Commission Pages Review – A Done-For-You System?

Hello and welcome to the Commission Pages Review.

You are probably looking for ways how to make money online and wondering whether this system can help you with your financial situation.

Well, first of all, I am very glad you do your research.
This is the best way how to keep away from scams.

Does it mean that Commission Pages is a scam?

Well, that is what you are going to find out in a few minutes.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Commission Pages. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Commission Pages
Price to Join:
Recommended: Not really

Commission Pages Review – Summary

Commission Pages is a cloud-based system that helps you create offers that will be sent to other people. If they buy the product or service, you get a commission.

According to their sales page, using this system you can make hundreds of dollars per day. It is supposed to be a 100% Done-For-You system, so no experience is needed.

The problem is that this system does not teach you how to get traffic. With that being said, you can have as many offers as you want but if you can’t get people to look at them, you won’t sell anything.

If you are really interested in building an online business, the most important thing is traffic (or views, in case you want to have a YoutTube channel).
I did not have a clue how to get free traffic to my website and I did not know how to build such a website.

Fortunately, I have found one specific educational platform where I have learned these basic principles and beyond.
It is possible to check this platform for free, in fact, there are 5 lessons that can be taken absolutely for free.

What Is Commission Pages?

Commission Pages is supposed to be a new system that helps you to create a simple webpage that drives traffic for free.

Commission Pages Review

From their sales page, this looks like an awesome product that does not cost a lot.

But is it even possible to get free traffic that eventually generates consistent income online?

Well first of all this is not a new product.
It is a rehashed 1K Daily System, that I have reviewed the other day.

Both are almost identical websites, pretty much the same sales video, and the same unrealistic claims about how much you can earn.

Just have a look at these statements:

  • Free Traffic Works in 60 seconds
  • No Experience, No Email List, No Website Required
  • Brand new “Done-For-You” Traffic App

First of all, a website is a must when you want to drive traffic.

Where else would people go?

Who Is Commission Pages For?

This is supposed to be for newbies for people who have no experience in online marketing.

But what is the real value of this system?

Even if it works, what are you going to learn?

Well, you say I only need to make money.

If this would be so easy, I am sure there would be plenty of testimonials and this website would have millions of visitors per day.

I understand that systems like Commission Pages seem are very interesting, especially for beginners.
They promise you that you can make money without learning any new skills.

Unfortunately, this does not work and when it comes to building a business online, there are necessary skills that one needs to have.
I used to search for ways how to make money online and did learn that none of these so-called “Done For You” systems, or “push buttons” actually work.

After a while, I stumbled upon one particular educational platform where I have learned how to drive free traffic and today my site has about 1,000 visitors per day.

I only invested my time and effort and paid for the education (which isn’t a lot).

Founder of Commission Pages

It is always important to check who runs the system or who is behind the website. This is especially important when they offer you some kind of service that you have to pay for.

So who created the Commission Pages?

It seems that a person named Glyn Kosky is behind this system.
Is he a real person?

It seems like although there is not a lot of information about this guy.

Commission Pages Review

If the name sounds familiar, then you have probably already stumbled upon very similar systems, called New Year Profits and 1K Daily System.

Not sure if the creator of Commission Page uses an AKA or it is his real name.
The thing is that short research shows that he is a serial scammer…

To me, this is already a red flag and I wouldn’t purchase anything from this guy.

But let’s dig a bit deeper.

How Does Commission Pages Work?

They want you to think that making money is actually very easy and here the 3 steps you need to take:

Step 1 is Purchase -Login To The Commission Pages App
Step 2 is Activate – Activate One of The Done-For-You Campaigns & Hit The FREE Traffic Button
Step 3 is  Profit & Scale – Enjoy The Unlimited Free Traffic & Start Seeing Results Within Hours

Let’s take a look inside.

Commission Pages Review

As already said, it looks almost the same as the 1K Daly System or the other product called New Year Profit.

New Year Profits

On the left-hand side, there is a Menu with Campaigns where you can advertise the products
One of the products is the 1K Daily System.

Commission Pages Review

We know that this is from the same author as Commission Page. So he wants you to advertise his own products which are all the same.

One thing regarding these campaigns;
you have the possibility to create your own campaign within this system. So in theory it is possible to make a few bucks, but in reality, the chances are very low.

But generally speaking, whatever campaign you create, is still hosted by Commission Page. With that being said, you don’t know if the site is properly maintained. And if this site shuts down, you are basically out of a business.
(Not mentioning that other hundreds of people use the same system and thus have the same sites).

That’s why it is much better to create your own website where you pay for the hosting and you decide how the website (or the offer) will look like.
These days it is very easy to build a website and it can be done within a minute.

The platform where I am a member offers hosting, affiliate marketing training, support, and it is a community of more than a million people.

But back to the Commission Pages Dashboard.

How about the Free Traffic?

Commission Pages Review

Let’s check briefly what is Step 1 about.

  • Affiliate Traffic Lab

You take the sale video of products (one of those that Glynn created) and upload it.
(it will be the same video like the one at their homepage. )

How many people will have the same video?
And do you know how to get thousands of views?

Generally speaking, the thing with Youtube is that it is a long-term game. You have to upload at least 100 videos (within a specific niche) until you see some traction.

  • Tube Traffic Machine

It asks you to download a plugin and WordPress theme …

Remember their statement?
“No Website Required”

Well, here we go. you do need to have a website.

I am not going to bother you with all the details.
Basically, what this system does, leads you to buy more products within the Commission Page. They called them Upgrades, but these are just upsells.

And how much?

What is the Price?

It says that you get several thousand of dollars value product and you get it for $17.06

Commission Pages Review

But as mentioned above, this is not the full price.
Far from it.

There are many “upgrades” and unfortunately, people fall for it and end up paying several hundred dollars to get a very low-quality product.

My recommendation is to stay away from it.
But let’s take a look at the upsells to get a real price:

  1. Unlimited version for $67 (there is a downsell to $37)
  2. 100% Done-For-You for $97 (there is a downsell to $67)
  3. Unlimited Traffic that costs $147 (there is a downsell to $47)
  4. $30K in 30 Days Version for $147 ((there is a downsell to $47)
  5. Supper Affiliate Version for $97 (there is a downsell to $37)
  6. License Rights that costs $147 (there is a downsell to $67)
  7. Auto Profit Boots for $47 (there is a downsell to $37)

Regarding the unlimited traffic – this is a total BS.
What is it that they mean by unlimited traffic?

Is it million visits per day?
How much?

The point is that even Facebook does not have unlimited traffic. Besides having a website (hosting) that is able to withstand a huge amount of traffic costs more than $47.
So those statements are extremely misleading and I would NOT blame anyone who would call this a scam.

Now just for a comparison, this is a price structure of their other product called New Year Profits:

Commission Pages Review

It is exactly the same system, exactly the same nonsense.

What I like about Commission Pages

  • A Page builder that works (although it is very low quality)
  • Money-back Guarantee

What I don’t like Commission Pages

  • Misleading statements
  • It does not teach anything
  • Unrealistic earning claims
  • A chance to make some bucks using Commission Pages is very close to zero
  • A lot of Upsells


We have covered a lot of red flags.

My final words regarding the Commission Pages are – Stay Away from it.
It is not an outright scam, but a very misleading product where one might end up paying a few hundred dollars.

It is tempting to purchase a system that promises you Free traffic and solid revenue without any effort.
The truth is that such systems never work.

I hope you don’t search for a Get rich quick system, because you might be doing this for years.
There is not such a thing as getting rich quickly, but if you are willing to put effort and time, you can make 3 figures per month within a year. Online business, when done properly, is a scalable business that can generate 6 even 7 figures per year.

If you have questions regarding the Commission Pages, or you want to learn more about building a really successful business online let me know in the comment section below. I will be glad to provide you with feedback.

Thank you for reading

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    • Hi Rosemary,

      Yes, of course.
      just click on the link below for more details. There you find a link to the educational platform where I have learned how to make money.
      You can sign up for free. The 1st 10 lessons are absolutely for free.

      I will be your guide inside the platform. But besides me, the community is very helpful, so you won’t feel lost.

      About a week after sign up, you can decide whether to continue with the training which is a paid membership) or not.

      Hope that helps so far
      and see you inside 🙂

  1. Hey Mike, 

    Thanks for sharing your research on Commission Pages! I am one of those that believe it is worth looking into before making a leap. I think your description has steered me in the right direction. As you said, there is a possibility to make a few bucks but I don’t believe anyone is going to get rich quickly without a little effort. 

    I am leaning toward Wealthy Affiliate. This platform seems to be a more affordable and supportive platform for begginers. 

    Thanks for the help!


    • Hello Chad,

      That is exaclty right – no one gets rich without effort. 

      Thank you for your comment
      Wishing you a lot of success


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