Alliance Econ Group Review

Have you been offered a “great opportunity” to make money recently?
All you need to do is sign up and become part of the community at AE Group Club (Alliance Economics).

If you’re looking for more information about Alliance Economics using the website, you’re in the right place.

In the following Alliance Econ Group Review, you’ll find out who runs the company, the cost to join, its legitimacy, and the potential earnings within the Alliance Econ Group.

What Happened To The Alliance Econ Group?

It’s important to note that the company no longer exists, and its domain is not available (it is actually for sale).


Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Alliance Econ Group.

This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Alliance Econ Group Overview

Name: Alliance Econ Group
Website: – The Domain is For Sale
Price to Join
: $50 to $5350
Recommended: No! 
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Alliance Econ Group was an illegal gifting scam operating out of the USA.

Members who wanted to be part of this community could join for free, but in order to be “part of the game,” each new member had to pay $50 (at least), which was called a gift.

Additionally, one had to recruit at least 2 people within 72 hours.

The company was still new (the website was registered only in October 2020) but it was likely to collapse soon.

Despite the text in Terms and Conditions, this was just a matrix-based gifting scam, which is illegal in almost every country.

What Is Alliance Econ Group?

Alliance Econ Group Review

Alliance Econo Group appears to be a new company that functions as a community of like-minded individuals.

Each member is expected to “voluntarily” give a gift of at least $50, although this is required within a very short period.

Additionally, they must recruit at least 2 members within 3 days.

The website “” was created only in October 2020 and lacks information about its operators.

The predecessor of this site was Alliance Economic 50, which operated from the domain

Subsequently, another website, “,” was created but is no longer in use.

Alliance Econ Group Review

You can have a look at the short video where it is explained how it works: 

The logo, layout, and theme (colors) of the new website “” are identical to those of the previous website.

Alliance Econ Group operates on a multilevel structure, requiring at least 2 people to pay $50 each.

However, there are no tangible or digital products offered by the company.

Members are only able to offer Alliance Econ Group membership to others.

Who Runs the Alliance Econ Group?

Alliance Econ Group Review

Research has uncovered that Tommy Holt Jr. is the mastermind behind Alliance Econ Group.

He runs the company, hosts webinars, and promotes the gifting scheme.
Tommy was also involved in the predecessors of Alliance Econ Group.

How to Sign up?

Alliance Econ Group Review

The membership is free, but for those who want to be part of this income opportunity, it is necessary to pay at least $50.

Within many MLM companies, it’s common to require a sponsor for membership. While signing up is easy, it’s not enough to fully participate in the income opportunity.

How Does It Work? 

Based on the requirements outlined in the Alliance Econ Group Terms and Conditions, it’s evident that this community operates based on members giving a “volunteered” gift of at least $50.

With the voluntarity of this action being questionable.
Additionally, members are “forced” to recruit 2 members within 3 days, or their account will be closed.

These requirements seem to contradict the notion of voluntarity as defined by

Therefore, I strongly advise against joining the Alliance Econ Group.

Alliance Econ Group Review

This gifting scheme resembles a typical pyramid scheme.

Once inside the dashboard, you’re asked to upgrade, essentially meaning to pay more, or as Tommy puts it, to give more.
In his own words, you need to upgrade to the next level to “be blessed in return.”

This seems like a cheap trick.

How Much to Join the Alliance Econ Group?

It’s advertised as free, but in reality, you have to pay at least $50 to be part of this “opportunity.”

To take full advantage of Alliance Econ Group, it’s necessary to pay $5,350, which is steep.

Forcing members to pay to be part of the group is unethical.
Additionally, having only 72 hours to find the other 2 persons is ridiculous and only makes people more aggressive in their approach.

This entire system is doomed to fail.

What I like about Alliance Econ Group

  • There is Nothing I Like about Alliance Econ Group

What I don’t like about Alliance Econ Group

  • Illegal Gifting Scheme
  • Free to join, but in reality it costs min. $50
  • Members have to pay $50 within 60 minutes. 


This was an illegal gifting scheme.

Considering the tight time constraints and the absence of any product to sell, it was likely that most people would lose money.

I strongly advised against joining the Alliance Econ Group, as it was illegal in most countries.

The website’s recent creation suggested it may not have lasted much longer.

If you have questions or have encountered a similar scam, please share in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Haha thanks for the article my guy! To be completely honest with you, I actually found this article really helpful. I’ve been looking into Affiliate Econ Group for a while, and I never really knew if I wanted to join it or not. From this review, however, I think the answer’s pretty clear. I appreciate the review, but just to be sure, I’m gonna check out a few more and see if this is really an opportunity worth going for. 

    • Glad you like it. 

      Sure – go ahead and do your research. 
      That is the only way how to protect yourself from a scam. 

      Wishing you all the best 


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