Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake? A Brief Review

I was checking my Facebook and spotted that someone was promoting this website called SurveyJ Co.

Since I have reviewed dozens of these “survey” sites, I already know which ones are scammy and which ones work.
So, I have checked the site ( SurveyJ dot Co) and the layout of this website was very familiar to me.

Well, I am glad you are doing your own research on this site called SurveyJ and I am going to show you that it might dangerous to follow their surveys, offers, and whatnot.

What does it mean?
Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake?

Let’s find out.
In this following short review, you are going to learn what to check when it comes to these websites.

What is SurveyJ Co?

This is supposed to be a survey earning network that pays hundreds of dollars to its users.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

It is free to join, and you are told that you get a $40 as a sign-up bonus.

Then you will get your own link that you can share on social media and invite your family and friends to join the SurveyJ co.
Apparently, you will receive $15 for every member you refer.

And this is the “best part”:
Earn $2 for every user who clicks on your link.

Right off the bat let me tell you that these claims are lies.
It is all nonsense.

There are no legitimate survey sites that pay $40 as a bonus.
And get $2 for each click?

It is ridiculous.

We know that it is free to join.
So it doesn’t make sense that they would pay you just because someone clicks on your link.
Where does the money come from?

SurveyJ Co is just another data harvesting scam (here are reviews of very similar scams) and we are going to check at least 5 major red flags.

But let’s try to find out who is behind this system/website.

Who is Behind?

ShareCash Review

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find out who the creator is.

The thing is that these people who create these sites, hide their identities. It is not possible to track them and they know it.
It is typical – this site will be shut down and they move on – to build a new one.

We can only find out that this website was registered in April 2021.
In the Red Flags section below, you can find out how to check this information.

Also what I find strange, there is no contact information, contact form, or email address where you can raise questions.

If their intentions are legit, they wouldn’t have a problem revealing their email address, right?

How Does It Work?

As already mentioned, you can register for free.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

Once inside the dashboard, you really see some amount on your account.
But it is fake.

You are then asked to do some surveys and tasks that are available within the SurveyJ Co dashboard.

A person who proceeds with the tasks, really sees that the balance goes up.
The main problem is that it is not possible to withdraw the money.

You simply won’t make any money out of this system.

What happens when you want to withdraw your “earned” money?
Nothing, it is not possible.
Nobody gets paid.

And you might be told that you have used some fake clicks and therefore you are not getting any money.
Your account will be then closed.

I have seen many websites like this, and people then start doing research only to find out that they can’t get their money.
Sometimes I get comments asking me to help them to do something about it.

As harsh as it may sound, I always tell that it is important to do the research first.

What is the purpose of this Scam?

Whoever is behind the SurveyJ Co has created this site just to collect email addresses.

Then they sell them to the 3rd parties, possibly on the black market.
And they do receive a lot of email addresses every hour.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

In the last 6 months (from June 2021 till November 2021) they had at least 2.5 million visitors per month!

People see quick money and therefore they are willing to join the Survey.

Just think about that:
Can you imagine how much money they would have to pay out?

We see that in October 2021, they had about 2.5 Million visitors to their website.
Let’s assume that only 10% register.

That means 250,000 members.
Just as a signup bonus, these people behind SurveyJ Co would have to pay $10 million per month, just in October.

Obviously, other months are busier, so they would need even more money.
Does it make sense to you?

Update January 2022.

I was curious how does this site is doing and to my surprise, there are still millions of visitors every month.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

The audience for December 2021 comes from states like:

  • USA
  • Singapoue
  • Angola
  • South Africa
  • Algeria
Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

This is probably the main reason why reviews like this make sense. The more people will do their own research, the fewer people will come to these scammy sites.

SurveyJ Co Red Flags

We have already found out that nobody gets paid.

Let’s check some red flags, that many scams have in common.

1) Terms and Conditions

This is interesting;
It says that the Terms and Conditions were updated in 2019.

How is that possible?

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

That site did not exist back then.
Just go to and it is obvious that the SurveyJ Co was registered only in April 2021.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

2) Privacy Policy

One would assume that in such an important part of the website as Privacy Policy is, there shouldn’t be any errors, mistakes.

Well, not in this case.
Links don’t work.

Or this one:

This is a major red flag.

3) Postal Address?

Apparently, this company is based in Amsterdam, Netherland in Europe.
According to the postal address, this is the address where the company has its headquarters:

SurveyJ, BV
Hamontstraat 59
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
1066 NE

It looks like a residential area, to me.

A company that is able to pay out millions of dollars per week, doesn’t have fancy headquarters?
Maybe they will move soon…

4) Social Media Platforms?

They claim that they work with influencers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Apparently, these influencers range from the top ten of verified accounts to ordinary users.
I am not so sure about that.

This screenshot was taken on Monday, December 20, 2021.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

Let’s see how they are doing and check how many followers do they have 20 days later (Monday, January 10, 2021):

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

15 Followers more.
This to me is not an account that cooperates with influencers.
Profiles that follow the SurveyJ Co have a couple of hundred followers, at max.

Their Facebook page?

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

Only 742 people follow this.
That’s not a lot.

And in case you are interested, people are complaining, that they didn’t get paid, and claiming that this is a scam.

5) Fake Testimonials

It is very common within these scams, that they use fake testimonials.

Just let’s google these images:

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

And let’s google them:

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

and here is another one:

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

These are most likely stock images.

6) People Complaining About not Being Paid

Just go to Youtube and type SurveyJ Co review and check what other people say.

This is what I have found:

Is SurveyJ Co Legit

So do you still believe you can make money with this system?
Let me know in the comment section.


Is SurveyJ Co Legit?

No, it is not.
This is a data harvesting scam that collects email addresses.
Then, these email addresses are sold to a third party.

Please stay away from SurveyJ.

It is quite possible that there are more of these scams.
Double-check the information as we did above.

And always remember, if something seems too good to be true, that it certainly is.

I believe you find this article helpful, and if you have questions, or experience with similar sites, please let us know.
Also if you have a chance, share this article on your social media, so not that many people will be scammed.

Thank you for reading

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