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Profit Genesis 2.0 Review

Among the Top 5 products, besides John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System and ClickBank University 2.0, I find the Profit Genesis 2.0.

I was wondering whether there is any value in it, so I decided to do the Profit Genesis Review.

This product was registered at the beginning of 2018. I don’t know why it got into the first top 5 popular click-bank products.

To be honest, I am not sure what is the algorithm for sorting the products out. Because after reviewing the Profit Genesis, I came to the conclusion that if this is one of the most popular products, then I must tell you one thing – do not buy any of the Click bank products from the e-business sections.

At least do your due diligence and read some reviews first.

If people still buy these kinds of products, I do hope that they have a chance to read product reviews before they decide to buy these things.
(Maybe the sorting out according to popularity does not work 🙂 )

Let’s take a look at the “Profit Genesis 2.0”.

Profit Genesis 2.0 Overview

Name:  Profit Genesis 2.0
Website: www.profitgenesisreloaded.com
Price: Advertised Price $37 + Upsells. Option $1 Trial for 15 days
Owners: David Miller (most likely a made-up person)

UPDATE October 2019:

As of October 2019, this product – Profit Genesis 2.0 is no longer available on ClickBank.

I have been in contact with ClickBank support and their feedback is, that products with a high refund rate are removed from the ClickBank.
That actually means that customers have not been happy with Profit Genesis.

Also, I have found out that the price decreased from the original price of $37 to just $9. That means that the owners still want to sell that, but apparently, the quality has not changed.

If you wish you can continue to read the rest of the review.
In case you are already tired of similar products promising you unrealistic income for little to no effort, you probably want to find out what really works.

To be honest, this is a very difficult question since there are some legit products out there teaching affiliate marketing but there is no perfect one.
What you can do though, is to check out one educational platform for Free.

There is no credit card required and you have access for the entire week. You have nothing to lose and in the worst case, you will learn that it does not suit you.

What is Profit Genesis 2.0?

Most of the Click Bank products have a sales video with pretty much the same pattern. In some you see fake testimonials as in CB Cash Code,  in some, you don’t as for example 24-7 Wealth Club.

Profit Genesis 2.0 sales video starts right away with the testimonials and fake income claims as this guy – called Antonio. He says he made 8,500 in 6 days using Profit Genesis.

Profit Genesis Review

It is not difficult to confirm the authenticity of this particular testimony. Compare this Antonio guy from sales video with the guy on fiverr.com (I included the link directly to this guy).

Profit Genesis Review

In the Profit Genesis sales video, he appears between the 14th at 15th minutes.

I have only chosen this guy as an example.
But I am sure you will find other persons on Fiverr as well.

So if you only have a little experience in reviewing such products, I am sure this is already a deal-breaker for you.

Honestly, if my product works, and I have happy customers, I will ask them to shoot a short video. They will genuinely share their experiences with others.

Do I need to hire people from – Fiverr?

Besides the fake testimonials, they also want you to think that you are so lucky to watch this video, that you are basically the chosen one.

Profit Genesis Review

That is just a cheap marketing technique.
Anyone can go to the ClickBank site and watch the sales video. So there is not such a thing as “specially chosen”.

The owner introduced himself as David Miller and apparently he used to be a plumber. I am not sure about that – in my opinion, this person is made up.

Anyways, he keeps on talking like he met a friend who used to work for Google and he recommended him a trick – basically a loophole. In about 3 steps and 15 minutes, you should be able to generate an income.

It does not say specifically how to do that. It is strange to me because they say that you don’t need a website. I am pretty sure in order to make money online in 2019 you DO need a website. That is probably bad news.

The good news is that you can set up a website in 2019 in a matter of seconds.
You can try it out right here:

I admit it was possible to make money without having a website 10-15 yrs ago.

You could run ads in Google where you would have an affiliate link and the visitor would click on your ads – on your affiliate link and he is directed to the vendor page. If he buys, you get the commission.

That does not work anymore – Google does not allow you to have an affiliate link inside the Ad.
That is just a side note.

Profit Genesis 2.0 Pros & Cons

  • $1 Trial for 15 days
  • Money-Back Guarantee (as other ClickBank products)
  • n/a
  • Unrealistic Income Claims (more than $1,000 a week)
  • Fake Testimonials (Actors from Fiverr)
  • Upsells Up to $341 (besides the $37 Front End price) 

Who is Profit Genesis 2.0 For?

Same pattern, same promises as other similar products. Do you have zero knowledge about how to make money online?
Well, then “this is exactly for you…  “

Profit Genesis Review

Please do not fall for this scheme.

I do not want it to call a scam since you have the option to ask for your money back. But as much as we want to be conservative, we must call it misleading sales video.

But they say that with no experience you can make thousands a week. This is a lie. And I am serious about that. I mean, even in roulette you need to have some knowledge before you bet, right? And roulette is a pure hazard.

I am sure you do not want to rely on hazards or gambling.

Profit Genesis Tools & Training

I might have been in a bad mood but I did not buy the product – you may ask, how come I do the review?

Well, I have been checking similar products, and when I see so many red flags and such exaggerated income claims, I know it is fake and that it does not worth your time, effort and certainly your money.

I mean just think about that; they want you to believe that there are these 3 steps you need to follow.

Profit Genesis Review

Is that it?
Do you really think that such a simple method and investment in the amount of $37 can generate a thousand dollars a week for you?

Let me get one thing straight.
Just because the internet is a new “thing”, it does not mean that you can set some “done for you system” and start earning money on autopilot.

  • 1) If such a thing was possible – such times are already gone.
    I mean times when you could hack the Google algorithm, get to the 1st page and generate income. Such techniques are called the black SEO technique and Google as well as other search engines are after them.
    There is a simple reason behind that – Search Engines want to deliver the best value there is to the visitor.

I am sure you already heard that Google keeps changing its algorithm.
The reason is simple – google wants to make sure that visitor, who searches for a specific term gets the best knowledge/results there is.

  • 2) Any successful online business starts with zero content.
    I mean, the first thing you want to have is a website. I do not know about the past, but today you do need a website.
    That is your headquarters. That is your baseline.

And believe me, I used to think that there were so many shortcuts to generating income. It did not work. But once I set up my website, I have built content, I have had much better chances to leverage that than ever before. So if you are serious about building a business online, be patient, start your own website, and create content.


No product, no support. There is not much more I can talk about.

The only support you might need is the ClickBank support, for claiming your money back.

Profit Genesis Review Price Structure

By now you probably know that there is a $1 trial, which lasts 15 days. After that, there is this front-end price – $37.

As a potential affiliate (I am not promoting this product) I know from their website the sales funnel:

To keep it simple, here is what you may get into:

  1. Upsell 1: Profit Genesis Turbo – $47
  2. Upsell 2: Multiple Income Activator – $197
  3. Upsell 3: Good Club – $97

My Final Opinion of Profit Genesis

There is no such thing as autopilot earning. Or a “done for you system”. Simple, wherever, whenever you see such a thing, just make sure you check it before you make any purchase. Be careful with your money, when it comes to online products.

Profit Genesis is a product that makes money for the owner.


I have ranked this product with zero. I might be biased a bit but even if I try to think too optimistically I would give this product may be the orange, not more.

Just that sales video – within 30 seconds I know that it is BS. I gave it a chance, but it did not convince me. You may have a different opinion and I would love to hear about that.

You have a chance to participate in this review by commenting in the section below. I would be more than happy to view your comment and give you feedback.

Thanks a lot for reading

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  1. This is Anthony Campos, PhD. I do profitgenesis.com and I was not happy with profit genesis 2.0. It copied on my name and many people get confused. I am an educator and I present educational material without charge. I have made no money at all with my site. A note should be made that I am not associated with a scam.

    • Hello Anthony,
      Thank you for the clarification.
      I apologize that your website was confused with a scammy platform with a similar name.

      Their website no longer exists, so hopefully now people will be steered in the right direction.


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