Is Easy Insta Profits a Scam?

Hello there. I am glad you do your due diligence on digital products, in this case, it concerns ClickBank product called Easy Insta Profits.

I do lots of product reviews, especially digital ones. The main reason is that I also was sick and tired of scammy products.
I believe, it is important to reveal the truth about such programs/products. These days one must be careful which product to trust. There are lots of scams out there.

Well, one thing to highlight – you don’t have to worry about the money when it comes to the ClickBank products. You do have at least 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with certain products.

Why am I talking about the refund right at the beginning? Is Easy Insta Profits a Scam?

We will go through the price structure, the training platform of Easy Insta Profits (EIP) and at the end, you will have a nice overview of this particular program.

Easy Insta Profits Overview

Name: Easy Insta Profits
Price: Advertised Price $17
Owners: Mike Richards

UPDATE November 2019 – Easy Insta Profits Not Available

I have double-checked the availability of the Easy Insta Profit and I was not surprised when I have found out that this product is not available anymore. The website does not exist. I did check whether the product changes the name and thus the website but could not find any rehashed system, similar to Easy Insta Profits.

With that being said, you don’t have to worry anymore whether this is a scam or not. It simply does not exist and you have saved some time.

In case you are interested, what would I suggest for you as a learning platform, here is a link where you can learn more.

It is a review of one educational platform with a plethora of training and also video tutorial, (there are more than 300 of them ).
Besides the great training, there is a community of more than 300,000 people.

Well, that is enough of talking – go to check it if you want to 🙂

Just briefly let me share with you that EIP is not a scam, although at the same time I must stress out that it is low-quality training and in my opinion, it does not deliver what they promise.

The EIP review continues below.

What s Easy Insta Profits

Easy Insta Profits is a product, teaches you how to make money with Instagram.

That is an actually good idea and there are many people making money with Instagram. Can EIP deliver valuable training, so you can make $1,300 a day using a phone?

Easy Insta Profits Scam

Funny like many of the products you find on ClickBank are based on the same template. They tell you how easy it is to make money online. That this is a secret tool that no one knows about and how you are lucky that you see this opportunity to change your life.

It says the story of how this guy Mike had a nice job with a good salary, then the crisis happened in 2008. He and his ex-colleague found an app that is extremely easy to follow and you will start earning a hundred dollars a day.

OK. Let’s be realistic. There is simply no such system, 3 click button that starts generate money for you.

The Good & the Bad

  • Affordable Price $17
  • Money-Back guarantee
  • n/a (as much as I wanted to find the 3rd pro, I could not come up with anything)

  • Outdated videos
  • Bad quality of training – videos from different sources
  • False earning claims
  • Upsells you are not aware of

Who is it For?

All such products are meant for newbies. Newbies who think that there is a way how to make money online in a very short time, just because of the internet with so many people connected to the internet (huge marketplace, which it truly is).

Their claims are that you don’t need a website, web hosting SEO, paid traffic… heck you don’t need anything.

Apparently you don’t need any experience with the internet marking social media or any special equipment to get started…

Let me get one thing straight. I used to think that I do not need a website either. It was in 2014. It took me another 3 years to realize, that I really do need a website.

The website is your headquarter. Your base. Your main office.

I understand that it might sound scary that you have to build a website. But these days it is a matter of a few seconds to start a website. You can try here for free:

Inside the EIP sales video, they go on claiming that “everything is done for you without you having to see or touch the products you are selling.”

Here is what you need:

  • Smartphone
  • The Instagram App
  • 2 thumbs to tap your screen
  • About 20 minutes a day
  • Bank or Paypal account

Here is what they promise:

Easy Insta Profits Scam

Easy Insta Profits Tools & Training

Once you are insight the platform 1st thing that you see is the recommendation to join another product. I mean, what the heck is this? I have not seen any training yet and I am already suggested to check another product?

When you scroll down there you see the actual platform which consists of several videos – a basic introduction to Instagram.

Easy Insta Profits Scam

These videos have different lengths from 2 to 12 minutes. So altogether there are no more than 90 minutes of videos. And I exaggerate with the total length, just to highlight the fact that there is no way you can learn in less than 2 hours all the knowledge on how to generate income.

These videos are a mere introduction to the idea of making money on Instagram.

Not mentioning the quality of the video. Obviously the creators of this training did not put much effort into it.

That reminds me of the fool mistake they did – just let’s take a look at the discount they offer:

Easy Insta Profits Scam

They just copied the other product and simple sell it as Easy Insta Profits. And I believe I have spotted the very same mistake on their affiliate page as well.


It seems, that there is support. Once you join the program you will have a personal support assistant answering every question you have. You are promised that you will never feel stuck or confused.

Easy Insta Profits Scam

Easy Insta Profits Price Structure

You have seen the screenshots from the pop-up with the discount they offer, right?

OK, with the discount you can get this thing for $20,40.

Easy Insta Profits Scam

That is not that a bad price if the videos have better quality and offer more thorough training.

Having said that, you will be better off with free YouTube videos.

I have not mentioned the upsell. They have this “upgrade” called Easy Insta Profits Pro for an additional $147. According to them, you can double your income … well, simple BS.

My Final Opinion of EIP

Easy Insta Profits is not a scam. As I mentioned at the very beginning, it is just a lousy product, which promotes other lousy products…It does not worth paying for it.

You better go to YouTube and check the idea on how to make money on Instagram. It is free and you can learn much more.

Easy Insta Profits at a Glance…

Name: Easy Insta Profits
Price: Advertised Price $17
Owners: Mike Richards
Overall Rank:


I do not recommend this product.
But I did not rank it as the worst product ever. Mostly because of 2 reasons – price is affordable compared to other products and you can get an introduction to Instagram. What I can recommend to you is to claim your money back as soon as you are through the video inside the platform.

But again, I am sure you will find many more helpful videos on YouTube.

Do you have an Instagram account? Have you ever thought that you can make money with Instagram? Or maybe you can get free nights from B&B.

With more than 1,000 followers (I do mean organically found) you can already leverage Instagram.

Let me know if you have any more questions regarding this particular product.

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