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Is New U Life a Scam?

There is nothing better than working for yourself, and many people decide to take this path.

It is not always easy, and success depends on various elements. It is always important to choose a good business model.
Alternative medicine seems like an evergreen niche, but does it work in combination with an MLM model?

You are wondering whether a New U Life is a good business opportunity for you.

Is New U Life a Scam?

In this New U Life MLM Review, we are going to check the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an independent distributor for this company.

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Let’s have a look at who is behind the NUL (New U Life), what products are popular, what is the compensation plan, and how much can you make, and by the end of this review, you will decide whether to work with NUL is something you want or not.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of New U Life. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

New U Life MLM Overview

Name: New U Life
Website: www.newulife.com
Price to Join:
Not as a primary source of income

What is New U Life?

Is New U Life a Scam

New U Life is an MLM company dealing with health and wellness. Their main product is a SomaDerm gel that is supposed to unify your mind and body.

According to the website, the company was founded in 2017, so it is a pretty new MLM. Based on the information from the website, the founder is Alexy Goldstein. He apparently has more than 25 years of experience in health and wellness files.

The company’s address is in California but on the FB profile, the headquarters is in Utah. Right across the street to Young Living.

It has probably no connection with Young Living but I was wondering where the NUL headquarters really is.
The address in California according to Google maps does not show any building or house.

Maybe the google map is not updated yet.

Who is Behind the New U Life?

The founder and CEO as already mentioned is Alexy Goldstein. He is something over 45 years old and has been interested in how the body works for a long time.

Is New U Life a Scam

He claims that he can help people to get their bodies to function better.

Based on the information on the NUL website, he has more than 25 years of experience with products related to performance supplements. Apparently, Alexy is a creator of many formulas, including the Gel – Somaderm.

Alternative medicine is Alexy’s asset, but also the ability to sell his products.

I have not found any information about him on LinkedIn, just a name.

Legal Issues with the New U Life

There are no legal issues with the New U life.

However, the TINA (Truth in Advertising) organization filed complaints in 2019 and 2020 against the NUL that the company uses deceptive marketing.

As per the screenshot below:

Is New U Life a Scam

There is a whole article that you should know about New U Life.

When you go to the New U Life website to the product section, it specifically says that it does not cure any disease, so officially you as a distributor are not allowed to claim such a statement.

However, based on the information from TINA, it does happen along with the distributors.
Are they advised to do that, or do the NUL distributors make such claims on their own?

Is the New U Life Pyramid Scheme?

We have to distinguish between legit MLM and outright pyramid schemes.

Here is a simple key to distinguish between both:
– take the MLM, remove the product and the result is a pyramid scheme.

So one can say, there is not much difference, and I agree. Another fact is that all MLMs have routes in the Pyramid Scheme structure.

Practically FTC keeps an eye on MLM companies and if there is a sign that the emphasis is on recruiting rather than on selling the products, it can be identified as Pyramid Scheme.
This happened to Young Living in 2019.

Just to be sure, you can watch a short video on how to spot a pyramid scheme:

People behind the NUL are proud of their products and even though their gels are expensive, we can’t call this company a pyramid scheme. At least not for now.

It is still quite a new company and only time will show where the emphasis will go:

– recruiting or selling the product?

Who is New U Life for?

Is New U Life a Scam

Anyone who wants to try to make living as an independent distributor can join the NUL. But as correctly mentioned on their website in order to succeed the potential distributor:

  • must work hard
  • has to be dedicated
  • has to have certain skills

It seems that it is easy to join the NUL (or any other MLM) and that might be true. But it is not so easy to climb the hierarchy. The thing with all MLMs, including the NUL, is that to make money one must grow his team; in other words, one must recruit others to basically work for him.

And it always starts with recruiting your friends and family.

Are you OK with that?
If you don’t mind bothering your relatives and friends and on top of that you deal well with rejection, then you probably will succeed.

What does it mean specifically “to succeed”?
We are going to take a look at the income disclosure a bit later, so you can have an idea what is the success potential with New U Life.

What is the Price to Join?

Is New U Life a Scam

Joining the MLM is one of the easiest ways the creation of your business. Usually, when it is easy to start, it is difficult to maintain.

In order to join the  New U Life, you need to go through a person who shared a product with you and you need to call the number that pops up when you click “Join Us” on their website.

That applies to people in the USA and Hong Kong.

If you are outside of the US, let’s say from the EU like me, you need to get on the distributors waiting list first, where you need to fill out your:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number (Whatsapp – Yes/No)
  • Country
  • and whether you are or are not interested in learning about other health and wellness opportunities available in your country.

Regarding the pricing, here are 3 different packs you can choose from.

  1. New U Pack for $199 – Contains 1 Gel, 1 year New U Life membership, including a website
  2. Pro pack for $559 – Contains 4 Gels, 1 year New U Life membership, including a website
  3. Executive pack for $999 – Contains 8 Gels, 1 year New U Life membership, including a website

Before joining the NUL you will have a conversation with your sponsor. Now it is up to him to sell you at least the 2nd package.

They use different techniques that make you buy the more expensive ones.
For example, they might say something like: “…there is no point in getting the New U Pack – you will sell 1 gel in no time and then you have to make a new order. It is much more convenient to get at least 4 gels…once people figure out what the gel does, they will want to buy more. So no harm done if you get the 8-gel package right away...”

Or they say: “.. why would you buy just one gel? If you don’t believe in that product, you are not set up for success…”

You will be dealing with experienced salespersons, so be prepared for that kind of approach.

What are these products, anyways?

Products, That New U Life Offers

The company’s most famous product is Somaderm Gel. It is said that you can use it twice a day and in about 4 weeks it can change your life.

Is New U Life a Scam

In my opinion, such a statement is pretty overrated, but it is part of the New U Life marketing, so be it.

What amazes me, is the price of this gel.
The cost is almost $170!
And it is recommended to use it twice a day, meaning that it will last 4 or 5 weeks.

Does it work?
I am sure people who buy this stuff say, heck yes – it must be working, right? For that price.
So in the end, it has a lot to do with the placebo effect.

But nothing wrong with that.
It is no secret that a lot of diseases and illnesses are based on our minds and the way we think. On the other hand, our brain can heal the body as well and if this is the way (to pay $169.99 for gel), then be it.

I personally have nothing against the product, but in my opinion, there are cheaper ways how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The NUL products are not FDA-approved (they may cause more damage than good), but it depends on each individual.
The same with allergies. Some of us are more sensitive to certain stuff, while others are less or not at all.

But this review is not about the products.
Evaluating the products is a very subjective manner, so I am not going too deep into it.
In case you want to have more information about the New U Life product, check the New U Lifer website, the product section.

Let’s have a look at what it takes to make money with the NUL.

New U Life Compensation Plan

Is New U Life a Scam

The majority of MLM companies have their compensation plan available on their website. Commonly, these documents are pretty difficult to understand and after researching many MLMs you know for sure that it is meant to be that way.

New U Life does not have a compensation plan on its website, which is strange.
Nevertheless, they have a YouTube video where it is all explained (I am not saying that is easily understood, but the guys who created the video did their job).

At the end of this section, you can watch the entire video.

Here are the highlights of the New U Life Compensation plan.

There are 5 different ways how you can make money with NUL. Actually, it is not like you can have 5 different sources of income. It is just presented that way.

Let’s have a look:

1) Retail Commissions

You as a distributor sell products and earn commissions. Your success depends on how many products you can sell in a certain period. Of course, the easiest way to start is to contact your relatives, neighbors, and colleagues first.

As a distributor, your commission for 1 product is $45 (100PV).
PV Stands for Personal Volume. It is not directly related to the price of the product. Meaning you can collect these points in slightly different ways.

Based on how many you have you will rank higher within the MLM structure.

So 100 PV you get also if your customer chooses the auto-ship. Meaning he or she receives the gel every month automatically. Your commission is then $25 though.

If you find a customer that will want 20 items per month your commission goes to $35 per month per order.

What I find interesting is that you can offer the products to the Brick and Mortar stores.
In this case, you need to sign up for these commercial customers, and you can earn from $250 to $500 per bulk order (1500PV).

So this is the 1st option (or level) of how you can generate revenue with the NUL.
It is also important to know that as an active distributor, you need 140PV in 5 weeks.

2) Team Acquisition Bonus or TAB

Here we are talking already about recruiting. Meaning if you bring new customers you will make a commission off of the package they choose.

Your commission is as follows:

  • from the New U Pack, you get a $20 bonus
  • from the Pro Pack, you get $60
  • from the Executive Pack, you get a $120 bonus.

3) Team commissions

You are building your team and the way the NUL works is you have a binary tree, meaning your Left leg and your Right leg.

Is New U Life a Scam

One of your legs is required to bring you at least 400 points the other 600 points.

You can earn $40 or $60, depending on what level you are at (either coordinator or coach).

4) Coaching Bonus

If your team grows, meaning you have several levels below you, you reach the Coach status.
Now to become a coach you need to have at least 10,500 on one side and 12,000 points on the other side.

Is New U Life a Scam

Your Bonus can range from $20 to $120, depending on the pack.

5) Matching Bonus

To earn a matching bonus you need to qualify as a coordinator.

You must be active with 5,000 points on your lesser leg.

Is New U Life a Scam

You receive a 10% matching bonus from the 1st level of your downline.
If the number of levels below you grows you also go up in rankings, meaning you can be Life Coach Ambassador or Diamond Ambassador with 7 levels deep.

Here you can watch the full compensation plan if you wish you

To me, it is a bit amusing how they explain it, and how they use the words, for example: “…your team will grow in size“.

or, “…Imagine how much you can earn having such a team….”

Well, yeah – but 99% of people can only imagine.
Only a tiny portion of people will make it to the higher levels.

Let’s face it, every “successful MLMer”:

  • must know tons of people or be an extrovert and enjoys meeting new people
  • be persuasive
  • deal extraordinary with rejection
  • and most likely have years of skill in this kind of business

So what is the income potential with the New U Life?

How Much Do Distributors Make? (New U Life Income Disclosure)

I must point out that the NUL has revealed its income disclosure. Even though it is a must for MLMs to have this document available, I would say less than 30% of MLMs comply with this rule.

So this is the Earnings Summary of New U Life.

Please bear in mind that these numbers do not include any expenses the Distributors have in operating the business.

Is New U Life a Scam

Let me also share with you an important note that is underneath this table:

Is New U Life a Scam

I hope you can read it, but it says that “only 4.1% of Distributors earned more than $600, with many of the 95.9% earning $0”.

New U Life 2021 Income Disclosure

Compared to the previous year the associates made even less. And the trend is the same throughout the entire rankings.

Here is a screenshot from the New U Life website:

Is New U Life a Scam

Just let’s take the Associates and Promoters into account. This is 99.6% of all active US distributors.
They made less than $828 in 2021.

As per their site:
” The average annual income for all distributors during this time was $117.15.

Why Do People Lose Money?

As we have seen the majority of distributors do not make any money at all.

All MLMs work in a way like it is illustrated in the image below:

Is New U Life a Scam

The thing with the MLMs is that the products are pushed to the lower levels. People are sort of forced to keep buying the products in order to maintain the “active” status. Rember the PV?

That is the personal volume that each and every distributor must fulfill to stay in the game.

The upper levels don’t really care if these products are being sold to customers or not. The important thing is that these people at the bottom keep buying them. From time to time they can even recruit some newbies, but most of them do not last very long.

But it also depends on your sponsor, and how persuasive he or she can be. I can almost hear them saying “stay one more month. You will see that it will be your breakthrough…

But the truth is that these people at the bottom lose money.

Now is this just because the majority does not work hard enough, or is it because of the nature of this business model?

To be honest, it is a little bit of both but I believe, if we take all these people who don’t make money within the NUL and show them a different business model, and provide them with proper training, I am sure at least 25% of them will generate full-time income within a year.

That brings me to a different business model that I would like to share with you.

Easier Way to Generate the Revenue

People are joining MLM companies because they have a vision of passive income.  Another incentive is that it does not require too much of an investment.

I mean you can “invest” a couple of hundred bucks and you can run your own business. Or to be precise a vision of the business.

Being a distributor for an MLM company does not make you a business owner.
On the other hand, you don’t have to be a businessman if you want to generate revenue.

What I have in mind is the other (and easier) alternatives when it comes to making money.

Here is what I mean.
The number of people online grows and if you know how to get a small portion of these people to your website, it is easy to monetize this traffic.

OK, I admit, it is not so easy, especially if you have no experience.

But with proper education, you can have some traction within 5 or 6 months – let’s say 100 visitors per day. And that is something that can be leveraged.

From that point on, it can only grow and if you keep working on your website, within 14 to 16 months your income can reach 4 digits per month.

In my opinion, the easiest way how to start a business online is through affiliate marketing; it is much better than any MLM.

MLM vs Affiliate Marketing

Find more about the difference between MLM and Affiliate Marketing.

What I like about New U Life

  • Legit MLM (no signs of pyramid schemes, yet)
  • Products (despite the price) seem to be working

What I don’t like about New U Life

  • Expensive products
  • You need to recruit new people to have a full-time income
  • Success is very rare where almost 96% of NUL distributors earn nothing (zero)

Is New U Life a Scam?

I don’t recommend joining the New U Life unless you 100% believe in the product (especially the Somaderm gel) and you have some years of experience with recruiting.

They don’t reveal a lot of information on their website, but the good news is that they have shown the income disclosure from 2018.
These numbers are clear.

The vast majority of independent distributors don’t make any money.

There are many reasons, why, but one of the major reasons is that it is extremely difficult to earn more than 4 digits per month. At the end of the day, this is a problem with all MLMs out there.

Therefore, I believe you might like the alternative I have already introduced and that is affiliate marketing.
Now I am not saying that this business model is easy.

It requires a lot of work and special knowledge as well. But at least there is this platform where I have learned everything from scratch.
You can test this platform as well and let me know how you like it.

At the end of the Wealthy Affiliate review, I also mention a few success stories so you may get an idea.
If you want to know, some people can earn 3 – 4 digits within the first 8 months.

You can also watch a video explaining how to create a successful online business:

In case you have questions, about the New U Life or any other issue related to making money online let me know in the comment section below.

I will be more than happy to provide you with feedback.

Thank You For Reading,

12 thoughts on “Is New U Life a Scam?”

  1. My mother-in-law has been “selling” Somaderm for over a year, and my husband and I have tried in vain to get her out of this sham of a company. Where did you find the income disclosure? This might help us dissuade her from wasting her time and money. Thanks!

    • Hi Alex,

      The income disclosure is available directly at their website.
      Here is the link:

      Also please note that sentence below saying:
      The compensation information provided in this statement is for compensation earned by all active U.S. distributors in 2019. An “active” distributor must maintain at least 140 PV within a 5-week rolling period. The average annual income for all distributors during this time was $220.33.”

      Hopefully, this will help

  2. Wow. Thank you for the detailed review. Your opinion about New U Life is fair and balanced.

    I am shocked that about 96% of the distributors make no money and they were also bold enough to put that on their website.MLM’s can really be tough for people at the bottom part of the ladder. Finally I agree with you that, one should only join MLM’s like this one if they fully believe in the product. It should’t just be about earning money.

    • Hello and thanks for your comment. 

      Yes, that is unfortunately true. And this number is better than in most of the MLMs where 99% of people make no money. 

      This “business” model is no more viable. 


  3. Well, I have not really been a big fan of MLM businesses but I thought that this new u life business was a good one. I have actually used the product and it worked for me and so I thought it’d be good to try the business part of it. Reading your post now, I understand why you can say it is not a good one to join because it doesn’t really prove to give be a good way to make income for distributors.

    • That is correct. This is not a viable business model anymore (actually it never has been). 

      I mean if you like the product and it has worked for you – awesome. 

      But there are certainly better and cheaper ways how to start making money online – especially these days. 
      Thanks a lot for your comment

  4. This is an informative and unbiased review of NewULife and I’m really glad that I came across it. I have heard of the platform some time in passing but never got enough information for me to form an opinion on the platform but I’ve really learnt a great deal about it from reading your article.
    the products are truly expensive and in my experience, it takes a lot of effort to sell them. Not mentioning the recruiting part, which in my opinion is not an honest way how to make money. 

    • Glad you like it. 

      Yes the NEW U Life products are really expensive. 

      Anyone who wants to join the New U Life MLM in order to make consistent income must realize that it is not that easy. 
      I think taking a look at their income disclosure is good enough to decide whether or not to join his MLM. 

  5. I really like how you explain this very comprehensively in this article, always hear about MLM but neve get deep into it or even enrolled in any, how you have explain here its been helpful and I now have a full over about MLM and New U Life.

    One question: Is this for any Country?

    I wanna get into MLM but I will go in with your knowledgeable thoughts that you’ve layed out in this article for all readers to benefit, thank you much for this, I will certainly share this, keep posting and I will certainly keep reading.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. 

      Yes, anyone can join this company, but as you can see I don’t recommend it, simply because of the low earning potential. 
      In case you already have years of experience within the MLM, you might try it, but please bear in mind to have a budget for at least 6 months in advance. 

      Beginnings are always tricky. 

  6. Well, I would never call new U life a scam. The thing is that,if you are willing enough to get engaged with the requirements and conditions requires to attain success with it, then it is possible to. My friend does use this somaderm product and and I can only say that he has not complained any issues wrong with it. So, I’m basing my submission on that

    • Thank you for your thoughts. 

      I am glad that the product has worked out for your friend. 
      It is like with any other medicine – for some people, it does not work, for some, it works very well. 

      The thing is though that New U Life is not a good business model, in case someone wants to join this company and make living out of it.
      According to the New U Life Income Disclosure, it is obvious that success is rare. 

      But comparing to the MLM companies, New U Life MLM is still OK I would say. 


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