What Is Profit365?

It was not long ago that Jamie launched Profit Injector and here he goes again with a new platform.

It is called Profit365 and I was curious if there is any progress in terms of the quality of its products. This time, he focuses on creating solo ads and/or how you send traffic to a page, where people are gonna buy.

I know it might sound a bit unclear, or too vague, but really – it seems to be the description of Profit365.  Is there much more to it than that?

What is Profit365, exactly?

We will be looking if there are any red flags, and how much it cost since obviously $37 is not the final price.
By the end of this review, you will find out whether there is some value in it or if it is just a waste of time.

Name: Profit365
Website: www.profit365.co (The website is for Sale)
Price: Advertised Price $37 + Upsells
Owners: Jamie Lewis

Profit365 Overview

Product365 is a digital product, currently available on JVzoo, and it shows you how to make money with affiliate marketing using PPC, to be more specific, he teaches Solo Ads.

According to the sales video, his product is super easy to use and it is very effective.

Here is what you will be doing.

  1. Go and log in.
  2. You will be able to send targeted traffic. And imagine 20 people are going to access the link and 5% of them will end up buying. According to Jamie that is the statistic, he has, that 1 out of 20 buys, so that is the conversion rate he claims.

Let’s check a part of his sales video

According to Jamie, this system is direct response marketing. Looks super easy, and profitable at the same time. Jamie claims that he has optimized his system and it works better than ever.

Apparently, he spent years of developing this system, and now you only need to log in and use his swipes. He goes on in his sales video about how he is about to retire and he gives away this system of his – “almost for free”.
BTW, he doesn’t mention the upsells, though.

Well, in my opinion, if somebody talks about a money-making system as super easy and perfect for everybody, there is something fishy about that.

The Pros

  • Information in videos within the members’ area has some value
  • Money-back guaranteed
  • You might earn some money following Jamie’s path

The Cons

  • Additional costs for PPC (Solo Ads)
  • Misleading sales video, where he claims how simple the model is
  • Upsells

Who is it For?

You should be taught here how to create solo ads and how to make money out of the ads. And yet it is meant for beginners.

Every successful marketer will tell you that PPC is not what way how beginners make money online. I had tried that as a beginner and I literally threw away hundreds of dollars in about a year (not mentioning the Facebook Ads).

The same may happen to a beginner who spends the advertised $37 for Profit365 and soon after he finds out that he needs an extra few hundred for the ads. Whether they are solo ads or google ads.

So if you don’t have a budget, just don’t buy the ads. Running the ads is not a linear thing.

Even-though Jamie outlines some steps on how to set a campaign, one must realize that PPC requires an experience. With that being said, this product is not for newbies.
On the other hand, I don’t think there is an experienced marketer who would “invest” in Profit365.

The only reason someone would buy this system so to promote it and make a commission.

Profit365 Tools & Training

You have seen part of his sale video. And he continues in the same matter. He also mentioned that he spent 5 months developing this product.

What Is Profit365

Well, that is a bit strange to me, since once you purchase his product you are provided with some additional materials as “support” or “bonus” and believe it or not – it is just an unrelated old bunch of junk.

Some of this stuff is from 2010!
And I even checked other reviews and some of them are even harsher than I am.

I mean, first, you are promised something awesome and straightforward and once you purchase it you really feel ripped off.

And the training itself  – there are only a few videos, where you are not even taught how to create the ad.

What Is Profit365

My question would be, do I run a google ad or Facebook Ad, or maybe shall I create a new account at Bing and run ads over there?
I don’t find the training straightforward. To me it is chaotic and I do feel lost.

Unfortunately, there is not much value in it.


You have there an email you can use for the support, although it does not seem like direct support to Profit365 nor to Jamie.

What is profit365

Profit365 Price Structure

The initial price is $37. For non-US readers (or for those who are used to pay the same amount as advertised) I also reveal the total price which is $44.40 (depending on your location).

What Is Profit365

I am sure, by now it does not surprise you if I say that there are upsells. Of course, they are not revealed right away, but if you do such reviews, you know how to get the “inside” information, right (actually it is very easy).

So here it comes, the structure revealed for affiliates who decide to sell Jamie’s product.

What Is Profit365

You can easily end up spending more than $300 for a product that does not even have a proper support email.
It is a lot of money. And I want to highlight, again, the fact that one must be prepared to spend a few hundred extras on paid advertising.

My Final Opinion of  Profit365

To me, this is one of those products where the seller/owner puts himself in the position of a successful digital marketer. He even feels like providing value to his customers.

He says that he is going to disclose a secret technique, that was hidden from you.
Don’t fall for such cheap marketing tricks. There are no secret techniques, no loopholes.

The truth is that he is one of those teaching you how to make money the way he does. That you should sell what he sells to you. It is kind of a continuing cycle, with NO VALUE.

He says that with Solo Ads you will get lots of traffic with a great conversion.
In my opinion, using Solo Ads, you can get lots of traffic but the quality of the traffic is always questionable.

There are people buying clicks for hundreds of dollars, they get the clicks to their affiliate links, but no conversion.
The traffic coming to your page is not relevant.

Imagine having a website selling vacuum cleaners, and you would target people interested in hiking. How relevant is that?  And such irrelevancy happens with Solo Ads all the time.

These days the proper digital marketing is being done in a way that the end users/visitors or readers should be better off having consumed your content, even if they don’t buy from you.

If there is no value exchanged for the money you spend on the product, then somebody is taking advantage of the others.

By the time you read this review, it is also possible that this system is taken down already.
Many similar products are being removed from ClickBank – due to the high refund rates.

Is There a Better Alternative?

It is really difficult to find a legit course online.

But it is OK to struggle a bit and going through these kinds of misleading systems like Profit365 certainly is.

For me, a legit training should have a step-by-step tutorial on what to do right at the beginning. Some tips and tricks from experienced marketers, on what to do and what to avoid.
There are many ways how to make money online today, but for that one needs traffic.

It does not matter whether you get traffic on your youtube channel or on your website. You just need visitors – and I mean the real people coming to your website. It is not an easy process and that is why so many people fail.

But with proper training and community, one can learn how to do those things, and eventually, his or her website will be on the 1st page of Google.

Profit365 at a Glance…

Name: Profit365
Website: www.profit365.co (Website is for Sale!)
Price: Advertised Price $37 + Upsells
Owners: Jamie Lewis

Overall Rank:


I would love to finish the post with some positive information, but unfortunately, I do not have one.

Let me know if you have any kind of questions, maybe I will dig into the product deeper and will find some value in it.

It is sad because I know how it feels when you are so excited about making money online and you think you just found the perfect course. You are even willing to pay for the course since you want to learn something and you know that information costs money.

But in many cases, once you do the purchase -> BUM – 10 minutes later, your excitement just drops down to the bottom.

Please do not give up.
Take a deep breath and go on.

With such an attitude you will find a great product where you find what you were looking for.

In case of questions please let me know.

Thank You For Reading,

4 thoughts on “What Is Profit365?”

  1. I was really hoping to read something that might convince me of the value that Profit365 has to offer especially to beginners like me. An if it offers no value at all then it has not lived out to its name. I even think that it was a bold move for Jamie Lewis to name his product Profit365, which basically means you make profits all throughout the year when you decide to purchase it.

    But of course, this is what they call “marketing strategy.” You want to convince people that your product is good and had real value, you must start with a catchy name. And with regards to the short video of Jamie selling Profit365, I don’t believe any of the crap he said ☺. Also, if his video tutorials and training are outdated, I believe there are better options out there. 

    Thank you for writing this review.

    • Good point there Alice,
      regarding the name of the product. I could not agree more.

      And as for the sales video –
      from the body language of the guys he talks to, I bet they do not believe it

  2. It’s unbelievable how many of these programs exist out there that are promising the world and in the end offer nothing. The only way to counter these is people awareness and this can be achieved with reviews like this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for the review.

    • Thank you Stratos.

      I agree. I also once signed up for similar product -> I did not do my due diligence and did not check the product before I paid for it.

      That is why I do these reviews;  hopefully creators of similar schemes will have a smaller chance to take an advantage of people who try to start their own business.


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