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What Is The AZ Formula?

Are you wondering whether this product can help you to make money online? Can you learn something new using the AZ Formula?
I do a lot of digital product reviews and lots of them using the AZ in their name. It stands for Amazon. We all know that Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace.

Is AZ Formula going the help you to get into the business with Amazon?

What Is The AZ Formula?

Before we jump into the product AZ Formula review (AZ F) I would like to share with you basic data about the website.
The website (www.azformula.co) has been created in May 2018 and according to the web traffic analysis, the traffic decreasing since the beginning of 2019. That could mean that AZ F does not deliver the value customers have needed.

Name: AZ Formula
Website: www.azformula.co
Price: Advertised Price $37 + Upsells
Owners: Steven Cook (fake person, or pseudonym as admitted in the product earning disclaimer)

Product Overview

AZ Formula supposed to be a “Secret Profit System” that helps you to make over $10,000 a week. It is introduced like a system that does all the work for you. You could make $10,000 a week on a complete auto-pilot.

OK, if you feel that these statements above sound too good to be true, you are exactly right.

We are going to reveal more red flags.

1) Let’s have a look at the founder of AZ F.  

According to the sales page or the home page of AZ F, the CEO and founder is Steven Cook. Now if you go to google his image you will find exactly this very same image all over the internet.

No wonder since it is a stock image, which can be purchased on iStock or Adobe.

What is AZ Formula

Regarding the alleged CEO – Guess what!
They even admit it inside the Disclaimer page, that Steven Cook is a pseudonym.

What is AZ Formula

Why they have to lie about that?
I understand that not every person wants to reveal his identity, but it does not mean that he has to lie that he is somebody else. Or at least he/she should admit that he is shy and doesn’t want to show the face.

Or what the reason is; that he does not want to be tracked back because of the quality of the product?

2) Here is another red flag. AZ Formula uses paid actors from Fiverr for the testimonials.

What is AZ Formula

The same gentleman played a role also in different products, called Million Dollar Replicator.

So you see that it is quite common that the low-quality products don’t have really satisfied customers and therefore they need to hire actors.
(I understand that there are people who do not want to share stories, but one would assume that such a “perfect” product has at least 2 or 3 satisfied customers. And they would love to share their accomplishments).

As a side note.
When you search for a piece of unbiased information regarding any digital product you might stumble upon this particular young lady. She is another actress and I have seen her (originally I was gonna say “I have seen her talking a lot)* in many testimonials which were fake.


*I am sorry to distract you from the review, but that thought about a woman talking a lot made me laugh 🙂
That particular thought came from my subconscious, I believe and it has something to do with my fiance. She keeps talking and sometimes she wonders how come I have nothing to say about that… 🙂 

Whether you are a man or a woman, I am sure you know what I am talking about. And I mean any disrespect towards women – it is just natural behavior. 

So back to this actress. Here she is, available on Fiverr as well.

What is AZ Formula

The Good & the Bad

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • (Originally I wanted to include also the initial price. But because of the way how the upsells are structured, I can’t add it as the Pro)
  • N/A


  • Fake Owner/Spokesman and Fake Testimonials
  • Prompted to pay the upsell right after the signing for the product
  • “Educational Material” easily available for free


Who is it For?

Who doesn’t want to earn $500 a day? Not mentioning that this is a “done for you system”.
I am sure, you already get the message. A Done-for-you system that generates you an income simply does NOT exist.

They want you to believe that this a perfect secret system ready for ordinary people. In the sales pitch, we see that they use fake scarcity to make you take the action right away.
Apparently, there are only 10 spots available.
That is complete BS. This product is available on the website ClickBetter and anybody can join who has internet access.

Well, anybody can, but I hope that won’t.

AZ Formula Tools & Training

One would think that after purchasing there is some kind of system, platform or software.

Unfortunately, you are prompted to buy the upsell, immediately. As you see in the Price Structure section it is an additional $197.

What is AZ Formula

If you manage to get rid of the upsells, you can scroll down the members are page. There you will be asked to set up your domain and website hosting.

You also have 2 videos on how to register a domain and make a GoDaddy WordPress Website. They both together have no more than 4 minutes.
But what is most interesting, both are available on YouTube and they are about 2 years old.

So far we have not covered anything worth spending a dime.

What else is inside the members’ area?
The WordPress theme you can choose. As you can see there are many WordPress themes available for free.

On top of that, you also can read 2 PDF files.

  • AZ Formula Main Guide
  • Amazon Affiliate Blueprint (this supposed to be a bonus)

What is AZ Formula


There is an email address where you can contact the representative of AZ Formula.
Although I really don’t know how it works. We have seen that the owner or the spokesman is not a real person, so it might be the same issue with support as well.

If you happened to purchase this system and would like to get a refund, go directly to the ClickBetter support page. You just give them the basic information plus the order number and within a few business days, you have your money back.

No questions asked. I have done it.

AZ Formula Price Structure

It is ridiculous how they want you to buy the entire “package”, right?
Not sure, if you have had a chance to check it, but there is this sentence written, saying

“No thanks. Let another Member take advantage of ONE-TIME OPPORTUNITY to get EVERYTHING DONE FOR ME.
I hereby release my rights and acknowledge that I will never see this offer again. You may give it to another Member”

What is AZ Formula

So besides the basic price which is $37, you might end up spending an additional $494!What is AZ Formula

My Final Opinion of AZ Formula

I like the look of the sales website. I think the combination of colors is really cool. And I am afraid I am done with the Pros.

Seriously, the only thing which keeps me calling this system Scam is the money-back guarantee.

Well firstly, they want to believe that you can make thousands of dollars per day with almost no work and no prior experience.
Then they make you feel guilty if you do not purchase the upsells right away.

And then, they show you stuff that is freely available on YouTube.

Here is a Better Alternative

After reviewing the AZ Formula I am sure you would like to know what is the legit platform and how it supposed to look.
Well, I have done my review of one particular product called Wealthy Affiliate and I am sure you will like it.

First of all, you can join it for free. There is no credit card required. You can simply enter your email and you can start following the training for the entire week.
After that, you can still keep your starter membership for free, or you can take full advantage of this system and learn how to rank well with your website and how to drive free traffic and many other important tricks and tips.

Let me know if you want to learn more about this platform, you can leave your comment in the section below.

AZ Formula at a Glance…

Name: AZ Formula
Website: www.azformula.co
Price: Advertised Price $37 + Upsells
Owners: Steven Cook (fake person, or pseudonym as admitted in the product earning disclaimer)

Overall Rank:

Explode My Payday Scam


AZ Formula has many scammy patterns.

If you are interested in being a partner with Amazon, you can check my post about how to become an Amazon Affiliate. If you have more questions about the Amazon Affiliate program, let me know in the comment section below.

Also if you feel like commenting on the AZ Formula, by all means – you are welcome to do that below. Please do not use profanity 🙂
Thank you and cheers,


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