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Is MarketPeak a Scam? Owners Want me to Take Down This Review

MarketPeak is just another company dealing with cryptocurrency…

Only recently I received a message from a law firm asking me to take down the article.

Apparently, the owner of the MarketPeak found out about his particular post and he did not like it.
So he contacted the law firm, and I am going to share the message with you:

Message From the Law Firm

PEAK SYSTEMS FZCO, DSO-IFZA, Dubai Digital Park, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai – UAE, represented by its CEO Sergej Heck, has granted us power of attorney and entrusted us with the representation of its legal interests.

  1. As you should know, our client operates the website https://marketpeak.com. It is an education and distribution platform that is part of the PeakDeFi ecosystem. The goal of MarketPeak is to educate and train the community in finance, blockchain and DeFi. In addition, MarketPeak offers the community a very well-designed and fair rewards plan.
  2. Our client recently took notice of your publication on your website with the following headline:
    „Is MarketPeak A Scam?“
    on https://setaffiliatebusiness.com/is-marketpeak-a-scam/.
    Your article contains false allegations. In detail:
  3. „No products“
    This is absolutely false. Our client offers a wide range of products and services. First you can choose between several membership packages. These packages offerings are wide-ranging, from highly qualified webinars that take place regularly and several times a week, to various training offerings with different topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, marketing, sales, and others that are of high value to the MarketPeak community. Another special feature are coin tips and reports. There are special in-depth analyses of specific cryptocurrencies which are issued once a month. The second special service is the algorithm software collection of live tested trading strategies.
  4. „Peak Token can’t be used outside of the platform“
    This is also wrong. The Peak token can currently be found and exchanged on several markets such as MEXC or Probit Global. Also see:
    https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/peakdefi/ https://www.coingecko.com/de/munze/peakdefi.
    Popular trading pairs for Peak in the market include:
    So it’s not true that it is impossible to exchange it for real currency.
  5. „Scam, Ponzi- Pyramidscheme“
    Because there are real products and the token can be exchanged out of our client’s platform, MarketPeak is a legitimate businessmodel and not a scheme as mentioned by you.

    Further characteristic of such a scheme is the obligation of the members to recruit new members. In addition, the main people behind such pyramid schemes are usually publicly not known.
    However, none of this is the case with our client. There is a real product, because our client sells educational courses and materials. All of our client‘s employees are listed and named on its website and its white paper. This creates a level of transparency that it can easily afford due to its legal compliance.

    Also there is no requirement for members to recruit new members. It should also be noted that MarketPeak membership does not even require an investment of its own. There is the possibility of a free membership, where it is also possible to receive commissions. This is also completely unusual for a ponzi/pyramid scheme.
    Our client does indeed use affiliate marketing for its business. However, this is not a “scam“, rather, it is a sophisticated business idea that requires a great deal of time and research work. Thus it presents a sustainably lucrative business for investors. Therefore, our client’s business cannot be described as “scam”. Your statement is false.

    Furthermore, you are not entitled to issue warnings. In the area of financial services, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority is the official supervisory authority. It therefore has the authority to issue warnings regarding certain companies and transactions. Especially in the cryptocurrency industry, which is particularly risky and therefore prone to fraudulent schemes.

    With your statement you have now seized this authority. By issuing this warning, you convey to the reader that there is a reason for this warning, which is already not the case. In this regard, we refer to our previous statements.

    There are no warnings or other assessments of MarketPeak by official authorities. There is also no reason to expect such an official assessment in the near future, as our client is acting lawfully. However, with your statement you create exactly this impression, as warnings can only be issued by public authorities.

    The false factual allegations presented above violate our client’s rights.

    The statements mentioned there are not simply statements of opinion, but statements of fact which – as shown above – are untrue. The statements are likely to hinder our client’s entrepreneurial progress and to cause considerable personal injury.

    The statements presented are used solely to damage our client’s reputation by falsely accusing them of fraudulent actions. These allegations serve solely to denigrate and disparage our client and have no basis in fact. The false and defamatory allegations in the articles at issue may deter potential customers and prevent them from participating.

    We therefore request you in the name and on behalf of our client to remove the article in question by

    As a precaution, we would like to point out that we will advise our client to take legal action to enforce the deletion if the deadline expires without removal of the article and the false allegations.

    Yours sincerely,
    Tae Joung Kim

If you would like to read the original post, let me know in the comment section below.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of MarketPeak. The review that has been taken down has been based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

22 thoughts on “Is MarketPeak a Scam? Owners Want me to Take Down This Review”

  1. Hello, my dad invested in the company few days ago and they are offering financial courses and you can exchange the peak coin for other coins, I don’t understand why some of the information that I’m finding online it says that it’s a scam?

    • Well, I am glad your dad has found some value in it…
      However, many Ponzi Schemes operate for years until they collapse.

      So he should pull out as soon as possible.

      The fact is that MarketPeak commits securities fraud and I can’t recommend the company.

      Wishing you all the best

      Thanks a lot for your comment

  2. Hello, My dad invested in the project few days ago and I could see that they are offering financial courses in the program and you can exchange the peak coin to other coins, I don’t understand why some of the information that I’m finding online says that it’s a scam?

  3. Moin,
    Nach dem Motto “gefährliche Halbwahrheiten” lässt hier wieder jemand Dampf ab.

    Zu den Fakten:

    1. WENN MP Produkte verkaufen würde, wäre es eine Pyramide – Recherche: Definition Schneeball-System.
    MLM gibt es seit über 100 Jahren und wird für die Zukunft von führenden Psrsönlichkeiten empfohlen.
    2. Die Provisionen werden in BTC ausgezahlt, können entweder ab 100 $ selbst überall hin verschoben werden oder jederzeit über den Support.
    3. Die Pakete beinhalten sogenannte Token, die 1 Jahr eingefroren sind – logisch, denn das Unternehmen muss ja mit irgend etwas ERWIRTSCHAFTEN.
    4. Über das MINTING und Staking bekommt man einen MEHRWERT..
    5. Der CEO macht kein Geheimnis daraus, Fehler in der Vergangenheit gemacht zu haben.
    6. MP ist über Quantstamp zertifiziert, die nicht jeden den “Stempel” geben.

    Man könnte jetzt ewig so weiter machen. Tatsächlich ist es so, dass es nicht für jeden etwas ist – muss es ja auch nicht.
    BREIT AUFSTELLEN ist das beste, das man tun kann. D.h in mehreren Unternehmen kleine Summen investieren und sich immer bewusst sein, dass es mit Risiko verbunden ist – selbst bei der Hausbank.
    Ich bin BEI MP, aber ich BIN nicht MP. Da ich selbst Skeptiker bin, habe ich lange gewartet, bis ich hier investiert habe und bereue es selbst nicht.

    Support arbeitet schnell und zuverlässig, was bei anderen Unternehmen schonmal schwierig sein kann.

    Wenn ihr wirklich Informationen haben wollt:

    Viel Glück im Investment.

  4. Hi as you mentioned frequently, which Ponzi schemes was he involved in and to what end?
    I can feel your incensed, but facts…
    Do you have a personal story with him or Market Peak?
    They are listed on CoinMarketCap and purchasable via Binance (who take the cash) and Pancakeswap. So no money goes to them!!
    Your assessment seems to lack facts that back what you say. However you also finish by directing people to your self??? Hhmmmm!

    • Hallo Frank,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I have collected information about MarketPeak and I have written this post. It is my opinion that I would, for instance, also share with my friends.
      With that being said I do my best to warn people so they won’t get scammed.

      The fact is – MLM type of “business” does not work for 99.5% of people.
      Let alone the mix of MLM and cryptocurrency.

      Another fact is that MarketPeak committis securities fraud.

      And am I “directing people to myself”
      Not at all. I show people what does it take to make money online.
      They can check the educational platform for free, so there is nothing wrong with that.

      Have a good one

      • Marketpeak is positvely listed on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/peakdefi/
        The peak token you can buy and sell on 6 very valued exchanges.
        Take out this lying article.
        I earn in marketpeak 4% of profit monthly. Without the growth of the value of this coin which growed in the last 3 months about 70 % of value.
        If you really want correct information let us make a zoomcall. Than put the video which we can record on your homepage. Speaking bad about a company I dont really know is no business style.
        Speak about what you know and not what you think. Marketpeak is one of the fastest growing companies I know. Marketpeak is the most secure and transparent network i have seen. And I have 20 years experience and I also lost money in scams.
        So I really have practice about controlling and overfewing a system. And I have a friend in very high level in the finance in Austria. When I explained to him he already was overviewing the company and afterwords he invested a high amount. Cause he said also that Marketpeak is amazing.
        So please be correct and delete this.
        Greetings Rolando

        • It sounds like MarketPeak is the BEST company one can invest in. Is that what you claim?
          It is obvious that you promote Marketpeak and it makes sense.

          Since, once people stop investing in the Marketpeak, the whole system collapses. That is the nature of every Pyramid Scheme.

          But I am glad it works for you.
          I am not so glad about people who are about to lose their money.

          Have a good one

          • Sorry Mike but you are not right. Look on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/peakdefi/ . I think you have no idea of cryptocurrencies how they work.
            But if you want we can make a zoomcall and I show you how I payout my own investment.
            And Marketpeak is also listed and audited with his fund on quantstamp and also on https://defipulse.com/ as a absolutely correct decentralized fund.
            Maybe you didnt get good informations about marketpeak. I invite you for a zoomcall with pleasure to overview my site in Marketpeak.
            you can write me an email or whatsapp and we organize an appointment.
            Rolando Lazar

  5. Lies over lies man!

    Marketpeak has plenty of useful products to offer, you just checked the FREE USER section. If you have a package you get more and more stuff. Like our education. We have coaches which normally worth 4-5 digits in Euros and you can get access with a one-time invest of 2000$. And you get also special coin webinars which are amazing in performing. Some people got millionairs with just one cointipp in which they invested. So this makes your other lie about not making money except referring this. We all make money and are happy with Sergej, David and Benjamin who helped over 50000 members worldwide to make their lives better. 😉 Don’t spread bullshit and spread peace and love!


    • Well, I appreciate your comment regarding the MarketPeak.

      I am sure it has been working for you, or at least for time being.
      Also, it is awesome that you all guys make money with this. Based on that, MarketPeak must the very first system on the entire planet, in the entire history of mankind, where all members make money.
      I mean, WAW.

      BTW, Sergej has been already involved with 3 Ponzi schemes before and MarketPeak works almost the same. (Did you know that many Ponzi schemes can work for years before they collapse?).

      And FYI, I spread love and I try to make people’s lives better by warning them about NOT falling into such scams.

      Thank you again for your comment, I am sure readers appreciate it as well, despite the fact that you are part of this scheme.
      (I mean no offense).

      Peace and Love to you as well

  6. You just answered all the questions I gave to my boyfriend when he told me about Marketpeak. Sadly, he invested with them already. I hope he got his money back before it’s gone.
    Of course, I also checked of the exchanges that the PEAK listed, only one out of 6 exchanges are in class A of transparency, the rest was in class C (fair) or below.

  7. It’s very nice of you to make this review of marketpeak, personally I’m not really a fan of products that dominantly requires you to refer people before you can earn money from it, they are kit always good and they don’t always have anything else to offer apart from payment on referral. I don’t recommend  marketpeak

    • You are absolutely right about MarketPeak.

      It is not wise to be involved with this company. 
      Thanks a lot for your comment,

  8. Someone in my network mentioned MarketPeak and I have been looking online to find details of what it is all about. From what I am reading here, it sounds like it’s an opportunity to pass on. I am not a fan of getting into businesses that I don’t understand and I have only very basic knowledge of crypto. You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate in the article which I am more familiar with. Building a website to drive affiliate sales sounds like a much better business model.

    • You are right,

      The market peak is basically a new kind of pyramid scheme. 
      It does not make sense to join, since at the end of the day everyone will lose the money. The only money that is in the system is the money that the newcomers pay. 

      That’s the  “business model”. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment. 

  9. Honestly, I had my mouth opened when I was reading this article. It’s not the article that is the problem, it is MarketPeak. These days, so many companies are out there just to undo and defraud people, mostly with a concept that has to do with MLM, Affiliate Marketing, and Crypto currency. It is not so hard to see that MarketPeak is a scam from reading the article. Thanks for this vital informative review on MarketPeak.

    • Hello Kelvin,

      I am glad you like the review on MarketPeak. 

      It is important that more people will find out about this site and there are more of them and I am on a mission to review as many as possible. 

      Thanks for your support


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