Affiliate Lab Review – Is It Legit?

You have probably started your own affiliate website and you would like to learn how to rank well in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

At the same time, you can’t decide which course is good or what platform to join in order to have the best results.

I get it and back in 2017, I was in the same position.

Since that time I have checked many digital courses, from scammy to legit ones and here we go with the Affiliate Lab Review.

I will do my best to provide you with all information you need regarding Affiliate Lab including:

  • What is Affiliate Lab
  • How much does it cost
  • Who is behind
  • How it works
  • Also the Pros and Cons

and beyond.

I will also mention why I wouldn’t buy this specific course, but at the same time, it could be just me.

Let’s get started.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Affiliate Lab. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Affiliate Lab Review – Summary

Affiliate Lab is a digital platform teaching how to make money with affiliate marketing, how to scale the business, and how to make money by flipping websites.

The training is divided into different sections (or modules); the majority of the course is video training, but students have access to several downloadable documents.

One of the biggest drawbacks I see is the additional cost for tools that helps with SEO.
On one hand, it is understandable that one needs to invest in the business, but there are other platforms that have such tools included.

The price for Affiliate Lab might be a bit high, but $1,000 is not a bad deal, compared with other courses charging even more and do not provide such a value.

Although there might be a better alternative (that I am going to mention below), Affiliate Lab is a great course that beginners and even advanced marketers find valuable.

What Is the Affiliate Lab?

Affiliate Lab Review

Affiliate Lab is a legitimate course teaching students how to create consistent income online with affiliate marketing.

This course has been around for a while, so after testing tweaking, the creator of Affiliate Lab made the course more comprehensive.

It contains basic and advanced information one needs to become an affiliate marketer.

Who Is Behind Affiliate Lab?

Affiliate Lab Review

The guy who created Affiliate Lab is Matt Diggity.

He is a digital marketing and professional affiliate marketer; Matt is also the author of two books on Affiliate Marketing.

Before he got into internet marketing he was an electrical engineer working 60 hrs per week.
I can kind of relate to that (sometimes including the working time). But in my case, it was on and off (depending on workload).

Anyways, Matt left his job and moved to Chang Mai in northern Thailand.

Chang Mai in northern Thailand

Chang Mai used to be an unofficial capital for Digital Nomads. Not sure if it still holds the nickname but it definitely did when Matt went there.

He was also a Keynote Speaker at Chiang Mai SEO Conference in November 2020.

Affiliate Lab Review

Other than that, Matt is the founder of:

  • Diggity Marketing
  • LeadSpring LLC
  • Authority Builders
  • Ther Search Initiative
  • and of course Affiliate Lab

So very active fella.

Who Is Affiliate Lab For?

Affiliate Lab Review

According to Matt, this is for newbies, but I have found that the training would suit better to someone that has already experience with internet marketing or affiliate marketing.

Because if you start explaining stuff about backlinks to a newbie, he hardly understands what it is and why it might be tricky.

The thing is that as a person advances in affiliate marketing train he learns about new tips and methods, and for some, it might be overwhelming.


The reason is that when it comes to details, there are many different opinions and a person/student with no experience can get lost very easily.

Therefore, I believe if you are new to internet marketing and you want to know how to create a website.
Spend some time and learn how to get free traffic and eventually monetize the traffic. The platform I recommend is much more user-friendly.
(let me know in the comment section below if you are open to an alternative).

But back to the Affiliate Lab

To start with Matt’s course, you have to have a budget and it I mean a bit more than just the price for the course.
Please realize that building an affiliate site that brings revenue on regular basis, needs time. Sometimes even a year.

So for that reason, you should have a budget for at least 12 months in advance, or have a secondary income like a part-time job or a patient spouse that can support you.

Generally speaking, if someone is not ready for investing in himself, it is better not to participate in this course, or in any other course.

How Does Affiliate Lab Work?

By now you know that this is a course teaching affiliate marketing, right?

That includes:

  • niche selection
  • keywords research
  • how to craft the post so it ranks well on Google

But here is more:

Affiliate Lab focus also on how to build affiliate websites and how to sell them or flip them.
The thing is that once your website has a profit for example $1,000 you can sell it for 30x their monthly profit.
(Sometimes even 40x the profit).

Let’s go over the course step by step to show what you can expect after purchasing the Affiliate Lab.

Please Note:
I don’t want to bother you with all the details, so I only highlight important aspects of the course so you can have an overview.
(And eventually, a chance to compare it with another platform that has been around longer).

What Is Inside the Affiliate Lab?

The course is a video course with tons of videos on different topics.

Just click on any of these classes, and you get to the video training.

Affiliate Lab Review

Let’s break down a few topics that are inside the dashboard.

It starts with the Affiliate Lab which we will break down a bit deeper.
the rest of the course (for sake of your time) will be mentioned only briefly, but deep enough so you know what they are all about.

The Affiliate Lab

Affiliate Lab Review

The very first lesson includes the Introduction video and you are shown what you are going to learn.

First of all the Affiliate LAb trainers (Matt Diggity and Jay Yap) introduce themselves and then it is explained the basics of affiliate SEO, the process of building and ranking the website, and the specific style that Matt uses to rank.

The video training is divided into several sequences and on top of the video training, there are additional resources as well.

  • Introduction – 5 videos with a total length of about 20 minutes
  • Niche Selection – 6 videos (about 70 minutes)

Niche selection – This is the very important part and you really want to spend some time until you decide what niche to choose.
I am speaking from my experience.

I have wasted almost an entire year (started 3 different websites) until I decided what path to take.

The key elements are:

  1. You must be passionate about the niche (or microniche) or at least have an interest in it
  2. It must be profitable

Let’s check further what is inside the Affiliate Lab:

  • Onsite SEO: Introduction – A short 2 min video
  • Onsite SEO: Domains And Hosting – 3 Videos (up to 30 min)
  • Onsite SEO: Keyword Research – 6 Videos (up to 40 min)

Note Regarding the Keyword research.
Below I mention the importance of keyword research and that it is necessary (for newbies) to spend more time on such training.

  • Onsite SEO: Site Architecture – 4 videos ( 45 minutes long)
  • Onsite SEO: Content Building – 7 videos (up to 40 min)
  • Onsite SEO: Site Building (Single Page) – 8 videos (about 45 min)
  • Onsite SEO: Site Building (Site-Wide) – 12 videos (almost an hour long)
  • Onsite SEO: Onsite Optimization – 9 videos (1 hour and 15 minutes)
    • And a Michal Suski Webinar on how to use Surfer – 1hour and 40 min)
  • Onsite SEO: Featured Snippets – 3 Videos (almost an hour-long videos)
  • Onsite SEO: Affiliate Links – 3 Videos (less than 15 minutes)
  • Onsite SEO: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) – 11 Videos (More than 3 hours)
  • Onsite SEO: Website Maintenance – 5 videos (25 minutes)
  • OffSite SEO: Introduction – just one 2min 30sec long video
  • OffSite SEO: Creating a Google Persona – 3 videos (14 min total length)
  • OffSite SEO: Social Media Creation – 14 videos (about 45 min)
  • OffSite SEO: Anchor Text Analysis – 3 videos (about 25 min)
  • OffSite SEO: Local Citations – 3 videos (8min)
  • OffSite SEO: Social Signals – (up to 10 min total length)
  • Offsite SEO: The Bulletproof Backlink Strategy – 13 videos (More than 1.5 hours)
  • OffSite SEO: Optional PBN Linking – 5 Videos (less than an hour)
  • OffSite SEO: Tier 2 Link Building – 4 videos (up to 30 min)
  • Technical Audits: 4 videos (up to 25 min) regarding:
    • Google Search Console
    • Negative SEO
    • Technical Onpage and Offpage Audits
  • The Kitchen Sink: 5 videos (less than 25 min) concerning issues like:
    • What to do when your Site gets stuck
    • Site size explosions
    • Content and Mark-up injections and a bit more
  • The Medic Buster – This concerns information about the Google Algorithm update that focused on sites with a Medical type of niche.
  • The Authority Site Module – A lot of information about what to do when your site becomes an Authority Site.

And you also get Bonuses

  • Sleep Hacking
  • A 6 figure flip story (a presentation that takes almost an hour)
  • Core Alghoritm Update

A lot of stuff, right?

Website Flipping MasterClass

Affiliate Lab Review

Flipping websites might be a very lucrative business for those who know how to get traffic to the website and eventually how to monetize the website. So the website can be sold for profit.

and it is possible also to start with a brand new website, build it up and within 12 months this site can generate $1,000 per month.

The value when flipping?

It can be sold for 30x of the monthly income.

Imagine having a site with 5 digits profit.
that is actually possible in Affiliate marketing. But it takes some work and effort, and therefore these courses teaching such skills are not cheap.

The Beginner Lab

Affiliate Lab Review

This module is actually for beginners.

Matt keeps upgrading the course, and in the past, people were complaining that he doesn’t cover the basics and therefore it was mostly meant for intermediate marketers.

But with this course, even newbies are covered (well, they should be).


Affiliate Lab Review

Here you find a lot of downloaded documents, checklists, and Xls sheets (or google spreadsheets) with great info regarding some specifics.

The Truth About Penalties

Affiliate Lab Review

This is actually a very good module.

The thing is Google keeps updating the algorithm on a constant basis and once or twice per year he comes up with a core update.

As a result of that, some sites can be penalized, and they lost traffic or the traffic dramatically dropped.
In this course, it is explained how to “unstick” websites and how to deal with the new algorithms.

Outreach MasterClass

Affiliate Lab Review

Here Matt’s students are taught how to build links that will raise their domain authority and how not to be penalized by Google.

The thing is that creating/building/buying backlinks might be tricky and if not done correctly you can get into a lot of trouble.

Affiliate Email Marketing

Affiliate Lab Review

Email marketing!

I am sure you have already heard about his method. Even some people say that this is an outdated method, guess what.

It still works.

The trick is to provide value first.
The person on the other side of the screen must trust you and must be interested in the information he or she receives from you.

Only after that, you can send him an offer.

A Question:

Would you rather buy a coffee machine from your friend?
Or from me?

Of course, you don’t know me and most people would buy it from their friends. It makes sense.

So in the same principle, you must become “friends” with your prospect.

The Affiliate Portfolio Playbook

Affiliate Lab Review

This module is for people with more experience. Meaning here he explains the steps when you want to hire someone to outsource the work.

If you have done come content marketing (creation) you know that is time-consuming and today if you want to come up with good-quality content you need to spend hours nd hours of research and actually writing.

This method shows how you can have more free time so somebody else creates content for you.

And do note that it is not just a guy that you find on Fiverr.
You want to have a professional that doesn’t ost a lot and you can rely on.

How Much Does Affiliate Lab Cost?

Affiliate Lab Review

The price is $997 ($797 for an early bird).

Actually, you can get it for $797 if you sign up through an affiliate link.

Meaning people who promote Affiliate Lab have a chance to offer this product with a $200 discount.
It is not a bad strategy.

Please bear in mind that you are going to need additional resources for tools like Ahrefs, or hosting.

Affiliate Lab FAQ

1) Is Affiliate Lab Legit?

Yes, it is a legit platform, teaching not just affiliate marketing, but also strategy how to build up a site and sell for a profit.

Students of Affiliate Lab have a chance to learn a lot of tricks and tips that can speed up the process of crafting a successful affiliate website.

2) Is The Affiliate Lab Worth It?

It depends on your budget and how hungry you are for new information.

Generally speaking, this is a great course offering a lot of value, and the price of less than $1,000 is not bad.

You might even stumble upon an affiliate website promoting this course and get it for $797.

3) How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is one of the simple business models where you don’t (have to) sell anything.

With your content (website or Youtube channel) you inform potential buyers about certain products and services.
From your website or YouTube video, you send them in the right direction where they get the best deal.

Affiliate Marketing

When they purchase the products or services, you make a commission.

4) Who is Matt Diggity?

He is the CEO and Founder of Diggity Marketing and many other companies, including, The Affiliate Lab, The Search Initiative, Lead Spring, and others.

Matt is a former electrical engineer who quit his job and found his passion in affiliate marketing. He learned how to flip sites generating profit.

What he has learned, he now teaches others.
He is aware that such knowledge is valuable and therefore he charges almost $800 for his course.

You find out more on his own website:

Since there is no such a thing as a perfect product, let’s check the Pros and Cons of Affiliate Lab

Affiliate Lab Pros


1) Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Training

In my experience, only a few platforms offer such a tremendous value.

It covers a lot, and you can find there also a few tips that I have not seen in any other courses on affiliate marketing.

2) Q&A Session

Matt personally participates in Q&A sessions, so whenever there are questions from students he gets to answer that.

This is extremely valuable since there are always some questions from students. And here they get the right answer right from the source.

3) Up To Date Course

Matt keeps updating the course since marketing changes.

As we have seen, he also teaches how not to be penalized by the Google algorithm that happens all the time.

Affiliate Lab Cons

1) Price

For some people, the price might be too expensive.

I get that, and I would also think twice before using my credit card. But compared with other courses on affiliate Marketing this is basically a “normal” price.

2) No Refund

It is unfortunate that there is no money-back guarantee.

Sure, you as a potential student are promised to get help until you succeed… but who knows.

It is very unfortunate that they don’t offer a refund or even a free trial.

3) Additional Cost for Tools

This is not an outright upsell, but you have to invest additional funds in certain tools that will help you to estimate your competition, keyword tools.

And these are not cheap.
To mention a few:

  • AHrefs – the cheapest bundle is for $90 per month (and it goes up to $960)
Affiliate Lab Review

It is a great tool, but in my opinion, it is too expensive, especially for a beginner that doesn’t generate any revenue.

(Inside the platform that I have joined in 2017, such tools are included).

  • MozBar – you can actually use also a free version to check the domain authority of your competition. So I don’t see a point to pay an extra $100 per month
Affiliate Lab Review

Moz offers 30-day free trial, but you have to reveal your credit card information.

As it says:
“Today’s charge: $0
Then a total of $179 per month + applicable tax beginning on April 25, 2022″

Affiliate Lab Review

4) No Website (No Hosting)

As a student of Affiliate Lab, you will need your website. Unfortunately in this case you are on your own where you have to pick your own hosting company (check the best web hostings) and create a website.

To me, that is a big drawback, because, in the platform that I have been a member of, this is included.

To be perfectly clear, inside Wealthy Affiliate you have a site builder where you create your own site within 30 seconds, but you have to pay for the hosting.
That’s about $15 per year – so not a big deal.

5) Complex Training in Horizontal direction, but not in Vertical

Let me explain.

We have gone through what is inside each course.
There is certainly valuable information but from what I have seen, they spend only a few minutes on each topic.

It is necessary to dig a bit deeper and explore each topic much further.

For example, the Niche selection.
It is so important that it may take 4 different webinars (each at least 1 hour long) to comprehend.

Or Keyword Research.
I have watched at least 4 webinars regarding the keyword research that included:

  • The basics of Technical Keyword Research
  • Breaking Down Keyword Research
  • Getting Use Out of Alphabet SOup Keywords
  • Finding Keywords Ideas from Authority Sites
Affiliate Lab Review

And this was a sequence of webinars back to back.

This is how I see proper training. On top of regular step-by-step training, you should have access to extra webinars as I described above.

Affiliate Lab doesn’t have such a deep approach.

And don’t get me wrong.
I am not trying to downplay the Affiliate Lab.

The thing is that there is in my opinion a better platform offering better training. And that is just because this specific educational platform has more people working behind the scenes.
And it has been around for more than 15 years.

The Best Part?
You can test it out for free.
It has a free trial and you don’t have t use your credit card (just like AHrefs requires) to get access to the first 10 lessons.

Affiliate Lab – Conclusion

Affiliate Lab is a legitimate platform that teaches how to rank your website well in search engines (Google, Bing/Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and others).

Matt is legit, not a fake guru like (Jamie Lewis).

For many people, even the price is still a good price. There is a ton of marketing training material inside the course, so it’s not a bad deal.

On the other hand a lot of people these days want to try platforms, and courses for free and Afilaite Lab doesn’t provide a free trial.

That is why I can offer you an alternative, that doesn’t cost you anything. Please bear are in mind that it is a free test trial and if you get to the rest of the training, you also need to pay
But not near $1,000.

The first month is for $19, but you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t lie the first ten lessons (which are for free)

I believe you find the review helpful, if you have questions please don’t hesitate and ask your question(s) in the comment section below.
I will be happy to provide you with feedback, within 24 hours.

Thank You For Reading,

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