Overnight Millionaire Review

Hello and welcome to my website.

You are wondering whether this system called Overnight Millionaire can make you rich in a short time?

Well, in this Overnight Millionaire Review we are going to find that out.
But I believe you are realistic and you know that it is almost impossible to become a millionaire over 1 night, right?

That is why you do your research and want to find out what is this system all about.

In this review we are going to cover:

  • What exactly is the Overnight Millionaire (OM)
  • Who is behind this product
  • How does it work (what you get)
  • What is the price
  • Pros and Cons

and more.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Overnight Millionaire.

This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Overnight Millionaire in a Few Lines

Product Name: Overnight Millionaire System
Price to Join: $37 + Upsells
Creator: Wesley Virgin
Do I recommend it?
Yes and No (depends on what exactly you are looking for)
www.overnightmillionaire.net Changed to www.overnight-millionaire.com

Overnight Millionaire Review – Summary

There is a bit of hype in the sales video, but as it is explained by the creator of this system, this will not make you a millionaire the night.
The Overnight Millionaire System teaches how to create or develop a millionaire mindset.

You will purchase a set of videos and audio that explains how Wesly Virgin (who is the creator of this product) got from 0 to $1,000,000 in 45 days. You will learn how to develop the mindset before making a lot of money.
The techniques that he teaches are meditation, visualization, or for example keeping a journal.

If you have not studied any material concerning personal development, I think this could be a valuable product for you.

It actually does not show you any specific method on how to create a website and how to monetize the traffic.

If you looking for a platform that teaches you step-by-step how to start generating revenue online, here is the link you want to check:

Overnight Millionaire Review

Overnight Millionaire Review

When I first landed on the sales page, I thought this was gonna be again some misleading “get-rich-quick” scheme. No wonder since in my experience most of these digital products are scammy and usually they over-promise and under-deliver.
But as I dig deeper into the research I’ve found out that this is probably not that bad product.

I mean, sure it won’t make you a millionaire over the night. It is just a figure of speech.
The main purpose of Overnight Millionaire (OM) is to show you how to use your mind properly since most of us don’t know how to use our thoughts and we don’t even realize that consciously.

If you asked me 10 years ago, I would say that this is a BS and no one can change the way how one thing. Well, I was so wrong and I also started to study something about personal development.
Long story short, Overnight millionaire teaches you pretty much the same thing – how to change your way of thinking so you can become successful.

The overnight Millionaire system used to be available on ClickBank. But for whatever reason, this product moved from ClickBank to a new affiliate marketing platform called Digistore24.

Digistore is a platform based in Germany (close to Hannover) founded in 2012. The company’s specialties are online marketing, affiliate marketing, and business automation.

The overnight Millionaire system is the best-ranked product at Digistore24, so there is probably something good about it.

This system claims that it will teach you how to control your mind.
Because whatever we do, we have thousands of different thoughts in our minds, and when we want to achieve something we need to focus on one thing only.

It is not easy, and this system should teach you how to “hack” your mind, as Wesley Virgin mentions.

Here is a short break of what is inside this product:

  • Set of MP3 and Video Series
  • Mind Training Videos
  • Backdoor Secrets behind getting rich faster
  • Guided MP3 meditation

Who Is Behind

Overnight Millionaire Review

The guy behind the Overnight Millionaire is Wesley Virgin, from Houston, Texas.

He has a lot of years of experience with marketing and one of his first products was called Fat Diminisher. It was an info product that used to be sold on ClickBank. Apparently, this product made millions for him.

It was not easy, and he had a quite colorful history.
He was fired from several jobs, he is a dropout of school and he even joined the army. Did not work on either of his issues with the authorities.

Nevertheless, Wesley did not give up and since his passion for fitness, he created the info product on ClickBank I just mentioned.

Based on the success of the Fat Diminisher, he has created the Overnight Millionaire System.

You can check his promotional video:

Does it sound too hype for you? Well, it does, doesn’t it?

Maybe it is just a way he presents himself.

Who is this for?

The OM is intended for people who are hungry, and who want to change.

Overnight Millionaire Review

There are 3 kinds of people

  1. People that are ok where they are, don’t even realize they can change.
  2. People that are not OK where they are, want to change but they don’t know how to change.
  3. People who unconsciously work on themselves, and are motivated to achieve their goals. They seem to be doing it effortlessly. It can be something that has motivated them while they were just children.

So the Overnight Millionaire is for the 2nd group.

It does not mean that this system will help all people from the 2nd group.
Our brains are wired in different ways and for some people, it is OK to just read some books, others need to attend seminars, or they buy courses (for example a very successful course is a Personal Power II (by Tony Robbins).

Overnight Millionaire Price

If you go to a live seminar or session regarding personal development you can easily pay a couple of thousands of bucks. Does it worth it?

Many people attend these kinds of sessions some of them are good some of them are worse. But the atmosphere is unique, no doubt about that.
Just imagine the atmosphere at a football or soccer stadium; or a hockey game.

It is incomparable when you watch the game on a T.V., right?

Overnight Millionaire Review

So that is probably why the Overnight Millionaire costs $37.

This is just a front-end price and as you know there are upsells:

If I don’t count the Sexual Magic Transmutation Code for $17, here is the list of 4 additional “updates”:

  • Affirmation Cash Course – Price $17
  • Million Dollar Persuasion and Psychology Techniques – Price $9
  • Millionaires in Training Group – Price $47
  • Wesley’s Done for you Service – Price $500

The last one includes training and resources to promote this course on Facebook, using the ads.

So besides the last upsell, those are not crazy prices.

I forgot to mention that you have a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you for whatever reason don’t like the product, just ask for a refund.

Does it Worth it?

If you want to find stuff freely available on YouTube or elsewhere, I am sure you’ll find a lot of quality material on personal development.

I personally like Tony Robbins, and Dr. Jordan Peterson, or you can even listen to audiobooks, for example, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
About 4 months ago I have found this great video on YouTube.


It is a message from Earl Nightingale and despite its age, it is still very powerful today.

But we also know that many of us are much more motivated to use material that we pay for.
In the end, it is up to you.

How Does It Work?

As I mentioned, this is basically an e-session to train your mindset.

Here is what the back members’ area looks like, or the welcome page:

Is Now Lifestyle a Scam

Nothing fancy, right but that is not Wesley’s point.

There are 7 steps you should follow:

  1. Send Wesly your 10 Why’s (or you can also use the comment section)
  2. You should sit down and say to yourself, that you will commit to this system for the next 90 days.
  3. Listen to the audio and take action every day.
  4. You are advised to purchase a journal and use a blue pen.
  5. Answer and stay close to your phone – Wesly is going to give you a free “See Result Fast” call and send you a personal text message.
  6. Follow the link where you get access to the Millionaire Mind Hack Tribe.
Overnight Millionaire Review

Then it continues with

  • Millionaire Hack #2 – How to visualize to manifest things faster
  • Millionaire Hack #3 – How to become a person of high value to attract more customers even if you don’t have a business
  • Millionaire Hack #4 – How to listen to the right person to get what you want faster (this video will save you years of frustration and failure)
  • Millionaire Hack #5 – How to create unshakeable belief so you can see results faster
  • Millionaire Hack #6 – How to create multiple streams of income with little to no effort
  • Millionaire Hack #7 – How to become a great persuaded with ease

In other words, instead of going to a live seminar for several hundred (or even thousands of dollars), you can get this product and you can watch a series of training videos on how to “hack” your mind. What you get is:

  • Five Audio Files, you can download
  • Bonus Videos
  • Meditation Guide
  • The power of having a Journal
  • How to gain more confidence
  • How to master the art of persuasion
  • and more

Wesley is a self-made millionaire, and he has gone through failures but he did not give up. That gave him strength and now he is teaching others how to do that.

The question remains:

Is it enough to watch such videos? I mean, does such a course will help us to achieve what we want?
Or do we really need to hit the rock bottom and only then we are motivated enough to reach our goals?

There is a question that you and only you can answer.
It may be difficult to achieve something extraordinary when your life is “OK”.

That is why, I think it is important to think out of the box, and whether you chose Wesley’s course or you will attend live seminars (like Tony Robbin’s Unleash the power within), in the end, it does not matter.

As soon as you know how to reach your goal (without hurting others) you can call yourself a wise person.

What I like

  • A creator is a real person and Wesley teaches what he has experienced
  • Low Price
  • Money-back guarantee (60 days)

What I don’t like

  • A hype sales video (and it can be confusing at first)
  • Upsells (I personally don’t like them)

Some Thoughts at the end

Well, if you are not convinced about the way how our brain and mind work, I don’t blame you. I used to be the same.
And now looking back, I used to see a lot of things in a negative way. In other words, I used to see the half-empty glass (instead of half-full).

I have read several books, watched and listened to probably hundreds of videos and podcasts, and started to implement what I was hearing. I am not saying that I have changed at one point.
It took quite a bit of time, and I am still in the process of self-developing.

Regarding the issue with half-empty glass vs. half-full, I would like to share with you a short video.
This is an interview with Dr. Caroline Leaf where she explains how our brain works…

You can search for the full interview at that channel (the full interview is more than 90 minutes long, but I did enjoy it).

So Overnight Millionaire is not a scammy product. This is just another course on how to use our brains in the right way.
It is not a software or tool that you can apply and build a website.

But in case you are thinking about creating your own business online (or any other business), this can help you with the way you think.

When it comes to the building business online, my humble advice would be, to start thinking in the long term. Because success does not happen overnight.

The path to success takes time and you will experience some ups and downs. That is normal.
Whether you will be successful or not, depends on how you handle the failures. Can you stand up and try again? Then you most likely will be successful.

And 2020 is a perfect year to start a business online and become successful.
There is certain knowledge needed, for sure, but you don’t need to go to university to start a website that will be monetized.

In my opinion, a combination of a proper online course, and your determination, increase the chances to have a full-time income (4 figures per month) within 14 to 20 months. It also depends on the niche you would choose.

Final Verdict

The overnight Millionaire System does not make you rich. It does not even show you the techniques or procedures you should be doing when it comes to money-making (whether online or otherwise).

It can be confusing at the beginning, but once you dig a bit deep you find out that this is a kind of personal-development course.

Would you invest in it?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.
Would I recommend it?
I think for the price the Overnight Millionaire is offered, it is worth it.

In case you are looking for a platform that teaches internet marketing or to be precise, affiliate marketing, I will leave a link below.
You can find out more about what it takes to become an entrepreneur online.

4 thoughts on “Overnight Millionaire Review”

  1. Nice review
     at least I learned just that Overnight Millionaire is not a scam.

    You really need someone to tell what is a scam and what not; and guide you through before going into something. Sometimes I also got scammed. But I will need to be more careful later on.
    Need to do more research and I’ll be OK
    Thank you.

  2. I have seen this online as well. It is interesting and similar to Universal Life Secrets that teaches you the right mindset like this does. I think Wesley is just trying to get people to upgrade to the done for you system so he can make a ton of money. I like the general idea of this but I doubt I would order it myself. Thanks for doing this review for us, which saves me a lot of time.

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving the comment. 

      Wesley is a marketer and he decided to offer this course for a reasonable front end price. 
      Then, there are the upsells – and I agree with you; he can make a lot. 

      I believe it is up to each person to decide how to “hack the mind” as Wesley would put it. 

      With the money-back guarantee, there is no risk, so people can get their money back and move on. 


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