Is Savage Affiliates a Scam? Is It worth the price?

I am glad you do some research on digital products, in this case, you want to find out more about Savage Affiliate.

This is going to be an unbiased, brief, and consent review so by the time you finish reading, you will know the answer to the question:

Is Savage Affiliates a Scam?

Well, right off the bat I can tell you, it is not.

Actually, Savage Affiliate belongs to the courses that I Recommend,
Although there are some drawbacks, if you want to learn more, please read on.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Savage Affiliates. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Savage Affiliates
Price to Join:
$197 – $297 (Check the Price section for more details)
Recommended: Yes

Savage Affiliates Review

Savage Affiliate is a legitimate training on how to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

The founder Franklin Hatchett offers thorough training that you can go through and learn how to get traffic to your new website, what to promote, and so on.

Savage Affiliates website was registered in 2017 when I have already applied for a different training.
You can make a comparison by checking this review and free trial membership of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking at the link below:

What is the Savage Affiliates?

Is Savage Affiliates a Scam

Savage Affiliate is an online training teaching how to make money with affiliate marketing.

I believe you already know how affiliate marketing works.
Basically, you as an affiliate marketer connect vendors (companies and/or people selling stuff or service) with potential customers.

People looking for a product or service want to learn more about it and therefore they go online and do a little research.
Let’s say they land on your website where you provide them with enough information so they are ready to make a purchase.

They click on the affiliate link (at your website or in the description section on Youtube) to get to the Vendor’s website. After the purchase, you get a commission.

So being an affiliate marketer, it seems like an easy way to generate income online.

Although, there are certain skills that need to be acquired and that is what the Savage Affiliate course teaches.

We are going to dig a bit deeper, so you know what to expect and how much it costs.
Let’s start with the founder.

Founder of Savage Affiliates

Is Savage Affiliates a Scam

The founder is Frank Hatchett from New Zealand.

He is a genuine internet marketer who knows that is important to provide value.

The course he created was originally intended for his close friends to inform them about affiliate marketing.
He has developed the course over time and now it is considered one of the best affiliate marketing platforms.

As you can imagine, this is not Franks’s primary source of income.
He is a serial entrepreneur and besides affiliate marketing, he earns also from dropshipping.

In case you want to know more about dropshipping, I can recommend the following article, about SaleHoo:

Besides that Frank also does invest in brick-and-mortar businesses.

Only for information, the website was registered in December 2017.

Is Savage Affiliates a Scam

Frank Hatchett’s Youtube Channel

He understands how internet marketing works, so he is transparent and offers a lot of value also via his Youtube channel

You can also go ahead and check Frank’s channel.

He created it in August 2012, and as of today’s writing, he has almost 400 videos uploaded and more than 400,000 subscribers.

Who Is Savage Affiliate for?

This course is intended for beginners and even intermediate marketers.

But please realize that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

In case you are looking for some loopholes or shortcuts and you want to make $1,000 next week, this is not for you.
Let me tell you a secret:

There is no such thing as Something for nothing.
Napoleon Hill.

If you don’t believe it, please let me know in the comment section below.
We must talk 🙂

But I do believe that you are determined to put effort and time into it.

How Does Savage Affiliate Work?

Besides the course, members have access to a close Facebook group where they share their ideas.
On top of it, Franklin is pretty active inside the group so he interacts with these members whenever it is possible.

Now to the course itself;

The Savage Affiliates course is intense and it contains 60+ lessons.

You are going to learn in more detail how to choose a niche, how to leverage ClickBank products, how to drive traffic, and so on.

Also, he goes over Amazon Associate, as it is probably the easiest way how to start earning money.
The thing is that Amazon accepted almost everyone.

There are a few drawbacks regarding the Amazon Associate Program:

  • Commission about 4 % (Depends on the product)
  • Only 24-hour cookies (meaning that if a visitor goes to Amazon through your affiliate link and makes the purchase within 24 hours you get a commission. In case he does the purchase after this period, you won’t get the commission
  • You have to do at least 3 sales from 3 different sources within 180 days, otherwise, you will be excluded from the Amazon Affiliate program.
    the good news is that you can re-apply in a matter of minutes.

But the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can partner up with more companies. Even though they are in the same niche.
Here is a list of the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners:

Let’s check what is inside the Savage Affiliate Training.

What is inside the Savage Affiliate Course?

Let’s check a bit deeper into what you can expect from the Course.

It has 10 Modules and we are going to briefly describe them.

Is Savage Affiliates a Scam

Before you start with the Modules there is an introduction video, where he welcomes you to the training.

Over time Franklin wants to make sure to deliver the best quality training, so he keeps improving the training.

With that being said, the structure of the course might be slightly different from the description below.
Nevertheless, he does not drop any important lesson, actually, quite the opposite.

1. Module – Affiliate Products to Promote – Choose your Niche

First of all the most important thing is to choose a niche.

That’s why this is in the 1st Module as the starting point of your business online.

You are going to learn how to choose the niche and how to find profitable products within the niche.

2. Module – Build Your Website

In the 2nd module, Franklin explains the importance of your website.

You are shown the exact steps of how to build a profitable website, from purchasing the domain name, through installing plugins (very important for SEO) to creating blog posts, landing pages, and so on.

3. Module – Email Marketing and Funnel Acadamy

This module also starts with a short introduction to email marketing.

Beginners usually have problems with setting up an effective email campaign.
In the 3rd module, you are going to learn the proper way of setting up the email newsletter and campaigns.

4. Module – ClickBank

There are more than 30 videos in this module where you find everything regarding the leads for your affiliate marketing.

That includes tax requirements (the W8 and W9 forms) or building funnels.

If you are not familiar with ClickBank, in this module you learn how to search for a product on the ClickBank marketplace, what to pay attention to, and so on.

5. Module – ClickFunnels

This module is part of the Super Pack.
In 48 videos, Franklin walks you through his $100K affiliate funnel with ClickFunnels.

He also shows a case study and explains how to set up your funnel.

6. Module – Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training

He shows how to become Amazon Affiliate, and what the procedure is.
It is not difficult, but it is always good to have a guide.

Again something over 20 videos where he showed you Amazon Website examples, including a 30 million dollar Amazon Site.

Franklin touched on subjects like:

  •  Ideal Amazon products
  • Amazon niche research
  • Tips on finding information
  • Niche site vs Hybrid site

And what I find very valuable, he mentioned at least 5 specific niche examples.

You are given these examples so you can use them as “role models”.
In other words, you don’t have re-invent he wheel again.

Just apply what has been already proven to work.

7. Module –  SEO Google Traffic

Here you are going to learn how to get free (or organic) traffic to your website.

Meaning, that when someone puts a specific keyword into Google Search Bar, your site will show on the 1st page of Google.
The higher position the better, right?

Franklin emphasizes this method, since it is the best way how to get traffic.
(My own website, the one you are reading this, gets more thanv80% traffic from a search engines, such as Google, Bing/Yahoo).

So it is very beneficial to learn basic SEO skills and Frank goes both on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

8. Module – Free Traffic

The 8th module is based on the previous one, where he teaches how to get free traffic, apart from Google.

That includes traffic from

  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Forums

We know that Franklin’s Youtube channel is quite successful (about 21 million views) so there is a lot that can be learned from him.

9. Module – Paid Traffic

Here you find instructions on how to incorporate paid traffic into your system.

Franklin goes through 3 main paid traffic sources:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Solo Ads

Regarding the Solo Ads. This is actually something I don’t recommend.
Especially in 2021, there is huge marketing with Solo Ads, and in most cases, you can end up paying a vendor that sells you garbage.

More on Solo ads in the following article:

The 9th section is mostly about Facebook ads, as the most effective one.

10. Module – Launch Jacking and Web Hosting Plan

The last module is for the Savage Affiliate super version only.
It concerns launch jacking and web hosting.

Franklin walks you through both methods, step-by-step and you are going to learn what t do in order to get a lot of traffic.

Bonus – Funnel Training

These are extras that are part of the Super Pack.

It contains

  • ClickFunnel Affiliate Academy
  • Franklin’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • Building Funnel, Multiple Funnels, Pre-made Funnels
  • Launch Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint
  • Web Hosting affiliate method blueprint

And you will get in the inner circle with other members, as well as be part of a Live Q&A Webinar.

How Much Does Savage Affiliate Cost?

Is Savage Affiliates a Scam

Comparing to different courses on Affiliate Marketing (SAS or CH), the $200 is really not a lot.
Even the more expensive version is quite affordable.

Here is what you get with the Standard Membership:

  • A Step-by-Step Affiliate training
  • Niche research training using Franklin’s methods
  • Training on how to set up: Website, Email Marketing, Funnel
  • ClickBank Training
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing training
  • Google SEO Traffic mastery training
  • Paid and Free Traffic
  • Private Iner Circle with Franklin and other members
  • Weekly webinars with Q&A Sessions
  • Lifetime Access

The Super Pack includes the following extras:

  • Full Step-by-Step ClickFunnels Affiliate Academy
  • Franklin’s secret Done For You affiliate marketing funnel
  • Multiple ClickFunel Pre-Made Funnels
  • Launch Jacking Affiliate Method blueprint
  • Web Hosting Affiliate Method Blueprint

Regardless of the pricing, you get a lot of value.

The thing is that many of us are skeptical and afraid to spend money on something we don’t trust.
Therefore, I personally would appreciate a free trial where you can check what to expect.

But fair enough – there is a money-back guarantee and that is a good thing.
Although check also the last section where I explain how the money-back guarantee works.

What is with the Money-Back Guarantee?

The Savage Affiliate Refund policy says that the 30-day action money-back guarantee can be applied only if the action was taken.

The proof that you have taken the action must be sent via email.
And here is specifically what is required:

  • The member has logged into the training at least once
  • The member has watched at least half of the training
  • The member has joined the price FB group

All these 3 points will be checked by Savage Affiliate Team.

Refunds then can take up to 2 weeks, depending on your country and bank.

Is Savage Affiliates a Scam

One More Note Regarding the Price

Please note that there might be additional costs down the road.
That includes for example payments for the Ads, or for additional products, and services.

Be prepared to pay for the:

  • ClickFunnels ($97 a month after the 14-day trial)
  • GetResponse ($15 a month after the 30-day trial)
  • Domain and hosting for your website (about $50 a year)

What do I like about Savage Affiliates

  • 30-Day Action Money Back Guarantee (It is necessary to send proof that you have done what they asked via email)
  • A very decent training on Affiliate Marketing
  • Reasonable Price

What I don’t like about Savage Affiliates

  • For a complete newbie, the training is not thorough enough
  • Be careful with the money-back guarantee (but if you understand this is not a get-quick-rich, you don’t see it as a drawback)

Is Savage Affiliates a Scam?

You know the answer, already.

Savage Affiliates is not a scam.
It is a thorough training where one can learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.

There is plenty of educational material to go through.

It is safe to say, that this is already a well-established training although it has been around only since 2017.

At that time I have already joined a different platform (that has been here for more than 15 years) where I have learned:

  • how to choose a niche
  • how to create a website
  • how to get free traffic
  • and how to monetize the traffic

Yes, pretty much everything that you can learn within the Savage Affiliate Training.

This might sound a bit biased, but I personally prefer the platform I am a member of.
I believe I am used to it and there is also a great community of tens of thousands of active members.

Now that you have learned about Savage Affiliates, you can actually check out the platform that I prefer for free.
They offer a 7-day free trial (no credit card needed, just email) where you can check the 1st 10 lessons.

Then I would like you to back to me and give me feedback on which platform you like more.
Check the link at the end of this article and we can get in touch inside my recommended platform.

Or feel free to leave feedback in the comment section below.
I will be more than happy to provide you with feedback.

Thank you for reading

6 thoughts on “Is Savage Affiliates a Scam? Is It worth the price?”

  1. Well to be honest I didn’t think of Savage Affiliates as a good program. So I Google it and it seems to be a pretty legit business. I just think is that their teaching program is more complicated, from what I read and also a bit more expensive.

    Thanks a lot

    • Hey there,

      Yes, that’s right. 

      Savage Affiliates is a legitimate course. 

      it is not so easy to find a legitimate system that delivers value, so I am glad this is one of a few that I can recommend. 


  2. Hey Mike, 

    I am out there looking for the best way to get started in affiliate marketing. I really didn’t know what that was until recently and the more I look at all the available programs out there, it seems to me they all are based on the same information. I have found you don’t need a platform at all. You can do this yourself. The trick is knowing what to do and how to do it. 

    I think as you said, if someone is willing to put in the work, success is just around the corner. Using reviews like you have done here helps me find the right ones. Even if it isn’t what you are reviewing. It is the underlying suggestions and what you actually promote and use. 

    Thanks for the honest review and best of luck to you!


  3. Thanks for your review on Savage affiliates here. 

    I have to say that this is an affiliate program that i have already heard of but never paid attention to it. 
     As I also like to review similar products, I am always interested in hearing about programs like this. It does seem quite expensive though. Does it offer any Free trial before you buy?

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your comment. 

      Yes, Savage Affiliate is a decent educational program. 

      Unfortunately, they don’t offer any free trial. 
      But as mentioned in the article, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee (under certain conditions – pls check above). 

      So on one hand, it might not be convenient for some, that there is no free trial 

      On the other hand, though, it is good that the customer needs to take action in order to see whether it works or not. 
      Only after that he or she can ask for a refund. 

      I Hope, that answered your questions. 


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