Training showing how to make 4 Figures a Month

Who am I?

I am Mike and I am going to show you what is possible to earn online. It is actually a quite simple formula that needs to be followed.

Let me be clear though;
Even when I say, it is quite an easy formula, it does not mean that this is kind of a push-button system or get-rich-quick scheme.

So in case, you are looking for some sort of “quick-money system” I am afraid this is not for you and you are welcome to leave this page.
I don’t mean to be rude, but I know that your time is precious (so it is mine) and therefore I am being honest here and explain how things work right from the beginning.

So, let’s get to the point.

What I am about to show is an evergreen formula that has been proven over the years.

However, it is important to apply some knowledge first, and put effort into it and results will come.

But don’t worry at this point.
You can learn it all.

Here is the bottom line.
The thing is that any person can build an online business from home by using the exact same formula because it shows you how to turn your knowledge into profits.

Do You Know What the Real Problem Is?

Most people fail in the online business because they listen to so-called gurus offering new shining objects every other week.
They almost never work.

I remember when I was searching for legit courses online that claim to teach how to create a website and how to monetize it. I even bought some courses but they were disorganized, they did not have any real value.

I was confused and after about a year of searching, I started to think that I might be stupid or something.

How come these guys can make thousands or even millions?

The thing is that most of these Gurus (and let’s be honest, some of them really make a lot of money) are in business for 5 years and in many cases even more.
They have established their names and they know how to get money from customers like me or you.

But most of these courses are vague, and/or they teach paid advertising that almost never works for newbies.

It is Easy to get Scammed these days

Have you been scammed?
Did you lose any money?
Or in the best-case scenario, you were probably just too close to be scammed.

I get it.
Me too.

But you know what?
Nothing wrong with that, as soon as you take it as a learning lesson.

Successful people fail, a lot.
It is important to move one.

(I am not going to linger on the personal development here, there are other experts in that niche).

The bottom line is that there is actually a legitimate educational platform offering a blueprint of how to make money online.

What to do?

Long story short;

I did find a certain platform that seemed to have good training and took advantage of their free trial and tried it out for a few days.

My skepticism did not allow me to pay for the membership right away, but eventually, I was convinced about the quality of the training.

Eventually, I paid for the premium membership.
There were no hidden fees, and the training was fully unlocked.

How to Build a Simple Website That Generates Consistent Income

It is not a problem to build a website these days.
No coding, no programming – nothing technical.

With the website builder (that is at your disposal), your site can be ready within minutes.
You can become an expert in a relatively short period of time, and your site can start to generate thousands of dollars within several months. 

And there is no need to sell any products, nor investing in stock markets, no recruiting.

You as an affiliate marketer just connect people with the products and services.
People will find your website naturally (by searching in Google and other Search Engines as well, Bing/Yahoo and others).

I have learned that without prior experience

Currently, I make 4 digits per month and still feel like a beginner (well, a little bit advanced beginner:))

…and the best part?
There is nothing better than freedom!

I work when I want where I want and how much I want.

Ready or Not?

Imagine where you can be in one year or three years?
Where were you a year ago or there years ago?

Do you want to have the same results as you have now, or a year ago?

As the saying goes:
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

What results do you want to have 10 months from now on?

Do you know that you can become an SEO expert in a few months? (Well not entirely since SEO itself is a complicated discipline, but you can definitely learn how to rank your site on the 1st page of Google).
There is no real secret when it comes to SEO and once you know how to use it, you can literally promote anything you want.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the sky is the limit. I know it may sound a bit corny, but it is actually true.
There are still more and more people coming online who are ready to purchase stuff.

But you don’t have to sell anything, you are going to learn how to connect these people with products and services.
As a result, you generate consistent income online.

What’s the catch?

You may be asking what is the catch?

Well again :
“There is no such thing as something for nothing”

In other words, online business is a marathon and not a sprint.

No one makes $1,000 within the first week of his effort.
It does not work like that.

It doesn’t matter whether you create videos on youtube or content on your website, it requires at least one month until you see some traction.

That is the nature of organic traffic (whether it concerns Youtube or the website).

It takes time for Google (and other search engines) to recognize your website. This is a long-term game.
And this is another reason why so many people fail online (and offline as well) – they just quit, too early.

The good news? 

Once you have good guidance, and support, and you see a real example that this works, you can’t fail.

I know single moms making thousands of dollars, the 21-year college dropped out, or retired guys – they all generate passive income from different sources of income.

Here are just a few examples:

$12,000 per month:


$5,000 in a Week.

Another person was working on his website which was generating about $1,000 to $2,000 per month.
He sold it for $40,000.

And some other examples:

You have access to other members who used to be newbies just like me and you. 
They share their success within the platform which is always encouraging.

From my experience, there is a big advantage to see results from a person who is a beginner making a few hundred per month or thousands per month.

Get Started for Free

You only need a laptop or desktop, internet connection and you are ready to go.

If you are reading this on a mobile phone, it is fine.
But once you want to start with the training I recommend using a desktop or laptop.

Click at the link below and you are going to get access to the platform teaching that formula, I was talking about.

There is no risk at your side since you only need your email to get to the next page.

Here is what happens next:
You are going to get a welcome message from Kyle (the founder of WA) and myself, where you will be shown the exact steps.

I know how it is to be a newbie in a new environment.
No worries, the community you are about to join is extremely helpful so you won’t feel left alone.

Try it out by yourself and then let me know what you think.

Do you still have questions?

Create your Wealthy Affiliate account here and I will personally do my best to help you.

See you inside.

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