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Is Ariix a Scam?

When it comes to a home-based business people often try different things, and one of those is network marketing or MLM.
Usually, they are approached by an MLM member who tries to get a new referral and tries to make his team bigger.

Not many people do research first. That is the reason why it is (not always) easy for a sponsor to entice the person into the MLM business. They sign up for a company and soon they are about to find out that it is not what they were promised.

This is not your case – you want to know what is the Ariix about and I am happy for you since you do your due diligence.
So in this review, we are going to find out what is Ariix, what products they offer, what are the pros, and what are cons of Ariix are.

By the end of this review, you will know whether Ariix is a scam or not.

I am not affiliated, so I do my best to this review as objective as possible.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Ariix.
This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Ariix Review – Quick Summary

Name: Ariix
Website: www.ariixproducts.com
Price to Join:
$335 – $2,000+
Recommended: Not really
(I prefer a different business model and here is the comparison: Affiliate Marketing vs. MLM. You are welcome to read it as well and form your own opinion).

Ariix is an MLM company dealing with beauty, and wellness. This is (so far) legitimate MLM, people do get paid. 
However, the earning potential is small and the majority of people don’t make a decent living. 

On Average, about 90% of representatives make less than $275 a week. 

There are others ways how to generate income in 2022, and beyond. 
One of the simplest business models is called Affiliate Marketing. 

It doesn’t require any recruiting. In other words, you don’t have to bother your friends and family.

As an affiliate marketer, you choose your own niche, create content and connect potential customers with the products and services you don’t own.

What is Ariix?

Is Ariix a Scam

Ariix is an MLM company that sells wellness, beauty, health, and weight-loss products.

The company has been founded in the summer of 2011 in Utah, Salt Lake City. (Utah is the capital city of MLM where you find many other companies, for example, Rain International, 4Life, or Paparazzi Jewelry).

The founders of Ariix are former senior executives of a company called USANA (another MLM company founded in 1992 and based in Utah, that produces a variety of nutritional products, skincare products, and dietary supplements, source: Wiki).

Ariix has also offices in Europe, the Netherlands, and the UK. It operates in 23 countries including Australia and Japan.

The founders of Ariix Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jedd Yates, and others realized that they have to change the approach.

Therefore they offer different kinds of products from different brands.
This approach is sort of unique when it comes to MLM companies. Most of them stick to one brand only and it makes it difficult to distribute the products, which means that their IBOs (Independent Business Owners) have limited options.

Ariix has a wider spectrum of brands, so the products can reach more people.

Is Ariix a Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

Ariix is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries.
Here is a short video explaining how to spot a pyramid scheme:

But I understand why many MLMs (including Ariix) are called that way.

When a pyramid scheme adds a tangible product to sell within its portfolio it becomes an MLM company and it is legit. This is a simple explanation but in the principle, it works that way.

Many MLMs, though, have been involved in lawsuits. Even Amway, as one of the largest MLM companies (if not the largest one), was involved in a class-action lawsuit. So it is not an uncommon thing.

Ariix is still a new company (it has been around for less than a decade) and so far no significant lawsuits (at least I have not found any).

Also when it comes to the question of whether Ariix is a scam, we must say, that the distributors do get paid by Ariix, so it is not a scam either.

Does it mean that Ariix is a good company to get involved with?
Not really, and we are about to find out that the majority of their distributors are not earning a lot. In fact, many of them lose money, because of the rules.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Ariix?

Some MLMs you can join without any registration fee, some of them require buying some products, and others are pretty pricey to get started with.
Ariix belongs somewhere between the 2nd and the 3rd category.

Let me explain:
You as a potential representative have more than one option.

Each option requires you to buy a different amount of products at a different price. It ranges from about $330 to more than $2,000. Every one of them comes along with the BOS program, which is Business Orientation System and it costs an additional $34.95 (some call it an upsell you can’t avoid).

Here is the short video about what the BOS is:

Following is the list of all 4 options you can choose from. Each option or level has a different price, but the amount is not fixed.
Rather it requires reaching a certain level of PV.
This means, that each level has a certain personal volume number (PV).

1) Ultimate Level starts at $2,084 (1500+ PV)

Is Ariix a Scam

This is probably the most preferred plan you are offered. The reason is, it is the most expensive one.

Sure you get a bunch of products as you enroll. To mention a few of them:

  • Ultimate business enhancements (compliance one-on-one, early product access), Omega-Q, Biopro-Q, Puritii Water Filter 2.0 Slenderiiz Blender Bottle, Priime Fractionated Coconut Oil, etc.
    There are about 80 different products altogether.

Depending on the pack you choose, it costs from $2,084 to $2,128. Both have 1,500 PV.

You can also build your portfolio of products within the Ultimate level, but it must reach 1,500 PV.

2) Elite Level starts from $1,435 (1000 to 1499 PV)

Choose your favorite pack. They have a slightly different price.
Depending on the pack you choose this level costs up to $1,750.

As an example. you can enter this level also by purchasing the Puritii Air Purification System 110, which costs $1,750.
Here is more about the Puritii:

In case you go for a pack containing several products you pay $1,435 for Slenderiiz Elite Pack (available in the US and Canada).

Here is the list of products within this package:

  • 4x Optimal-V    
  • 4x Optimal-M
  • 4x Rejuveniix
  • 4x Omega-Q
  • 2x PureNourish Natural
  • 6x Slenderiix & Xceler8
  • 1x Slenderiiz Blender Bottle (Gray/Orange)

All together 25 products.
The average cost for one is more than $57.

3) Business Level from $748 (500 to 999PV)Is Ariix a Scam

You can choose

  • Slenderiiz Business pack, or
  • Nutrifii Business pack or
  • Business Nucerity pack.

To qualify for the business level you have to purchase products that have at least 500 PV. All mentioned packs above have just 500PV

In the case of Slenderiiz Business pack, you get

  • 5x Slenderiix & Xceler8
  • and 5x Rejuveniix

There are benefits within this option, such as Early product access, flex time ordering, IIX membership and a few more.

4) Activated starts from $335 (200 – 499 PV)

Is Ariix a Scam

This is the cheapest way how to become an Ariix representative.

You can purchase the “Get Fitter Pack” for $335 (this is 200 PV which is the minimum threshold to get in Ariix).
This pack contains 1 item of:

  • Slenderizz Blender Bottle
  • Restoriix
  • Purenourish natural
  • Power Boost
  • Giving Greens Drink
  • and Slederiiz & Xceler8

You can get a discount of 15% for all the packs, but you would have to subscribe to an Auto-delivery. This applies to all the above packs.

That means that whatever pack you choose, it will be delivered to you each month ( they call it a “cycle” which is defined as 4 weeks).

Just let’s take the cheapest Level which costs $335 (to get the 200PV). With a 15% discount, you would end up paying $284.75.
On top of it add the one-time cost of 34.95 for the Business Orientation System.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself: 

  • Do you have a budget of at least $300 each month for this stuff?
  • Will you be able to find customers who buy all that product within 30 days?
  • Are you able to convince them to join Ariix, so you can build up your team and have a bigger chance to make a profit (Remember that the person must be able to sell the same amount of stuff as you do)

Because to maintain the Activated level, you have to be able to purchase the products to reach the 200 PV, every single month.

And we have mentioned the cheapest program, which in my opinion is not cheap at all (compared with another business opportunity f.e. affiliate marketing).

Imagine maintaining the Elite Level where you have to make 1000 PV, which is equivalent to $1,435 at least!
Every month.

Generally speaking – Is this sustainable?

One can say, that an investment of about $3,500 per year (assuming you enroll in the cheapest option)  into a business is not that bad.
Compared to an offline business, let’s say with franchise business or any other brick and mortar business it is a low barrier to entry.

Sure, a couple of thousands vs. a hundred of thousands is a peanut.
But it is important to ask a question about whether this MLM business is sustainable for you.

In the next section, we are going over the products and the prices.

Do people buy pricey products, whereas they already have their favorite brand? I mean all these products are nothing new and in my opinion nothing special.

Let’s check them out.

Products, That Ariix Offer

As I have already mentioned, this company offers products from different brands. It is a good thing so the distributors can address more customers.

Let’s go briefly over the brands Ariix sells:


This brand is about cosmetics and personal care. Products should be toxin-free and contain formulas deriving from natural ingredients.


There are 2 products within Puritii. The first one is Puritii water filtration and the second is Puritii air filtration system.


In this department, we find essential oils. According to the website of prime oil, the ingredients are derived from all over the planet.


This is a premium collection that should help your body to reach optimum health.


Nucerity is all about skincare. These products help to create and maintain youthful-looking skin.


Liquid nutritional drinks contain a natural blend of vitamins, tropical fruits, minerals, and antioxidants. They don’t contain any sugar nor artificial colors.


This brand is again about skincare. Creams contain ingredients to deliver superior and visible results.


Let’s go over this brand a little deeper;

It is said that slenderize is a natural weight loss system. It is based on 3 following principles:

  1. How much you eat matters – This sounds pretty logical – if you eat more than you burn, you will gain weight.
  2. What you eat – It is not about calories only, but a balanced nutritious meal. Meaning 1,500 kcal of chocolate is not the same as 1,500 kcal properly balanced meal.
  3. X-Factor – This is a product that should help you to multiply the number of pounds you can lose.
Is Ariix a Scam

You should be taking Slenderiix together with the Xceler8.

Slenderize is supposed to help you to feel less hungry and it controls appetite to support weight loss efforts.
Place about 15 drops under the tongue, 3x times a day before meals. Don’t eat or drink 10 minutes before or after taking Slederix.

It is hormone-free.

Xcelers8 should help metabolism and increase energy.
It should be used twice daily (breakfast and lunchtime) 10 minutes after taking Slenderiix drops.
It contains vitamin B12, vitamin H, and blends of adaptogenic herbs (which help the body resist stressors of all kinds).

The price $171.36 ( 76 Personal Volume)

Besides the product, Ariix offers also a weight loss program. It is divided into 3 phases:

  1. Preparation Phase – It lasts 2 days. You should start taking the Slenderiix and Xceler8 drops.
  2. The Fat Burning Phase – This period is about consuming not more than 1,300 kcal each day. Depending on your progress this phase lasts from 1 to 6 months.
    (if you want to find out more about the program, here is the Slenderiiz Program available also at the Slenderiiz website)
  3. The Maintenance Phase – Once you reached your weight loss goal, it is time for the 3rd phase. This is a lifestyle and you must stick to it to prevent gaining the weight back.

You can also have a look at the entire Price List with the PV figures.
It is available on the Ariix website as well.

How Can You Make Money With Ariix?

Is Ariix a Scam

We have seen that Ariix took a different approach when it comes to the product portfolio. Does it mean that the distributors make more money than other IBO from a different MLM?

Unfortunately, no.

We have already touched on the subject of being the Ariix representative. That requires you to purchase every 4 weeks product worth 200PV. Now in money language, that means something over $250 (at least).

Most of the representatives just can’t sell all the products within the 4 weeks and therefore they lose the money. Same as with any other MLM company.

But let’s take a look at the facts.

Based on the Average Earnings Report (available on the Ariix website), almost 90% of representatives make $275 a week or less.

Is Ariix a Scam

It is less than the minimum wage in the US.

Why is that?

First of all the price of the Ariix products is very high.
It is not easy to sell these to people who already have their favorite brand. They might try one or two products, but the majority will just not buy (unless you are a great seller).

You have the minimum threshold of 200PV every month you have to purchase. On the other hand, you have the potential customers to whom you try to sell the product.

How many hours do you spend in the car to go and visit your prospects?

How much does such a party cost if you want to invite your friends? Another question you should ask yourself: Do you know how to persuade people so they eventually buy the products?

The vast majority of the representatives make money only because they were able to build up their downline. It is a fact that when it comes to generating income within the MLM, money is in the recruiting.

The commission for selling the products is about 15%, but the maximum of $2,000 (to get a $2,000 commission, you would have to sell products worth $13,333). That is a lot of products.

Unless you know a ton of people, it will be hard to make a living solely out of the commissions.

Is Ariix a Scam

So again, you would have to get people to sign up.

The main purpose is to get a newbie to join and convince him to buy the most expensive product.
If he is not able to sell them all, he must purchase them again next month. His sponsor is happy, he gets a commission.

But he would be happier if this newbie will be able to find another person to join.

Each individual has his methods of how to build the downline and to be honest – many of these methods cause unnecessary stress and indirect pressure on the downline.

Generally speaking, people lose money within any MLM company. That is typical for this kind of “business model”.
According to FTC, about 99% of people involved in MLM don’t make or lose money.


That means, stay away from any Multi-Level Marketing company.

Ariix Pros

Pros - Plus

1) Wide range of products

This is not usual within MLM companies. The founders have a new approach and they want to reach more people. It also helps Ariix representatives to sell more products. It seems that Ariix builds the product portfolio, to make it bigger.

2) Training available within Ariix

Every representative has a chance to learn more about business. We have seen that the Business Orientation System (the drawback is that it costs almost $35, it is a forgettable price compared to other fees)

Ariix Cons


1) Too expensive to join

If I would be approached by a friend of mine, telling me about a great business opportunity, but 1st of all I need to pay at least a couple of hundred for a product I barely heard of, and I have to distribute them within my family and friends –  I would probably leave and blocked his telephone number.

To me, it is frustrating and stressful to maintain the 200PV each and every single month (which is at least $250). In case I don’t sell what would I do with all that stuff piling up in my living room.
(It certainly wouldn’t make my spouse happy)

Not to mention the upsells, and you are forced by your sponsor to keep buying more stuff.

2) Saturated market

There are tons of other products within the nutrition business niche for a lower price. Whether the competitors are different MLM companies or just regular products available online or in regular stores for a much more affordable price.

3) Ariix products are not FDA-approved

This is a common thing among all MLM companies.

This Might Be a Better Alternative For You

To work as a distributor or IBO for an MLM company seems like a good opportunity for those who want to have extra income and/or search for more flexible work.

Everything is taken care of and the only thing you have to do is to start selling and building up a team.

But is it really that easy?
We have found out that it takes much more effort and at the same time only a tiny percentage of people achieve an average income.

There are many factors why success is rare in Ariix, but to mention just a few:

  • products are hard to sell, due to Ariix’s high prices
  • the market is saturated with very similar products
  • you building up a team (or recruiting) with people who are your direct competitors
  • hundreds of dollars need to be spent before earning it back (most people just lose the money)

But is there an easier way how to make extra money?

Affiliate marketing could be the one.
I am not saying that this model is easy, but certainly, it has a way bigger potential than MLM.

You can read more about both in this article MLM Vs. Affiliate Marketing.
I recommend reading it through and in case you have any questions let me know.

Affiliate marketing vs MLM

The problem with MLM is that it still relies on recruiting and traditional ways of marketing which are face-to-face.

How many people can you meet in a day to offer them a product?
Yes, you can throw a party, if you that kind of person. But that again requires some investments (some snacks, drinks, etc).

Let me know what you think about the Ariix.
Have you had any experience with it or any other MLM company?
Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

I would love to hear more opinions about that.

You can also have a look at the training I have taken where I have learned how to set up a website, how to get traffic, and how to start generating income online, from my home (or parents’ house, or a hotel room in a mountain resort…)

There is a link below where will learn more about that platform.

16 thoughts on “Is Ariix a Scam?”

  1. The facts is though it has been established that ARIIX is not a scam but a worthy mlm company. The only thing I failed to understand that it’s the involvement and benefits of this to me. Mlm have been proven to be really having their selfish interest at heart by not giving enough compensation and bonuses. But, I found more compelling to be rebuffed, the health and wellness niche they are in. As that place is way too congested and selling may be difficult. Thanks slot for sharing this awesome article with the public I know it would help them as it has helped me.

    • You are absolutely right. 

      That particular niche is oversaturated. 
      As you correctly point out, an MLM compensation plan might seem like a great way to earn money, but in reality, it is a rip-off. 

      That’s why I don’t recommend “investing” in any MLM kind of business. 

      Thank you for your comment

  2. Hello Mike, thanks for sharing this really wonderful information and I have to day I’m really happy about it because I have seen it all over the Internet and I was really willing to get full knowledge of it and I’m happy about it. I would stay clear of it and still get to look for a better means of income 

    • Absolutely. 

      There are other ways how to make money. 

      Ariix is not a viable kind of business. 
      Thanks a lot for your comment


  3. This is a God post with a very well written explanation too. Personally, I believe that trying to make money through MLM businesses or networking is very hard and the income potential is very low as well. I have tried a number of them before and I eventually had to forfeit it because I was not getting what I wanted from it. I like your explanation though. Nice work here.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 
      Really appreciate it. 

      Yes, it is really difficult to make money with Ariix, but that applies to any MLM business model. Especially for people who don’t have any experience in this field. 

  4. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. ariix although been genuine has lots of downside and if not careful, all investment might be lost. i am glad you clearly explained it.

  5. This is a very important article for everyone to have a view on. It is not so easy to trust all affiliate programs now because scams are everywhere. But it not so good either to loose all hopes. My friend just introduced me and explained how beneficial Ariix Affiliate could be. I took a clearer view on this article and saw it wasn’t a calm and it’s 100% legitimate. I highly appreciate this article and I hope to see more article that can also be of help.

    • Yes, Ariix is not a scam, however, the success is extremely rare. This is common throughout all MLM companies. 

      But if a person is determined to succeed within the Arrix, has experience in recruiting, and deal well with rejection, then by all means – it is OK to join it. 

      Thanks for your comment 

  6. A good and honest review.

    It’s interesting when you look at the dictionary definition of the word scam :- a dishonest scheme; a fraud. 

    Whilst we cannot accuse the owners of Ariix being dishonest or fraudulent, we can go a little further.

    A Synonym of Scam is Deceit.

    The dictionary definition of the word Deceit: – the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth.

    I really do believe, the owners/founders of Ariix know they are ‘misrepresenting the truth’ and that in practice people lower down in the MLM are going to lose.

    I’m sure there is some good MLM’s out there, especially those with capped levels and lower entry fees etc., where there is potential for people to make some money, but it is clear that Ariix doesn’t fall into this category.

    It amazes me that companies such Ariix direct their advertising to low-income individuals who simply cannot afford to lose. It just seems unethical to me and I feel sorry for the people that fall for it.

    • Thank you for the thorough comment. 

      Absolutely I agree with you. The methods the Ariix  “independent business owners” are truly unethical. As a result of that many people fall for it and end up being in a worse financial situation than before. 

      There are certainly better methods/systems.

  7. Is  MLM business popular in all countries? How logical are they?

    MLM business methods are available around the world. Multi products can be useful to run this business. But might be clear from any form of unethical activity. This site refers to the right source of MLM business

    In the history of my work experience, a few MLM company has discarded from the market because of the unethical performance.

    I am thankful for this website as they have been writing about an authentic business. Good to read this.

    • It seems that MLMs are popular in many countries. 

      But generally speaking, the only people who make money are the ones who started it out. 

      The rest struggle most of the time and statistically speaking only 1% will make it. 
      Definitely there are better opportunities these days, especially when it is so easy to start a YouTube channel or create a website. 

      Glad you like it
      Cheers, Mike 

  8. Hello Mike

    I am so glad I found this article about whether Ariix is a scam. I was curious about this online business but it seems rather expensive to join and it does seem like an MLM.
    I joined one similar to this one in 2012 but is wasn’t for me. You are right cost wise I would have family members slam the door in my face as well. The good thing about any online opportunity is, there is something for everyone but this one I would probable pass on. They do seem to have good products though. This is a really insightful blog people will get a lot out of reading it

    I would be happy to look at your training for websites.
    Best Regards


    • Hello and thanks a lot for your comment, 

      Yes, Ariix is definitely an MLM, no doubt about it. 

      It is expensive and the majority of people just won’t earn that money back. It may be also due to the lack of proper training within the Ariix.

      For the price of $335 (which is the cheapest way how to join Ariix), one can get almost a yearly membership within the training platform teaching how to start with an online business from scratch. (the price is something like $380 per year, including website and hosting, keyword research tool and so on). 
      If you are interested you can read more about the training platform, here.

      If you have any further questions, let me know.
      Hope it helps
      Cheers, Mike


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