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GoCashouts Review

Hello and welcome to my website.

I am glad that you do your research about the website called GoCashouts.
You have seen the claims about how you can get a $25 bonus just for joining this “#1 Social Earning Network”.

It sounds too easy, doesn’t it?
I have reviewed hundreds of digital products, systems promising to make money online, and a lot of scammy sites as well.

How about the GoCashouts.
Is this site legit?

We are going to find out the following:

  • Who is behind the GoCashouts
  • How it works
  • Payment proofs (whether they real or fake)
  • and more

In a few minutes, you will know everything you need to know about GoCashouts.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for GoCashouts. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: GoCashouts
Website: www.GoCashouts.com
Price to Join:
Recommended: Absolutely Not!

GoCashouts Overview

GoCashouts claims to be the #1 Social Earning Network that has been around for a few years.
According to their website, it is easy to make money by completing tasks and invite your friends.

The truth is that this website was registered only in August 2020 and the claims about earnings are total nonsense.

There are too many red flags within the GoCashouts, including fake payment proofs, fake contact information, fake income claims, and so on.

GoCashouts is part of a networking scam that focuses on data harvesting (from your email, password, and eventually to your credit card information).

Please stay away from the GoCashouts.

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What is GoCashouts?

GoCashouts is supposed to be the #1 Social Earning Network that has been around for a few years already. Their members make money by taking surveys, completing simple tasks, or referring friends.

GoCashouts Review

According to their webpage, they have paid out already more than $45,000,000.
This is really impressive.

Is it even possible?
I mean let’s find out how old is this website.

Let’s go over to the site called www.whois.com and enter the domain name there:
Here is the result:

GoCashouts Review

We see that the domain www.GoCashouts.com was registered only in August 2020.
As of this writing, the website is less than 8 months.

Did they really pay out $45M+?
That would be more than $5.5M per month or $187.000 per day!

And how about their cut?
I am sure people behind the GoCashouts do not work for free, so their revenue must be even higher.

Or is this figure just made up?
Let’s dig a bit further to find out if there are more discrepancies.

Founder of GoCashouts

First of all, when you spot a site where they claim you can make money, be careful and check who runs the system (or company).
There should be clear information about a person or people who are behind the system.

On their About Us page, there is some general stuff that doesn’t say anything.
It would be a good idea to contact them, via email or via the contact form:

GoCashouts Review

I did fill the form… the button says “Start My Earnings” which is strange.
Anyways, it seems that they have received the request.

On top of that, I have also contacted them by email as well, and so far no response.
I personally would expect some sort of automatic response. I mean the #1 Social earning network should have such an autoresponder (that is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it).

Issues with GoCashouts 

I have reviewed very similar sites that have the same pattern same claims and same, for example, Task4Cash or Cash Monster.

That gives me some kind of advantage that I know what to check on the GoCashouts.
But even without any experience with these sites, it’s obvious that this can’t be the #1 Social Media Network.

Let’s check their Social Media profiles to see how many followers they have. 

  • Facebook – They have only 654 people following their profile.
    GoCashouts ReviewBesides check the comments – these are not positive comments:

GoCashouts Review

  • Twitter  – Considering how many they have allegedly paid out, they have only a few followers.

GoCashouts Review

  • Instagram – This is the most successful social media channel, with almost 15,000 followers.
    (But for a #1 Social Earning Network, I would expect a lot more)

How bout the Telephone number they have in the Contact Us Section?
A simple google search shows that the same number is used on a different website called NotionCash or RewardsFeed.

GoCashouts Review

Obviously, these sites have something in common, and it is not just the telephone number.

How Does the GoCashouts Work?

It is easy to sign up and you don’t have to pay a dime.

A note:
I have found one issue, which is a guide big red flag – The links to Terms & Conditions, and to Privacy do not work.

Back to the signing process.
You are promised to get a $25 bonus.

Is it even possible?
The truth is that GoCashouts operates as a GPT Site (Get-Paid-To). And these kinds of sites really offer a bonus when you sign up.
But it is nowhere close to $25. It usually is $5, and you can cash it out once you go through a bunch of tasks.

In order to register with the GoCashouts  (which I don’t recommend, at least make sure to use some fake email) you need to provide them with your email address and password.
Right after the registration, you see a Welcome message saying that the $25 balance is waiting for you.

Also, you should choose your preferred payment method, and then you are told that for each task that you are going to finish you earn $25 to $75!
This is totally unrealistic.

Legit Survey Sites or GPT sites pay a few bucks per day.

And what is even more laughable about the GoCashouts is the following claim:

“Every Click on your unique referral link also earns you $1”

GoCashouts Review

This is an outright lie!
There is no way that some system will pay you just for clicks on your link. It is not possible.

Here is How It Really Works

The bonus can be activated only on your mobile phone.

Meaning you have to go to the GoCashouts site on your mobile phone, sign in, and only then you will get the $25 Bonus.

This is something unheard of.
Or it is maybe just me, not having enough experience, but so far all legitimate Get-Paid-to sites are available on Desktops (or Laptops) and it is possible to withdraw the earnings.

Inside the Dashboard, you see a specific task.
You must install it and then start the task.

GoCashouts Review

At this point, this entire system starts to be dangerous.
If someone is not careful enough, he or she might use the credit card because the system asks so… and you can imagine what can happen next.

And one more thing regarding the withdrawal.
Here is how these scams work:

  • A member requests for a withdrawal
  • The request is set on hold, for some reason.
  • This member is informed (after a few weeks) that has used fake referrals, and therefore the balance becomes $0, and finally, the account is closed

Is There a Better Solution?

If you are interested in sites that pay their members here are some examples:


or even www.surveyjunkie.com
This is not available in the EU (the site is not accessible).

If you want to learn more about the InboxDollars check the review. 

These sites are legit but they have a low earning potential (probably $50 to $100 per month).

Out of the sites that are legit and one can earn a few bucks in a relatively short period of time, my personal favorite one is Squadhelp.
They pay every day and it is also possible to make $100 to $300 per day. (Of course not every day)

Check the Squadhelp review, to learn more.

How About Your Own Business Online?

Yes, it is possible.

To be more precise, by the Business, I mean website.
A simple website that ranks well on google and generates consistent income online. 

You can learn it too but please bear in mind that it takes time and effort.

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Let’s go back to the GoCashouts.

What Other People Think

It is funny that they try to look legit.

Apparently, they are BBB Accredited Business and have a great rating on Trustpilot (that is consumer review website).

Let’s take a look at the Trustpilot page to see what kind of rating they have:

GoCashouts Review

It says “Poor”

And here are some of the specific comments:

GoCashouts Review

And here this person compares it with another scam from the same network:

GoCashouts Review

Sharecash – Just take a look at this review to see that in principle it is the same scam:

ShareCash Review

List of the Red Flags

Here is a list of the GoCashouts red flags.

1) Age of the system

In the first version of GoCashouts website, they claimed to be on the market for 13 years.

They have updated the information and currently, it says:

“Over the past few years, we have established ourselves as the lead social rewards platform with the highest payout in the industry”

Right here there is 2 nonsense information:

  • “Over the past few years”  – The entire site is less than 8 months old
  • They are not lead social rewards platforms!

2) Fake Payment Proofs

Inside the dashboard, one can check their payment proofs.

GoCashouts Review

These screenshots only prove that the payments are fake.
We know that the GoCashouts website was registered only in August 2020.

With that being said, how come some members were paid in June or July of 2020?

GoCashouts Review

It doesn’t make sense, right?

3) No One Gets Paid

This is common among all these scams that I have mentioned.

The creators keep coming up with new and new sites, but their purpose is to collect the data.

4) Social Media 

We have covered that the GoCashouts social media presence is close to zero.

They don’t post new stuff, the number of followers is extremely low and even those 15K followers on Instagram is nothing special.

5) Contact Information

They don’t respond to your email.

The Telephone number is fake and we don’t even know where this company is located.

They claim at one source it is in India, on FB page they have Philipinnes, the telephone number looks like from North America…

The bottom line is that GoCashouts is a data harvesting scam that does not pay.
Stay away from it.

What I like about GoCashouts 

  • Absolutely Nothing

What I don’t like about GoCashouts 

  • They don’t pay – Impossible to withdraw the earnings
  • Extremely low presence on Social media (in some none)
  • Fake Payment Proofs
  • Unknown creator
  • This is part of the networks scams

Is GoCashouts a Scam?

Let me finish with a few words only:

Stay Away from GoCashouts!

It is a data harvesting scam. The worst part is that this is not the only one.
As I have found out, some of them created 2 years ago don’t exist anymore, but they are new ones and whoever is behind the scenes is getting away with it.

I also mentioned some alternatives, where it is possible to earn a few bucks, but in my opinion, it is waste of time.

When someone is truly interested in the procedure of how to have consistent income online, there is a link at the bottom of this post with more details.

In case you have specific questions or comments please use the comment section below.

Thank you for reading

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