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Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

You are looking for ways how to make some money online and you have stumbled upon a website called RewardDollars, don’t you?

Are you wondering whether this system is legit and what it takes to make you the promised $500 a day?

I am not sure what exactly you have already found out about this website, but this is going to be a thorough RewardDollars co review.

We are going to find out:

  • Who is behind
  • How it works and how you can or can’t make money
  • Contact information (to check whether this system is legit)
  • What you should be careful about
  • and so on

At the end, you will have a full picture of this system and you are going to gain some knowledge, how to avoid scams.
Does it mean that RewardDollars is a scam?

Right off the bat, I can tell you that at least 99.95% of people who sign up for RewardDollars won’t see a dime, even they do everything according to the instructions.

I am going to show you alternatives to this website, systems that are legit and already established.
Also as a Bonus, you will find out about the best way how to build an online business that will generate 4 or even 5 digits per month.
Sounds “interesting”?

Well, let’s dive into that.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for RewardDollars. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendation and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

RewardDollars Overview

Product Name: RewardDollars 
Price to Join: $0
Creator: N/A
Rating: 0/10
Do I recommend it? No!

RewardDollars Summary

RewardDollars is a website that promises you to make up to $1,000 daily.
Apparently, you can earn by referring your friends to join the  RewardDollars and also by completing simple surveys and tasks.

The problem is that RewardDollars does not pay.
This system collects your data, email address, password, and even other information (depending on how much you reveal).

RewardDollars is a clone of many other scammy websites with the same intention – to harvest personal data.

Stay Away from RewardDollars!

If you are looking for ways how to generate revenue online, at the end of this post you will find my personal recommendation that might help you as well.

In case you don’t want to read the whole post and you want to test the legitimate platform teaching how to make money online, click below:

What is RewardDollars?

RewardDollars is a website promising you to make hundreds of dollars per day by taking surveys, downloading apps, and referring other people to the RewardDollars.

That means that is supposed to be the so-called Get-Paid-To site (or GPT). There are many legitimate GPT sites and I will share a few of them at the end of this post.

Before we dive into the RewardDollars .co review let me share with you that this is just another clone of an already existing website (or scam).

The original website was called inboxdollar.co and I have written a review of that system as well (don’t mistake it for inboxdollars.com, which is a legit website).
Currently, the domain inboxdollar.co has been taken down and it is not available anymore.

  • If you go on this particular domain (inboxdollar.com) you will be redirected to the RewardDollars.co.

Long story short, people behind the RewardDollars copied the legit website Inboxdollars.com, including some text, and created the fake version of it called inboxdollar.co  (without S, and the instead of COM they used CO).

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review


It seems though, that RewardDollars is gaining popularity and it is important to show that it is just another scam – a personal data harvesting system, just like Social Bounty, PaidLeaf, NiceCash, or Tap2Earn and many other similar scams.

When you land on the RewardDollars site, the first thing you see is this statement “MAKE $500-$1,000” daily.

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

This is a false claim.
No one can earn that much using this website and we are about to find why.

Who Is Behind

When it comes to a website promising you to make money, you always want to know who is the creator of the product, or the website. Every legit website has this information available and it is easily accessible.

When we check the “About Us” section we are told that RewardDollars has been available since 2000, and has paid over $59 Million.
Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

It is always better to double-check the information regarding the age of any such system.

I don’t know whether you know how to check the domain date registration, but it is super easy:
Here is a short video of how to do that using the website whois.com.

When we check the RewardDollars.com we learn that this is a pretty new domain, registered on March 30th, 2020.

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

That means that the information in the “About Us” section is false.
RewardDollars can’t be around here since 2000.
Is it a typo?

Then how come they were able to pay over $59 million in less than 10 days?

And there is more…

Do you want to check how a legit GPT (Get Paid To) website looks like?
Inboxdollars.com is the original and legitimate system, founded in 2000.
You can even make some money with them, but they are available in the US, only.

Here is the interesting part – check the text below (you don’t have to read it word by word, just skim through it):

RewardDollars Review

Sounds familiar?
Where is this text from?

You get it right – this is from the legit website inboxdollars.com.
And guess when is the registration date?

If you had a chance to watch the video I have embedded above you know that the day registration date is June 30th, 2000.

It does not require any degree to figure out which one is original and which one is fake – or I dare to say a stolen content.

So not only RewardDollars is a scam, but the creators of this website can’t come up with their own text, and they have stolen it from the original site.

Who is it For?

I don’t recommend RewardDollars to anyone.

You would just waste your time.
I know that you want to find out how to generate the income onlineIs RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

The number of people going online grows and there has not been a better opportunity than today. There are lots of companies with affiliate programs, searching for partners.
Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways how to start your own business online.

The typical example is Amazon.
It got so big because almost everyone can be an Amazon partner.

There are also many courses teaching internet marketing,  Unfortunately, many of them are misleading.
Some of them are just get-rich-quick schemes, but the truth is they never work.

Let me share with you a little secret, that not many “gurus” reveal:
If you want to know How to start an affiliate marketing business, the first thing you must realize is, that it takes time and effort.

Here is a little break down:

  1. You need a website
  2. To make money, you need people on your website – that means traffic
  3. The best way how to get traffic on your website is the organic search – these people already looking for something and when they find your website in the google search result they genuinely click on that.

It is not difficult to learn how to do that.
But again it takes a bit of time. To give you a perspective:

  1. After 3 months you see some impressions
  2. After 6 months you may see some solid traffic on your website
  3. Within a year you may have a couple of hundred per months
  4. Within 16 to 24 months your income is easy $3,000+ per month

I know I have digressed a bit, but I wanted to show you that making money online is not that easy as it is described in this RewardDollars system.  I mean it is not difficult either especially with proper training and support.

Let’s go on with RewardDollars review, so you know what to focus on when you spot a similar system.

How Does It Work?

They want you to believe that making money with RewardDollars is a piece of cake.

In fact here is what you have to do:

  1. Sign Up and you will get the $25 bonus, immediately (a total lie)
  2. Get your link and share it on social media. You get $2 for every click (this is a B.S.) and $20 for every referral (another B.S.)
  3. Cash-out using PayPal, Cash App, etc…

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

All these claims are deceptive and none of them is true.

Let’s Have a Look Inside the Members Area

If you want to check the dashboard just use some fake email.
Don’t use the email you use on a daily basis.

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

On the left-hand side, you have the main menu, in the middle, you see some notifications with your earnings.

That number will rise as you will be performing some tasks and using your link to get new referrals.
But only virtually.

As soon as you reach a threshold that you can cash out, your request will be denied and your account locked. The reason is that you have used fake referrals.
This is how it works.

The Claims vs Facts

It does not require a lot of effort to figure out that RewardDollars is one big fake system.
Here is a list of some red flags we have found.

1) Age of the system

I think this is clear and we have already proven that the “about us” section is made up.

2) Fake payment Proofs

In previous systems, it was easy to spot the date of screenshots or the alleged payment proofs.
Most of them were taken before the website has been registered.

This time, the creators did a “better” job.
The date is not visible and therefore it’s supposed to look legit.

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

But the thing is that these screenshots do not prove anything either.
And let me share with you even one more interesting thing:

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

Obviously, there is no way they could have paid more than $59 Million in less than 10 days (as today’s date is April 09th, 2020).

Again, this text is stolen from the original and legit site inboxdollars.com.

3) No One Gets Paid

We know that there are many clones of this system.

People complain about not getting paid.
If you check comments regarding the other clones of the RewardDollars you see that people only ask questions – “did you get paid?” and so on and so forth.

Here are comments from the system called Social Bounty (RewardsDollars is just another clone of Social Bounty) and MoneyGenie.

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

And just recently I have received a comment regarding the Inboxdollar.co:

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

And the same applies to other scams.

4) Contact information – Not working

This is a big red flag.

I mean if there is no way how to contact the support or the creator, it is almost certain that the website is not legit.
We see that the email address or the social media buttons do not work.

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

I wrote an email to that address above and here is a screenshot of what I received:

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

The message was not delivered.

Regarding the postal address – that does not exist either.

If you google the “20 Rollins Road Cotesfield, NE 68829“, this is what you get:

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

So the office is probable somewhere there… but there is no Rollins Road.
Again – the address is not valid.

5) Fake testimonials

These testimonials have no value at all

First of all, these are stock photos, available online. Google the photos and you will see many websites use them as well.

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

Regarding the earnings – it is not possible to make that kind of money with this system in just 10 days or so.
(these earnings are possible maybe per month, but your website must receive a ton of traffic and most likely it is at least 5 years old).

These testimonials are inevitably made up.

6) Social Media

RewardDollars is not to be found on any major social media.

It is a kind of shame for the so-called #1 Social Media Network, right?

Actually, I have found one – It is called “RewardDollars.co Collaborators”.
It is a FB Group and I requested to join them

So far no feedback.

8) Rewards Center

This is to be found in the members’ area.
I am not sure how it should work, but the bottom line is that those links do not work at all.

Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

So again, these are just fake incentives.

What I like

  • With everything we have gone through – what is it that you like the most?
    Because I can’t find anything. This is an outright scam that has stolen content from another website.

What I don’t like

  • First of all, this is a scam. It is a data harvesting system – part of the network scam where many similar websites/system are involved
  • Lies about the foundation date
  • Fake testimonials and fake payment proofs
  • No social media presence
  • Contact information does not work (including the email address)
  • and so on…

What to Do Now?

You wanted to check what is this RewardDollars all about.
The result is – it is a scam.RewardDollars Review

Would you like to know what does work?
In other words, I can show you a system that is evergreen.

But before we get into that I want to share with you legit Get-Paid-To websites where you can earn few bucks, maybe even $100 or $200 (in a month) just by completing the surveys and stuff like that.

Following websites are legit and you can really make some easy money:

Inbox Dollars, or Servey Junkie

What is the catch?
As I mentioned – you won’t make much. But it can be good pocket money.

If your question is what does it take to start making a full-time income online – my answer is  – start affiliate marketing.

Ok, what is the catch here?
It takes time – and as I mentioned above, it requires your effort as well.

The proper approach is thinking in the long term.

See yourself, where are you now, and where you might be or wanna be in a year or so.
How do you get there?

Invest in Knowledge

How much?
I pay about $495 per year and it is really cheap comparing the amount of knowledge I get ($1.36 per day is less than a cup of coffee).

Here is good news:
You can check the platform for free as well.
Again the same question – what is the catch?

The access to this educational platform is for free only for 7 days. After that, access to the training will be limited (very limited). But these 7 days is enough for you to decide whether it is something you want to take advantage of, or you prefer something else.
Before signing up, you can read the full review of this platform, so you will know what is that all about.

RewardDollars Conclusion

I believe I don’t have to take any more of your time.Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review

We have seen that RewardDollars is a scam, and we have learned how to spot similar systems.
Doublecheck the information, the registration date, and so on, and you will be much safer.

If you have any questions let me know. I will be happy to help you out.

At the very end, I will leave a link so you can check the platform I recommend.

Thank you for reading

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2 thoughts on “Is RewardDollars a Scam? RewardDollars .co Review”

  1. Hi my name is Anthony and i was so excited to work for rewarddollars, that i was already working for the REAL inboxdollars, but i still went ahead and did it
    and within 2 weeks of me working i logged in and a message popped up saying that they had to change their company name due to some crazy reason and that should of been sign #1. But i still went ahead hoping that it was a legit website because the money looked really good, and that was sign #2. So for the next 2 and a half months i did the promoting like they said to do using their graphics, my own link that they gave me and posted about the potential money you can make on Facebook,
    Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, Tik Tok, and a couple of others i have never heard of. So i was up $671.00 and i tried to cash it out and they gave me all kinds of excuses like i didn’t have enough refferals not enough posts and not enough clicks. So my intuition was right that this is not a legitimate business. I was so mad that the thought of someone taking advantage of someone else to do all the work for nothing, i was done. So i tried to delete some of my information and hopefully it worked.

    I felt that i need to post this so that hopefully it won’t happen to someone else.

    • Hi Anthony,

      thanks a lot for your valuable comment.
      I am sure a lot of people will appreciate your story.

      Thanks to people like you, fewer and fewer people will fall for such scams like RewardDollars.

      Wishing you all the best


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