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Amare Global Review

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Would you like to determine whether this is a good business opportunity for you?

The company operates using a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model.

Based on my personal experience with MLM companies, I understand that there is a significant distinction between the recruitment phase and actually working as an associate.

Therefore, in this Amare Global review, my primary focus will be on evaluating the company as a potential income opportunity.

When researching MLM business models or similar companies, people often want to know if a particular business has been involved in any lawsuits.
Therefore, during my investigation, I was curious to find out if Amare Global had any legal involvement or lawsuits associated with it.

Additionally, I have extensively researched and gathered information available online, providing a brief summary of people’s opinions, both positive and negative.

But that’s not all.
By analyzing their income report, you will be able to assess the likelihood of success within this MLM. I must disclose, however, that the chance of success appears to be low.

Does this mean that Amare Global is a scam?

Not really;

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Just a few quick notes before we begin:

  1. I am not affiliated with Amare Global.
  2. I am not a physician or pharmacist, so if you wish to learn more about the products, it is advisable to conduct your own research. The section about Amare Global products (found below) is intended for informational purposes only.

The objective of this review is to provide an in-depth analysis of Amare Global from a profit-making standpoint.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Amare Global.
This review is based on my research and information available online in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Amare Global Overview

Name: Amare Global
Website: www.amare.com
Price to Join:
$69.95 to become a Wellness Partner (Preferred customer fee is $24.95)
No! 99% Of Members Lose or don’t make any money.

Amare Global is indeed a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that specializes in selling nutritional and mental wellness products.

While it’s true that MLMs generally have a low success rate and many independent business owners may end up losing money, it’s important to note that individual experiences can vary.
Some people may find success in MLMs, but it often requires significant effort, persistence, and effective sales and recruitment strategies.

When considering joining Amare Global or any MLM, it’s essential to thoroughly research and understand the business model, the products, the compensation plan, and the potential challenges involved.

It’s also important to evaluate whether MLM is the right fit for your skills, interests, and personal values.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for alternative business models that don’t involve MLM, there are various options available.

You may want to explore affiliate marketing, e-commerce, freelancing, or other online business opportunities that align better with your preferences and goals.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, you can learn more about creating a website and driving free traffic that can be monetized.

Such skills are valuable and applicable to other online business models as well.

What is Amare Global MLM?

Amare Global MLM is a company dedicated to enhancing brain function and well-being.

Founded by a team of entrepreneurs and health professionals, Amare Global MLM offers a range of effective products specifically designed to support mental wellness.

Their product line includes

  • Supplements,
  • Functional foods,
  • and beverages that are formulated to optimize brain function and promote overall mental health.
Amare Global Review

In addition to these effective products, Amare Global MLM provides coaching services and educational resources to further support customers in their journey toward improved mental well-being.

Amare Global MLM sets itself apart with its strong focus on mental wellness.

Recognizing the crucial role mental health plays in overall well-being, the company strives to empower individuals who are seeking natural and holistic approaches to support their brain function and mental wellness.

Moreover, Amare Global MLM presents an opportunity for individuals interested in becoming distributors and building their own businesses within the company.

By offering effective products and a comprehensive approach to mental wellness, Amare Global MLM aims to help individuals unlock their full cognitive potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Amare Global Website Information

Analyzing the website traffic of a specific platform is like visiting a new city and deciding on a restaurant. You’d prefer a busy restaurant with satisfied customers, rather than an empty and abandoned one.

Similarly, checking website traffic helps gauge the product’s quality.
Additionally, I often consider the age of the website (domain registration date) to make more informed decisions.

Based on the report, it is evident that the Amare Global website has consistent traffic.

Organic Traffic Overview - Amare.com - Ahrefs

Between the summer of 2022 and the summer of 2023, there has been a significant increase in website traffic.
In the summer of 2022, the website received approximately 15,000 visitors per month.

However, by the summer of 2023, the number of visitors nearly doubled, showing a strong growth trend.

This traffic growth is a positive indicator, suggesting that more people are becoming interested in the company and its offerings.

It demonstrates that the company is attracting a larger audience and gaining attention over time.

Also, just for information, here we see that the majority of visitors are from the US, followed by Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Amare Global - Organic traffic by country

Who Owns Amare Global?

Amare Global Review

Amare Global is a relatively new MLM mental wellness company founded by Hiep Tran, along with other founders like Mike Brown, Rich Higbee, Mark Nguyen, and Dr. Shawn Talbott.

They launched Amare Global in 2016 to share Tran’s passion for health and wellness and help people improve their well-being.

Compared to other MLM companies like 4Life with 30 years in the market or Trivita with over 20 years, Amare Global is considered quite new.

Interestingly, the word “Amare” means love or being in love, possibly originating from Latin.

Amare Global claims to offer groundbreaking products that help balance the chemicals in your body. In simple terms, their products are designed to support the key psychological factors that contribute to mental wellness.

Their unique theory suggests that the chemicals responsible for negative states of mind like depression and anxiety are not solely produced in the brain.

Unlike traditional approaches that target the brain, Amare Global emphasizes focusing on other parts of the body. Dr. Talbott from Amare Global suggests that the gut should be the primary target.

Amare Global Review

So Amare Global presents itself as something new in the nutrition field, as they sell not only nutritional products but they bring natural solutions to people in the area of mental wellness

Legal Issues Involving Amare Global Officials

Shawn M. Talbott, along with Pinnacle Marketing Concepts and its president, Thomas F. Cheng, settled with the FTC regarding the marketing of CortiSlim and CortiStress dietary supplements.

They surrendered $4.5 million in cash and assets. The FTC accused them of making false claims and using deceptive infomercials.

Talbott and Cheng are now prohibited from making unsupported claims about dietary supplements. Litigation continues against other defendants.

Is Amare Global an MLM or Pyramide Scheme?

Let’s address the term “Pyramid Scheme” right away.

Pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries as they primarily rely on recruiting new members without offering any actual products. The only way to potentially make money in such schemes is by continuously recruiting others.

Unlike pyramid schemes, Amare Global is a legitimate MLM company that sells products. However, being an MLM company, it does involve recruitment, which often confuses people.

To better understand what a pyramid scheme entails, let’s watch this informative video:

It’s important to distinguish an MLM from a pyramid scheme. However, I acknowledge that the recruitment aspect of MLMs does bear a resemblance to a pyramid scheme.

That’s why many MLM companies emphasize product promotion while keeping the recruitment aspect somewhat concealed.

In reality, though, it’s widely understood that recruitment is the primary avenue for earning money in MLMs, albeit a challenging one, particularly for those not at the top level.

How Much Is Amare Global To Join?

Amare Global Review

Many people decide to join the MLM business model because of the price to join.

Usually, the costs are under $100 and people do think that they can earn 4 figures within a few months. (That is due to the good marketing strategy of his or her upline or sponsor)

With Amare Global, you don’t have to become a member to use their products. They have 3 different levels so let me break them down for you.

1) Retail Customer $0

There is no entrance fee.
Retail Customer gets a flat rate shipping for $4.99.

2) Preferred Customer $24.95

If you want to become a preferred customer you have to pay $25 and on top of what the retail customer gets, you can purchase the Amare products for a wholesale price (that is 25% off retail).
You will also earn free product points and save rewards.
There is also a bonus with your 1st subscription – you get a free product and with your order, you can save about $40.

Another incentive is, in case you refer others to Amare you get also a free product.

3) Wellness Partner $69.95

You as a potential wellness partner get everything as the preferred customer: the free product for a referral and the free product on a subscription.

Instead here is what you get:

  • You earn a commission when you refer others (we will talk about this later)
  • You qualify for incentive trips
  • Also, you get a free personalized website (including an app and back-office, so you can do some modifications on your site)

These are the benefits.

What you are not told right away is that you as a Wellness Partner must maintain at least 100 Personal Volume (PV stands for a total volume of orders within a month) to be considered as an active member.

And you also must earn commissions for that month.
Otherwise, you are considered “inactive”.

What Products Does Amare Global Offer?

Amare Global Review

Usually, products offered by any MLM company are slightly more expensive than competitive products. Let’s take for example the 4Life, where almost identical products can be found on Amazon for a better price.
And you don’t have to pay any entrance fee like you have to with Amare Global.

As described above Amare Global offers products that target the “gut-brain axis”.
Let’s take a look at some of them.

There are 5 different categories:

1) Fundamentals

The makers of the supplement say it can improve mental sharpness, focus, and creativity, and support cognitive function based on a study.

To mention a few products like MentaBiotics, Mentafocus, and MentaHeart.

The MentaBiotics is their flagship product for adjusting the gut, as a part of the gut-brain axis. According to Dr. Shawn Talbott, this is like having 4 different products in 1 package (Probiotic Blend, Prebiotic Blend, Phytobiotic Blend, and Digestive Performance).

The price of the flagship product (mentabiotics) is $74.95. In case you subscribe you get 10% off ($66.95)

2) MentaTherapeutics

There are 5 products within this category (Reboot+, Mood+, Energy+, Relief+, and Sleep+). They are supposed to help with your mood and mental energy. Relief+ should support the body’s natural pain response system and after Sleep+ you should get a peaceful sleep.

The price for the Reboot+ is $21.95 (after the discount) and Sleep+ costs $53.9 (Retail price is $80 though).
Sleep+ contains 30 capsules and you should get 2 of them daily.

3) MentaEssentials

Within this section, you find 2 sub-sections, Premium Nutrients, and GBX (gut-brain axis) Food.

Premium Nutrients are probiotics, digestive, or OmMega. They all cost $40 in retail price. After the discount, the price is $26.95.

GBX Food should improve microbiome balance. They work together to nourish good gut bacteria.

4) Amare Kids

This is the same category of products that supposes to support the entire gut-brain axis of growing kids and teens.

A 2-pack of Kids fundamentals costs $119.90 for preferred customers. There are 30 servings per container.

5) Amare Gear

This is a different section of products, and it contains bags, shaker bottles, sleeping mask mugs, tablecloths, and notebooks.

For example, the Amare Rolling laptop bag (up to a 16-inch screen) costs $79.
Size 14″ x 16″ x 7.50″

Amare Products can be purchased individually or in packs.


One special category is the Packs, where you choose a product package of several products for a better price.

Amare Global Review
  • Amare Fundamentals Pack. Includes MentaBiotics, MentaFocus, and MentaSync. The price is $134.95 (Retail Price of $234)
  • Amare Fundamentals Pack Plus: Includes all three above and MentaHeart. The price is $184.90 (Retail Price of $338)
  • Amare Kids Pack: Kids VitaGBX, Kids Mood+, KidsFundamentals. This pack costs $117.95 (Retail $198)
  • Core Wellness Pack: MentaBiotics, MentaFocus, VitaGBX, OmMega. Price $188.95 (Retail $328)
  • Family Wellness Pack: 2x MentaBiotics 2x MentaFocus, 2x MentaSync, MentaHeart, 1x Kids FundaMentals. 1x Kids Vita GBX and 1 Kids Mood+.Price $459.95 (Retail $874)
  • Project b3 Pack: VitaGBX, GBX SeedFiber, 2x GBX Protein, GBX SuperFood: Price $274.95 (Retail Price $486)
  • Launch Pack: 2x MentaBiotics, 2x MentaFocus, 2x MentaSync, 2x MentaHeart, 2x Reboot+, Energy+, Mood+, Sleep+, Relief+, GBX Protein—Vanilla, GBX Protein—Chocolate, GBX SuperFood, GBX SeedFiber, VitaGBX, Probiotics, Digestive, OmMega, Kids FundaMentals, Kids VitaGBX, and Kids Mood+. The price is $849.95 (Retail Price $1,608)

Regarding the supplements, it is important to say that the statements regarding Amare products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Their products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

It is also stated on the Amare website:

Amare Global Review

It can be found at the bottom of each product description. It is not very visible, but it is possible to find it.

Some Notes Regarding the Amare Products

Upon careful consideration of the preceding section, it becomes apparent that all the mentioned products are undeniably costly.

In fact, I dare say that they are excessively priced, and it should not pose a challenge to find comparable alternatives at significantly more affordable rates.

The pricing of Amare products, in particular, can present a hurdle when it comes to their distribution.

Unless one possesses exceptional sales skills, it may prove difficult to successfully sell these items.

Nowadays, the trend leans towards online purchasing, with people opting to procure such products through platforms like Amazon, which I’m sure you are familiar with.

Did you know that you can earn money by promoting products on Amazon?
It’s called affiliate marketing.

Amazon offers a program called the Amazon Affiliate Program, and they welcome almost everyone to join.
This means that once you sign up for their program, you can start promoting their products.

The sign-up process to become an Amazon Associate is quite straightforward and doesn’t take much time.

It can be completed within approximately 30 minutes. Once you’re all set up, you can begin promoting any product within your chosen niche.

How Can You Make Money with Amare Global?

Amare Global Review

Making money in any MLM company is generally not easy.

Typically, only 1% of people actually make money, while the rest either lose money or break even.

Amare Global offers products that are quite expensive. Despite their claims of revolutionary supplements, I believe it’s mostly a marketing strategy to boost product sales.

Now, let’s discuss the two potential ways to make money in this MLM:

Selling the products

You receive a 25% commission on each product sold.

To earn a minimum salary of $300 per week (equivalent to around $7.50 per hour), you would need to sell at least 12 products.

Assuming the average product price is $100, you would earn $25 per sale. This means selling almost 2 containers per day.

While it may be manageable initially if you have a large network, about 50% of people may lose interest and stop purchasing from you.

To maintain that income level, you’ll need to put in more effort.

Building your team (downline)

Recruiting distributors becomes essential for increasing your earnings. However, keep in mind that you only receive a 5% commission from your downline.

Another challenge is meeting the 100 PV requirement, as mentioned earlier.

Regardless of your rank, you must fulfill this monthly. This can be a significant drawback, especially when life circumstances make it difficult to consistently meet the requirement.
Otherwise, you would need to purchase products yourself to maintain your position.

For many individuals, personal sales skills do not come naturally. Despite their hard work, they often end up losing money, accumulating excess supplements, and feeling stressed and frustrated.

Unfortunately, the company does not provide any training to assist distributors.

Lastly, let’s examine the overall structure, including different ranks and levels:

Amare Commissions Overview

Theoretically, you can climb the rank system and build your team down to 7 levels.

The prospect of passive income is often the driving force behind people’s interest in MLM companies. The ability to cultivate a strong team becomes crucial in realizing this passive income stream.

In that case, you and your team have to maintain the Organizational Volume (OV – a combined total of all of the PV from a Wellness Partner and his entire downline) as per the table above.

I know it is not easy to understand how the entire structure works.

This is common within all MLM companies.
They just don’t want to create a simple easy-to-understand compensation plan, on purpose.

Amare Compensation Plan 2022

The recent Amare compensation plan for 2022, is a 17-page long PDF file.

What do I like About Amare Global?

  • Compared to the other MLM companies, Amare Global pays quite an OK commission. You still need to sell either a lot of products or expensive packs.
    Either way, it will be very difficult to maintain a certain level of income every month.

What I don’t like About Amare Global

  • Very expensive product and that makes it hard to sell.
  • Almost impossible to do this full-time, due to the low income
  • Bothering family members and/or friends
  • According to FTC, Shawn Talbot made false product claims and used deceptive promotions, regarding dietary supplements

Amare Global – Final Thoughts

I am not an expert in nutritional products or mental wellness, but I do acknowledge the importance of consuming proper food, including plenty of vegetables and fruits, preferably without any genetic modifications.

When our bodies receive the right nourishment, it positively impacts our mental well-being as well.

As for the question of whether Amare products are beneficial for you, I cannot provide a definitive answer. It would be necessary for you to conduct your own research on the products.

Are they expensive? Yes, they are.

Engaging in regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet are more cost-effective options.

Regarding Amare Global as a viable business model for you, I am quite certain it is not.

Earning money as an Amare representative is exceedingly challenging, and it is not due to a lack of effort on your part.

The system itself is the obstacle. To generate substantial income from this MLM opportunity, you must continuously recruit more individuals and expand your downline.

If this does not cause you significant stress, then you are welcome to pursue it.

But, based on my personal experience in a similar system (in a financial MLM company), I found it extremely stressful to convince people to commit to contracts that I did not genuinely believe in.

I realized that I did not want to rely on this type of business structure, where prospecting is a constant pursuit and the responsibility extends to building your downline and beyond.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Now, let me know your thoughts on Amare Global as a potential money-making opportunity.

Are you interested in giving it a try?
Well, I don’t know about your sales skills, but if you’re anything like me, you may prefer alternative ways of making money.

Amare Global Review

And guess what? I have an alternative to offer you: affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you earn commissions by promoting products.

There’s no need to build a downline, and you can work at your own pace.
There’s no recruiting involved, and you have the freedom to choose the products you want to promote.

Everything is conducted online, and you don’t have to deal with customer support or suppliers.

All you need is a website and traffic.
For beginners, organic or free traffic tends to yield the best results. That’s probably how you stumbled upon this article, right? Did I actively pursue you, or were you searching for information?

You’ve discovered this website, and I hope you find it helpful. That’s what I appreciate about affiliate marketing—I don’t chase people; they come to me, so to speak.

Let me also highlight a few disadvantages, though;

There is definitely a learning curve involved. However, you can choose a niche that interests you or aligns with your passions, which makes the process much easier.

The second point is that it requires effort on your part, and you need to be patient because it takes time for your website to gain recognition from search engines like Google.

But fear not, all of this can be learned, and with proper training, you can achieve a four-digit income (per month) within 10-14 months.

The platform I recommend is called Wealthy Affiliate, and anyone can join for free.
The first five lessons are available at no cost.

In case you have a question about Amare Global or some other ways how to build a business online, please leave it in the comment section below.

I will be more than happy to answer you back (I’ll do my best to give you feedback within 24 hours).

Thank you for reading,
Have a good one,

About the Author

Mike is an affiliate marketing analyst, content creator, and the founder of SetAffiliateBusiness.com.

Consistently producing in-depth and insightful articles. 📚💻


Amare Global FAQs

Amare Global FAQs

Is Amare Global a legitimate MLM company?

Yes, Amare Global is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing Company that sells nutritional and mental wellness products.

What is Amare Global’s unique selling proposition?

Amare Global’s products are designed to support the primary psychological drivers of mental wellness by balancing the chemicals in your body, with a focus on the gut as the primary target.

What is the founding date and headquarters location of Amare Global?

Amare Global was founded in 2016 by Hiep Tran, Mike Brown, Rich Higbee, Mark Nguyen, and Dr. Shawn Talbott. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California.

What is the success rate for Amare Global Independent Business Owners?

As with any MLM, the success rate for Amare Global Independent Business Owners is low; with 99% of them reportedly losing money.

Should I join Amare Global?

This depends on your goals, comfort level with rejection, and willingness to approach your friends and family for sales. However, based on the low success rate for MLMs, it may be better to pursue alternative business models such as affiliate marketing.

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  1. To be honest I’m the biggest MLM fan, and I’m glad to see straight away that Amare Global. Some people I know do like MLMs, but to be honest again I haven’t heard of many success stories. With Amare Global I see that the founders were mixed up in some deceptive business practices previously, never a good sign. I think the biggest turnoff with this product is as you said, the products are a tough sell due to their price relative to competition. Your alternative in Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option for sure. Thanks to your post I can steer clear of Amare Global and warm my MLM friends to do the same. Great review and keep up the good work!

    • As for the owners – that is right. It is never a good sign when the founders were involved in scammy systems. 
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      I am glad you like the article.

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  2. Hey, I found your guide very useful on Amare Global.  Amare Global is a legit MLM company selling products. Their products are designed to support the primary psychological drivers of mental wellness. It offer many supplement pack for mental health. Now people are not much interested in MLM business.

    These days, people more often go online and purchase such products over there.For example on Amazon. I hope everyone know about Amazon.

    • I agree – The MLM business models are not viable anymore.

      Especially in 2020, where all businesses go online if they have a chance.

      That is why, when someone wants to make money, he or she should learn how to set up a website ( which is an easy process) and how to create content that ranks well in Google (and other search engines as well) 

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  3. Have you met the owner and the other corporate members? Have you tried the products and read the white sheets? In your comparison to other products did you take into consideration quality control , R &D, and clinical trials?

    • Hello Ellen and thank you for stopping by.

      As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I don’t review the products, but Amare Global as a business opportunity.
      I am sure many people like the products, but it does not mean they all start making a living once they become Amare Global distributors.

      (BTW, I am sure not all iPhone sellers met Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak.)

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  4. Hey, Firstly I say thanks for giving your light on Amare Global. I know Amare Global is a MLM Company Selling Mental Wellness Products. I see it is running from long time. I think it is not suitable for me. I found wealthy affiliate business from your recommendation. It is really working very well for me. I am just working on my training now a days. Training gives me motivation to complete each task required to build a good business online.

    • Hi and thank you for your comment. 

      Glad you have joined the Wealthy Affiliate. 
      The price you pay for the education you get  – that’s a steal! 

      Not mentioning that in the future more and more people will buy online. That is why it is beneficial to learn how to run an online business. 
      No MLM, including Amare Global, can provide you with such information.

      That is why I have added this option of checking the Wealthy Affiliate in my article so people can try other options as well. 

  5. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Is Amare Global A Scam? MLM Company Selling Mental Wellness Products and explanations are given.

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    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment. 

      There is no better start with affiliate marketing than while you are in college. Sure you need to focus on the studying but there is definitely a time slot where you can invest at least 1hr per day in building your website. 

      Let me know if you need help, or in case you have questions. 

      Wishing you a lot of success and see you around 🙂 

  6. What concerns me with MLMs like Amare is that they are targeting products meant for children. It’s great to have supplements for children, but a responsible adult should also be feeding them wholesome food and not treat them like sick kids, pilling them with products some company claims will do them good. And with a new company like that, you want to be very careful with what you’re introducing to your children. I would be wary if I were you, joining this kind of business opportunity. 

    • Hi Cathy, 

      I couldn’t agree to agree with you more. I don’t have kids on my own yet, but I would never feed them with pills that are not even tested and approved the FTC. 
      But still, I would do everything I could to prevent the kids to use pills of any kind. 

      And being part of such a business, to sell these products and convincing people to join “my team”?  No Thank you. 
      It is still MLM, it is new – and who knows how long it will last. 

      A bit percentage of these MLM are closed down within 5 years or so. 

      With affiliate marketing, one has a much bigger chance to succeed in the long run. 

      Thank you for your comment
      highly appreciate it
      Cheers, Mike


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