100 Million Academy Review

Welcome to the 100 Million Academy Review!
I am sure you have noticed that more and more people getting online, especially in the current situation (as of this writing May 2020), whether they search for new ways how to make money online or they are looking for a job.

Internet gurus (even fake ones) are aware of this and they come up with courses, platforms, and solutions for ordinary people to help them to solve the financial situation.
Some of these courses are legit, many of them are misleading and there are a lot of scams as well.

100 Million Academy is a new platform that can teach you new skills to increase your income.

What category does this platform fall into?
Is this platform really going to help you to improve your financial situation?

In this 100 Million Academy Review, we are going to reveal what is this system about and whether the 100 MA offers some valuable information worth the investment.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for 100 Million Academy. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

100 Million Academy Overview

Product Name: 100 Million Academy
Price to Join: $100 per month (or $720 per year)
Creator: Joel Marion, Dan Fleyshman, Cody Sperber
Rating: 2/10
Do I recommend it? No! 

100 Million Academy Summary

The 100 Million Academy is supposed to be a community of entrepreneurs who will teach you how to increase the ROI of your current business. Even if you don’t have a business yet, this platform will show to how to succeed.

For $100 a month you will have access to live classes worth more than $7,000.

It does not say specifically what you can be taught though.
Some of the instructors are known scammers, so the real value of 100 Million Academy is questionable.
I personally do not recommend this.

First of all, a lot of stuff can be found for free, and second of all, you will be recommended to sign up for individual courses that cost much more than the initial $100.

If you want to check a better alternative,

Check More Details Here

100 Million Academy Review

100 Million Academy is a platform where you as a potential member can learn from people who run 9-figure businesses. For $100 per month, you have access to $7,000+ in training and material from their instructors.100 Million Academy Review

I am not sure whether you had a chance to go through their website but it starts with a video showing news talking about the covid19 and how many people losing their jobs.
It is terrible, I agree.

But in my opinion, some of the companies taking advantage of these people and just pretend to help.
Is this the case with 100 Million Academy as well?

The idea is, that you may get the knowledge from the instructors who already generated millions of dollars online, including Neil Patel, Jordan Belfort, and others.

According to the 100 MA website, it is “the most epic community of entrepreneurs on the planet”.

You will learn a lot of stuff including:

  • email marketing, e-commerce,
  • scaling up a business and generating cash flow
  • culture building
  • taxpaying
  • brain hacking and memory
  • hiring and firing
  • and more

There are many ways how you can increase your ROI and Instructors from this academy are ready to teach you all of that.

These are too general subjects, though.
You can’t master them all. Ideally, you want to have people working for you. From what I understand so far, this Academy is not for newbies.
Or am I wrong?

The entire sales page is about what you can accomplish and master… but I don’t see one concrete thing that shows what you can learn (like any step-by-step training on how to create a post, or how to rank well in search engines…).
What are these courses about?

100 Million Academy Review

Again just a general subject. Let’s go over some of the Courses listed at the 100 MA website:

  • Sales and Closing Deals by Jordan Belfort
  • Marketing with Email by Joel Marion
  • Succeeding in Business by Marcus Lemonis
  • Digital Marketing Hacks by Neil Patel
  • Earning Affiliate Commissions by Warren Joily

It sounds great to be lectured by some of these people. Some of them you may already have heard of.
Like Neil Patel, or Kevin Zhang who btw sells his course for $2,000.

100 Million Academy ReviewAre you as a potential 100 MA customer going to have access to all of these courses for only $100 per month?

Let’s begin with the basic question, who is the creator of the 100 Million Academy.

Who Is Behind the 100 MA?

The founders of 100 Million Academy are Joel Marion, Dan Fleyshman, and Cody Sperber. 100 Million Academy Review

Joel Marion graduated from the College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of applied science in 2005. He is also a president of Eastside Marketing INC and Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BioTrust Nutrition.

Dan Fleyshmann is an entrepreneur and according to LinkedIn “youngest founder of a publicly-traded company in history.”

He also was involved in the project together with Jake Paul – it is called Financial Freedom Movement (FFM).

What is FFM?
This is another “project” that should help students with their loans.
The problem with the Financial Freedom Movement website is that it uses deceptive marketing.

In other words, all the claims on their website are fake (whether the first 10,000 Movement markers bonuses, the “experts” who deliver the training, weekly live training/live streams that never happened, and so on).

In other words, people who signed up for the FFM, have regretted that later.
Find out more about Jake who founded this system together with Dan Fleyshman.

So are we to believe that Dan Flesyshman was not happy about the way the FFM operated and he moved to a new project that will deliver value to the potential customers?

Or is the 100 Million Academy just another project to target a different group of people – those who struggle to find a job these days (and thus the COVID 19 in their sales video)?

Who is it For?

According to the introduction video, this should be a perfect opportunity for people who lost their jobs and they want to find different ways how to make money – especially online. Also if your current business struggles and you want to increase ROI – this is probably the best-invested money.
Is that right?

Basically, the 100 MA has a solution for everyone (or they want you to believe that), as soon as you have $100 per month.

Later we will be going over some issues, where we will shed light on some of the claims they make.

What is the Price

The advertised price is $100 per month. It does not say whether there are upsells or whether you will be directed to the individual courses and pay extra for them.100 Million Academy Review

Although in the Terms and Conditions, there is a sentence saying that the price can change anytime, without prior notice.

It also says that “All payments made are non-refundable and there are no refunds for partially used periods”

So I wrote an email asking about the refund and the 100 MA Customer Service Representative (Stephany N) wrote me back that there are 7 days money-back guarantee.

She also mentioned that it is possible to pay for the entire year and that would be $720.
Not a bad discount.

I am not a lawyer, but doesn’t the Terms and Conditions surpass the email?

Issues with 100 Million Academy

I am concerned about certain things I have found out and I would like to share them with you.

Let me start with these 2 guys:

1) Anthony and Adrian Morrison (or Morisson?)

They are known and experienced entrepreneurs who already made tons of money online.

They were selling digital courses teaching people how to make money online. In other words, they belong to this group of gurus selling dreams.

It kind of goes like this: “hey, I show you how you can make money, then you show others what I just taught you, so you will make money too”… this is just a vicious cycle and it does not have any value.

But they are good at what they do.
This video sums it up:

One little thing I have noticed on the 100 MA website:

100 Million Academy Review

Check how the surname is spelled.
If my name were on the list, I would do my best to ensure that it is spelled correctly.

100 Million Academy Review

It raises the question, do these brothers even know about the 100 MA?

2) Regarding the website:

This is probably not a big issue but I have stumbled upon the website that measures the level of spamminess.

100 Million Academy Review

I happened to find out that the 100 MA website has 51% which is a medium, close to the high possible level of spamminess.

100 Million Academy Review

For such a young domain I would say this is not a good sign. But it does not necessarily mean that this site is spammy.
It is a sign to start further investigations, though.

3) Is $100 the final price?

For $100 you get only to the 1st level with access to general training.
Most of the material can be found for free.

If you want more, you will have to buy specific courses, and the cost of one course can be easily 4 figures.
As we have seen how much Kevin Zhang charges.

4) Some other Gurus:

100 Million Academy Review

Stephen Liao

If you google his name, you will see his Instagram profile.

100 Million Academy Review

Because of the number of followers he has, he charges for getting into his  “close friends”  list.
The price is $1,000, and according to the guys who signed up for it – It was the biggest ripp off.

And they all regret buying this guy’s course as well.
No value and it was not worth thousands of bucks.

Everything Stephen Liao teaches is available on the internet for free.

And there is no feedback at all in case you want to reach out to the guy.

It is safe to say that Stephen Liao is a scammer.

6) Similar Pattern with FFN

And we are back to the FFM.

Both websites have similarities; no wonder since they have the same founders.
We have seen that FFM does not have actual training that would bring some value to the customer.

Not mentioning the empty promises on the FFM website.

One of the biggest differences I see is that the FFN was registered in April 2017 and 100MA only in June 2019.

So not so many people know about the real intention of the 100MA, yet.

Are we going to find out that this is just another project of Joel Marion, Dan Fleyshman, and Cody Sperber?

What I like

  • At first, it seemed like a good idea to have a bunch of entrepreneurs at one place, for a reasonable price of $100 per month.
    But the more you dig, the more you realize this is not what it looks like.

What I don’t like

  • No trial period (according to the T&C no money-back guarantee)
  • The potential Instructors are not directly affiliated with the 100 Million Academy (probably just via affiliate links to the specific products)
  • Scammers along with the Instructors
  • A lot of material available for free

Is 100 Million Academy Legit?

You will get some training for $100, but the question is, is it worth the money?

First of all, you can find a lot of educational material for free.
For example Neil Patel.

Go check his YouTube channel or his website and you can learn a lot. Mostly this information is good for bloggers or people who already have their businesses/websites running, but you don’t have to pay a dime for it.

Jordan Belfort has also a YouTube channel (and website) with a lot of stuff for free.

Second, I seriously doubt that many of these instructors are aware that their names and faces appear at the 100 MA website.
With that being said, 100 MA takes credit for something they did not create in the first place.

Does this sound legit?
It is not a complete scam, but it is pretty close, especially with the scammers introduced as legitimate businessmen.

How About An Alternative?

In my opinion, $100 for general knowledge is (that is btw available for free) a little bit too much. It does not give you any specific information about SEO, or how to rank better in Google.
Let alone the newbies who probably want to know what does it take to create a website.

Because let’s be honest.
Your website is your headquarters, your business and in 2020 without a website, you can’t make a consistent income.
An alternative to the website is a YouTube channel.

But in both cases, you need thousands of people who will want to consume your content.
This is the bottom line and if you don’t know how to:

  • create a website (or YT channel)
  • drive traffic (I mean free traffic or viewers)
  • monetize the traffic

you have nothing.

If you want to check the method where I have learned how to do these 3 steps, you can do so and the good news is that you can test it out for free.
You have 7 days free trial and if you are not satisfied with the training you don’t have to pay a dime.

In case the training is something you have been looking for, then great. After 7 days (or even earlier),  you can become a premium and for about $50 a month, you have access to a full affiliate marketing training course.
If paid yearly, the price is about $40 per month.

What would you like to rather have?

  1. General training for $100 per month – (with upsells)
  2. Or All-Inclusive step-by-step training for $40 per month

Final Verdict

100 Million Academy seems like a mix of general knowledge from people who know how to make money online with scammers and fake gurus.
It is quite possible that a lot of these people, these instructors have not idea about the 100 Million Academy.

For $100 per month, you can learn theoretical stuff but the point is to hook you into their products.

And based on the introduction video, this platform targets people who are in a vulnerable position, meaning they are searching for opportunities online and they are even willing to pay money for the knowledge.

You wanna know what does it really take to make money online?
It is hard work and effort.
It is knowledge about how to get organic traffic  (or views if you want to have a YouTube channel). This takes time, so even if you start today, it is possible that in the next 6 months you won’t see any sales.
But you will see some traction, impression, and traffic goes up. And most likely within 8-12 months, you will have 1st sale or maybe even consistent income. And from that point on it is a snowball effect.

I used to listen to John Reese and Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, and many other marketing gurus.
I even had some ideas in my head, but these alone did not help me to take action.

So it is up to you.
If you have a budget, you can try both at the same time and then switch to the one that brings you better results. The platform I recommend has a 7 day free trial period (no credit card needed), so you have nothing to lose.

I am sure you will have some questions regarding the 100 Million Academy.
Please use the comment section below, I would like to leave it as an open discussion.

The 100 MA is still a new project and more people will try to sign up for it. So share also your experience down below.

Thank you

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  1. Quite an interesting one to see here considering the fact that that anyone can learn from here and have the right understanding to make money with after the trainings. Surely the reward for money Jere is quite great enough that I feel this is like a steal here. Definitely worth checking out for me here. Thank you and thumbs up

  2. Thank you Mike for sharing this unbiased and completely revealing article on 100 million academy. It is true that these days more and more people are looking for ways to earn money and most of them are aiming to do it digitally but it’s sad that they’re heartless people out there who are eager to rib them blind of their money. 

    • Unfortunately, it is true. 

      That’s why it is important to do due diligence and check the possible red flags before using a credit card.

      Thank you for your comment

  3. Hiya

    I like the topic 100 Million Academy Review.

    You most certainly evaluated the 100 Million Academy and I believe its quite expensive. 

    $100 per month is a lot for someone who has lost their job, pensioners most certainly could not afford to do this either young students would be in the same boat. 

    It would be very easy to con a beginner who knows nothing about what they are doing. They would think this was a great idea, earning some extra money. 

    My opinion is to leave well enough alone. I would not be giving them my credit card details that for sure. 

    I hope I have added some value to your review.

    • Glad you like the review. 

      100 Million Academy is definitely not worth, as you correctly point out.

      Like I said in the article, it would be a total waste of money since a lot of that material is nowadays available for free. 

      Not mentioning the questionable history of the founders. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment
      Really appreciate it


  4. I have had some experience with a couple of the people involved in this program, luckily it was only in a small way and for chump change, that was enough to steer me away from anything else their names are on. Most of the information they claim to know about can be found from Google, You Tube and other reliable sources for free.Not worth $100 a month.

    My advice steer clear of this.

    • Thank you for your comment. 

      It is true that most of the information can be found on YouTube or other channels. 
      The creators of the 100 Million Academy want to make this look like a great course, but with a little research, everyone can learn that stuff for free. 

  5. Why would I want to all that amount of money to a  platform when I can get most of the information that they have online. Another very important point that I need to note is that 100 million academy has some instructors that you have claimed are known scammers and this one is one enough reason for me to steer clear off it.

    • That is exactly right Suz. 

      100 Million Academy is just another one of those misleading “courses” relying on newbies who have not done their homework. 
      I don’t mean to be rude, but often people pay for a products without doing a proper research. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment
      Apprecite it


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