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Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam?

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In the following review, I am going to answer the question of whether IM Mastery Academy is a scam or not.

IM Mastery Academy has been around since the middle of September 2019.
It may seem that it is a new company but make no mistake.

IM Mastery Academy is just a copy of an older version called iMarketsLive, or IML Academy.

Is there something wrong with it?
Do they keep changing the name because of something fishy going on behind the curtains?

Is IM Mastery Academy a Scam?

Well, the answer is not that straightforward and we are going to explain why this change has happened and what is going on with this new-ish company called IM Mastery Academy.

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We are going to check also the Income Disclosure, so you get an idea of how much people make within IMMA.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of IM Mastery Academy. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.
Although, the following post might contain affiliate links.

That means if you click on them and purchase the product, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

IM Mastery Academy Full Overview

Name: IM Mastery Academy
Website: www.im.academy (or www.imarketslive.com)
Price to Join: Enrollment Fee $184.95 + $174.95 per month
Recommended: Not Really (They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, so feel free to try)

The IM Mastery Academy is just a new name of the International Market Live LTD, which has had no authority to offer Financial Services and Products.

The official page of the Financial Services and Markets Authority in Belgium “strongly advises against responding to any offers made by International Markets Live”.

IM Mastery Academy is an MLM company that is supposed to provide its students with information about the foreign exchange market (Forex).

Although the educational material might be decent, the main focus is on recruiting.
The prospects are told that the recruiting is optional, but the truth is that real money is in recruiting.

Therefore I don’t recommend joining the IM Mastery Academy.

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What Is IM Mastery Academy?

IM Mastery Academy is an MLM company teaching about the foreign exchange market (Forex).

They provide courses and tools that help develop trading strategies, show real-time trade ideas, and get more information regarding the Forex market.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam

Forex is a trading business concerning the relative value of one currency vs. another.

IMMA provides tools and training that becoming a trader easier than ever.
This is at least how it is presented on their website.

Now, let’s take a look at who is behind the IMMA.
Christopher Terry the current IMMA CEO started in the construction business.

He realizes that this is not the way he wants to go, so he gets into Forex.
After 3 years he finally left the construction company for good and started as a full-time trader.

In 2013 he founded iMarketsLive.
This was officially an MLM company, but the only way to make money was through recruiting.

So it was an outright pyramid scheme.
To avoid a lawsuit, he changed the name of the company and changed the strategy as well.

He adds products the to company portfolio so people involved within the IMMA must sell these products.
These products are courses on how to trade with currencies – Forex.

The trading courses are the core of their business now.
That is the main difference between now and before.

For example, an IMMA representative has to have more than 50% of the sales/commission from the product retail before he can recruit.

This gives a legitimate aspect to the IMMA.

Is IM Mastery Academy Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries.

Regarding the IM Mastery Academy, we see above that it is no longer a pyramid scheme.
Having a product within its portfolio, IM Mastery Academy is a legitimate MLM company.

If the question would concern the predecessor (iMarketsLive), then yes – we have to say that yes. The iMarketsLive was solely focusing on recruiting.

With a new name, the IM Mastery Academy also introduced a new “game plan” where now they focus on selling the products as well.
The recruiting part still plays a big role when it comes to making money with IMMA.

To avoid any confusion though, here is a short explanation of how to spot a pyramid scheme:

 Someone has written me an interesting letter regarding the International Markets Live LTD which is a predecessor of IM Mastery Academy (basically they both are the same company).

I have also done a bit of research and found out that the FSMA which is the Financial Services and Markets Authority issued a document back in January 2018 regarding the International Markets Live LTD.

Here is the screenshot of the document:

is im mastery academy a scam

You can check the article at the official FSMA site.

We know by now that The IM Mastery Academy is exactly the same company as International Markets Live LTD, they just changed the name in 2019.

The reason for changing the name is obvious from the information above.

So Why There is an MLM aspect within the IM Mastey Academy?

The answer is simple.

If they can’t provide good leads within the Forex Market, the only way their students can make money is to recruit other people, who will recruit others, and so on…

Think about it.

If a company knows how the Forex market works and they have a good mentor with real experience they do not need to become an MLM company. right?

Forex Signals Review

Clients of a legit Forex Company can make money by trading.
That’s it.

It is not the case with IM MAstery ACademy, though.

What Is the Price to Join IM Mastery Academy?

IM Mastery Academy has several bundles, you can choose from.

Before choosing the bundle you are required to pay the so-called enrollment fee.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam

1) ECX Academy
Enrollment $184.95 + $174.95 monthly

This training is created for those interested in the eCommerce market.

You are supposed to learn how to run Facebook ads and Instagram Ads, how to analyze the data, and scale up the business.

It doesn’t say, whether you will have your own website.
If you do, my guess is that the online store will be hosted on the IM Mastery Academy subdomain.

That means you won’t have control over the website, which is a drawback.

2)DCX Academy
Enrollment $184.95 + $174.95 monthly

In the DCX Academy, you should get mentorship from veteran master educators from the digital currency markets.

Apparently, there is no need to have prior knowledge of digital currencies.

3) HFX Academy
Enrollment $184.95 + $174.95 monthly

This bundle offers training regarding commodities, bonds, metals, and currencies.

4) FRX Academy
Enrollment $184.95 + $174.95 monthly

Apparently, inside the FRX Academy, you get “everything you need to know to start taking full advantage of the $5.3 trillion foreign exchange markets”

Again, no prior experience is needed;
You are told to learn the basics, intermediate, and advanced levels… so at the end of the day, you are promised to master currency movements.

5) Elite Academy
Enrollment $324.95 + $274.95 monthly

Full access to FRX, HFX, and DCX academies.

Depending on which pack you choose, you are provided also with a variety of tools.

You can also change the pack, or switch from one to another as you wish.

IM Mastery Academy Independent Business Owner?

There is a possibility to partner with IMMA and become an Independent Business Owner (IBO).

When it comes to IBO, I would like to share with you my opinion.

It is always interesting to listen to these people from MLM when they talk about recruiting.
They go like this: “as your list grows” or  “as your customer list grows, you have more and more subscribers…”

Let me tell you one thing straight – people you are about to recruit, just don’t show up.
You have to chase them.

You have to find these people and it is not an easy task to talk people into joining such a “business opportunity”.

You can try to sell them the dream – to sugarcoat it a bit, but it is not an honest way.
That would be taken advantage of by people.

And since IMMA is an MLM you are recommended by your sponsor to recruit your family members and friends.

These people know you, so it should be a better chance to convince them.

I don’t know whether you have some experience with MLM marketing, but most people soon run out of friends and family members.

They just don’t want to be bothered anymore.

Products, That IM Mastery Academy Offer

The packs covered above are also the courses you can sell.

If someone chooses to become an IBO, he or she can purchase the following tools individually as add-ons.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam

Let’s break down a bit some of the tools that are part of the packs as well:

  • Vibrata – This is a tool that is supposed to help you to find trade ideas, so you don’t have to spend time doing an analysis.
    Cost $9.95
  • Levels – This tool identifies entry points and stops loss.
    Cost $21.95
  • Delorean – An algorithm supposed to find you the best market opportunities, and the best different strategies, and helps to suit you the best style.
    Cost $21.95
  • Steady – This helps you to look for long-term trading ideas, so you don’t have to keep your eye on them every single day.
    Cost $21.95
  • Goldcup – Combination of different strategies that have a mutual connection with each other, and searching for high-probability trade ideas.
    Cost $21.95
  • Bounceback – This tool should help you to identify the best entry point to get into the markets.
    Cost $21.95
  • Pivots  – This algorithm “guesses out of finding market opportunities by identifying key reversal zones on time frames”
    Cost $21.95
  • Liberty – This tool concerns the high pace of trading ideas for binary options.
    Cost $21.95

How Can You Make Money With IM Mastery Academy?

Once you sign up for the IMMA, you become an Independent Business Owner (an IBO).
You recruit other people and thus you create your downline.

There are 11 levels you can climb.

To become a Platinum 150 ( which is the lowest rank), you need to have at least 3 subscribers and meet certain retail sales goals.

Your subscribers will buy one of the starter packs (either the Elite or Platinum Starter Pack)

Having 3 direct referrals (subscribers) you can earn up to $40 a week (that is about $160 a month or about $2,000 a year)

Now the way it is explained in the IMMA presentation, it seems like it does not require a lot of effort to get to the upper level, which is Platinum 600.

Let me tell you how they explain it:

“…what starts to happen, as your customer base grows, you have more and more subscribers, people start referring this as they’re having success.
You (your “team”) grow to 12.

It’s 3 customers who can obtain 3 customers so you don’t have to recruit all 12 by yourself. You make $150 a week.”

This is the way they talk:
As your network continues to grow, you make more and more money – residual income.

It looks really easy, right?
But think about that.
What kind of effort do you have to make to get these 3 subscribers?

And these guys would have to be better good as you are.
Each of them has to find another 3 persons, otherwise, you are not qualified to be a Platinum 600.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam

To make a full-time income, you would need to be at least the platinum 5000 (see the table below).
Based on the information in the Compensation Plant there are only 179 people who are at the level of Platinum 5000 and/or above.

179 persons out of total IBOs 26,557 is 0.6% = 6 people out of 1,000 making a full-time income.
That is a very low number.

IM Mastery Academy Income Disclosure 2018 & 2020

Here is a screenshot of the IMMA Income Disclosure for 2018.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam
IM Mastery Academy Income Disclosure

And let’s take a look at the newest IM Mastery Academy income disclosure for 2020.

(I am doing this update on June 2022, but the only available income disclosure is from 2020):

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam

According to the Income Disclosure Statement 2020, 97.58% made less than $10,000 per year!*

That’s about $833.33 per month or $208.33 per week.

*Please note that these numbers do not take into consideration any expenses, such as:

  • payment of initial and monthly fees
  • transportation costs
  • training and educational expenses

Source: IM.Academy

Let’s take into consideration the monthly fee which is $174.95.
That is $2,099.4 per year.

According to the income disclosure:

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam

More than 84% of their members lost money because they made less than $2,000 per year!

That is practically per the FTC statement.
(The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing
By Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D., Consumer Awareness Institute)

It isn’t easy to make a decent living as an IBO within the IMMA.
Not to mention that going out and “chasing” people might be exhausting and time-consuming.

At the end of the day, you most likely lose money.
Think about the travel cost and the time you waste while visiting your prospects.

Time is precious and it is always better to spend time creating something sustainable, therefore my recommendation is to check the article where I describe the difference between MLM and Affiliate Marketing.

To me, affiliate marketing is much more lucrative in the long run.

Regarding the earnings within the IMMA – The IBO has also an opportunity to earn a commission every time a referral buys one of the starter packs.

If your referral buys a Platinum Starter Pack you get a $35 bonus.
In case your referral buys the Elite Starter Pack, you get a $50 bonus.
The bonus system applies to the 2nd and 3rd generations.

This means you get a bonus:

  • $12 for every Elite starter pack in your downline – but you must be at least Platinum 600 and above
  • $7 for every Elite starter pack in your downline – you must be Platinum 1000 and above.

Here is a screenshot from the IMMA presentation:

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam

My suggestion for a person who wants to make money by joining the IM Mastery Arcade is to reconsider a different path.

That is affiliate marketing.
You don’t have to chase anybody and you can do that at your own pace.

IM Mastery Academy FAQ

1) What is IM Mastery Academy?

IM Mastery Academy is a platform that trades in the Forex financial market.

The company operates as a network marketing. 
In other words, it is an MLM company and even though people might earn some money by trading, the real money is in recruiting. 

Therefore if recruiting is not your cup of tea, think twice before joining the IM Mastery Academy. 

2) Is Mastery Academy a pyramid scheme?

IM Mastery Academy is not a Pyramid Scheme. 

However, if members of any MLM company make more money from recruiting than from actually trading it can be labeled as a pyramid scheme
For the time being, IM Mastery Academy has not been sued for performing illegal activities. 

3) How much does IM Mastery Academy cost?

The company has several bundles you can choose from.
The price starts at $175 per month. However, there is an enrollment fee – it is a one-time fee and it starts at $184.95.  The Elite Academy enrollment fee is $324.94 and then $274.95 monthly. 

Interested in Forex Trading?

Then I can recommend a different platform called ForexSignals.

This platform offers everything you need to make a forex trader.

  • Join daily live Streams to watch and copy the trades
  • Share your ideas and get feedback from professional
  • You get signals from professional mentors.

You have a 7-day trial to make sure that Forex Signals is for you.

Do you want to try something else?

Then keep on reading…

Is There Another Way To Generate the Income?

People have been exchanging currencies since ancient times.
Some people helped others the exchange for a commission.

I am not going to talk about history now.
My point is that it takes much more than just taking all IM Academy courses to become a successful trader with currencies.

Besides, the agenda of IM Academy is not to teach its members to become full-time currency traders but to grow their network marketing.

Not long ago they used to be a pyramid scheme without any product to sell.

To avoid a lawsuit, they have made changes and introduced products as a money-making opportunity for the members. But are these products/courses worth the money?

Do people get valuable information?

The trading business might be too complicated for a newbie. IMMA courses will not make you an expert in foreign exchange trading.

IMMA is presented as a company where one can learn about trading and make money using this knowledge, the truth is that it is just another MLM company.

If you are sick and tired of the MLMs and you still have energy left to learn something new I would recommend you check other paths.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam

What is much easier to learn is internet marketing. I am not saying you will learn how to make money online overnight.
But currently, people pay a ton of money for online education  – when it comes to internet marketing.

That has been around only a few years, unlike the trade market – which has been here long before the internet.

Due to the internet, you now can let others know about what is your passion, and most importantly you can educate/help others as well.

There are plenty of specific niche websites making a 4 or 5-digit in a month.

– f.e. you like taking photos, or fishing. maybe cycling.

Do you know how many people want to be advised by someone who is just a little more experienced?

I mean for many users a piece of advice from a regular fella is much more appreciated and has more value than from a professional.

That being said, anyone with a passion or a hobby can become a successful internet marketer. The best way to start is affiliate marketing.

You, providing help on your website, will gain an audience and they would be asking you how to become better and they would like to buy stuff.

Here is when you should give them advice, what to buy and what to avoid.

You include an affiliate link to the product you recommend and when people click on that link they are sent to (for example) Amazon.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam

You will get a commission from every sale this person makes.

If you want to find out more about both business models, you can read the article MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing where I include the PROs and CONs of both.

In case, you don’t have experience with how to build a website and create content, no worries. I did not have either.

In fact, in the middle of 2018, I had a hard time coming up with content.

But it is important to realize that such a blog post is just communication between you and the guy on the other side.
(Instead of talking to each other, he consumes your blog posts and he can leave a comment).

As for the “technical” part about how to build up a website, there are many free videos on how to start.

In my case, I needed something more than a free tutorial video on YouTube.
I wanted to have professionals who showed me exactly how to do that.

The platform where I have learned about how to build a website and how to make money with affiliate marketing is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Or let me make it even easier for you

Here is a video (it is about an hour long) where it explains how to set up an online business in 4 steps.

Building a highly successful business online isn’t rocket science, but most people go about it completely wrong.

In the video above, Kyle (founder of that WA platform) is going to blow away the idea of “business is complex” and show you how simplicity in the process will lead to much more success.

Back to the IM Mastery Academy.

Pros and Cons of IM Mastery Academy

What Do I Like About IM Mastery Academy?

  • Courses that can help you to trade on the foreign exchange market (The knowledge is not deep enough though, to apply that and start earning)
  • The compensation plan focused not only on recruiting but mostly on selling the products as a primary source of income (this way it diminishes the pyramid scheme aspect)
  • The company offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

What I Don’t Like About IM Mastery Academy?

  • Success is not a common thing within IMMA – see the Income Disclosure (less than 5% make a decent living)
  • Expensive to join
  • Courses – do not give you enough to become a proper trader. It is very difficult to become a successful trader using solely IMMA courses.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam?

Hopefully, we have covered all the pros and cons of the IM Mastery Academy,
I have explained why it is not a good idea to go down that road.

In my opinion, internet marketing has much more potential, and it is a perfect business model for those who want to work from home (and from any place on earth with an internet connection).

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam

It is a matter of time before even the IM Mastery Academy will either be labeled as a pyramid scheme or they can make some changes within the company.

People running the IM Master Academy have fixed some major problems but my recommendation is not to join the IM Mastery Academy.

Apparently, they do not offer financial services anymore, but it operate as an educational platform with the MLM aspect.

The MLM (Multi-level marketing) is based on recruiting and even though, officially you don’t have to be part of the MLM, you will be advised to “share” it with others.

If you have any questions about the IMMA or the alternative I have mentioned, please use the comment section below.

I will be more than happy to give you feedback – usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading,

About the Author

Mike is an affiliate marketing analyst, content creator, and the founder of SetAffiliateBusiness.com.

Consistently producing in-depth and insightful articles. 📚💻


109 thoughts on “Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam?”

  1. Hi Mike, thanks so much for this amazing deep dive on this scam. Just because it cannot be classified as a pyramid scheme, doesn’t meant this is not a scam. Clearly it is.

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on IM Academy in LatAm and other countries, in particular in Mexico and it gets extremely icky and dangerous for the people involved. IM Academy does not have a legal entity in Mexico, they dont need to register themselves apparently as they offer “digital products”, which means that there’s little local authorities could do (if they wanted to do anything of course) to prosecute these top earners.

    They also are not required to provide an income disclosure statement for these countries, which makes it very hard to prove to people that the medium earnings are basically $0 for 80% of the participants.

    Do you know anything else about what legal implications they are avoiding by being present in other countries?

    all the product they offer are valuable and ledgit. IM in the company for 2.5years now (and still paying monthly for the courses, DCX and TBX) and learned a lot. Since 4 months i became an IBO focused on value first. Because i truely believe people should get educated in this especially with the inflation and the 0.1% interet on the banksavings. We have a huge community in belgium and the netherlands (and quite a lote from allover the world) + the people that started with me , that i joined, are making real profits whereas they made losses before IM. These posts are from 2020. We are 2022 ! A lot has changed and that counts for me aswell on all levels, trading, personal growth and mindset. We hold Home meetings, events, incentives and all became part of a family. Whatever might have been in the past or if you had a bad IBO. Does not make it a scam or pyramid right now. Again, this is my second attempt to post , probably won’t even be posted. You can even put my name and website because IM proud being part of IM.

    • Hi Michael,

      I am glad it works out for you.

      As stated in the disclaimer, it is just my opinion based on the gathered information and the way how other MLM companies operate, and my personal experience with MLMs.
      However, thank you for the info and I will double-check the company and eventually come up with the update.


      • Hi mike, Just join me on a zoom and i will show you around and show the conversations we have in our community.

        Ps: I accidently posted again in this blog on an older post, you dont need to post it , it basically says the same

  3. Don’t trust them they are fake company, with fake promises, they will convince you to invest your hard earned money with them, don’t be fooled by all these scam investment brokers and account manager…

    • You don’t invest money with the company. You invest your money in the foreign exchange, crypto, and now stock market. There are no account managers or investment brokers correlated with IM Academy. YOU are in charge of your account and investments. Many people join the academy and just copy and paste trades from others and then complain when they lose. If you study and apply yourself you can become profitable. I’ve learned trading from this company and I was not profitable the first year. I also, didn’t quit because of it. I see and understand the value of trading and how it can help my life. Most people give up once they lose their money and want to blame the company and not take accountability for their losses.

  4. Thank you!!
    Me and my girlfriends from Holland joined a couple of days ago and suddenly I got the strange feeling that it was some kind of pyramide. I was looking on the internet for some information and I found your article.
    The do ask your id and your password so that “they can help you”. I didn’t understand it very well until I came upon your site. Now I know the structure of the company and its history. I signed out immediately and so did my friends.

  5. IML is no scam.I know several persons that make money from this academy.I even know a C50 who earns 50,000 dollars in a month.The recruiting part isn’t compulsory.You do tell people about business opportunities for free,right and they join? Sometimes,they don’t even thank you for showing them such opportunities. How is it bad if you do same,they actually join and you’re being paid/appreciated?Sound dope and encouraging to me. And tbh,your mentor matters a lot too cos some people just want to recruit and make money.Do your research, find a good mentor,pay for necessary tools(cos trust me,you’ll make more from your trades that you won’t feel the cost),work your ass off to learn how to trade well and you’re good to go.This academy has changed a lot of people’s lives.I’m not talking about strangers. These are people I know.Learn to enjoy the process too.

      • I completely agree with Valerie. Your statement about the P150-P600 is mostly the individuals that still have jobs but still making money in the markets. Your information is outdated and needs an update! I’m not knocking the research you have done but with every business you’ll have pros and cons. Example, if you’re working at a job and you have a manger (99% of jobs), your manger also has a boss, who also has a boss. If you think this is a pyramid scheme look at your current job and look at that tree they have created!

    • Well I agree. The fact that after the article, the author promotes another company to learn frkex trading, speaks volumes.
      The fact that Forex trading is risky we all know that!
      Almost every trader I have met outside of IM is broke or lost or have been scammed by others. I have only met one person, successfully trading alone. However, guys, none became a successful trader in 6 or 12 months!
      At least in IM you can learn and trade live with 6/7/8 figure traders. And with the recorded sessions, the education is Endless.

  6. Great tips! While I believe making $1k a day is possible for many people.

    The truth is that it takes hard work, the right hustle, and a mentor.

    This is where I found someone to help me plus I was able to join a mastermind of users for free:

    [link deleted]

  7. I have searched over the internet and it is hard to find some tutorial about IML what you can get when you join.
    For now I have found only few informations and usualy it is the same information you can find on any other website.
    THat is really bad. For a potential customer would be much more interesting to see which benefits you can get if you join.

    Only one website for now have written more detailed about IML and that is

    And here on your website I have found some usefull stuff that explains more about IM mastery academy

  8. My friend

    You missed out the most important things. How are the educators tested by IML? What exams does one undergo to become an IML mentor or educator. IML is the BIGGEST scam in the history of E-Commerce so far. I was part of it for ONE year. Yes. ONE year. I know every aspect of it – inside out. The educator advise trading set ups, without themselves having any economics, finance, or banking experience or passing the SERIES 34 exam of FINRA. It is a PURE money making scam for the elites at the top. I filed a law suit against them at the SEC. It is destroying thousand of lives. It must be stopped. IML must be shut down and CEO Christopher Terry must be sentenced to a few years in prison for his taking advantage of people hopes to make more money, BUT end up losing even more going into poverty. DO NOT JOIN IML. Their recruiters are sweet talkers that DO NOT CARE about you expect to make money from you.

  9. The $3k – $4k yearly output could easily pay for courses at community college or be used to offset accrued debt, while you learn various forms of trading and familiarize yourself with individuals who trade regularly. And can give you an honest representation what a proficient person has the capability to earn with the available capital you intend to invest.

    Start out with using literature if you are that interested, as you may find an alternative pathway to a curriculum suited for what you are capable of doing. Reference the BBB and FTC in regards to the unresolved complaints and go from there. Would a reasonably prudent person detract from their earnings to be funneled into what is 100% a MLM attempt that at one point had to change its’ practices into facilitating courses only, as they do collect residuals through referrals and the financial contributions of others; i.e. a hybrid pyramid.

    Keep researching or buy a book.

  10. Hello. I just want to put it out there that i hate the toxicity in this write up. Governments and banks will always warn you about things they profit on the side from like cryptocurrency, mlms, etc. The real eyesore is you subtly trying to bash another model of business by promoting your own in hindsight. I couldn’t give a hoot about this article if I wasn’t making my research and your poor write up won’t even be considered as sound advice. Besides affiliate marketing doesn’t sound so sweet anymore now that you’ve ruined it in my mind.

    • Hello and thanks for your thoughts.

      You are right – governments and banks work that way.

      But on the other side, there are companies pretending to offer value, but their products do not live up to the promise.

      As for the model I “try” to promote – Well I believe it is fair to offer the readers another alternative.
      I only show what works for many people.

      Affiliate marketing is still a viable business model, but it requires effort, patience -> therefore it might not sound sweet for a lot of people.
      It is quite normal that people want “quick money” therefore they tend to believe products like IM Mastery Academy and others.
      Unfortunately, most of them lose money.
      That is the nature of any MLM.

      I am glad though that you do your research.
      Maybe you should give it a shot and try affiliate marketing. I am sure you will be able to write a better article than I have.

      Wishing you all the best

      • “The trading business might be too complicated for a newbie. IMMA courses will not make you an expert in foreign exchange trading.” That’s also what you said after you were disclaiming, that you never even used the products of the companie. Which makes your whole argumentation invalide.

        • thanks for your comment.

          Each website or company has some Pros and Cons.
          In some cases, it is not necessary to try the product to come up with a conclusion.

          IM Mastery Academy has definitely more Cons than PRos and that’s why I don’t recommend buying these products (let alone becoming part of their MLM structure).

          That is my opinion and if you believe that this company can change your life, so be it.
          I wish you a lot of luck
          Have a beginning of the week

        • IMMA does not even qualify as a trading education. If you think so you are quite naive. Go and learn for five years straight with IMMA, and then try to take a LIVE position on the Stock Markets, and see what happens. My friend, the educators at IMMA, who are teaching you, DO NOT even know themselves what they are doing. It is all about recruiting, bring in more people, faster, quicker, listen to their conventions (as everyone is leaving so fast after one or two months), BUT IMMA will keep growing, you know why? Because people are sheep, and sheep get swallowed by wolfs. DO NOT BE A SHEEP.

    • Hey, how is this a bad write up? What is your input on the company? dude gives his opinion, it is informative at the same time. I was on a zoom call the other day and I asked would you have to recruit people I was told NO twice. Basically they lied and lying can get people hurt I dont care if its a family member or friend, Im not one to have them play with my hard earned money.

      • its a choice and you dont have to recruit people if you dont want to thats why you were told no. `if you want to recruit people then yes go for it but when you recruit the people makesure you take care of them help them succeed not just recruit n ignore them.

  11. Usually I don’t write these kind of reviews but this time I just want to protect people from future scam… because these croocks aren’t going to stop I know it for sure. first time they have contacted me I invested 1000€ they said they will be able to make more than 100% profit per month it was of course hard to believe but I had free money and decided to try it out (Because I thought I can withdraw it back whenever I want anyways) well after I invested they have traded on my account and as promised were making more than 100% gain per month (Only now I understand that it all was fake platform and fake profit) anyways after some month they proposed me to invest a very big amount of money just for 1 month to make 100% gain and then withdraw so I believed them and put in 150 000 EURO. Quite obviously after I sent the funds I haven’t heard from them for almost 2 weeks until I started ringing all the possible bells they have also locked my account and requested all kinds of documents, after weeks of trying to communicate with them it wasn’t working out and I couldn’t get any money. in search for help on how to get my money back I was directed to contact Mr Nathan Harold who work with crypto currency authorities, I contacted him and explained my situation to him, he requested for some details about the broker and concerning my investment, I forwarded all the details to him. it was all like a dream, through him I was able to get back all my money, please don’t sit back and cry when you facing difficulties in withdrawing your profit or you totally lost your funds to any Broker or Account Manager, kindly contact Mr Nathan through his email address: nathanharold076@gmail.com, I assure you a successful funds recovery.

  12. This is an extremely biased review of the company. You do not need to recruit people to make money. In fact the network marketing aspect of this company is completely optional. The $175 monthly membership is strictly the cost of the courses and having access to the mentors and being able to watch professionals do live market trades. A lot of people just take the courses to learn how to trade FOREX and get out. You can cancel your membership at any time. You can make a on of money in financial markets as long as you actually commit to learning and having the guidance from market professionals has been extremely helpful in learning the skill. The network marketing side of this business is genius because you don’t have to sell anything. Trading is a legitimate skill and people want to be taught by professionals. That’s why I signed up. I had been trying to learn on my own and was losing money but now that I have hands on mentors to help me I am finally profiting off of live trades. People sign up easily because they want to learn a skill that generates income without having to sell, bother people and recruit. Trading is the answer to that.

    • Hello someone contacted me one of a kind of friend regarding this and I kinda felt as though it was I scheme and looked into it my self .I always wanted to learn stock and trade but as beginner I’d like to do this correctly.so if they don’t recruit I’m this company why are they then I am confused.

      • Hey, good post but we making money over here I just signed up and almost a month ago and the first thing they tell you is “you can sign ppl up or you can use the tools to trade for yourself, it’s up to you” daily I watch ppl make money while I make money at the same time with them…so the statement that “you have to sign ppl up or have a downline to make a living is not at all true. Plenty of ppl haven’t signed anyone up yet and are pulling out 4-5 figures weekly. I speak to them we share trade ideas and screen shots of our earnings, its a family… I think because there’s so many so called black & latino ppl involved and profiting everyone (other racist nations) want to see us back on the plantation (9-5’s) slaving. We doing good keep up the fake news, you just holding ppl back.

    • bs they do not teach enough to be profitable, they use unregulated brokers and don’t try and say you can use a different broker. if your a novice and your so called mentor(who only have 4 to 5 months in) promoting either hugos way or Kot4x. the biggest scam plus they dont teach volatility nor how to hedge. please your brainwashed

      • im sorry you did not do your research on who you signed up with. however don’t blame the academy for that because they offer me the same tools they offered you, the difference is your mentor was not knowledgeable enough to lead you into the right direction. therefor you lost and didn’t win.. You have to do your research in everything. I was able to leave my Job of 9 years and be home with my kids just by learning this skill. At the end of it, IM Academy is just an educational platform you learn an elite skill from. the hustle and work you put in is all on you. they are not at fault for you not plugging into your courses and really understanding the product. if you have to watch the course 10x to understand, then do that. but to say its a scam would be bull. I know too many people who have had there lives changed because of this opportunity.

      • Bull shit you have to apply your self to all education to get any gains I disagree with all opinions. They never ask for passwords for no accounts or give financial advice. All trades are taken at your own risk with out Im.academy so nice try people’s that are trying to bring education down….enough said…all profits from studying educational online classes. Thank you IM.Academy for blessing this knowledge

    • I also laugh when I hear about IM being a scam and etc. people don’t really do there research, therefor are left with assumptions. you DO NOT have to take part in the IBO side. you can simply learn the skill for a monthly fee of $174 which is paying for your courses and all the educators, tools, etc we have access to. Lets be real, nothing in life is free. If I told you I know a skill that will change your life and lead you to financial freedom and it was FREE then that would be a scam. The IBO side is strictly for the hustlers out here. The people who know how to make money work for them and are not afraid to lead. People do your research in anything you do. Be smart. Make sure you study the person and know there authentic before you just sign up with anybody from any company. I love it here. im team IM Academy !!!

    • This is the comment av been looking for.how can you bash another business by promoting yours. Biased review to the company

  13. Until you have actually given an opportunity a try, I think it is wrong to write with bias whilst promoting your business. If you wish to promote your business then do it without pitching or comparing it to one you have not actually tried out.
    I have been with IM Academy for 9mths now and I can honestly say that I have made back all I have paid for the education and some. I have had no interest in the networking side and have never been pressured by anyone to ‘recruit’ as you put it. My interest has always been to learn to trade and make enough to start my own business which I have done 6mths into joining the company. As already mentioned IM Academy is an educational platform. It does have the option of networking which is OPTIONAL. I have learnt a lot about trading and doing well with it. It is not a get rich quick scheme and not a scam because when you learn a skill, it’s for life, no one can take it away from you. A lot of people join and because they don’t or can’t take the time to learn to trade, they drop out and moan about it being a scam/all about recruiting which it is not therefore misleading others who may be interested in learning to trade. That is not fair.
    Again, to write accurately about a company that does offer a money back guarantee, get in there and see for yourself so you can make an informed decision. About it being expensive, check out how much you have to pay for college and university and then come out looking for a job, which could take up to 2yrs or more to find versus learning and earning at the same time whilst trading. I have not seen any other educational platform with continued support that charge less than IM Academy.
    If you want a life long skill that you control then look into finding an educational platform and making an informed decision rather than deciding based on someone’s article.

    • I have read your comment with great interest and I am sure you know what you are talking about.
      I am glad that IM Mastery Academy has worked out for you.

      The thing is that I personall don’t like this business model and prefer the affiliate marketing.
      People who reads this post have a choice and they can decide whether to go for a IM mastery Academy or the alternative I offer.
      Which one is better?

      It depends and everyone prefers something else.
      I wanted to give people a perspective. To see both sides so to speak.
      Yes they can try the IM Mastery Academy with the 7 days money back guarantee or they can try the Wealthy Affiliate for 7 days for free.

      It is up to them.
      My post may be bias since I am a human being with a feelings.

      But everyone needs to make his or her own decision.
      Hope it is understandable and if you have anything to add you are welcome to do so.

      Wishing you all the best

      • No no, I don’t think you’re doing yourself justice here!
        I don’t even know where to start haha..
        But I am taking time out of my Saturday evening to pitch into this conversation a bit..

        Look, I get you’re trying to sell your Strategy, that’s great!
        In fact I’m interested in Internet/Affiliate Marketing myself and would love to learn more about it.

        But I urge you to reconsider this entire post about IM! It is not only Bias in terms of MLM vs Marketing, because I believe Marketing is better, and you’re right. Apples vs Oranges to some extent in my humble opinion.

        But as someone who is part of IMMA, I see soooo so many flaws and errors with this post!

        It really saddens me, because I know for a fact what the company looks like on the inside and the value you get from this! I’ve only been part of it for a few months but it has already changed my Life!

        But I’m not writing this to talk about me, because I realize that 80% ish of all people inside IMMA are ‘Constumers’ and not IBOs, and those are people who joined to start a new career, a new part time job, to learn a new Skill, just like learning Internet Marketing, driving traffic etc.

        It has soooo little to do with chasing your friends and family members because the thought of that makes me cringe so bad!
        I’d never ever join if that’s what they want you to do..

        Now that my negative Emotions towards this bad bad “review” are dwindling, I find it highly unethical to ‘review’ a product without trying it! Then going ahead and bash it with inaccuracies and bad facts, only to be selling something else!
        Welcome to 2020 I guess..

        What IM is for me:
        It is an Academy, it’s a University, a place to learn!

        I joined the HFX and Delorean Team, because my buddy was able to quit his job and become a successful trader in a short time.
        I knew the markets were brutal, and it takes people years to become profitable in them.
        I joined only a few months ago with NO prior experience in the markets at all and already am a profitable Trader!
        I can only speak for the Delorean strategy as I have not tried the others. But it is simple to understand, you have easy to follow steps, and amazing live trading rooms where you take live trades and make money 3 to 4 days a week. There is hours and hours of basic Forex 101 material, and then about a good 30 to 40 hours combined of training material for Delorean package.
        Again, like a real physical academy, you have tons of material, what you do with it is up to you! (How many ppl get an arts degree only to never really do anything with it in real life after, or pursue something different altogether? Those stats aren’t pretty if you look em up)
        But I’m not here to sell IM!

        Literally nobody in my family knows I’m trading, because I don’t see that the MLM part of this company is their true Value!

        It is the Knowledge of navigating the markets and creating generational wealth. The PRODUCT! That’s their true Value, and what they are selling. The MLM part of it literally feels like an afterthought for me, for ppl to grow teams and earn extra passive income on the side!
        And if you’re not into the MLM side of things, there are many ppl who join the academy, learn their strategy of choice, and leave to trade on their own, which is literally what Delorean is all about. NOT to be dependent on ANYBODY, to become a ‘self sufficient trader’ that is profitable on the long run! That’s literally the Mission of Delorean!

        You can do anything you want within IM, just like in a real university!
        You have so many options;
        You can learn to trade Crypto, Forex, high frequency, swing trading, day trading, scalping tons and tons of strategies, heck they even have a whole Academy dedicated to E-Commerce!
        Again, life changing Value, true Value!
        And if you decide to chase friends and fam to sign up, then go ahead.

        But I met a P5000 the other day that had never ever signed somebody up he knew in person! Just through Internet Marketing and different online strategies and by giving immense Value to people who are hungry for information and wanna learn, without spoon feeding them. Independence is Emd Goal! Freedom!

        In terms of price being high, if price is an issue, you sign up two people and get everything for free, without even ever becoming an IBO. Literally the easiest thing ever.

        So yeah, honestly I don’t even know how to end this reply as I am sure it won’t even get posted, but it truly breaks my heart that a negative and blatantly FALSE “review” like this taints a company’s reputation which is providing so much information and knowledge and changing peoples lives all over.

        I know it has mine!

        And before you say you’re glad it worked out for me, I urge you to reconsider the overall post!

        It’s not about me or my success within IM, but about what you’re falsely ‘reviewing’ and portraying the company as.

        And I have no horse in this race, it literally doesn’t matter to me personally what ppl out there say about it because I get up in the morning and join a live Trading Room called Vector Games where we’ve consistently gained between 500 to a 1000 pips on US30 and SPX for the last month or so! I’m literally so hyped about that that nothing else changes my mind.

        Again, I’m not talking down or bashing on your Affiliate Marketing Strategy, as that really is on my Radar for some E-commerce projects coming up, but you are inaccurately presenting IM Mastery Academy and falsely comparing them to something else! Apples and Oranges my friend!

        So yeah, while you are focusing your entire “review” on what IML perhaps used to be, I’m focusing on what it is NOWADAYS. (A company giving immense Value, not a Pyramid Scheme and definitely not a Scam!!)
        While you are focusing on the MLM part of the biz, I am focusing this reply on the ‘Product’ part of the Academy.

        I could go on and on, but I have a feeling it doesn’t matter as there is no accountability on old blogs and ‘reviews’ these days.

        My intent is to plead with you!!

        Either way I wish you a blessed day and a great Holiday season!

        Stay healthy, stay well!

        Many Regards, Valerian

        May 2021 bring us all forward!!

        • I totally agree with this post. I joined 2,5 years ago
          And since then the value, education, mindset, family feeling and value has gone way up
          I am still paying for my cources , and keep doing so. I became an IBO 4 months ago. IM p1000 now, did not need to do any effort at all, because 95% of my people ( who became family and got follow ups and joined our community) are profitable now. People see that and want to join themself. If you are not profitable, it is because you do not take the education serious, don’t take notes, or don’t follow the first rule of IM “risk management and backtesting first”.
          GoLive and the scanners are awesome.

          Have a nice day !
          Hope the author of this site start doing real accurate research. We follow up, have a large community, we love it and all respect each other.

          Author, contact me so i can show you what we do on top of IM to help our community.

          As for me i stay in it unti my last breath

    • Hello I was presented to join this by an acquaintance so I’m assuming he’s part of the networking so there is a way where you can at work but you can also join without networking. I am curious because I’ve always wanted to learn stocks and trades but have always been scared. when I went on the live zoom when he presented me with the opportunity it seemed too good to be true. so I kind of jot it down all the information that they spoke about and googled everything myself and fell into this. I understand that it’s 200 for the first month and then the gentleman also said it was a monthly fee of a hundred and something and he became a millionaire not sure if I believe the millionaire part but I do believe that you can make your money back if you worked hard enough.you seem to be educated about this and have taken your business further if you met please email me and discuss with me exactly what this is ETC it would be very informative for me to make my decision if this is possible.

  14. That is some obvious Multi-level marketing / pyramide scheme, and thier courses is kinda worthless and you need some basics in finances. This is just a “get rich quick” MLM scheme to scam people that dosnt know anything about trading but are desperate after money.
    No legit site ever needs you to recruit more people to just get some basic stuff. This is a big scam.

  15. Actually trust me mate this is not a scam. From the outside looking in I thought the same in all honesty, but as local business man in West London I can tell you I’ve done a fair few businesses. IM has changed my life, no bullshit serious. End of the day all MLM platforms work, its all up to you as an individual to make it work. I make a good money from it and there is no secret to it either. I’ve done everything you can think of from ACN to pyramids scams to click funnels to CPA. For me IM works wonders and has done for everyone I’ve introduced. End of the day like many people have said already in the comments, you have a 7 day money guarantee. Literally what’s $250 for changing your life ??


    • I am glad the IM Mastery Academy has worked out for you, for only $250.
      Good for you man!

      The question remains though, is this company allowed to offer such a service?
      Besides, many people reported that this is a scam and not worth the effort.

      But I agree with you – They offer 7-day money-back guarantee, so everyone can try it and see if it is something they want to do.
      I just shared my opinion about the IM Mastery Academy and I do not recommend it.

      Wishing you all the best, Sonny.


      • They don’t offer “financial services and products.” It’s an educational platform. Financial services would be what banks offer. IM doesn’t offer anything like that. So yes, they are allowed to offer what they offer.

        I utilize the educational platform and do not partake in the MLM portion. The education offered is 100% enough to start trading and be successful at it. It’s life changing.

        • thanks, Sandy for your comment.

          I am sure it has worked out for you.
          Awesome, I am happy for you.

          Nevertheless, whenever I see that something is “life-changing”, my… I mean it is almost like too good to be true.

          But, hey what do I know. It maybe has changed your life.
          Good for you,
          Have a great weekend ahead.

  16. This Academy has absolutely changed my life for the better.

    The Academy comes with three things.

    1. A service that teaches you (this is the only academy- which is SO INFORMATIVE. And I love the quality of each video. Each video is fairly short too!
    2. A Service that mentors you (You actually are mentored by an amazing group of people. And have access to 100+ educators you actually are mentored by an amazing group of people. And have access to 100+ educators who are making A killing in the markets. I LOVE the Go Live sessions & I’ve made a lot of money taking signals from the educators on Go Live.
    3. A service that makes you money; I have been extremely profitable thanks for this Academy and educators by simply plugging into the system and utilizing the professional traders analysis and signals to profit on my own account.

    I have been extremely profitable thanks to this Academy and educators by simply plugging into the system and utilizing the professional traders analysis and signals to profit on my own account.

    I think it’s crazy when I read bad reviews on IM Academy because it’s literally THE BEST platform . There are SO MANY tools & so many resources to learn and earn. People really don’t apply themselves & then complain success hasn’t fallen in their lap.
    For me, I saw regular people getting the success that I wanted and I just follow the blueprint on how to achieve the exact same success. And it absolutely worked in my favor. I have a Masters degree and I’ve learned more in his Academy then I did with six years of higher education. The cost of this Academy is super low and so I think it’s really crazy when people make it seem like this is a huge scam when you are receiving value and learning on a daily basis and are constantly supported by people who have thI saw regular people getting the success that I wanted and I just follow the blueprint on how to achieve the exact same success. And it absolutely worked in my favor. I have a masters degree and I’ve learned more in academy than I did with six years of higher education. The cost of this Academy is super low and so I think it’s really crazy when people make it seem like this is a huge scam when you are receiving value and learning on a daily basis and are constantly supported by people who have all the success you’re looking to obtain. You can practice for as a long as you want on a demo account before investing real money.

    It’s absolutely worth it.
    I’ve learned so much.
    This skillset is VALUABLE.
    And this industry is a $7.7 trillion a day industry and growing.

    Don’t sleep on this!
    Also, keep an open mind before assuming you can’t do it. I thought That I needed to be good at math or that I needed to be good with charts and that is not the case at all. Of course like anything that takes practice but I saw real results within the first few weeks of getting started by simply doing what my mentors told me to do and applying myself with a positive attitude and an open mind every day. Good luck!

    • Thanks a lot for your comment.
      I am sure people interested in the IM Mastery Academy will appreciate it.

      In my IM Mastery Academy review though, I am not saying that it is a “huge scam”.
      It is just an MLM kind of business…
      Besides, in your comment, you are saying that IM Mastery Academy is the “BEST” platform. Sounds a bit biased to me.

      I want my visitors to read about the pros and cons and I make sure to mention them, even when it comes to my #1 recommendation (which is Wealthy Affiliate).
      With that being said, I can’t say that Wealthy Affiliate is “the best” platform since there are a lot of people that don’t like this type of platform.
      But they can test it out first, without spending a dime.

      To sum it up:
      People can try both, Wealthy Affiliate and IM Mastery Academy, for free – no risk involved.
      – IM Mater Academy offers 7 days money-back guarantee (This is an MLM)
      – Wealthy Affiliate offers 7-day free training (no credit card needed) (This is Affiliate Marketing)

      After 2 weeks of the research, everyone can form his/her opinion and decide which way to go.

      Wishing you all the best

      • Definitely, I agreed with you. I believe this comment is from one of the benefactor who are part of those interested in earn money thru people’s innocence and lack of knowledge about Forex. Actually, half of the people involved with this “company” ignore what that means. So….

    • Hello sir,
      A friend introduced me IM Tracey Academy but he is not yet a member. I decided to serch for more review about the platform. I notice that some called call it big scam while some say that it legitimate. Now, you have something that has motivated me. My question is, must I make the payment of $325 before a get access to the Demo account? Again, I tried to do the registration and I was asked to insert the user ID of the person who introduced the platform to me. NOTE: The person who introduced the platform to me is not yet a member. How do I start?

  17. Thank you very much Mike, I would say that your reviews help a lot.

    However, there’s no harm in trying especially when the company has a 100% money back guarantee within 7 days and the MLM is optional.

    In view of this, I would give a try and see how it goes, If it works fine I make money and If it doesn’t I gain experience.


  18. Definitivamente leer este tipo de escritos o comentarios se torna muy distorsionado cuando uno forma parte de una empresa como IM ACADEMY.
    Yo Jorge Zambrano, soy miembro activo de esta academia y hasta ahora no he visto más que una clara oportunidad de materializar una real oportunidad de obtener ingresos económicos ajustados a tus propios esfuerzos, a tus aptitudes para el logro de los mismos. Yo considero que IM ACADEMY entrega de forma muy transparente los objetivos y las metas a alcanzar con tan solo el compromiso que uno mismo ponga para el logro del éxito.
    No existe a mi juicio nada oscuro, desdibujado, engañoso, que pueda llevar el desarrollo de esta actividad a una estafa o timo, hacia alguno de sus suscriptores.
    Quie no conoce a IM ACADEMY, por dentro definitivamente no podrá opinar de contenido.
    Todo ser humano que ha ingresado lo hace conociendo el contenido y la oferta real a desarrollar.
    Cada quien crecerá, de acuerdo a su compromiso personal, a las aptitudes y destrezas que aplique para llegar a la independencia económica que buscamos.

    • Hello Jorge,

      I don’t understand Spanish, but I am sure your comment is valuable for other Spanish speaking persons.
      From what I have translated I understand that you are part of the IMMA.

      I believe the good thing is that person can choose whether to join the IMMA or he/she prefers affiliate marketing.
      There is no risk since IMMA has a 7-days money-back guarantee and that is enough time for everyone to form an opinion.


      • Thanks Mike,

        I find your article useful and a fair assessment of the company’s business model. You addressed their strengths and weaknesses from your point of view, which I find objective. You took the time to respectfully reply to comments posted, which speaks well of you.
        Some of the comments posted took a very defensive tone. They probably thought you were attacking their pockets.
        I value your opinion.

          • I just wanted to add some comments to this initially Spanish thread, I live on Mexico City and just today a neighbor reach to me because his daughter was offered with this opportunity from IMMA. But first let me tell you that I work as an engineer since several years and I have a master degree on Electrical engineering. However, on 2013 I took a detour toward the dream of trading, so I took several trainings on this matter and open stock account with Tradestation and started to day trade. In the mean time I read lot of books as trading in the zone (Mark Douglas), read trading for living from Alexander Elder, The trading book from Anne Marie Baiynd , Books of psychology of trading from Dr Steen Barger and tons of investing books as Benjamin Hill, Random Walk on wall street. I have watched lots of videos of several techniques for day trade, swing trade, position trade etc. Inclusive I certified as an investment advisor by government authorities. So, I am really not a novice. I logged more than two or three years of day trades every day analyzing day trade stocks with screen shots, comments, lessons learned etc. The result after all that is that trading (and more day trading) is something that depends more on your discipline that any training or course you take. Also day trading is tricky, you can think you got it because you are profitable some months and then the market changes and the strategy that you followed does not work anymore, and if you do not have money management rules your account would be wipe. I learnt this on almost seven years that I traded. So when I read comments of guys that got there in a few months I just think to myself, please share your results (and they will say as many traders, no that´ s private!) or maybe they have some good streak taking too much risk but in the long run several will blow their account. Forex is even more dangerous than stocks because they offer leverage, and that means you can trade bigger with less money, on the positive side you can multiply your account 2x, 3x, 10x in some lucky streak, but that is only temporary, on a bad streak you will give that all money back, and then you need to put more money on the account. Same history with options (also high leveraged). The brokers and forex teachers will show you the success cases but not the thousands of deceased accounts on that process. When you blow your account, they will insist on review your lessons and study more technical analysis etc. etc. Risk management is not good for forex brokers because no trading means no commission or gains on the spreads, leverage is also a sword of two edges and statistically high leverage trading is the door to ruin, and is not me saying it, is mathematics, just google it and you´ll see.
            Also, I see many comments that defend a lot the company, I suspect many of these comments are like the comments on amazon books, lots of great comments that are written by sponsors or friends of the authors (even members of the company). IMO educated people defend with concrete arguments and reasons and not attacking or even insulting, when I read an argument just being on aggressive tone it just sounds like a bit of fanatism saying, hey this guy thinks I am wrong, I’ll return the criticism with a punch… an old saying says if you fight pigs you´ll get dirty too. So I would listen to this guys if instead they state, what have you learn? Did they teach finobacci? Or bollinger bands ? Or VWAP? Do you even know what is the fractal market theory? Do you know what are the events that cause some catalyst on some currencies? You know what is the FOMC? How often are oil price inventories released and what currencies are affected by this? By metals as gold? Do you know that even if you know for sure at what price one currency will be on a future date you still can be screwed if you use too much leverage? All this are things that can find on lots of books and haven´t read any specifics about this on any supposedly positive remarks from this Academy, only the typical…. this changed my life, no accounts, no timeframe on which they have been consistently profitable, etc. I could go on and on… just one final comment, I am also a teacher myself, I have a training on Udemy very well rated btw, let me say that I felt so angry that a lot of mentors and schools (or Academies) charged thousands of dollars for available public knowledge and that really does not warranty success, that I decided to charge something modest like $20 dollars for a 20 hour training that shows all that I learnt, and BTW I am honest and warn the students that this is not magic, all this needs is a lot of work and discipline to succeed, so this is a way of a countermeasure against abusive holy grail sellers, and my two cents to this industry. Bottom line today I am profitable with a long term strategy on stocks only rebalancing my portfolio about 4 times a year doing a combination of fundamental analysis and a bit of technical analysis, diversification, dollar averaging and waiting medium long term, something that btw Warren Buffett has recommended as the safest way to get rich, and being himself one of the richest men on the world and not some unknown traders claiming to duplicate or triplicate their accounts but that never really go public I think we really should listen to him and not the many get-rich-fast schemes
            Thanks for posting your analysis and hope some of these comments help others to decide how to take his own poison on this option of investing their time and money

          • Hello, and I want to thank you for such a thorough comment.

            I also hope that it will help people to move in the right direction, and most importantly they will save their money by not “investing” in schemes like IMMA.

            Thanks again and wishing you all the best

  19. I stumbled across this review and I must say I find most of it incorrect.

    I have been a member of IMAcademy (IMA) for a couple of months and I have never been approached/ forced by any of the educators to promote, sell, or entice family, friends, or anyone else for that matter into buying or joining.

    The training I am receiving is honest and very accurate in its results. The group I have joined has a huge Facebook community to discuss trading ideas and give each other support with daily training videos with proven trading results. It is very good, to say the least, and the team I am in that gives training and uses IMA for its harmonic scanner and a few other bits and pieces to relate to what we are learning and it is a proven strategy that they show you unfolding in front of your eyes. No nonsense training.

    I am writing this because the author has not actually joined the academy and then written the review, whilst trying to sell his own method of training in the process on affiliate marketing (Double Bluff)

    Oo far it has been worth every penny and am so happy after searching for solid training to find such a solid team. I do not work for the company I am simply a customer and I would highly recommend IMA to anyone wanting to learn about trading, as the training keeps you clear of the typical junk trading styles you find on YouTube.

    If anyone wants to know more about trading and is sick of watching fake guru videos like I was, then contact me for any REAL information on a solid training strategy and you can enter a 7 day free trial to see for yourself IF you are genuinely interested in learning as this is not a get rich quick and will take time to learn.
    I have put my own details below for anyone wanting real information on this and to legitimize the authenticity of my comments.

    All in all. The issue with these sorts of reviews is there is no actual investigation into what they are trying to make you aware of and think it is very misleading.

    Stay Frosty people


    • Hello Paulo

      Thank you for your comment.
      I am sure you will be able to provide the readers with more relevant information.

      Let’s both of us hope that the traffic to this article is going to increase, so the visitors will be able to decide which direction to go.
      Wishin you a lot of success.

    • Honestly speaking you’re right, this review is highly biased, such a huge bluff. You literally haven’t gone in there or know what goes on in there and you write such an article dissuading people from joining at the same time ushering them into your own business of affiliate marketing, it’s funny gosh. I was expecting an actual unbiased review but at the end of the day it just sounds exactly like what he’s framing up IM to be, selling an idea at the expense of another

  20. This individual’s mother tongue is clearly NOT English. No English speaking person would make so many grammar mistakes, it’s pretty obvious he used some sort of translator, google maybe? What I find extremely amusing about this fraudulent creature is its determination to appear legit. Most of the comments here, are written with a lot of grammar mistakes just like this whole “bullshit article” Did everyone use a digital translator or were all those comments written by the same fraudulent creature? It’s all a sham. By the way I really don’t care if my “email” goes public. It’s a fake one just like your entire company.

    • Hello Manne Bepedia.

      Let me assure you that I am a real person providing people with my opinion.
      I am not a native English speaker, that is true. But I don’t use any translator.

      You are the first one who seems to have a problem with the grammar. But according to your comment, I assume that you understood everything that is written above.
      You have the right to have your own opinion, but I am sure you are wrong about the “fraudulent creature”.

      Nevertheless, I wish you all the best and have a great weekend 🙂

  21. This is both true and false, I myself realized that there are many people just using this company to recruit and they kind of ruin the name and the brand . Cant control everyones antics and intentions. One thing is for sure though, their live classroom sessions are very helpful and there is more than enough info to learn about trading.

    They teach smart Monet trading concepts which are a lot different than the basic free education out there which is primarily the reason why most people don’t make any money trading, the free basic info out there is not the proper way to trade in these markets. IMMA has great educators, recruiting is optional, just be careful with what team you join!!!!

    SOME PEOPLE ARE ONLY RECRUITING. Make sure your team is focused on trading. Also , they have a 7 day return policy, id say check it all out , get on some live sessions and learn, and after a week if you feel like it is not for you, than get a refund !

    • Exactly Kai. Out of the whole company of almost 200,000 people, only 10% network market. That means 90% are only interested in trading. You can be apart of IM and not network market. I did not see in the article anywhere saying how many people are apart of IM as a whole. Its easy to see from an objective standpoint that this article has a bias, and is trying to sway people using cherry picked data towards his own way of marketing. This in itself is a marketing tactic. Listen people, if you are going to research about any company on this planet, at least make sure the person writing the article is not biased or trying to promote something. In the end, and opinion will always hold bias.

      • The point is that it is very hard to make a living by trading, solely applying the information taught at the IM Mastery Academy teaches.
        Sure anyone can try that and see how it works for him or her.
        There is a 7-days money-back guarantee so no harm done I believe; (wondering how many people will be asked sooner or later to recruit others….)

        And as for the trading as general?
        I am sure people make tons of money, but the question is do they learn that at IM Mastery Academy?

        Regarding the review being biased;
        I am providing people with my opinion, saying that Affiliate Marketing is probably a better way to go.
        I also offer a course where everyone can join and test it out for 7 days, for free.

        So we have 2 business opportunities people can try and no money spent.
        The worst-case scenario – lessons learned.
        What is wrong with that?

        People can form their own opinion and decide which path is better for them, MLM, or Affiliate Marketing or maybe even something else.

        But I agree with you – every opinion will hold bias.

        Thank you, Michael, for your comment

        • Ok so basically are you saying or asking if IM provides adequate education for trading forex, enough education to determine if an individual can Make “money” learning how to trade on the platform? To me it sounds like you don’t even really know how it goes because somewhere in your article you may have mention “the knowledge is not deep enough to guarantee your earnings” your entire article is laughable, there’s no crime in selling your business but writing an ill informed article just to sell your business is sad really sad, I’ve seen children in IM earning more than you can ever comprehend just from trading. Network marketing is a choice for anybody who’s interested, stop making it sound like the value they provide is a sham or a cover up to something Sinister. You can be a customer or an IBO it’s totally up to you. and also stop emphasizing the money back guarantee hoping that people would take back their money and come join your business, learning forex trading is like learning a new language you can’t possibly get it in 1 week, prior to iM I had no knowledge of trading I’m barely 3 months in the company and I can say atleast every weekend I withdraw my trading profits to pay my bills. The knowledge IM provides is more than sufficient it’s been 3 months and I haven’t covered 20% of the academy lectures it’s so vast and so numerous, I live on the academy every single day and at this pace it would take me months to cover 60% of what IM offers, maybe you should try the free week after all money back guaranteed. Don’t be a hater

          • Thank you for your thorough comment.
            But I believe that no kids are allowed to trade the markets, nor to join the IM Mastery Academy, per the Term and Conditions.
            Let’s say you are just exaggerating a little bit. I get it.

            I am not being a hater, but if you read my article you know that there are official authorities like the Belgium Financial Services and Markets Authority and even The Czech National Bank, that warn people not to join the iMarketsLive/ IM Mastery Academy.

            People reading this article most likely want to find ways how to find a secondary source of income (or even to start something new).
            Based on my research and also Official Authorities, it is not advisable to join the IM Mastery Academy and therefore I have decided to include the alternative for them.

            But the last decision is up to them.
            If the reader wants to learn the Forex Market, there are certainly other places he/she can start – as I mentioned, the Udemy can be one of the options.

            Wishing you all the best

        • Wow Mike!
          I quote you:
          “The point is that it is very hard to make a living by trading, solely applying the information taught at the IM Mastery Academy teaches.”
          Your words not mine.
          How can you claim that if you haven’t even tried it yourself?
          How can you say that if you’re not even a Trader yourself?? (By the obvious sound of it)

          What qualifies you to make such statements?

          My friend, how do you not see how wrong you are about IM? Literally everybody here who is part of it swears by it and is trying to correct you.
          Not agree, or find a happy middle, but straight up CORRECT you.
          At this point, it’s not about which is better, or is IM enough value for the money, it’s literally about you being wrong about it altogether!

          I hope you can eventually see that and realize it..

          Have a good day! 🙂

  22. I almost got sucked into one of these a few days ago. Yes, they hook you with the products that ‘teach’ you forex trading BUT then after you’ve signed up all they tell you is that you need to recruit more people for ‘your team’ and the guy who almost recruited me actually let it ‘slip’ and said ‘forex isn’t even the main income stream, it’s the network marketing’. STAY AWAY from IM Academy.

      • Hello Felix,

        Yes, there is a 7 days money-back guarantee.

        It says:
        “The Company offers a seven (7) day, 100% Money Back, and Satisfaction Guarantee to all subscribers. With the exception of Bitcoin Payments…)”

        Hope you get your money back soon.
        once you do, could you do me a favor and share it with us in the comment section.
        Just a few words would do the job.

        thank you in advance

        • Great!

          regarding the phone call – yeah, I hear you.
          These people are trained on how to handle rejections. Fortunately, you have been able to recognize the scam right on time.

          Glad to hear that.

      • Hello Felix, I hope you didn’t take your money back because of this article, that would be sad to hear. I signed up a few months ago and it has changed my life. I was never interested in network marketing because quite frankly I have no time to convince people to come join my business, but after a few weeks I couldn’t keep quiet I had to shout for everybody to know the value I was getting and how it had changed my life, I couldn’t benefit from the opportunity alone without telling the people I love about it, today my entire family trades forex and couldn’t give a fuck or 2 about Network marketing, forex trading is a life long skill, it’s a high income skill and IM academy provides the best tools to help you achieve your goals, no offense to the writer of this biased article. But if you really took out your money because of this article then maybe that’s the best thing, there’s no place for doubt and double mindedness in forex trading … cheers

  23. Hi Mike,

    Good read but quite misleading. I and a lot of people I know have been able to generate a full time income from the services that IM academy provide. The value provided on GoLive alone is ridiculous for the price you pay.

    I don’t see how you could say it doesn’t provide enough information to teach you trading when there are 100+ educators teaching live trading. Sounds like someone who wanted to get rich quick and didn’t understand trading is a skillset that you must learn first.

    Also, networking is optional… The majority of people don’t even take part in the MLM side and make good money Trading not only forex but crypto currencies, stocks etc

    • Hello,

      Good for you Santos that you have been able to generate a full-time income from the IM Academy services.
      I am glad it works for you.

      unfortunately, it is not the case for most people – as per the Income Disclosure Statement. This document probably does not show the income from trading.

      Regarding trading income for each member, it is not easy to get this information since every trader has his/her own account.
      But generally, most forex traders (about 96%) lose money and they just quit.
      This is especially the case for new traders per this document.

      thank you for your comment and wishing you success.

      • Hi Mike I appreciate the information you’ve given. I have been involved in network marketing since I was 18 years old. That’s 43 years. I’ve been involved in several different companies .Starting out swith Slender Now in 1976 . Then one of the largest MLMs that was successful Amway, as well as LegalShield. Very few people actually make money in these companies. I worked very hard and diligent and recruited several people and found out that most people don’t hang around and don’t have money to buy the product and quit. With this company you have to keep paying for the educational service I believe $174 or more a month unless you have two people that you recruited that are paying and are still active members. If nothing is so there cannot be any income given to anybody else. That stands to reason.
        Amway had a class action lawsuit against them because people making money off of selling books,CDs seminars, meetings and such . People were going broke. All I see this is a way to make money for by selling online information. I’m only interested in the forex part of investing they don’t think it’s worth paying $174 a month or more for that that.

  24. Hi, a friend talk me about this Mastery Program, I have my doubts, but now with your explanation it all makes sense. At the end my interest in mostly on learning about forex not joining any pyramid or mlm or affiliate program. Thanks for the advise,very helpful

  25. Is it only me who see that he is just talking **** about IM while promoting his own business, guys you should open your eyes a bit.

    • hello Ricardo,

      the review you have been reading (the income disclosure) is based on the data available on the IM Mastery Academy website.
      I have shown what people can expect when joining the IM mastery academy.

      And I am sure you have also a chance to look at the advantages I mention regarding the IMMA. So one can’t tell that I am talking only **** about the IM.

      And am I promoting my business?

      Showing an alternative does not mean that I promote my business. Of course, you can look at it that way.
      The main purpose is to let people know about the alternative they might be interested in.

      Thank you for your comment

    • I’m sorry, he could try to sell his program, however what he is saying about the piramidal scam IM business it is true as well though, so…

  26. Hello Mike, I must say that this review is very helpful and informative. I heard about IM Mastery academy in late December and I wanted to do a little research about it. I am glad I stumbled upon your article because you explained everything I need to know. Honestly, I am not a big fan of Forex but I thought I could give a chance to this. In the end, the join price is not small.

    • Hi Danijel,

      I am glad it helps. 

      And yes, it is a bit pricey when it comes to membership. 
      Besides the IM Mastery Academy will not provide you with sufficient training to succeed and earn that “investment” back. 

      There are other and better opportunities to make money. 
      With a little education one can easily succeed in affiliate marketing in 6-8 months; depending on the niche it can be as long as a year. 
      But it is well worth it and the knowledge one can gain is evergreen. 

      Thank you for your comment,

  27. thank you very much

    i, first of all, thank you for the hard work you put in to bring this website together. I again thank you for the valuable content you provide. i enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for the great insight and this site is very useful. Reviewing products helps us to know where we go to get which service.thanks.

    • You are welcome, 

      It is always important to see the flip side of the coin. 

      Reading unbiased reviews should help to gain some perspective. 

  28. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i musat say you have done a very unbiased job on this article,I have a lot of history with things like this and although most of them were scam but from my studies the IM mastery academy is no scam although they have one or too ups and downs but they are one of the best on their field and I would advise anyone to try them out.

    • Glad it helps. 

      Yes, the IM Master Academy is not worth time and money. It is just another MLM company where the majority just lose money or don’t make enough to pay the bills. 

      It is 2020, and the best way to start earning money is an online business. 


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