Home Income Millionaire Review

I have received an email concerning one digital product called Home Income Millionaire. The person who sent me the email was a bit confused and asked whether I can do the Home Income Millionaire Review.

Soon after I started my research I realized why my buddy was so confused.

No wonder, since actually there is no real product. As for September 2019, the Home Income Millionaire is nowhere to be found, nor ClickBank nor ClickBetter… I checked JVZoo, Warrior and found nothing.

Home Income Millionaire can be accessed from different products. I have already pointed out while doing a different review (10 Minute Paydays), that many low-quality products are connected with each other.
Once you get into a member’s area, you are suddenly prompted to join a different, in most cases also scammy product.

This is also the case with Home Income Millionaire (HIM). Most of the traffic coming to the HIM website is from a product called 4 Minute Pay Day (www.4minutepayday.com)

Name: Home Income Millionaire
Website: www.homeincomemillionaire.com
Price: Advertised Price $97 (+ Upsells)
Owners: Marc Jennings

Product Overview

The HIM according to the data pulled from the website is quite a new product. The website has been created in the spring of 2019. Traffic has increased in May and did not drop that much since then.

Home Income Millionaire Review

The reason why this product is not available on any of the affiliate marketing programs (including ClickBank and ClickBetter) websites is most likely the fact that it did not meet the requirements.
In my opinion, those requirements can’t be so hard to meet. If you take a look at different products such as China Clash Clone, you see that the quality is low a quite often they can be called scams.

Now imagine what the quality of HIM must be, right?

And it is obvious right from the beginning of the sales video.

It starts off really heroic, showing you a mansion, BMW, yachts, and so on. The entire videos are full of red flags and unrealistic incomes.

Let alone the fake testimonials. Here is the screenshot of their homepage and down below you see the “testimonials”.

Home Income Millionaire Review

Home Income Millionaire Review

I have just picked one actor from Fiverr as you see

The spokesman of HIM introduces himself as Marc Jennings. I am pretty sure this is a made-up name.
While doing research about Marc Jennings I only found a Scottish comedian named Mark Jennings. But he obviously doesn’t talk you to through the HIM sales video.

Anyways, this Marc guy talks about his product, that many people were so lucky and made a fortune. And you can be that fortune as well… ” if you buy our  $497, $197 $97 product”.

What almost made me laugh was the statement that you don’t even have to work.
Just spend a few minutes a day and you are on your way to make thousands of dollars within a few days.
Marc’s team does all the hard work for you.

Pretty “Impressive”.

The Good & the Bad

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (UPDATE: Since not available on ClickBank the refund is questionable)
  • N/A
  • N/A


  • Fake Scarcity and Fake Testimonials
  • There isn’t Any Educational Material You Can Apply
  • Fake owner/spokesperson
  • The only way to make money is to re-sell HIM to another person


Who is it For?

This is one of many products that promise you anything. They throw at you the mansions, expensive cars, yachts and they say that you can have this kind of life if you purchase our products.
And on top of that, you don’t have to work for more than 10-15 minutes a day.

Here is also one testimonial. I have decided to share it with you to show you that this guy on the video called Jerry does not believe himself, what he is talking about.

I mean just focus on his body language. Does a person who made $5,000 in a week behave as Jerry?

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Jerry. He seems like a really nice guy. I just hope that by now he doesn’t have to do fake statements.

Creators of HIM think that people would fall for their unrealistic income claims. I believe there are fewer and fewer people who believe that stuff.

Unfortunately, there are still people who want to earn money fast and they might get into this “trap”. Hopefully, it is not your case. Since I could not help you either.
I would be able to help you to show a direction, how to make money online, and eventually how to become financially independent.
But only if you are willing to put effort into a building business online.

Let me share with you the review of one educational platform. You will gain a perspective on what it takes to build an online business.
I am not saying that that is the only way, but it could be a good start.

Home Income Millionaire Tools & Training

As much as I wanted to show you the back office of this HIM product, I just could not log in to the system anymore. It has been probably taken down by now (today Friday, September 6th, 2019).


Based on the information above, there is no support.
It is simple as that – no training – no support.

Home Income Millionaire Price Structure

Have you already seen the price of HIM? Or maybe you did not even try to click on the HIM website, which is understandable.
They use fake scarcity saying that there are only 8 spots available, together with this illusion of discount:

Home Income Millionaire Review

The basic price is $97. That is a lot of money for lousy training.

On top of that, you have a bunch of upsells, which most likely are 1 click upsells.
Upsells usually do not have more value than the core product. Their purpose is to squeeze the customers a bit more, so the owner can earn more and can pay his affiliates.

My Final Opinion of Home Income Millionaire

This is a very poor quality product. There are obvious signs of why one should keep off. And it doesn’t take much thinking to figure it out why. I mean some products are more sophisticated than others, and you have to compare the Pros and Cons.

But with HIM just little things like these are just deal breakers.

  1. Product is not available on ClickBank nor ClickBetter (As for SEP/06/2019)
  2. The HIM does not have any Logo
  3. No access to back-office (As for SEP/06/2019)
  4. Also, the Money Back Guarantee might not be the truth, since the HIM is not available on any internet retailer.

This is a typical product with no end value to the customer.

The only way how a person can make money by using HIM is to sell it to other people and collect the commission. The same structure as Digital Income System is made or also Profit365.

It is better to stay away from Home Income Millionaire.

Home Income Millionaire at a Glance…

Name: Home Income Millionaire
Website: www.homeincomemillionaire.com
Price: Advertised Price $97 (+ Upsells)
Owners: Marc Jennings

Overall Rank:

Explode My Payday Scam


I have reviewed hundreds of products and Home Income Millionaire is something I have not seen yet.
Actually, I was thinking that it was a mistake. Or maybe it has not been finished yet.

Unfortunately, it seems to be valid and I can only guess, how many people have been ripped off by this scammy product. Hopefully, it is not your case.

Let me know if you have any experience with similar products.

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