Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

You have already heard of this platform called Wealthy Affiliate, right? Now you would like to know more detail about the platform, what kind of courses are there (and how many of them will be available for you), basically how the back office of the WA platform looks like.

So this is a post about Wealthy Affiliate – How does it look like after you log in;
or we can also say a guide through the platform.

In case you have not had a chance to read my general description of WA where I talk about the community and I also mention success stories, you can do so by following this link.

I remember when I first found out about Wealthy Affiliate – It was in October 2017 and I felt pretty overwhelmed. I mean to me it seemed too complicated and honestly, I did not want to be part of such a big platform.
But at the end of the day, I realized that this is actually a training platform I always wanted.

Do you see how undecided I was?

Maybe if I had seen a complete guide to that platform, I would have joined right away. But who knows. We are people and we learn every day something new.

We will have a look at the home page of that platform – it is related to your profile and from there you have access, everywhere. Then we will check the sections like Training, Websites, Live Events, Research, Affiliate Programs, Live chat, and Help Center.

Let’s get right into it.

1) Dashboard – Your Home Page

This is a member’s home page.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

Let’s go down one item in the menu on the left-hand side.
We are getting to the training section.

2) Training – Overview

There are 5 main categories within the Training Section.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

The first is called Online Entrepreneur Certification and it is a core training within the platform. It is recommended to get to Level 3 at least. Then there is an optional training called Affiliate Bootcamp.

It continues with the “My Traning Activity” where are individual courses on a specific topic.

You can also go to the Training HQ – from here you can search for a specific classroom, training or tutorial. And at the end there are classrooms.

It is divided by topics and these are created by members.

2.1) Training – Online Entrepreneur Certification

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

As you see at the screenshot above there are 5 Levels within this WA core training called Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC).

Level1 starts really from scratch and it is for complete beginners.
There are 10 lessons and each lesson contains some tasks. The number of tasks varies throughout the lessons (usually there are 3 tasks).
These tasks are practical exercises where you apply what you just learn.

This is the most efficient way of how to grasp knowledge.

Let me just mention some of the lessons:

  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • Building Your Own Niche
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Understanding Keywords

This is briefly what you find in the 1st Level. This is accessible for free.
Anyone can go through this Level 1, without using a credit card (one needs only an email to sign up). It is called a Starter Membership.

One more note: You can keep the starter membership for as how long as you want. But the access to that Level 1 training lasts only for 7 days.

Level 2 and above is for Premiums only.
There are only 2 types of memberships within Wealthy Affiliate.
(Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, including the Price Structure)

Starter as I described above and then Premium. With a premium, you have access everywhere and there are no additional fees.
The exception is only if you want to have a custom domain. The price is $15 per year.

Let me share with you what you will learn when you decide to take full advantage of the training.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

Level 2 reveals the techniques of free traffic generation.
I am going to mention the course benefits and learning outcomes.

You will learn the principles of website traffic.
How to create content that is beautifully engaging, so you will get lots of traffic from product reviews. You will master the WordPress editor and create content that targets affiliate programs.

Here are just a few topics as part of Level 2:

  • Your Own Domain, Your Brand
  • Creating Keyword Rich Content
  • Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit
  • Amplifying Your Productivity

I am going to mention also what is included in Level 3 and above so you can have a little overview as well.

Level 3 – Making Money

At this point, you have already a website with content and you already know how to get traffic. Now it is time to monetize this traffic or in other words, to earn revenue.
This is the part where you will be taught several ways how to earn money through your site.

  • Understanding Affiliate Programs and Networks
  • Adding Affiliate Links to Your Pages
  • Leveraging Product Reviews
  • Getting Paid for Ads on Your Site
  • etc

Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

This course is devoted to social media, social marketing, and social networks. You will learn ways how simple and effective to earn through sharing, how to compose an effective Tweet when it is right and wrong to use social medium, and so on.

  • What Does Social Engagement Mean to Your Business
  • Pinterest & the Visual Hemisphere
  • Incorporating a Sound Tweeting Campaign
  • The Benefit of Social at WA
  • etc

Level 5 – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

In the last Level, you are going to extend your knowledge in everything from the process of research, the content architecture, effective techniques for boosting conversions and scaling your content through goal setting and outsourcing.

  • Improving Indexing Times and Speeds
  • Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture
  • Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent
  • Bing & Yahoo, They Are Still the 33%
  • etc

After completion of Level 5, one will understand how to scale his business through content in the most effective way.
There are many members (see success stories) earning 4 digits per month with their websites. It did not happen overnight though.
This is something, everyone must realize.

2.2) Affiliate Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

This part of the training is dedicated to Wealthy Affiliate promotion. It is optional but many folks are involved in this training. One of the main motivations is the Las Vegas all-expenses-paid trip once 300 referrals join the premium membership.

It is an exciting incentive and the business trip lasts 4 days and it takes place usually at the beginning of the year.

2.3) My Training Activity

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

Through the Training Activity, you can easily find where you left off. Whether it was the Online Entrepreneur Certification or the Affiliate Bootcamp, you can always find your lesson in this section.
I personally do not use this particular menu since you can access your training directly from the dashboard as well.

Since I have logged in as a new member, there is obviously no training available.

2.4) Training HQ

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

You can access any training here based on the topic you choose. There are the following topics:

  • WordPress
  • Websites
  • Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Ranking in Google
  • Creating Images
  • Hostin
  • Domains

2.5) Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

This section is dedicated to the members. I mean if you are a member you can create micro training as well. It is done via blogs.
The blog you create can be either just a small article about what you have done yesterday, or it can be also related to any topic concerning internet marketing. Depending on how you tag the blog, it may or may not appear in this Classroom section.

Besides, there are also questions about the given topic.

3) Websites

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

This is part where you manage your website(s), but first of all where you create your website. As a starter member you can create I think 5 websites (for free, they are subdomain – siterubix).

Within this section, you have also access to a writing platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview
The purpose is that you don’t have to use WordPress, but you can write in here and publish the post or page through this writing platform.

4) Live Events

There are live webinars taking place every Friday. The coach is Jay and he has done over 300 webinars already. All of them are recorded, so it is possible to watch them again.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

The topics are different. It can be about the Facebook ad, Email Marketing, YouTube videos – everything that is related to internet marketing.

Every webinar starts with an overview and then a theoretical part. After that, it continues with the practica part where Jays shows how he does it. So it is literally over-the-shoulder training. At the end of each webinar, there is a Q&A section. The length is usually something over an hour.

Throughout the year there are also some “special” webinars, for example, Live Case Study, where Jay shows how to create a website, how to create content, how to choose a niche… It is easy to find any webinar you want, just enter the keyword in the search bar.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

There are also a “Hot Seats” webinars where some members can have a Jay to audit the website. This is extremely helpful and you have feedback from a professional marketer about your website right away.

5) Research

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

This section is for premiums only.
Here you get access to an awesome Keyword tool called Jaaxy. As a premium member, you can use it for as many keywords as you want.

There is also a Jaaxy free trial where you can test 3o keywords.

6) Affiliate Programs

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

This is kind of a new feature and it was introduced this year.
A member can access any affiliate program directly from the WA platform.

The thing is that there are tons of Affiliate Programs out here and to search for each individually takes time.

Besides, you have all the necessary information about each program right here:

  • program description
  • what products they offer
  • what is the commission
  • trending opportunities
  • etc.

Here is just a shortlist of available Affiliate programs accessible from WA

  • Volusion
  • ClickBank
  • Yahoo
  • Trivago
  • Grammarly
  • Timberland
  • Hush Homewear
  • Intimissimi
  • TripAdvisor Commerce

There are plenty of them. The best way to search for them is to filter them out according to keywords or popular categories (Health and Fitness, Clothing, Accessories, Women…)

7) Live Chat

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

This area is open for premium members only.

Since there are members from all over the world you can always find somebody online. Sure, that majority is from the USA and Canada, but there are a lot of guys from Australia, New Zealand, UK, EU, also India, Singapour, South Africa, South America and so on.
People usually chat about topics related to their website or what they have done, where they have traveled, and so on.

8) Help Center

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

This is a very important section and whenever someone has an issue he or she can contact support directly.
As you see there are several ways how to seek out help, despite the official support (there are about 30 people 24/7/365) one can get in touch with others through the Live chat we have mentioned above or simply ask the question – as a blog (we also did mention this part above).

As a premium, you can contact directly another member for help or you can also ask Kyle and Carson who are founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me Know, What Do You Think?

We have gone through the main part of the WA platform.

The training is pretty extensive and I have not gone through it all yet. I also did not mention the social aspect of the platform. Besides the Live Chat area, members write their blogs and share them with others.
You can choose who you want to follow, so when a person you following writes a blog, you are notified. I mention the community in my other review, where I share also the success stories of some members.

Also, there is a section for asking questions. Other members usually give feedback within a few minutes. Usually, when it comes to a technical issue I contact support.

Let me know how do you like the platform? Do you think this training can help you with your new online business?
Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Also in case you have any kind of questions, I’d be more than happy to help you out.

Affiliate Marketing Training Course

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since late 2017 without prior marketing experience.
Beginning of 2018 I have learned how to build a website that drives traffic and makes sales.

Since the summer of 2019, I am a full-time internet marketer and I work from anywhere I want, whenever I want.
Training within Wealthy Affiliate teaches what works – There is an evergreen procedure and you can also learn how to build a sustainable business online.


10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview”

  1. I am very new to affiliate marketing but as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have to say that I am fortunate that I found this platform. After weeks and months if looking for the right training for my affiliate marketing training, I have to say that WA i training is very throughout and easy to follow. Whenever that I do not understand some if the training material, I can always count on the community members to help out with the training as well. I am surprised that they usually get back to me in a few Hours! Also the tech support is amazing as well, they hell me fixed with coding on my Adsense account earlier this year and it is just good to know that I have a team of people back me up. I also find that Jay’s weekly training is very valuable as well, he is very informative and go with my speed.

    I have to say that you just gonna have to give WA a try. It is free to try with 2 free web hosting and 10 lessons. All you need is just you name and email, what are you waiting for? Try it. 

    Ps. No credit card information is ever needed 🙂

    • Welcome to the club 🙂 – I also spent something about 2 years of searching until I found this course. 

      Absolutely right – the community is extremely helpful. And not just when it comes to the training. 

      Jay’s Video training, these are priceless. There are as of this writing more than 400 live training recorded that one can watch over and over again 
      One can build a business just based on these webinars. 

      Thank you for you comment 
      Appreciate it 🙂

  2. Hi Miki,
    I enjoyed your post on Wealthy Affiliate. It’s nice to have someone out there telling the public how these products work!
    I’ve been looking for some affiliate training programs and I’m having a hard time deciding which one to go for. Wealthy Affiliate is actually one that I’ve been considering, but I haven’t signed up quite yet. Have you heard of any of these other ones? https://cutt.ly/ce6cl7l I’m just looking for some opinions before I make my decision.
    I love the content you’ve been posting, by the way. Keep up the great work!

    • I am glad you like the post.

      I actually do know most of the affiliate programs from that list.
      These 2 I am not familiar with, yet: Income School & Affilorama.
      But Affilorama is supposed to be good and there is a free trial.
      Income School – Decent as well, but the price is $449 🙁

      Here are my thoughts on the rest of the affiliate programs:
      Wealthy Affiliate:
      This is, in my opinion, the #1 Program. I have been a member of WA since November 2017, and I have not stopped learning ?
      (The price is $360 per year). They offer a FREE Trial – no credit card required, so everyone can try it out.

      ClickBank University – They have too many upsells for me and they don’t teach how to get a free (organic) traffic

      Super Affiliate System – This is John Crestani’s product. He does have a decent program, although it is a high ticket (The price is a little less than $1,000). But He will show how to get $800 credit for the Ads.

      Commission Hero – This is again a high ticket program. The cost is $997 and additional costs for ads are also required.

      12-Minute Affiliate – In my opinion, this is the worst out of those 7. Also too many upsell (up to $800). They recommend to buy the Solo Ads, but this can be tricky especially for beginners.

      Hope this helps you to decide.

  3. I love your breakdown of Wealthy Affiliate!  I can’t wait to finish the training.  I think the one thing I might need to take a few extra steps on is making my site look more professional!  I’m looking forward to finding more training on wordpress so I can get more attractive look to my site, with the same interesting content.

    • I am glad you like it. 

      You can watch Jay’s videos on how he build a website from scratch. He always uses some tricks ( he is not probably aware of that) but to me, those are “tricks” 🙂 
      Very helpful. 

      He also suggests which themes are good to use – and they don’t necessarily have to be paid themes. 

      If you have any more questions, let me know:) 

  4. I’ve been doing the training at Wealthy Affiliate for a while and all I know is that I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without the help. There’s also so much other help like you mentioned, and the live chat is great for immediate assistance. As far as the overall design of the website goes, it can be a bit confusing to navigate. 

    One thing I had no idea about was the “hot seats” webinar by Jay. How often does Jay do those? And can anyone submit their website?

    • Support is essential. And I don’t mean just the “official” WA support which is great but the community. 

      Jay does this hot seat webinar each session – that means 4 times a year. (1 in winter, 1 spring 1 summer and 1 in autumn).

      Everyone gets a notification about upcoming webinar-Hot seats with a link where you can apply. Then at the live webinar, he uses the website generating random numbers. There are usually up to 10 persons (websites) he goes through. 

      It helps you even if you are not a chose one. 
      Really helpful, I do recommend to watch even the older webinars. 

  5. Nicely done, Mike.  I’ve even learned a couple of things I didn’t know before.  

    You have given a great picture of how this WA platform works.  

    It really is quite extensive and covers everything anyone (newbie or seasoned) needs to succeed online.  The only thing they need to contribute is the “hard work” and “never give up” attitude.  Yes, it takes a little time to get results but the pay-off will be freedom like we never knew.  The owners, (Kyle and Carson), have set up this program with everyone’s success in mind.

    This training platform is definitely helping me get things going in my own online business. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I would have done this without them.  There is just so much I didn’t know.  I was a newbie, I didn’t know anything about this and even though I have learned quite a bit in the time I have been a member, I know there is a lot more to learn and that I will be successful if I just follow the step by step training.

    WA is the real deal,


    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Wayne. 

      You are right about the hard work attitude – I couldn’t agree more with you. I believe that for many people working their 9-5 jobs this online business requires pretty much the same amount of effort. 
      Although the beginnings are difficult since working on both might be challenging. 

      But is definitely doable – I did the same (although, must admit that took me a bit longer until I got my acts together)

      But there are many persons achieving great results and I mention that in my review as well. Sometimes the biggest breakthrough is the $1 dollar made online. 

      With proper education and persistence, success is inevitable. 


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