward globe.

How to get approved for the Farfetch Affiliate Program?

Simply express your interest by sending an email to Farfetch at affiliates@farfetch.com, including the name and URL of your website or blog.

The Farfetch team will take it from there. Anticipate a response within seven days, containing all the necessary details to kickstart your journey with the affiliate program.

Farfetch Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts

The Farfetch Affiliate Program keeps it simple with single-tier commissions. Affiliates earn commissions solely on the sales they generate, aligning effort with reward.

The commission structure follows a percentage model, offering a fair and transparent way to earn.
There’s no minimum payout threshold, ensuring that every commission you earn finds its way to you.

Payouts are a regular affair in the Farfetch world, happening monthly.

It’s a steady flow of earnings, providing affiliates with a predictable and consistent reward system.

Farfetch Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie duration30 Days
Accepted countriesWorldwide
Commission rate7% – 13%
Commission structurePercentage commission
Payout frequencyMonthly
Payout methodsBank transfers,
Minimum payoutNo minimum payout
Website neededYes

How to make 4 figures as a Farfetch Affiliate

Unlocking four-figure earnings as a Farfetch Affiliate is within reach, thanks to the enticing world of luxury fashion.

With many items carrying price tags in the four-figure range, each sale packs a punch in commissions. The commission structure, ranging from 7 to 13 percent, positions affiliates for substantial earnings.

Farfetch - 4 Figures items

Let’s break it down. Consider a conservative 7% commission rate.

To reach the four-figure realm, you’d need to generate sales totaling approximately $14,285.
It’s an achievable goal, given the high-value nature of Farfetch products.

Commission Rate and Sales Needed for $1,000 Earnings

Commission RateAverage Sale PriceSales Needed to Reach $1,000
7%$500~40 sales
7%$1,000~20 sales
10%$500~20 sales
10%$1,000~10 sales
13%$500~16 sales
13%$1,000~8 sales

What are the pros and Cons of the Farfetch Affiliate Program

Farfetch Affiliate Program Pros

  • Lucrative Commissions: Earn substantial commissions ranging from 7% to 13% on high-end luxury products.
  • Global Reach: Access a diverse global audience, promoting products to customers in over 190 countries.
  • Diverse Product Range: Showcase a wide variety of luxury items, each offering significant commission potential.
  • Monthly Payouts: Enjoy a consistent and reliable monthly payout schedule.
  • No Minimum Payout: Receive earnings without reaching a minimum threshold.
  • Zero Entry Costs: Begin effortlessly without incurring any initial fees or charges.
  • Extended Tracking Cookies: Gain credit for referred sales within a generous thirty-day window.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Benefit from a highly responsive and customer-friendly service department.

Farfetch Affiliate Program Cons

  • Niche Audience: Targeting a specific audience interested in luxury fashion may require specialized marketing strategies.
  • Selective Approval: Not all applicants are automatically accepted; specific qualifications may be necessary.
  • Product Exclusions: Some products are not eligible for commissions, potentially limiting earning opportunities on certain items.


In the realm of luxury fashion, the Farfetch Affiliate Program offers a passport to global elegance.

With commissions up to 13% and a user-friendly structure, affiliates enjoy a seamless journey. From zero entry costs to extended tracking cookies, it’s a world where high earnings meet exceptional service.

Niche challenges exist, but for those navigating this stylish landscape, the rewards are as high as the fashion.

Welcome to a realm where every affiliate sale unlocks not just a commission, but a piece of luxury.

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