Etoro Affiliate Program

eToro is renowned as the world’s leading social trading platform and a multi-asset brokerage based in Israel.

It stands out by offering users the opportunity to invest in a diverse range of assets.
This includes stocks, cryptocurrencies, and the ability to engage in Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading.

Joining the eToro affiliate program, known as eToro Partners, opens doors to a realm where financial and insurance-related activities can translate into additional income.

For those looking to diversify their income streams within the finance and insurance industry, eToro offers a compelling prospect through its affiliate program.

While the eToro affiliate program may not boast the same recognition as counterparts like the Binance affiliate program, it serves as a platform for affiliates to broaden their earning potential.

Etoro Website Information

Etoro Affiliate Program Review - Organic Traffic

eToro’s website boasts a solid online presence with a domain authority of 85, as per Ahrefs.

Despite a recent drop, it continues to attract over 1.5 million in traffic, showcasing its substantial reach and influence in the online trading space.

eToro has been a player in the online trading arena for a considerable period, having registered its domain on November 2, 2004.

Joining the eToro Affiliate Program signifies more than a partnership; it is an entry into a realm of financial rewards within a globally influential platform.

Etoro Affiliate Program Overview

Etoro Affiliate Program Overview

The eToro Partner Program is open to individuals or entities with a public online presence, such as a website or a YouTube channel.

This includes digital marketing professionals, bloggers, vloggers, owners of financial news websites, and financial educators.

The eToro Partner Program provides affiliates with a range of tools and resources to maximize their marketing efforts.

This includes tracking systems, professional affiliate managers, landing pages, and dynamic banners that display real-time rates.

Affiliates have the opportunity to promote an innovative and exciting way of trading and investing with a trusted, multi-regulated brand since 2007.

eToro is known for its high conversion rates, user-friendly platform, and a wide variety of instruments, including over 3,000 stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and Smart portfolios.

The program taps into the global community of millions of traders on the eToro platform, allowing affiliates to reach a broad audience.

Earning with the eToro Affiliate Program

Affiliates can earn through the program using two distinct compensation models:

Cost-Per-Action Model (CPA)

  • Affiliates receive a commission for specific actions completed by users referred through their affiliate link. This includes actions such as opening an account, funding the account, and executing a trade.
  • Those opting for the Dynamic Cost per Acquisition Plan can earn up to $500, equivalent to the initial deposit, for each user who joins eToro through their link.

Etoro Affiliate Program Restrictions

Certain restrictions apply, and the program is not open to individuals associated with gambling or betting websites, promoters of “get rich quick” schemes, financial advisors, or private messaging group owners.

eToro is selective in ensuring that its affiliates align with the platform’s values and regulations.

How To Become The Etoro Partner?

How To Become The Etoro Partner

Becoming an eToro Partner is a straightforward process that involves a few essential steps. Follow these guidelines to kickstart your journey as an affiliate:

Provide Basic Information

Start by providing your essential details, including your email address, first name, last name, and date of birth. This initial step is crucial for creating your affiliate account.

Share Promotional URLs

Clearly, state all the URLs where you intend to promote eToro. This transparency ensures that eToro can track the performance of your promotional efforts effectively.

Submit Your Address

Enter your address information to complete the basic account setup.

Fill Out Operational Information

Once inside the eToro Partner dashboard, proceed to fill out additional operational information.

This step includes providing the required documents for verification purposes.
The necessary documents include a copy of your ID or Passport.

Ensure that the uploaded photo displays your full name, date of birth, a valid expiration date, and the official ID/document number.

Payment Information

Conclude the registration process by providing your payment information. eToro offers multiple payment options for affiliates, allowing flexibility to choose based on individual preferences.

By following these steps and providing the required information, you’ll be on your way to becoming an eToro Partner, ready to explore the earning potential offered by the eToro affiliate program.

Etoro Affiliate Program Commissions & Payouts

The eToro Affiliate Program keeps things interesting with a tiered commission structure.

The rates you get depend on where your referred users are from.

Commission Tiers and Country Restrictions

Here’s an overview of the commission tiers:

Tier 1

  • Affiliates referring users from countries with high-value markets or substantial trading activity fall into this tier.
  • In this tier, affiliates enjoy a commission rate of $250 for each successful referral.

Tier 2

  • The second tier caters to affiliates bringing in users from countries with moderate trading activity or market value.
  • Affiliates in this tier earn a commission of $200 for every successful referral.

Tier 3

  • Affiliates referring users from countries with lower trading activity or market value fall into the third tier.
  • In this tier, affiliates receive a commission of $100 for each successful referral.

Country Restrictions

etoro Countries Classification

As of October 2023, eToro has implemented restrictions on affiliate activities in certain countries.

Affiliates should be aware of the list of banned countries to ensure compliance with eToro’s regulations.

Payout Methods

Affiliates have the flexibility to choose their preferred method for receiving payouts. eToro offers multiple payment options, each with its own minimum threshold:

  • Wire Transfer: Minimum $500
  • Neteller: Minimum $100
  • Skrill: Minimum $100

It’s crucial to note that different assets are available in different regions.

As an affiliate, focus your promotions on assets accessible in the specific regions you are targeting.

This ensures relevance and effectiveness in your promotional efforts within the eToro Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Cookie Duration in the Etoro Affiliate Program

In the eToro Affiliate Program, affiliate cookies have a duration of 60 days.

This means that once a user clicks on your affiliate link, the cookie remains active for 60 days, allowing you to earn commissions on their activities within this period.

Understanding this 60-day cookie duration is vital for affiliates, as it defines the timeframe during which their promotional efforts can result in commission earnings.

Etoro Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate cookie duration60 Days
Accepted countriesRestricted (see details)
Commission rateContact your Affiliate Manager
Commission structureCommission Tiers
Payout frequencymonthly 
Payout methodsMultiple (Including Wire Transfer)
Minimum payout$100 ($500 If Wire Transfer)
Website neededNot Really

Compliance and Marketing Guidelines for eToro Affiliates

As an esteemed affiliate of the eToro platform, it is imperative to uphold a standard of compliance and ethical marketing practices.

The following guidelines outline key principles and expectations to ensure a responsible and successful partnership.

1. Overview of eToro

  • eToro stands as a global leader in social trading, providing access to diverse investment products such as stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs. Affiliates are integral to promoting these offerings responsibly.

2. Compliance Expectations

  • Affiliates are required to align their business activities with the rules and guidelines applicable to the eToro group. Residence in a country where eToro operates is a prerequisite for participation.

3. Main Principles

  • Utilize only official eToro marketing materials available within the affiliate portal.
  • Seek approval for any affiliate-generated marketing materials or significant changes to existing channels from the Affiliate Manager.

4. Promotion Restrictions

  • Strict prohibitions exist against promoting eToro on inappropriate platforms such as those related to piracy, pornography, binary options, gambling, and misleading “get rich quick” schemes.

5. Age Requirement

  • Affiliates are reminded that promotions are intended for individuals aged 18 and above. Any promotional content must be tailored accordingly.

6. Regulatory Changes

  • Stay vigilant regarding regulatory updates, as they may require immediate promotional material adjustments. Regularly check newsletters for the latest information.

7. Marketing Principles

  • Uphold principles of fairness, clarity, and honesty in all promotional activities. Avoid unlawful, unethical, or misleading tactics.

8. Misleading Statements

  • Prohibit the use of misleading statements or visuals, including false endorsements, impersonation, and unrealistic expectations.

9. Restricted Countries & Products

  • Adhere to restrictions on marketing certain eToro products and services in specific countries. Engage in open communication with the Affiliate Manager regarding intended activities.

10. Marketing in the U.S.

  • Special considerations apply when promoting stocks and ETFs in the U.S. Obtain prior approval for such promotions and refrain from mentioning specific assets or strategies.

11. Risk Warnings:

  • Emphasize the importance of prominently displaying risk warnings in marketing materials. Compliance with regulatory requirements ensures consumer awareness of potential risks associated with eToro products and services.

This is an excerpt from the official eToro Affiliate Compliance Guidelines.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Etoro Affiliate Program

Etoro Affiliate Program Pros

  • Trusted Platform: eToro is a well-established and trusted social trading platform.
  • Diverse Product Range: Affiliates can promote a wide variety of assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and more.
  • Global Community: Access to a global community of millions of traders enhances outreach.
  • Innovative Features: eToro’s innovative features, such as copy trading, can be attractive to potential users.
  • Flexible Compensation Models: The program offers both CPA and revenue-sharing models for affiliates to choose from.

Etoro Affiliate Program Cons

  • Country and Asset Restrictions: Affiliates need to be mindful of country and asset restrictions in their promotional activities.
  • Approval Requirements: Approval is required for affiliate-generated marketing materials or significant changes to channels, adding an extra step in the promotional process.


The eToro Affiliate Program combines innovation, diversity, and flexibility, making it an attractive proposition for those looking to navigate the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing in the realm of financial trading.

It stands as a compelling opportunity for individuals seeking to monetize their online presence in the finance and trading niche.

With a proven track record as a trusted multi-regulated brand, eToro offers affiliates a platform to promote an innovative and globally recognized social trading experience.

Affiliates benefit from a diverse range of tools and resources, including tracking systems, professional affiliate managers, and dynamic banners that display real-time rates.

The program presents a viable opportunity for affiliates to diversify their income streams within the finance industry.

In essence, the eToro Affiliate Program combines innovation, diversity, and flexibility, making it an attractive proposition for those looking to navigate the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing in financial trading.

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