Is FBS a Scam?

What is the FBS and how does it work? 

Can you make money with this platform? 

We know that there are many trading platforms that promise you to make money, but many of them are just scams and Ponzi schemes

How about the FBS?

Is FBS a Scam?

In this FBS review, we are going to cover what is the price to join, what is the compensation plan, what kind of products they have, and whether people making money. 

Let’s get right into that. 

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of FBS.

This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.


Name: FBS
Website: (Or for the EU market)
Price to Join
: $1 to $1,000
Recommended: Not Really. Still, it is an MLM company.
I recommend Affiliate Marketing. Check the Pros and Cons of both business models (Affiliate Marketing vs. MLM).

FBS Overview – Summary

FBS is an international online broker that offers to trade in forex. This is supposed to be a friendly platform for beginners and advanced traders as well. 

However, there is no information about who runs this company. 

This company is regulated in the EU by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and by the International Financial Service of Belize. 

However, FBS is banned in big trading markets, like the USA, Canada, or Japan. 
The service they offer seems legit, so it is not quite clear why they do not operate in those big markets. 

The good thing about the FBS is that the minimum deposit can be $1 (depending on the specific account). 

At first sight, it is not quite clear whether FBS is a scam or not, although I would recommend searching for more legitimate platforms. 
The reason being is that there are some issues (red flags if you will) with the FBS. 

For example, there are a lot of people complaining about the withdrawal process, and also that FBS support is not responding. 

My recommendation is – not to get involved with the FBS. 

There are many legal ways how to generate consistent income. 

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What Is FBS?

FBS is an investment company that helps you to generate profit by marketing its services and products. The company was founded in 2009. 

Is FBS a Scam

According to their Privacy Policy, this company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and exchange commission. 

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is a well-known country due to the fact that a lot of scammy companies have their headquarters there. Now does it mean right away, that FBS is a scam? 

No, at least not at this point. 

FBS is basically a forex trading company offering services. They also offer education products for forex trades. 

The company claims to have more than 15 million active traders in more than 190 countries. 
Based on the number of monthly visits the site gets, it is probably about right. 
(the site FBS gets more than 2M visits per month).

We are going to find out that people from certain countries (like the US or UK) can’t register with the FBS. 
This to me is a red flag. 

A person who is allowed to register (the list of countries below) can earn money once opens one of the accounts (we will get there in more detail in a bit). 
There are 2 ways how o make money: 

  • The first way is through investing and trading
  • The second way is to promote FBS and make commissions

One must be careful when it comes to investing; there are many companies that are literally pyramid schemes, or Ponzi schemes (just like Beurax or PetronPay). 

I am sure you know that FBS works as a multi-level marketing company.
You will be paid according to the number of people below you. In fancier words, when you build your team. 

Of course, this recruiting part is optional but make no mistake.
The only real money is in recruiting. 

So let’s dig a bit deeper. 

Who Runs the FBS?

It is not clear who the owner is.

I find this a red flag since most legitimate companies reveal who the CEO or founder is. 
Unfortunately, it is not the case with the FBS. 

What I also find disturbing is a fact that this company reveals a number of shell corporations (or companies) operating from:

  • FBS Inc. in the Marshall Islands
  • HDC Technologies Ltd in Cyprus
  • FBS Markets Inc. in Belize

Nevertheless, they have their own Youtube channel and the person that walks you through webinars is Elizabeth Belugine.
According to her FB profile, she is from St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Most likely she is not the founder and only works for FBS. 

For example here is a video where she explains, what are the advantages of the Forex market?

There are also a lot of videos including webinars that have about 1 hour (or more).
I am sure there is a lot to learn.

Who Is FBS For?

FBS seems like a good platform for both beginners and advanced traders.

As mentioned above, there are certain countries where their service is not available. 
Let’s take a look at the countries that are banned from using their services

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Israel
  • Myanmar
  • Iran

Could it be that these countries have strict regulations against scammy companies? 

Here is the list of countries where FBS accepts traders from:
Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar, and most other countries.

Is FBS a Pyramid Scheme?

It is important to distinguish between regular MLM and a pyramid scheme. 

The fact is that every MLM company has routes in a pyramid scheme.
To make it legitimate, a company must offer retail products.

The distributor or IBOs (Independent Business Owner) should be able to earn solely from selling these products – whether it is a tangible product (like in the Mary Kay or Amway case) or it could be a course or service. 

By now we know that FBS offers services, so it can’t be called a pyramid scheme. 

But if you want to know how to post a pyramid scheme here is a short video:

How to Register with FBS?

You can open an account assuming you are not from the banned country. 

Just enter your email and then you will have your account information assigned. 

Is FBS a Scam

Before you can make a deposit, you are required to fill out the survey. 

It concerns your personal data like 

  • Date of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Your address
  • Phone number

and other questions that I personally find annoying.

For example:

  • Are you a politically exposed person
  • How many times did you trade over the past year?
  • What is your employment status and your “sphere”
  • What is your source of income and your net annual income?

Then based on the results you get the retail status with a recommended deposit you can trade. 

Is FBS a Scam

After that just select the way how you want to make the deposit.

What Products (Accounts) Does FBS offer? 

These are not exactly products, but rather accounts you can open. 

Is FBS a Scam

Here is a breakdown: 

  • Standart – this is for experienced market players. The initial deposit is $100. 
  • Cent – this is for beginners, people who are just starting to learn about Forex and that is why the initial deposit is $1 only. 
  • Micro – fits the best for those who like math and can calculate their profit. The minimum deposit is $5
  • Zero Spread – this is for those who like trading fast. The minimum deposit – $500. 
  • ECN – and finally, this account is the best for those who are confident and want to trade with the ECN technologies. The minimum deposit is $1,000.

So depending on your experience you can start with $1 or $1,000. 

You have both  (MT4 and MT5 )MetaTrader platforms available also as mobile apps. 

Is FBS a Scam

These apps allow trading on financial markets via Android and iOS. 
You can also monitor your account status, buy and sell financial instruments, or track the history of trades. 

Compensation Plan

Most MLM companies have a pretty tricky compensation plan. In many cases, you have to through 20 to 40 pages, and it is still not clear what the deal is.

FBS offers a pretty simple compensation plan. 
They use a 3 level system (uni-level) that looks like this:

Tronex World Review

The trading commission is paid down to 3 levels:

  1. Level 1 – you get 100% on the trading activity of your affiliate (or trader)
  2. Level 2 – 15%
  3. Level 3 – 5%

Is FBS a Scam?

FBS is not an outright scam. 

People who are just getting started, earn money
But the problem seems to be with support and communication when it comes to withdrawal.

Also due to the MLM structure, I am afraid that most people will not make enough to pay the bills. 

Don’t get me wrong. There is certainly a great opportunity to make money with forex. 

But I would be careful joining shady companies with unclear ownership and yet operating from a scammy-friendly country. 

My advice – if you want to learn how to make money with forex, do more research and find a legitimate company with a history that does not ban certain countries. 

Please note, that whenever there is an MLM structure involved, it always works as the following:

Is Young Living A Scam

Before We Wrap Up…

A long time ago I was involved with one MLM company, and it did not work out. 

I went through a lot of jobs and eventually, I learned something about online marketing. 

Long story short, now I know how to create a website that drives free traffic, and most importantly, this website earns me 4 figures. 

There are plenty of ways how to make money; I personally think that being in online marketing is the best way to go. 
To be more specific I earn money with affiliate marketing.

At the bottom of the post, there is a link that directs to my #1 recommended platform. 
It concerns one specific educational platform that teaches how to create a website that generates income.
I am sure you know that it takes special knowledge to succeed online. And this is a perfect platform that teaches everything, step by step from the basic stuff to advanced one.

What I like about FBS

  • The compensation plan is simple and easy to comprehend
  • Long established company (based in 2009)
  • MT4 and MT5 integration

What I don’t like about FBS

  • Not available in big trading markets
  • No information about who runs the company (who is the founder or CEO?)
  • They have linked shell companies operating out of Belize and the Marshall Islands

FBS – Conclusion

It does not seem that this is a scam. 

Unlike many other forex trading systems, FBS wants its clients to know, that forex trading is very risky and you should use money that you can lose. 

However, there is still a number of major red flags that are disturbing. 
I personally don’t recommend it. 

Remember that, when it comes to investment, keep in mind the following rule:

  • Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose

I would be glad if you can share your personal opinion about FBS. Please use the comment section below, I am sure your opinion will appreciate by other readers. 

Also, in case you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. 
I will do my best to provide you with feedback within 24 hours. 

Thank You For Reading,

24 thoughts on “Is FBS a Scam?”

  1. My friend introduced the quick start Bonus where I don’t have to spend money to learn to trade, With this it is very easy for me to try FBS first without thinking of losses with this bonus to try.

  2. FBS is not scam. I started with their Quick Start bonus, no deposit needed. I traded and earned 100$. All I need is to trade enough lots to withdraw that fund. And it worked. Now I am trading live account. And I can guarantee again that FBS is not scam

    • Thanks for your comment.

      However, there are many people complaining about the company not being honest.
      Problem with the withdrawals and too many broken promises and lies…

      I would be very careful with the FBS.

  3. I’ve been trading with the CopyTrade option for a while. Everything has been good. The deposits and withdrawals are quick enough, the masters that I copy are good too. So, my experience in general is more than Ok.

  4. I ‘m a customer of FBS i like deposit function of fbs because it safe from hacker have security for safe my money easy to deposit and easy to withdrawal 15 minute i got my money to may account So fast

  5. As a trader using several brokers, I recommend FBS if you are willing to grow up as a trader.
    I’ve been trading for months but didn’t know how to grow up to be professional. When I found LevelUp Bonus, I could solve all the problems. With the bonus, you can dive into the market deeper and learn many things about trading. This is very useful. Highly recommend!

    • Thank you for your comment.

      However there are still more Cons than Pros with FBS, and therefore I do not recommend the company.

      Why would a company have such a notification?:
      “If you use a VPN service, make sure you are connecting from the country that is authorized for services.”

      The thing is that FBS doesn’t provide service in countries like the USA, Canada, Japan, and more.
      Obviously, they don’t want to be regulated in the biggest trading markets…

  6. Hello, as I said a couple of months ago, they are not a scam. They are legitimate and you can check this yourself talking with their customer support. It is a live chat 24/5. Easy 🙂

    Happy trading!

  7. The FBS CENT account has a special feature and it’s precisely a real account with very little investment. You’ve 100 cents for each dollar to operate since the account operates in cents of a dollar. With this, you can test the platform in a real market, fine-tune your strategies, consolidate your knowledge and experience in Forex trading before trading higher investment accounts with even profits.

  8. I’ve been trading with FBS for 3 years and my experience has been good, so I don’t think it’s a scam broker. A good broker offers low spreads, fast deposits, and withdrawals which are available in FBS that’s why I don’t consider as a scam broker.

  9. I’ve been trading with FBS for 3 years and my experience has been good, so I don’t think it’s a scam.
    A good broker offers low spreads, fast deposits, and withdrawals which are available in FBS that’s why I don’t consider as a scam broker.

  10. I came across a FBS broker and tried to use the free bonus, the Level Up Bonus, where I can get 140 usd without having to deposit, with this capital I can trade to try my technique, while at the same time I can make a profit in forex 🙂

  11. saya terjumpa broker FBS dan cuba mengunakan bonus percumanya iaitu Level Up Bonus di mana saya dapat 140 usd tanpa perlu deposit, dengan modal ini saya boleh trade untuk cuba teknik saya, sambil itu juga saya daoat keluarkan keuntungan di forex 🙂

  12. I don’t think FBS is a scam. It is true that they have a very agressive marketing and some promos (think bonuses) can mislead some newbies into frustration due to almost impossible conditions. But they are a legitimate broker even for a Forex newbie like me. The even offer free material and apps for those interested in learning before risking money (quick start bonuses). Don’t expect to get rich with any broker bonus, of course. But you can learn and practice almost for free. And they are veterans in this maket. So I think FBS is good, to me at least.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I am sure readers will appreciate a different point of view.

      It might also help to check other reviews, for example, the Trustpilot (consumer review website).


  13. It’s hard to trade to the top. But I keep trying to trade. At least I learned and experienced in the FBS 12 Years contest. I still haven’t given up.

  14. See, that’s the thing for me. I don’t like MLMs. No matter what product they offer or what they’re about. I hate them. I cannoot deal with them because they allocate more of their budget to recruiting and bringing people in, rather than actually budgeting for their product. I cannot deal with MLMs. I do like the product you offered and recommended though, I’ve heard good things about Wealthy Affiliate and it is definitely something I want to start looking into 

    • Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion on MLMs. 

      You are absolutely right. 

      If you have questions regarding the Wealthy Affiliate, let me know, 


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