Ledger Affiliate Program Review

The Ledger Affiliate Program is all about simplicity.
Affiliates can effortlessly create unique referral links to invite their audience to explore and invest in Ledger’s cutting-edge products.

Here is what I found out;
Ledger, a global leader, is known for providing straightforward solutions for secure self-custody and the management of crypto assets.

The Ledger Affiliate Program provides a straightforward way to earn rewards by promoting products that are:

  • Innovative
  • Trusted and
  • Guarantee the secure management of digital assets.

Ledger boasts a significantly larger popularity compared to, for instance, the Coinmama Affiliate Program.

However, each program holds its unique strengths and features in the diverse landscape of crypto affiliate opportunities.

Ledger Website Information

Ledger Website - Organic Traffic

Ledger.com has established itself as a reputable and enduring presence in the online space.

The stable organic traffic indicates a consistent audience engagement, providing affiliates with a reliable platform to promote products.

The high website authority score of 86 on Ahrefs signifies a strong and trusted online presence, likely to attract a broad audience.

Additionally, the long-standing history of the website since 1994, coupled with the company’s initiation in 2014, indicates a well-established online brand.

Affiliates may find confidence in partnering with a platform that has a robust history and solid domain presence.

Ledger Affiliate Program Overview

Ledger Affiliate Program

Embark on a journey with a crypto affiliate program that offers multiple earning streams.

Begin by earning a 10% referral commission for each sale (net sale amount, excluding VAT and shipping).

As the partnership with the Ledger Affiliate Program evolves, access a variety of rewards and offers, including Free Ledger devices, exclusive event access, sponsorship opportunities, community giveaways, exclusive NFT drops, and more.

Gain 24/7 online access to your affiliate account for seamless campaign management.
Optimize your traffic sources and conversions through tracking options.

The affiliate program provides access to essential resources, including:

  • Banner creatives,
  • Links, and
  • Videos.

If additional assets are needed, feel free to inquire!

How To Participate in the Ledger Affiliate Program?

Sign up to join the program

Allow me to share my experience of signing up for the Ledger Affiliate Program.

To become part of the Ledger Affiliate Program, visit the landing page.

Sign up using the platform and fill in some personal data, including your name, email address, country, and the area you are from.

Additionally, you need to provide your BTC payout address.

The Bitcoin Address you provide is where the Ledger service provider will send your rewards.

How To Create a Bitcoin Wallet?

If you don’t have your Bitcoin wallet (or BTC Payout address), you can easily create one by following the Wallet Bitcoin website.

Is It Safe To Share The BTC Payout Address?

Yes, it is generally safe to share your BTC payout address.

A Bitcoin payout address is meant to be shared publicly to receive payments. It’s comparable to sharing your email address for receiving emails.

Securing Your Private Keys and Recovery Phrases

Keeping your private keys and wallet recovery phrases secure and private is crucial.

These elements are sensitive and should never be shared, as they provide access to the funds in your Bitcoin wallet.

How To Validate Your Affiliate Account?

To validate your Affiliate Account and start receiving payments, you have two options.

You can either request validation at any time, or you can wait until you claim your Affiliate Commission for the first time.

To qualify for validation and payment, ensure you have a minimum balance of 50 EUR with a minimum of 2 orders.

Additionally, make sure to fill out your profile.
Once these criteria are met, you can proceed with the validation process and begin enjoying the benefits of the Ledger Affiliate Program.

Ledger Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts

Ledger Affiliate Program offers a competitive commission rate of 10% per sale (net sale amount, excluding VAT and shipping).
As your partnership grows, so do the potential rewards and offers.

This commission rate applies to all Ledger Wallet products, creating a lucrative opportunity for effective promoters.

In the hardware wallets niche, it’s noteworthy that comparable affiliate programs, such as the Trezor Affiliate Program, offer slightly higher commissions.

While Ledger remains highly popular, Trezor’s affiliate program, though not as widely recognized, serves as an appealing alternative with the potential for enhanced earnings.

Ledger Affiliate Program Payout Information

Payment Frequency

Payments are typically processed every Monday at noon (CET), providing a regular stream of earnings for affiliates.

Request and Eligibility

To receive your payment, submit a payment request and ensure eligibility.

Payment Method

Please note that the Ledger Affiliate Program doesn’t offer payments in fiat currencies; all payments are made in cryptocurrency.

Threshold for Payout

The minimum threshold for payout is 50 euros, ensuring that you receive your earnings promptly once the minimum requirement is met.

Affiliate Cookie Duration in the Ledger Affiliate Program

The Ledger Affiliate Program cookie policy lists various cookies used by Ledger, including third-party cookies.

However, the specific details about the Affiliate Cookie Duration are not explicitly mentioned in this policy.
The cookies listed appear to serve various purposes, such as functionality, advertising, and analytics.

Ledger Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie durationN/A
Accepted countriesWorldwide
Commission rate10%
Commission structurePercentage commission
Payout frequencyWeekly
Payout methodsCryptocurrency (No Fiat)
Minimum payout50€
Website needed
No, But it is highly recommended

How Much Do Ledger Affiliates Make?

Ledger Shop

Hardware wallets offer the utmost security for cryptocurrency storage.

Recommending these secure solutions through the Ledger Affiliate Program not only ensures the safety of your audience’s digital assets but also opens doors to substantial earnings.

The products range mostly from 15 to 400 euros, with some starting as low as 39 euros for items like USB hardware.

Ledger Products

While the affordability of these products makes them easy to promote, achieving a four-figure income per month could be challenging, especially for affiliates starting their journey.

Item Price (€)Commission RateTarget Income (€)Number of Sales Needed

What are the pros and Cons of the Ledger Affiliate Program?

Ledger Affiliate Program Pros

  • Established and Reliable Platform: Ledger.com is a well-established and enduring platform in the cryptocurrency space.
  • High Website Authority: With an Ahrefs authority score of 86, Ledger.com is considered a highly authoritative and trusted website.
  • Wide Range of Products: Ledger offers a diverse range of cryptocurrency hardware wallets and related products, providing affiliates with various promotion opportunities.
  • Competitive Commission Rate: The 10% commission per sale offers affiliates a favorable earning potential, especially given the popularity of Ledger’s products.
  • Clear Payout Structure: The program has a transparent and straightforward payout structure, making it easy for affiliates to understand their earnings.

Ledger Affiliate Program Cons

  • Potentially High Sales Threshold: Achieving four figures in earnings might require a substantial number of sales, which could be challenging for some affiliates.
  • Limited Information on Affiliate Cookie Duration: The specific details about the Affiliate Cookie Duration are not explicitly mentioned in the available information.
  • No Fiat Currency Payments: The Ledger Affiliate Program does not offer payments in fiat currencies, which might limit payout options for some affiliates.
  • Minimum Threshold Requirement: Affiliates need to reach a minimum balance of 50 euros with a minimum of two orders to qualify for payments.


The Ledger Affiliate Program offers a reliable and straightforward platform for affiliates, prioritizing simplicity and trust.

While the commission rate may not be the highest, the tiered reward system, starting with a 10% referral commission, provides an evolving earning potential.

Affiliates enjoy 24/7 online access, equipped with essential tools like banners and links.
The program’s transparency is evident in its clear payout structure and weekly payments.

Achieving a four-figure income may be challenging, especially for beginners, due to a potentially high sales threshold.

Despite its simplicity and diverse product range, details about the affiliate cookie duration are not explicitly specified.

Overall, the Ledger Affiliate Program is a solid choice for those seeking reliability in the cryptocurrency space.

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