What is the BEST Affiliate Marketing Course? It is Free to Get Started

Would you believe me – right here at the beginning, if I say that Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Affiliate Marketing Course for 2020?

Well, I doubt it.
But I will try to explain to you what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it works.

I totally understand that you might look at this online marketing course through doubting eyes. I don’t blame you – I am very conservative as well, and when it comes to making a decision regarding online payment, I think twice before I pull out my credit card.

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Course – Test the Platform For Free

You don’t have to use your credit card.

This platform offers also a free online course, which is not that complex, but you will learn a lot.
For that purpose, you need to use an email only. And, if you are very careful signing up for something new like I am – just create a new email for this purpose only.

Some studies show that communication is 7% verbal and the rest of the communication is not based solely on words. That is why I decided to show you a short video about the Wealthy Affiliate.

It takes no more than 80 seconds.

Wealthy Affiliate – The Best Affiliate Marketing School, Introduction Video

Setting Up an Online Business With Wealthy Affiliate

Like any other business, Online Business takes effort as well. But once you determined that you really want to do this you will follow through quite easily.

Let’s have a look at the conception of the entire process.

How Did I Found out About Wealthy Affiliate?

My path to Wealthy Affiliate is probably not much different from yours. I assume, you also want to find a platform where you can have some guide on how to build a website and/or how to make money online.

I used to watch free videos whether on YouTube or somewhere else, and listen to a lot of stories from guys who started with nothing and build up successful online businesses.

Well, at least some of the stories have to be true, right:)
I did enjoy the stories of guys who started digital marketing businesses and what they went through and eventually how they ended up earning a significant amount of money.

Of course, it did not happen overnight. Even 10 or 15 years ago it took several months or years to get to full-time income online.

Pros of Being an Internet Marketer

What I love most about this kind of business is the geographical freedom and the potential number of customers.

You can work from wherever you are, whenever you want to and you choose how much time you invest in the business.

I had some ideas about the direction, so my main goal was to find a training or tutorial – on how to build a website for business.
The rest I wanted to figure out on my own.

After googling I came to the Wealthy Affiliate site and I was about to sign up. But I did not feel like committing to something that “complex”… I just wanted a simple tutorial or a guideline.

So it took me another 2-3 weeks to figure out how to build a site… I learned that it is not that easy as I originally thought. I had to deal with all different website builders, hosting companies, and blog platforms – I got overwhelmed.

So I said to myself, OK. I will not fear the “unknown” and I will take action.  I am going to try this Wealthy Affiliate Thing.

Action Taken

Soon after I signed up, I was pleasantly surprised with the entire platform.

I think I did not even try the Starter membership and I just went ahead and signed up for premium. The platform itself looked very good. I have had access to each feature, to each training, to each “button”, so it was great and at first a bit overwhelming as well.

I must admit the first thing I did, I raised a question in the chat area to other members:
“Can I run a Google Ad with an affiliate link in it so the traffic is transferred to a merchant site, without me owning a website”
I got an answer almost immediately, that it is not possible and I was recommended to follow the training and there I will find the answer 🙂

Actually that idea about running an Ad without owning a website, I took from one YouTube video, I think from 2004, where a guy was explaining how easy it is to earn money online (assuming you run an effective Google ad).

That is a (sometimes) disadvantage of free videos or advises. They might not be applicable anymore.

Besides internet marketing is evolving rapidly, and many of the tips and tricks that worked in 2010 do not work these days. You have to be constantly updated on what’s going on.

This is another big advantage of being a member of such a platform.

You have more than 200k active members and a big portion of them are already experienced marketers, people with IT backgrounds, connections to google, and so on and so forth.

Back to my little story – Pretty soon I found out that making money online will need a bit more effort than I originally thought (I used to have this mindset of a gambler, just a little bit 😉 ).  

As I mentioned I did not go through the Starter membership.

But I do have a chance to explain to you what is inside of the Starter Membership and I will do so right below. I understand that not everybody will jump right on the premium membership and that is perfectly OK.

It is like a probation period – you want to experience first-hand what is inside, and most importantly, if that platform suits your expectations.

General Overview of Wealthy Affiliate

You can look at the Wealthy Affiliate platform as a social platform. Although that would be a very simplistic way to look at it.

Why did I mention the social aspect?

I have already touched on that, but let’s dig down a little deeper.
You are part of the community, and as a member, you have your profile with basic information like your photo and a few words about yourself.

Actually you do not have to use your own photo – everybody will respect that. It is just that it is always fine to see the other member, but again that is completely up to you.

Here is a screenshot of how does the WA profile section looks like:

Click to Enlarge

As you see the platform is easy to navigate through and just recently the owner Kyle and Carson made it mobile-friendly as well.
That I find very handy – whenever I wait in a grocery store in line I just read the blogs from other WA members I am interested in.

On the left upper section, you have a number of different features.

For example Website feature brings to the section where you build a website, you can manage the website, and you can ask for feedback and comments.
To create a site via this feature takes only a few minutes max (you only need an email). All are pretty much preset and once you pick a domain, your https:// website is ready.

Live Events – here you can watch the live webinars, there are more than 300 of them. Every Friday there is a new one going on – you can attend alive and you can also ask your question. That is a great benefit of attending this seminar alive.

Replies of webinars are available, usually, 24 hours after the live broadcasting.

Research function brings you to the Keyword Research tool.

Choosing a proper keyword is essential and we will talk about that later. I remember when I came to WA, this tool was still restricted to a few words a day. Then it got opened and you can now search for hundreds of keywords daily.


Then you have a live chat – where you can raise your question and instantly you get feedback from other members. There are people from all around the world, so regardless of the time zone you are in, there is still somebody online.

What Is the Training Structure With The Starter Membership (It’s Free)

As I mentioned, the Starter Membership will give you an overview of how the platform work. You have a chance to try it out, test it on your own. As per the screenshot below you have a better picture of the lessons you can take. Level 1 consists of 10 lessons.

B:\!WA\setuppassiveincome\SetAffiliateBusiness\001Wealthy Affiliate - Best Online Marketing Course
Click to Enlarge

Here is the list of features you have access to:

  • Beginner Training Course – as mentioned above
  • 2 Websites (hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and they are for free)
  • Limited Search on Jaaxy (Keyword research tool)
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Limited for 7 Days
  • Live Chat – Limited for 7 Days
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1

Then you have the Affiliate Bootcamp Training.
This is a course that will walk you through the process of creating a business related to the Wealthy Affiliate Promotion.

Yes, you can also establish your business in this Make Money Online niche. I am also part of this training and you probably already have found out that this site promotes Wealthy affiliates as well.

I am being perfectly honest with you. If you sign up for Premium Membership I get credit for it. That makes me an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate.

Of course, you can click on my link and will not sign up and you will learn also quite a lot.

This is the way, also many companies work. If you as an employee of XY company recommend a person to this XY company and this person is hired – you get credit from the XY company.

If you will decide to become a premium member we will get in touch and we will be able to communicate also through private messages. In other words, once you sign up you won’t be left alone.

The first training is called Online Entrepreneur Certification.
It consists of 5 Levels. Each Level has 10 lessons as per the screenshot below:

Best Online Marketing Course

As a result of Lesson 1, you will be able to start working towards your new goals, and it does not necessarily have to be only financial goals.

(Of course, having financial independence is our main goal :)). You will choose your niche and you start building your own site around this chosen niche.

Lesson 1 covers also techniques, how to optimize your website using WordPress, and how to create quality content that ranks.

A very important process is keyword research.

You will learn how to choose such keywords for your post, which triggers a decent amount of traffic, and at the same time, they are not that competitive.

Basically, you want to use long-tail keywords in your content, whereas google (Including Bing, and other Search Engines) does not have many options to show other websites, so Google will have to show your site in the search engine results.

And, of course, the keywords must make sense.

What Is the Training Structure With The Premium Membership

Once you become premium – Congratulations.

Here comes the hard par – how much does it cost?
Here is the deal:

$49 per month
$359 per year (with yearly membership you get a discount = $29.91 per month)

Best Online Marketing Course

Now, you have access to all features within Wealthy Affiliate Community. Here is a screenshot of Level 2 and Level 3 – just an overview:

Besides that, here is a list of what comes with the full package:

  • Weekly Live Interactive Classes
  • 300 Hours of Education
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)
  • 1,000’s Training Modules
  • Classrooms (regarding e-commerce, local marketing, Facebook Ads…)
  • You Can Create Your Own Training and Earn Revenue
  • Your Own Authority WA Blog
  • High-Quality Hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • 25 Free SiteRubix domains Sites
  • 25 Custom Domain Sites (only additional costs – about $15 a year, you have to pay for such custom domains everywhere)
  • Private Messaging with other Premium Members

Within each Lesson, you have a theory or an explanation, including videos, so you can grasp the lesson much easier. You can go through the lessons at your own pace. Nobody will rush you.

You can go back and do some points again. At the end of each lesson, you have a task to perform. There is no better approach than applying what you just learn.

Along with the lesson, you can create blogs, ask questions, use live chat or search for answers.

What I really love, is the Live Training, offered by Jay – a coach with a very charismatic voice and on top of it, he can explain any new stuff also to a six-year-old baby.
These Live webinars take place on Friday and usually they are about 65 minutes long. At the end of each Webinar, there is a Q&A Session.

For whatever reason, if you cannot watch the Live Event, you can watch the replay whenever you want, and how many times you want. There are more than 300 of these Live Events including case studies.

For example, there is a sequence of 4 or 5 lessons where Jay shows you how to build a website. I mean from scratch – including Research of Niche, Writing, SEO, Marketing + tip and tricks.

Best Online Marketing Course

NOTE: The reason why the events are marked on Saturday instead of Friday, is due to different Time Zone. For me, they always start on Saturday at 2 am. From time to time I watch it alive, but mostly I do watch the replies.

Also as a bonus, I can offer you personal coaching. Whenever you feel like needing help or some advice you can let me know and I will do my best to give you a thorough answer or will offer you a solution.

Product Wealthy Affiliate at Glance

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
The owner (s): Kyle and Carson
Price:  $359 per year

Overall Recommendation:

My Recommendations

In this section, I am not going to recommend that you should join WA.

Actually, I will shortly describe the reasons why you should NOT become a Premium Member.

You will not make $1,000 in the first month. If you think otherwise, I really recommend going to find other training where they teach you to become rich in a week. As the Napoleon Hill quote goes:

“There is no such thing as Something for nothing”

You have to put effort, and you have to be able to create content (post, videos, a podcast doesn’t matter) but it must be valuable for your readers.

That will take some time. If you think about it, for example, it took me 5 years to finish university. Was I able to earn a good amount of money once I got a diploma? Hardly.

Good point is that it does not take you 5 years to start making money. If you are consistent you can see results in 6-8 months. Let’s say 10-14 months to be conservative.

Also, another thing is the payment.
You should be able to pay monthly $49 or $359 per year.

I do recommend the yearly payment since $359 dived by 12 equals $29.92 per month.

If you are not OK with the facts above, you can still keep the Starter membership.

Wealthy Affiliate

Final Thoughts

As mentioned First Level is free. You have access there for 7 days.
You can figure out the basics and it is up to you, which directions you go.

I might sound a bit like a used car seller, but for less than $1 a day, you can become a member of /I dare to say/ the Best Online Marketing Course.

If you are patient, you follow the training, you will learn a lot. You can even earn some extra bucks within 5-6 months. Not mentioning the potential earning if you will be consistent for a period of a year and/or more.

Also, please note that there are more than 30 people working in the background of Wealthy Affiliate. These guys are doing their best to keep this platform updated and also giving super support to the members.

Wishing you lots of success.

Let me know what are your thoughts. Any comments even short ones are very appreciated.
Cheers 🙂

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  4. Hi, I would like to State that you really gave a thorough review about wealthy affliate. For me personally, wealthy affliate is one of the best platform out there if not the best that can help you succeed in affliate marketing. I also know this because I am a premium member and the programs are so flexible. After joining as a free member, nobody had to cajole me to go premium because I saw the benefits of becoming a premium member. Don’t procastinate,  make a decision to join now.

    • Thank your for your comment.

      I do agree with you. I have not found any better platform either. Also considering the price, I am sure this WA in in TOP5 (maybe I am being too conservative 🙂 ).

      Regarding yourself becoming premium – I am sure that is the intention of WA founders – not to push anyone.
      Person who wants to build an online business and seeks for a training -> this is truly the best place to join.

      7 days starter membership for FREE, is a Great chance to check out the platform for Everybody without paying a penny.

  5. Wealthy affiliate is indeed a home for entrepreneurs. I have zero regrets of leaving, the interesting part of it is the website where you have step by step trainings which will guide you through creating the site. I’m a premium member now and am really enjoying the experience. I will have to save this article to further convince my friends to join 

    • I do agree with you. The thorough training is just awesome. Guys behind it also make sure yo keep you updated, whether it comes to updated google algorithm or teaching new ways how to get a free traffic to website.

      It is really a unique place to gather the knowledge. 

  6. For the first time I would say online marketing is almost done and it has a lot of opportunity when you join it , I have going through a lot of online Marketing include Wealthy Affiliate and they has more ways of earning money.

    But sometimes online business is has disadvantages, but when I see this Wealthy Affiliate I would say it’s legit and has a way that can get some extra money.

    Thank you very Much for this Articles.

    • You are welcome Mustapha,

      I also think that Wealthy Affiliate is the best online course. Many people think that it is easy and can start earning money within few days.

      In Wealthy Affiliate they have very realistic approach and they do not BS people with unrealistic promises.

      They teach stuff what works.  

  7. Hi Mike. Thanks to you for writing this great, informative and educative post about Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate few weeks ago. To be honest, I haven’t seen any community like it before, even in the whole internet. Well, I’m still going through my training. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll be looking forward to new posts from you 

    • Glad to help Alex. 

      I am very picky when it comes to such online platform, but I must admit that Wealthy Affiliate exceeded my expectations, and I do not exaggerate.

      One of the great thing about WA is that everyone can give it a shot and try it out for FREE. 

  8. I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member over a year ago. Then I forgot about my membership and didn’t do anything about it for a long time. A year later I “rediscovered” it with a new desire to actually try it out and I found myself wanting to become a premium member very quickly. The value is just awesome.

    My advice to anyone who’s on the fence about WA is to give it a shot as a starter member and let the platform speak for itself. There’s no risk so why not check it out? If you want real value right from the start without even getting out a credit card this is the program for you. You won’t find that anywhere else, believe me, I tried before finding wealthy affiliate but every other program I came across sucks you in with (usually) outrageous promises and then gives you just enough information to get you to buy. Then they hit you with endless upsells. I hate upsells.

    Anyway, I just wanted to add my opinion of WA. I’m super happy that I found it!

    • Hi Mariah,

      I am glad you came back to WA:) 

      With the upsells you mentioning  – same here. I they’re instant deal breakers for me. 

      Wealthy Affiliate does not have any upsells. I am sure the owners Kyle and Carson are aware of this fact. But most importantly they do realize that they need to provide the value to the market. And as I am member for more than year ago already, they even want to provide the value

      Thank you for your comment. 

  9. Hi Mike!
    Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the most comprehensive and useful educational platform online, you can’t find anywhere else online. Great community and great support are only reinforcing this statement and the fact. Very affordable, up-to-date, modern, supportive program that will teach you how to start making money online, in any niche you chose!

    All these superlatives are fact and the only cons I might have is the time you need to invest to succeed. (If at all you can consider as a cons, because every business, so the online business as well needs certain time to become a successful  business).

    Thanks for sharing your review!

    Wish you a lot of success with WA!

    Best regards,

    Stay well, market better, convert best!

    • Hello Igor, 

      I agree with you regarding the time one must to invest. On the other hand, I believe that brick and mortar business needs even more time, not mentioning the financial aspect. 

      I appreciate your comment, cheers


  10. Wow…nice coverage of the WA opportunity. Very honest approach and I like how straightforward your approach is. The training overview is valuable and allows anyone interested a chance to filter the opportunity and what it would take as far as investing time and effort into the opportunity. Nice job of consolidating the opportunity for others to grab a hold of!

    • Thanks a lot for the comment. I appreciate it. 

      The WA is a great opportunity to learn new skills regarding internet marketing. 


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