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Money Genie Review

Hello and welcome to my website. I do a lot of digital reviews and recently I have found out that there is a boom with a specific type of website, promising you to earn a few hundred a day for a little work.

One of such websites or systems is called Money Genie.

In this Money Genie Review, we will check whether it is a legit website or scam.

We are going to go over the following points:

  • What is Money Genie and how it works
  • How you can make money
  • We will check the Dashboard (members’ area)
  • The claims vs. the facts
  • What I like about Money Genie and what I don’t like
  • and Some thoughts at the end

By the time you are done reading you will know whether the Money Genie is a scam or not.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Money Genie. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendation and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Money Genie Overview

Product Name: Money Genie
Price to Join: $0
Creator: N/A
Do I recommend it? No! It is a Scam.

Money Genie Summary

Money Genie claiming to be #1 social media network where you can earn money simply by referring others to join the Money Genie. Additionally, you can earn more money by completing simple tasks.

The problem is that this system does not payout.
It is impossible to withdraw the earnings.
You are accused by the Money Genie system that you have used fake clicks and referral and they refuse to send you the money. On top of that, they will ban your account, so you can’t log in anymore.

This is a data harvesting scam.

Do Not Sign Up!
Stay away from this scam.

At the end of this post, I will explain what does it take to make money online.

If you don’t want to go through the entire post and you would like to check the platform where I have learned how to make money online, click on the link below.

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What is Money Genie

Money Genie is supposed to be #1 Social Media Network. Now, I am not quite sure what they mean by that, since their social media presence is poor.
This system is supposed to be a partner with huge corporations to provide offers so you can earn money.

Money Genie Review

They claim that it takes you only 3 steps to start earning money, and anybody can make money with the Money Genie

  1. Step – You need to sign up to get an account. You get a $35 bonus, just for signing up*
  2. Step – Have your referral link and share it on all social media platforms. You can also send it directly to your friends and family members.
    For every click, you earn $1 and for every referral, you get %5.
  3.  Step – Cash out your earnings. According to Money Genie, you can withdraw your money using PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and so on, including BitCoin

* This sounds very familiar.
Well, first of all, no other systems promise to give you a sign-up bonus, except for well-known scams like Paid Leaf, Click 4 Cash, Tap 2 Earn, Social Bounty, etc.
If you take a closer look at each one of them, you spot the similarities very easily.

For example, website layout, the graphics, almost identical claims, etc. And most importantly, every one of these is #1 Network Influencer or #1 Social Media network.

Money Genie Review

And there are more of them.
Some of them are not active anymore (like Kid Earn Money) and some of them are about to be launched I believe (Unfortunately).

Who Is Behind

From what we have seen above, there is no doubt that there is one owner or one group of people behind these websites.

So, let’s check the Money Genie “About Us” section. Maybe we are going to find out more.

Money Genie Review

As we see Money Genie has been around for 6 years.

It is very easy to find out when the website was registered (source whois.com)

Money Genie Review

Money Genie has been registered in October 2019.

How Does It Work

As we have touched that already at the beginning, after signing up for the Money Genie you receive the $35 bonus.

You are inside the dashboard and immediately there is a pop-up window with your “special” link. This is the link you are supposed to share on social media and whenever you could.
Well, I would like to ask you, right here – Do Not share. As this entire system is a scam, and you don’t want to share it. There is no point since there is no earning.

Money Genie Review

But let’s go over the dashboard to find out how you can supposedly earn money.
First of all, you already made $35, right?  That is your sign up bonus. Now where this money is coming from?

Money Genie Review

To access the Money Genie is for free. No other fee is required and We see no ads on the Money Genie website.

There is no evidence that money flows into the Money Genie. So how come they can pay every member $35 just for signing up?

And here are the tasks where you can earn more money (according to Money Genie).

Money Genie Review

  • Refer friends – Earn $5
  • Get clicks – Earn $1
  • Download apps – Earn $15
  • Complete surveys – Earn $50
  • Create YouTube videos – Earn $50

This seems like super-easy money.
Well, it only seems like since there is no way that somebody or some company would pay you such sums for almost no work.

The dashboard looks almost identical to other already mentioned websites. So there is no doubt that the same group of people is behind all of them.

The Claims vs Facts

Here is the list of all the red flags I was able to find out.

  • Owner is not known

This fact alone is good enough reason not to trust the system.
Even small business reveals who is the owner or who is behind the program.

One thing is for sure – If there is no one to contact, he can easily create a new system and take advantage of more people. And that is what these people behind the Money Genie do.

  • Contact information (email address, postal address)

The contact form within the Money Genie website does not work. Email does not work either.

If you check the postal address, you see that according to google maps it shows just bushes and trees in some suburb area in Netherlands.

Money Genie Review

  • Income proofs

They use fake income proofs.

Just compare the date when Money Genie was registered with dates on these screenshots.

  • Money Genie does not payout

I have already mentioned how this website work.

You complete all necessary tasks, you get a referral, you get links and once you are ready to withdraw your earnings – Bam!

Your request is rejected.
Money Genie will send you a message saying that you used fake referrals, and fake clicks and therefore you are not allowed to get the earnings. And as a result of that, your account is locked.

  • Social media

Money Genie is too far from being a #1 Social Media Network. Their presence on social media is pretty poor, compared to average influencers, Money Genie is a bit above the zero (0).

  • Registration date – even in terms and conditions

This was the first red flag we have checked.

It just shows that they are lying to you right from the beginning.
Even their Terms and Conditions page does not make any sense, considering a wrong date right at the beginning:

Money Genie Review

One Note:

There was an update on this site. as I was doing my reviews I have found out that in the previous version of the Money Genie they have used fake testimonials. With that being said they improved the system, but only in the way to look more legit.

There is no change in terms of how the Money Genie works.  They just want to get more people, so they got rid of some obvious errors. Not all of them, though.

What is Risk?

Money Genie is a data harvesting system. Unfortunately, this is not the only one out there. As we have seen one of the first scams was a website called Kids Earn Money. This website does not exist anymore, or to be precise – it is not available.

The same group of people is behind other similar websites that operate exactly the same way. Let me share with a list of those I was able to go over:
CashChase, Tap2Earn, CloutBucks, PaidLeaf, Social Bounty, Notion Cash, Kash Tree, Rain Money,

All of these systems go after your data, whether is the email (in the best case scenario) to your credit card info (as potentially the worst-case scenario).
What do they do with the emails?

They can easily sell it to a third party.
Many companies buy email addresses so they can send spams and phishing scams to thousands, even millions of users.

It is always important to think twice before you enter your email address.
Take the red flags as we have gone through them, like a checklist for you.

In the future, in case you won’t be sure about the website or the claims they make (most likely get-rich-quick schemes) make sure to double-check the website.

What I like

  • There literally nothing I like about the Money Genie.
    This entire system is just a scam trying to get as many people as possible to sign up and get their data.
  • Regarding the clone website – There are at least two which are already shut down (Kids Earn Money – see BBB reviews, CloutBucks Review)

What I don’t like

  • Fake Registration Date
  • Fake Income Proofs
  • Fake Contact Information
  • Impossible to Get Paid
  • Clone of Other Active Scams out there

So, How to Earn Money Online and from Home?

If you looking for ways how to make easy money online there are a few legit websites that pay you for completing easy tasks. These are real get-paid-to sites and kind of online-surveys sites.

Check the Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, but you have to realize that there is not an easy way how to make hundreds a day. That means that these legit sites pay just a couple of dollars per day. To be perfectly honest, you can make a $100 maybe $100 a month. So it is not so lucrative.

The real money online means an effort and work.

Sure you maybe hear about these kids making millions off Youtube. But think about that.

How many videos do they have on their channel? How many hours a day they spend creating these videos?
Sure it does not seem like work since they do what they love. Including all other YouTubers.

If you are not comfortable with vlogging, maybe you would like to express your passion in a written form. Maybe you have a great experience in a specific niche and you want more people to know about it.

Have you considered creating a website? Maybe a single blog.

These days it is extremely easy to build up a website.
In this review, you can learn more about that

Of course, you want to put a lot of content, so that is the challenging part. But it can be a lot of fun as well.

There is a training online teaching how to properly write the content, what are the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to ranking the website on google.
This training is not for free – but only if you want to take it seriously.

If you just want to try out how it works and what does it take to build up a great website, you can try it for free.
They have 7 days free period. You just use your email and get started with the training today.

Are you interested?

If so, here is the link where I explain what is the platform all about.
After signing up you will receive a welcome message from me. I would like to ask you just hit me with Hi, so I know you made it.
Of course in case you have questions, just ask.

I am an active member of that platform so usually, I reply within a few hours.

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Also if you have more questions regarding the Money Genie you are welcome to ask them in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to answer them,
Thank you for reading,
Cheers, Mike

4 thoughts on “Money Genie Review”

  1. Up to now I didn’t receive my payment ….I don’t know if this is legit or scam .this is my payment confirmation number 167374633
    Please do something about it

    • Hello,

      I am sorry that you have got scammed.
      But I am not associated with the Money Genie system. I have written only a review, that this system is scam.
      Also, I made it clear that you should not sign up and suggested to stay away from this scam.

      There are bunch of red flags to prove why it is a scam, including other clones of Money Genie (such as Paid Leaf, Social Bounty, Click4Cash, Tap2Earn, Influencer Cash and there are many others)
      I warn all of the readers to stay away from these scams!
      Again I am sorry for you that you have this experience.

      Here is what you can do – Ask yourself these questions:
      1) What email address did you use to sign up for Money Genie?
      2) what password did you use to sign up for Money Genie?

      If you have used your standard email and password, I suggest you change the password immediately, in every other system you use this email address.
      You better keep an eye on your inbox as well, as there is a chance that your email can be full of spammy emails. (hopefully, it won’t be your case)

      Hope it helps a bit.
      Stay away from scams – do your due diligence first, read reviews before you sign up for some system – especially promising quick money for no effort.

      There is not such a thing as fast money!
      there is not such a thing and get-rich-quick!
      Whoever preaches otherwise there is a high chance he is a scammer!


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