What is Private Cash Sites – Product Removed From ClickBank – Not Available!

Have you been wondering whether Private Cash Sites is a legit platform or a scam? I am glad that you do your due diligence. With so many digital courses it is not easy to find a legit product that can actually help you to make money online.

I used to search for a legit platform as well. First I used to think that I was gonna find it on ClickBank Site. I have gone through many ClickBank products and I was disappointed that the majority of the digital products on ClickBank have low quality for a potential customer.
Therefore I have created this blog to let people know which one is good and which one is better to stay away from.

What is the Private Cash Sites?

Private Cash Sites (PCS) is a ClickBank product (as I mentioned) and it was released in August 2018.

Private Cash Sites Overview

Name: Private Cash Sites
Website: www.privatecashsites.co
Price: Advertised pride $47 with 2 downsells and 2 upsells
Owners: Nathan Canfield is listed as founder / Or Felicity according to the sales video

UPDATE November 2019

Private Cash Sites is no longer available. Their website still works, but the product cannot be purchased anymore.
It has been removed from ClickBank as per the screenshot:

What is Private Cash Sites

This product was not delivering the promised value so it was just a matter of time till this will be taken down.
I also wanted to double-check with ClickBank representatives and they confirmed it is due to the high refund rates.

Obviously, customers were not happy with what they paid for.

To me, a legit training platform or educational platform must offer knowledge that one can apply right away. It was not the case of the Private Cash Sites.

I keep this review below so you can learn how to spot misleading product like PCS used to be.

I would not call PCS a scam. First of all, it is due to the fact that it was available on ClickBank which means you have a money-back guarantee. Each product featured on CB (ClickBank) has to have this policy.

So that is a good sign. But there might be some upsells, which you are no aware of until you purchase the product. In many products like these, you have a hyped-up sales video with unrealistic income claims, just to lure you in buying the program.
Let’s check that out.

One note regarding the owner. When I have checked other reviews, to get a different perspective, I have noticed that the name of the owner for this very same product was different. And if you do research on this name “Nathan Canfield” you will not find any information regarding the authenticity of such a person. I do think that this name is made up. Also how come that, in the last 2-3 months the product has changed the ownership at least twice?

So here is the first red flag.

What is Private Cash Sites

One can’t tell right away what the product is. In the sales video, you are told that this is a ready affiliate marketing system. Easy to do, no experience needed, only 10 minutes on your laptop and you have basically “done for you system”.

Well, I am not convinced. They claim how your life will get better in a few days with this PCS system… but I could not find a piece of solid information about how the “system” works.

We will get inside their platform to check that out.

The Good & the Bad

  • You can get 2 downsells.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • N/A

  • False Scarcity
  • Ownership/Founder – His/Her Identity not confirmed
  • False claims about early earnings
  • Upsells not refundable

Who is Private Cash Sites For?

This product supposed to be perfect for those who just start with affiliate marketing but for total newbies as well. Apparently you do not need any technical skills, no previous experience and based on their sales video you will become a successful affiliate marketer in a very short period of time.

Private Cash Sites – What Are Their Claims and Price Structure

Their sales videos starts showing you all this commission you might make. And they talking about 4 digit numbers a week.Is Private Cash Sites Scam

It goes on about how your life will change, vacations, spending quality time with your family and so on. They try to hook you in right at the beginning.

Apparently they offer a brand new method of making money online. You need only “couple of hours of setting things up, you’re in business…” – actually you can take a look at part of their sales video:

It seems like you don’t have to do pretty much anything and yet with their system still make a few thousand a week. Making money online just does not work like that. What they say it is just a get rich quick scheme (even if they say otherwise).

Let’s take a look the Price structure

The initial price is $47. You can get 2 downsell, each $10 off.

When you land on their page for the very first time and when you about to leave there is a popup window saying that you just getting instant discount $10.

Is Private Cash Sites Scam

And when you are about to leave for the 2nd time, then you are offered a 2nd downsell.

Is Private Cash Sites Scam

You can test the platform by yourself, but I am here to warn you, that such a system (allegedly generating for you a couple of thousands a week) simply does NOT work.

So I hope you would not fall into this trap.
If you did – ask your money back. That is one of the advantages of any ClickBank products.

If you are still curious about how the platform looks inside and what it has to offer you, here is the members’ area.

Is Private Cash Sites Scam

As you see, again they use this cheap marketing trick, that there are only 7 seats available. This is a ClickBank product (we already know, right) and there is no limit on how many people can sign up per day
. That is not nice from them and in my opinion, it undermines their credibility (along with other things).

Well, you have few pages available for you that you can set up and you can import them into your funnel, you have a thank you page, you can test the system.  You can then learn how to track your traffic (that is available for free with Google Analytics as well).

There also some interesting things they offer, at least at first sight. Although these are already part of the upsells. So just briefly I show you the upsell funnel and what you get:

Is Private Cash Sites Scam

What caught my attention was the video course, how to get traffic. There are 3 videos – all of them together are no more than 30 minutes long.

Additional you get some extras as:

  • motivation action plan
  • 30 days of gratitude
  • setting goals
  • mediation for growth
  • mediation masters guide
  • affirmations

Well, to me that stuff above you can easily find on YouTube, so I don’t really see the point of spending money on PCS. But I do understand that many people like to have these things as part of one package.

My job is to do a list of such products and do reviews about them. Many of them have specific information “hidden” in the disclaimer.  But who reads the disclaimers? I know only a few folks who actually read the disclaimer (one of them is a lawyer, so it is part of his job 🙂 )

Oh, and one more thing about the product – let me show you their disclaimer, so you can create your own opinion.

Is Private Cash Sites Scam

Source: https://www.privatecashsites.co/disclaimer (Site is not available anymore)

Private Cash Sites Support

As per the sales video, you are promised to have support…it was not quite clear how. Then inside of the platform, you have access to the chatbox, or you can also get support via email.
To be honest I am not sure how quick they are in answering the questions.

My Final Opinion of Private Cash Sites

It seemed like an OK product, but right at the beginning, they use some cheap marketing tricks which spoil the entire product.

Also what I find disappointing, believe it or not, they offer an extra course – called Explode My Payday. If you are not familiar with this course, please have a look at it. I already did a review on that one. And that is not a good course either.

I would say that both are coming from the same source (owner), and my guess is, their mission is not to educate people but only to make money for themselves.

The fact that this product is not available on ClickBank nor Clickbetter is a good enough reason not to trust it anymore.

Private Cash Sites at a Glance…

Name: Private Cash Sites
Website: www.privatecashsites.co (Site is not available anymore)
Owners: Nathan Canfield
Price: Advertised price $47 with 2 downsells and 2 upsells

Overall Rank:


The private cash sites is not entirely a scam.

Too bad that their upsells are not refundable so you are either OK to pay that amount or you have to go to look for another online training.

Please share with others in the comment section, what is your opinion about the product and their cheap marketing techniques.

If you have a budget of about $30 a month I highly recommend this platform called Wealthy Affiliate. They offer legit training on how to become an affiliate marketer – long-term. Once you are done with their training I can assure you can stop relying on any 9-5 jobs.

The thing is that there are many scams and products like Private Cash Sites. It is really time-consuming to go through all these e-business models and check whether they are legit or if there are any upsells behind the corner, waiting for you to use your credit card for the 2nd and 3rd time.

8 thoughts on “What is Private Cash Sites – Product Removed From ClickBank – Not Available!”

  1. Affiliates truly don’t come easy. It comes with its trick and its ways. I believe it should be very important to be discovered because it’s motto is indeed interpersonal. Meaning, one must have interpersonal skills to get the job done correctly. I finally understand what Clickable bank is. I had never thought of it being part of affiliate marketing; good to know!

    • I am glad this post helped you to understand what clickbank is.

      If you would like to know more about affiliate marketing, let me know.

      Thank you for your comment
      and have a good one 🙂

      Cheers. Mike

  2. Total gratitude to you for providing yet another review of some shoddy site designed just to relieve you of your hard earned cash. The thing is, if they spent as much time in creating a good product as they do trying to seduce us into purchasing something that doesn’t live up to the claims, they would probably make more revenue. Did you manage to find out how the system worked ? If it was such a fantastic system they would surely be able to tell you how it works as you would be more inclined to join. So the Clickbank money back guarantee only covers the initial cost and not the upsells ? All I can say is that I’m glad you did take the time to look at this one as I’m sure you’ve saved plenty of people, loads of money. Nice one.

    • Great point, and I agree with you on the seducing part. Big time. 

      Regarding the money back guarantee. Yes you can have a refund o the basic price within 60 days. As for the upsells I have not tried that personally. 

      In the Return and Refund Policy they say that if you are unsatisfied with the product, you may discontinue use of the product and remove it from your system at any time with 60 days of downloading the same for a full refund of the purchase price. 

      To me this sounds like they should refund even the upsells. But sometimes it get quite difficult to deal with the product support. 

      That is why I always recommend to deal with the ClickBank support directly. Hope that helps. 

  3. Thank you for this interesting and informative review regarding private cash sites scams, it seems that scams are everywhere, we all have to be vigilant and on our guard at all time, because there is no shortage of people out there trying to scam us, I like to read posts like this one as it helps warn us a scams and potential scams, thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.   

    • You are right Russ.
      Scams are really everywhere and it is not easy to find a legit course or educational platform. On the other hand you have some legit courses, they offer a free webinar, but at the end they ask $997 to join or even $1997.
      But still, there is big portion of these high ticket products promising you to make big bucks, only if you choose to promote that very course you just bought. So that is kinda circle. 

      I prefer wealthy affiliate. In my opinion, it is worth of try. You can join for Free, no credit card needed. The training is thorough and it may seem complicated at first.
      But it just a first impression. Besides, there is a great community – very helpful people, so anyone who is serious about building business online should take advantage of this platform. 
      At least to try it out. 

  4. Thanks for making yet another review and exposing scam sites, well after reading through this post it does occur to me that private cash site doesn’t seem to be as true as promised and therefore doesn’t earn my trust as a legitimate site to earn money and it’s not recommendable by me. Thanks for this.

    • You are welcome. 
      Unfortunately there are many products like this on ClickBank. It is always important to search for review before buying any of these make money online programs. 
      It saves time and in some cases also money. Some people buy the product and they somehow forget about the money back guarantee policy, they have with ClickBank. 60 days after they found out that the can not ask for the return anymore. 
      I personally appreciate products where you have a free trial.


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