Is Mining City a Scam?

You’re in search of avenues to improve your financial situation and pondering the most effective and swift route.

I understand – there are numerous money-making options available. Regrettably, alongside these opportunities, there exists a plethora of deceptive products, scams, and Ponzi schemes.

But have you considered delving into the realm of cryptocurrency investment via Mining City?

Curious to learn more?

Is Mining City a scam?

This article aims to elucidate the essence of Mining City, its functioning, and whether it presents a viable opportunity for you.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Mining City.
This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Mining City
Price to Join:
$300 to $12,600
Recommended: I don’t recommend it (possibly a pyramid scheme) 

Mining City Review – Quick Summary

Mining City functions as an MLM company centered around cryptocurrency, lacking tangible products for members to sell. Instead, earnings hinge solely on enlisting new members, creating a fundamental pyramid or Ponzi scheme issue.

This concern is the crux of Mining City—it operates as a pyramid scheme, evident in its heavy website traffic since its late 2018 inception. Although still relatively fresh, it permits some to “earn,” which, in reality, originates from incoming members.

A word of advice: Steer clear of Mining City. Its inevitable downfall is a matter of time.

Wondering about online income avenues?

Personally, I steer clear of MLM-style “businesses” as they’ve lost their viability.

My suggestion for a consistent online income source: Dive into Affiliate Marketing.

What is Mining City?

Mining City is a system that supposedly brings people who are interested in obtaining (or mining) Bitcoin, together. Apparently, they provide recent technology and maintenance for their customers. 

In other words, this company provides services for clients regarding bitcoin mining. 

Is Mining City a Scam

Let’s explain what is the Mining City about in simple language. 
This is a crypto MLM company where the money is being made by recruiting new members.

Their structure looks like this: 

Is Mining City a Scam

There is no product to sell and whenever you see a company with such a structure without having a product to sell, it is an outright pyramid scheme.

What else do we know about the Mining City? 

  • This company is based in Cyprus – Europe and the foundation date is most likely December 20th, 2018. 
    It is important to mention that Cyprus is a fraud-friendly country. Meaning that a lot of companies do have their headquarters there, but the reality is that the “headquarter” is just a PO BOX. 
  • Another thing is that Mining City is committing securities fraud.
  • Mining City is not registered with financial regulators in any country they operate in. 

Founder of Mining City Group

The founder and current CEO is one person. His name is Gregory Rogowski. 

Is Mining City a Scam

He uses also aliases and can be recognized as Grzegorz Rogowski or Greg Strong. 
This Gregory guy comes from Poland and it is believed the real headquarter of the Mining City is in Warsaw, Poland. 

We don’t know where the real company is based though. There is no real address. 

Who is Mining City for?

By now you are most likely aware of the fact the Mining City is most likely a pyramid scheme. 
Therefore I don’t recommend joining this company. 

I am pretty sure you know how pyramid schemes work. 

Is doTERRA a Scam

The only ones who really make money are at the top. As soon as there will be no new members, the system collapse and the founders will disappear. 
The rest will lose all the money. 

How to Join the Mining City Group?  

In order to register, one must provide the user name of a sponsor. The sponsor will receive a commission based on the plan the prospect chooses. We will get to the price structure in a bit. 

Once you choose your plan you are asked to transfer your funds to Mining City BTC Walle within 30 minutes. 

There is 72 hours refund policy, however, if registered in Citizen Tree the refund is not possible. 

Mining City Compensation Plan

Every MLM company has a complicated compensation plan. I am pretty sure the majority of people joining the MLM do not understand it entirely. That is actually on purpose. 

It is the same case with Mining City. You can read the whole document here, but I am sure, even if you open it, and read it through, it won’t be clear right away. 
And that is not your mistake. 

Let me break it down for you: 

As you know there are different levels or ranks within the structure. The higher rank you are in, the more money you make, that makes sense right? 

Is Mining City a Scam

What are the rankings? 

  • Resident – In order to qualify you only need to pay $300 
  • Citizen – The price is $600
  • City Builder – You need to “invest” $600 and on top of it you need to refer at least 5 Citizens
  • City Developer – Price $600 and you need to have 3 City Builders from the different leg in your Team Tree
  • City Manager – The investment is $2,400 and you need at least 3 City Developers, again each from a different leg.
  • City Chief Manager – The cost is $4,200 and you need 3 City Managers
  • City Mayor – You need to send the funds in the total amount of $12,600. In order to be at this level, you have to have 3 City Chief Managers. 
  • Governor – The “investment” is $13,800 and on top of that, you need at least 3 City Mayors, each from a different leg. 

Can you imagine finding 5 persons who would pay $600 each? 
Well if you do – more power to you, but it is pretty darn difficult. 

In theory Mining City offers residual commissions. These are the money that comes from your downline. 

The maximum daily earnings depend on the rank but it goes as follows:

  • Resident’s max daily earnings are $200
  • Citizen – $800
  • City Builder – $1,000
  • City Developer – $1,200
  • City Manager – $1,600
  • City Chief manager – $2,000
  • City Mayor – $2,400
  • Governor’s maximum daily earnings are $2,800

In the Compensation plan, there is alos a Binary Matching Bonus and a Plan Bonus, but we won’t go into that for a sake of time. 

How Much does Mining City Costs?

This entire system relies on people hoping for big returns. 

One can “invest” $300 or $12,600.
There are several levels in between and we have already coved that. 

Is Mining City a Scam

Above is just a screenshot of the member’s site right before deciding on what plan to buy. 

Is Mining City a Scam? 

Yes, it is. 

Mining City is still a new company, founded less than 2 years ago (as of this writing). New members keep coming in hoping that they will reap the rewards of their investment. 

At this point members who are already at higher levels of this pyramid scheme do make money.
Or to be precise they only get money from new members. 

Once the majority of people find out that this is a fraud, there will be no new members. That means no source of income and this whole thing will collapse as a result of that. 

What I find extremely unethical is the way how new members are recruited. 
Of course, it depends on the sponsors, and probably not all of them force the newbies to “expand their team”. 

But generally speaking, a prospect is told to recruit the closest one, meaning family members and friends.
These are obviously the closest “targets”.

But would you risk it? 

People don’t want to get involved in regular MLM companies, let alone cryptocurrency MLM/pyramid scheme. 

In my opinion, whenever there is a combination of MLM and cryptocurrency, it is almost always a pyramid scheme. 
I mean, I am not a big fan of traditional MLM either and the reason is that most people just won’t make decent money. 

I have done a little study where I compare both business models. MLM and Affiliate Marketing

Mining City Reviews

If we take a look at the reviews people leave on the website called Trustpilot, we see that the reviews are not balanced at all. 

Is Mining City a Scam

Out of 32 reviewers, there is not s single one rating the Mining City Average or Poor.

How the reviews have changed, and what do they look like in July 2022?

Is Mining City a Scam

It got from “Great” to “Poor” for a reason.

And here is the screnshot from Trustpilot as of August 2023:

Mining City Reviews

Is Mining City Legit?

Not is not.

Adn here is why:
Individuals have expressed various opinions about the platform called Mining City

User Needing Withdrawal

A user from Argentina is in urgent need of withdrawing $400 worth of Bitcoins from Mining City to pay off debts. They express frustration over unresponsive support tickets and suspect the possibility of the platform intentionally avoiding addressing withdrawal requests.

Cyber-Security Investigator’s Opinion

A cybersecurity investigator cautions against Mining City, labeling it as a cryptocurrency scam.

The investigator highlights that while Mining City appears legitimate, it’s actually a well-designed scam.
The platform convinces users to invest in plans promising high returns, but it doesn’t invest the funds and operates fraudulent schemes instead.

Withdrawals become difficult, and the investigator urges people to avoid investing in Mining City and its renamed version, Imine.

Warning about Rebranding

The warning extends to the rebranded version of Mining City, now called Imine.

Users are warned to be cautious, as the company’s name change doesn’t change its fraudulent practices.

The platform is still known for scamming people by withholding their funds and not fulfilling withdrawal requests.

To elevate the situation a bit, it reminds the scene from a famos show:

Is Mining City a Scam

Besides here is an official warning about the Mining City saying that Philipines regulator warns investors to stay away Mining City:

Is Mining City a Scam

I think the message is clear enough and there is no doubt that Mining City is going to crash soon. 

What I like about Mining City

  • There is nothing I like about the Mining City

What I don’t like

  • A typical signs of a Pyramid scheme (pyramid structure without a real product)
  • Mining City is not a registered company. That means this company is not allowed to sell securities. It is obvious from how they operate. Based in Cyprus, with Polish founder and CEO and targeting Asia, South Africa, and Argentina. 
  • Philippines regulator warns investors to stay away from Mining City, as it is highly likely that it is a Ponzi Scheme


Mining City resembles a typical Ponzi Scheme. 
However, for time being there is no proof that this is a Ponzi scheme. 

On the other hand, based on what we have covered it is safe to claim that Mining City is a scam. 
Money that is within the company is money that the new members bring in. 

There is also no product and the only way how to make money is by recruiting others. 

My advice: 
Stay away from this pyramid scheme at all costs. 

It is much better to save money or maybe to invest in a sort of education. 

The Mining City is going to be around for a bit more, maybe 2 weeks maybe 2 months.
Who knows, maybe for another year. 

Let’s see what happens with the Mining City then. 

Do you have already experience with a similar crypto MLM company? 
What do you think about Mining City? 

Let me know please in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you. 

Thank you for reading


What happened to the Mining City?

Mining City is a platform that has been identified as a cryptocurrency scam. Users face difficulties when trying to withdraw their funds, and the platform’s customer service is unresponsive

Who owns Mining City?

The founder and current CEO of Mining City is Gregory Rogowski, who also goes by aliases such as Grzegorz Rogowski or Greg Strong.

He is believed to be from Poland, and it is suspected that the actual headquarters of Mining City is located in Warsaw, Poland.

Is Mining City real or fake?

Mining City has been identified as a scam and is considered fake.

4 thoughts on “Is Mining City a Scam?”

  1. Thanks for your review here. I actually heard about mining city some few weeks ago and it feels very good to actually see a review before trying to get into it. So, it feels very good being here now and actually enjoying this review. I think its better to stay off this since it is not the best recommended here and they are kind of like a pyramid scheme. Thanks

    • You are welcome. 

      That is exaclty right – Mining City is just a modern version of a Pyramid Scheme. 

      Unfortunately, there are many scams like this, so it is important to let people know about them. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment

  2. Over time, we have seen a number of MLM businesses that come up trying to say that they are trying to help people lean how to make money through crypto currency but the reality is that there is no product and they just want people to refer others. This mining city is one of that sought and I wouldn’t be looking to become a part of it at all. Your review is well written. Thank you!

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. 

      You are absolutely right. 
      Hopefully, more people will start to realize what the Mining City is really all about. 


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