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Is Inbound Closer a Scam?

Hello and welcome to my site.

I am glad you have decided to do a review on this product called Inbound Closer.
This is actually the best way how to avoid scams.

Does it mean that Inbound Closer is a scam?

Well, this is what we are going to find out, but I can assure you that this is not an outright scam.
Is it something that I fully recommend?

Here is the thing – our world is not black and white and therefore we are going to cover both pros and cons of Inbound Closer so, by the end of this review, you will be able to decide whether to purchase this product or not.

Let’s get right into that.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Inbound Closer. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Inbound Closer
Website: www.inboundcloser.com
Price to Join:
$97 + be prepared for “aggressive” upsells
Recommended: Not really

Inbound Closer Summary

Inbound Closer is a 21-day training program teaching how to close a deal with customers that are “eager to buy”.
According to the sales video, the earning potential is a few thousand dollars per week that can be generated by the next month and onward.

There is no experience required and all you need is a cell phone and this course costs less than $100.
The problem begins after purchasing the product when they want you to buy more… They call it “upgrade” and eventually these upsells are several thousands of dollars.

The value you get does not correspond with the amount you’d pay for Inbound Closer.

That’s why I don’t recommend joining this product.

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What Is Inbound Closer?

Inbound Closer is an online course teaching how to become a successful telemarketer making hundreds of dollars from commissions.

In other words, this course is teaching how you can start generating thousands of dollars as an affiliate marketer.

Is Inbound Closer a Scam

According to the sales page (or video), you are going to learn how to become good at the telephone and how to close a thousand dollars worth of deals.

Apparently from one sale, you are able to make more than $900!
That is because you will be offering only premium products that cost thousands of dollars.

The good news?
You won’t be making any cold calls, so you don’t have to worry about bothering people and convincing them about investing and purchasing new stuff.
As the name of this product suggests, you are closer.

That means you only provide a premium recommendation to customers that have already applied for the high-dollar service.
Apparently, the chances of closing a deal are therefore high (up to 40%).

Although you must be prepared to spend hours on the telephone since on average, one phone call lasts about an hour.
Of course, not everyone will buy from you, so it is recommended to do several calls per day.

After closing the deal, you get 10% to %25 commission.
As you see the earning potential is pretty high.

It sounds really promising, almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

In the sales video, the spokesman (or maybe it is the person who is behind the Inbound Closer) claims that these are the easiest commission checks that you could earn.

You only need to:

  • Pick up a phone when it is convenient for you
  • Follow the script you get, “word-for-word”
  • Enjoy these big, high dollars commissions

So in a nutshell:

  • You pay $97 for this course
  • You are provided with a bunch of customers that are eager to buy high ticket products
  • You follow the script and you close 40% of the deals
  • You make thousands of dollars per week.

It seems like it all makes sense.
But let’s stop for a second.

Are we to believe that a person with no telemarketing experience before is going to purchase this course and will be making thousands of dollars next month?

The entire sales video strongly reminds me of a get-rich-quick scheme.

Well, let’s break it down, and let’s start with the owner.

Founder of Inbound Closer

This digital marketing training program is created by a person named, Payton Welch.
Or at least this is the information we get in the first part of the sales video.

Is Inbound Closer a Scam

There is not enough information about Payton, however, research shows that he is a real person.
(That is always a good sign since there are so many scams out there where it is not easy to find out who is behind the curtains).

Back to the Inbound Closer.

Actually, Payton admits that originally this idea is coming from his brother, Taylor and Payton is only a co-founder.
Fair enough.

Who Is Inbound Closer For?

This is where one must be careful.

According to the sales video, this is for everyone.
But I am sure you know that not all people are comfortable using the telephone, some try to avoid making phone calls.

But in theory, anyone can try this out.

It is important to be able to communicate clearly, feeling confident so the client on the other side can trust you.
Without that, you won’t “close” a thing.

Also, let me remind you that one must realize what it takes to make a commission, using the phone.
Most likely it won’t be as easy as it is introduced in the beginning.

Besides, the investment of $97 is not a guarantee that you start making hundreds or even thousands of dollars per week.
This is not the final price either and we will get to that in a bit.

How Does Inbound Closer Work?

As we mentioned they try to convince you that this is some sort of easy money. That is what is their sales video all about.

Here is what you get:

  • Daily Commission Check Blueprint – This is a library of instructions on how to close a deal within a week.
  • Inbound Closer Accelerator – a bunch of materials from Taylor containing more than 3,000 calls (apparently more than $42 million worth of deals)
  • Post-Call Recordings and Breakdown – This is supposed to be your personal collection, behind-the-scenes calls analyzed by 7 and 8-figure closers.
  • Access to Inbound closer Mastermind Group – a platform with support and where you can share strategies with fellow closers
  • First-Client Case Studies – Case-Stuy showing how a 22-year-old made more than $20,000 in the first two weeks.

Sounds fantastic…

After purchasing their product you go through the 21-day training (all videos) where you should learn everything you need to start making the high commissions.

You are told to follow the template and once you make a sale or two, then it becomes just “Rinse and repeat”.

Does it mean that we can apply the same template to every potential client?
Of course not.

Every person is different and therefore it is necessary to improvise, in other words, you need to have a different approach.
That requires experience, a lot of trial and error.

Now, how about those clients Payton was mentioning in the sales video?
The truth is that you would have to purchase access to that list, meaning additional costs, on top of the initial $97.

And that’s not all.

Once you go through the training you are contacted by Payton’s team asking you to upgrade.

And make no mistake about it  – these guys are really convincing. It is their job to talk you into paying for additional upgrades.
They can go from several thousand dollars to $10,000.

This is how Payton and other guys behind the Inbound Closer make money.

How Much Does Inbound Closer Cost?

By now you know that the initial price of $97 is not the final price.

Is Inbound Closer a Scam

Well, the good thing is that there is a money-back lifetime guarantee.

Is Inbound Closer a Scam

There is not a word regarding the upsells, though.

Therefore you have the entire price structure here:
After the payment, you get another pitch recommending upgrading.
The price was $900!

And even after you manage to say “no” you get immediately another offer (the last time offer) something in a manner:
“Do you really want to miss the opportunity to pay one tie $100?”

If you pay attention to this offer, you find there that you will have to pay another $800 (or $100 each month for 8 months)

And there is more…
They offer another “deal” that costs $297. This is supposed to contain a sales kit and some kind of premium plug-and-play cheat sheet.

Why we are not informed about the price structure upfront?
I wouldn’t mind paying an additional $40 or even $100 for some kind of upgrade.

But we are talking here about thousands of dollars!

It strongly resembles Clickbait.

Imagine a person willing to invest $97.
What is going to happen next?

He sees that he or she needs to pay a severe hundred extra!
… and later – even thousands of dollars.

Is Inbound Closer a Scam?

In my opinion, it is not.

But according to their price structure and their clickbait technique they are not very far from being a scam.
Fortunately, you get a money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Is Inbound Closer a Scam

OK, but it is not a product that I can recommend.

It really seems like one of another quickly thrown-together course that has no real training, no value.

He talks about this billion-dollar industry and how easy it is to get a chunk of it.
Well, it all looks awesome, but the reality is different.

The sales video is not transparent and one can say it is misleading.

And based on the price structure, or the upsells structure it makes sense what is this all about.
Just to make money for the founder.

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Before we Wrap up

You may have seen already some reviews of this product.

But how do you know that the creators of these reviews are not biased?
Or how do you know that the review you are reading is not promoting the product?

Don’t get me wrong, this is actually a legitimate business model.
But the thing is, I just don’t feel like promoting a product that has no value (or little).

Unfortunately, many reviewers don’t care what they promote – as soon as they get a commission…

This is in my opinion morally wrong.

I believe that people, readers, need to be informed about the product right upfront, including the cons and pros.

I am sure you and I agree that no product is perfect.
And therefore there are always some cons.

Even my favorite digital platform, I find some cons and I also mention them in my review.

So how do you know that they are not promoting it?

Check a few things.

For example here is what the affiliate links look like:

This particular one is from Clickbank.
Each affiliate program has a different structure of the link.

Again, nothing wrong with that – this is how affiliate marketing works.

But make sure to check also the Cons.

Hee is a screenshot from one particular site promoting a digital product, called 1 Page Profits.

No cons?
Is this product really perfect?
Well, I wouldn’t be so sure.

Just think about that, and let’s take a totally different example from the automotive world.

There are certain aspects of Lexus or Mercedes or BMW that are not completely perfect.
All products (digital or physical) do have some cons.

The rule of thumb is as follows:

  • if there are more cons than pros – Don’t purchase it.

Some products offer a money-back guarantee, so in that case, you can test it out and see how it works for you.
There are also a few products that have a free trial.
(For example, my favorite educational platform, is called Wealthy Affiliate).

What I like about Inbound Closer

  • Refund policy
  • Founders of the training are well-experienced marketers
  • The initial price is reasonable (except the upsells)

What I don’t like Inbound Closer

  • The sales page resembles clickbait  (very misleading)
  • It takes a lot of effort (5 calls a day to close 1 deal in the ideal case)
  • Additional cost required in order to get the client-ready list ($1,000+)
  • Exaggerated claims about the earning potential and how quickly one can generate income. In reality, it doesn’t work that way.

Inbound Closer Conclusion

Do you find yourself self as a person enjoying talking on a phone?

Awesome this is probably a suitable program for you.
Make sure to have a budget ready, since this might cost you several thousands of dollars.

If you don’t like talking on a phone I am afraid this is not the path you want to take.
I would suggest a bit of a different business model where you don’t have to be on the phone and you don’t have to bother other people.
How about a business model where people come to you for advice?

It is important to learn how to create a website and how to rank on Google.

I admit, this takes time and effort but learning skills like SEO (how to rank well with your website) is pretty valuable.

I am glad I have found a platform that has very detailed training on that and it teaches how to have multiple streams of online income.
At the bottom of this post, there is a link with more details.

In case you have questions regarding the Inbound Closer, or you want to find out more about affiliate marketing, please use the comment section below.

I will do my best to give you feedback within 24 hours.

Thank You For Reading,

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